Arrested: T.J. Ward Weed Whacked

January 3rd, 2018

The offseason has kicked off quickly for the Bucs.

And it seems safety T.J. Ward thinks he’s back on the roster in Denver, where you don’t get arrested for marijuana possession.

However, in Tampa, carrying a bag of pot with paraphernalia is a crime.

Soon-to-be free agent Ward was pinched for felony marijuana possession by Tampa police this morning. He also was charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

He did not occupy a cell at the Hillsborough County Jail, per jail records, and he posted $2,500 in surety bonds and was released at 11:46 a.m.

Not much of a story here at this point. There was no way the Bucs would bring back Ward after his sorry, whiny season.

68 Responses to “Arrested: T.J. Ward Weed Whacked”

  1. Ed Kerber Says:

    Did the Glazers also try to get a robbery charge for stealing a years wages?

  2. Jameis Weinstein Says:

    Hahahaha! Oh well, if I were paid big bucks I would NEVER do that! He just signed his pink slip from the bucs

  3. AlteredEgo Says:

    Love it !….what was his encounter with the Popo that resulted in the discovery of a bag of pot with paraphernalia …..All Pro Dufus

  4. DB55 Says:

    So if upto 20 grams is a citation in the city of Tampa how much weed was he carrying for a felony charge?

  5. Howard Cosell Says:


  6. AlteredEgo Says:

    55….where’s you read felony ?….it was cold this morning …was he packing heat ?

  7. Raptor63 Says:

    LOL it must be something in the water. See yeah

  8. The Buc Realist Says:

    Unless he was driving or planned to drive, this is ridiculous charge nowadays!!!!!! it is illegal unless the health industry can monetize it!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!

  9. DB55 Says:

    Soon-to-be free agent Ward was pinched for felony marijuana possession by Tampa police this morning.
    Well we all know you can carry unlimited guns in Florida legally. Lol but pot is illegal. Smh

  10. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    So what, weed should be Legal, and is in many places, except Redneck Cracker Good Ole Boy Florida.

  11. Locked In Says:

    I bet he was running away from DJax truck…. again

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m totally against whacky weed, so I’m in the majority here.

  13. Waterboy Says:

    I have to agree with Realist on this.

  14. D-Rome Says:

    Another failed Jason Licht free agent acquisition…

  15. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    You are either snarking…because of the large amount of mellow guys here…or you haven’t been keeping up with public opinion.

    According the last Gallup in October support for weed is at record highs…64% favor legalization…and that’s for recreational use…that number would be higher if you include medical weed.

    That means 36% are against it…about the same number who currently support Trump. Don’t know if there’s a connection there or not. LOL

  16. Good ole Buc's fan Says:

    Glad he covered bail because he couldn’t cover receivers!

  17. El_Buc941 Says:

    Well that’s another one to the Grey hound Bus headed out of town.T.J.Ward,Doug Martin,Chris Baker,Robert Ayers….WHOS NEXT?

    @Joe can you estimate how much our Cap Space will be come Free Agency?

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    How dumb to have to be to get caught with pot? It’s not like cops just randomly search people, he was probably out in public vaping. I don’t think it’s a big deal but still, you have to be a moron to get caught at this point.

  19. Pierce Says:

    Felony for having marijuana. Ridiculous. When are we going to stop wasting our time and money on charging people with marijuana? What a waste.

  20. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    He is an All Pro Weed Whacker……Way to go Smith & Irk on wasting a season on a Weed Whacker!!!! Wonder how many games he hit the Bong before he hit the field and gave you nothing??????

  21. MadMax Says:

    Eh, weed, big whoop. But it does slow down your brain and he didnt look too sharp back there for us, so hes probably gone.

    And if we miss out on Chubb but Fitzpatrick is there, PULL THAT TRIGGER!! Dude is a beast!!!

    Theres quite a few talented DE’s in this draft, fortunately. And we can get one with our 2nd pick.

  22. Bradentonbuc Says:

    A big nothingberger story but man has T.J. Ward fallen from grace in a yearish span. I agree @Joe this guy was on his way out after pulling that media stunt earlier this year…

  23. Bradentonbuc Says:

    And for all of you who are just okay with him having pot you should re-evaluate some standards you are throwing aside. Smoke pot I don’t care, but for a man with that much at stake financially and with such a public position to get caught with ENOUGH FOR A FELONY just screams stupidity. Many of us drink and are accepting of others drinking but we would not be okay with an under performing employee who is more known for breaking rules then his play on the field.

  24. Buc believer Says:

    No worries T.J. welcome back Koetter is still our coach and Jason Licht weight is still the GM so I’m sure you will not only stay with the team but probably get a big pay raise as well. Hell we can call it the Dougie doobie treatment.

  25. buddy Says:

    Licht and Klueless Koetter to blame for this signing. Team Glazer kicking themselves right now for Gruden Playing them. LOLOLOL

  26. Rod Munch Says:

    Bradentonbuc – actually it’s not a big deal he was smoking since they only test you once a year, in April. The issue is apparently doing it in public. As for the amount, those laws are meant to go after dealers – but I’m guessing T.J. isn’t a dealer – he just has money and so he buys a bunch for everyone. Nice guy – dumb move.

  27. SB Says:

    So glad I don’t have to worry about that up here. I have a green card and it is legal to transport up to 2 ounces. 🙂

  28. Lamarcus Says:

    ” I’m at my wit’s end” with Ward

  29. adam from ny Says:

    dang…he looks pretty zooted in that mugeroo…

  30. unbelievable Says:

    I’ve had the medical card for years but now we got recreational in the great state of California too. We’re usually ahead of the game on these matters though, where as Florida likes to keep things a$$backwards for as long as possible.

    The drug war is nothing more than a policy to keep money flowing into the prison industrial complex by harassing poor people and minorities. It has zero effect on use of drugs or the illegal drug trade. It has been a complete failure by all metrics, and a massive waste of money.

    As for Ward, I could care less bc he won’t be on the team next year.

  31. not there yet Says:

    Is there a GM in the league with a worst track record with free agents than licht?

  32. bculaw Says:

    The way he played defense this year, I think it is safe to say it was for medicinal purposes – likely treatment of cataracts. How else would you explain the missed tackles, missed coverage assignments, and lack of passes defensed? He couldn’t see what was going on around him (actually, instead of cataracts, maybe it was the lingering cloud of smoke impairing his vision?)! My guess is that the charges are dropped once all the facts are gathered.

  33. DB55 Says:


    Weed=Xanax + wine

    I guess I just depends what zip code you live in.

  34. DB55 Says:

    He must have been carrying an ounce or more which is just dumb unless you a plug and that’s even dumber.

  35. Bradentonbuc Says:

    @Rod very fair and i do agree with you about the amount vs the illegality and it’s purpose and it certainly shouldn’t be treated that way when smoked in the confines of your own home. And unless the man was moving ALOT un-vacuum sealed pot, there should be no reason for police inquiry unless he was swerving (intoxicated) or was in the process of smoking (becoming intoxicated) both of which still deserve to be treated as a crime. And certainly you (@Rod) were not one of the people I was addressing, it was more towards the overall tone I picked up from other readers who treated this more as “why is he being arrested pots not that bad” rather than what a complete moron

  36. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Agree that it’s stupid for any athlete or celebrity to be out late at night without a bodyguard or somebody to “carry” and drive for them. It’s really not that expensive!!!


    Dang dude I wish I had your experience. After ‘Nam I had a bunch of Docs who were going to fix me up with…first…Prozac…then Xanax…then…I gave up on the Docs. Why not use the stuff that has always worked in the first place…since ‘Nam itself. Yes because nobody figured out how to monetize it and the alcohol people are certainly against it….too much competition.

    But now the states are making huge tax money from it….entrepreneurs and big corps in Cali and Colorado are raking in big bucks….it’s here to stay now because as always….it’s about the Benjamins.

  37. AlteredEgo Says:

    T.J. Ward was arrested and jailed on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on previous (and unreported) charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He was arrested at his apartment, per the report.

    what a dunderhead….failure to appear for an outstanding warrant….how f’n stupid can one be….

  38. orlbucfan Says:

    DB55 Says:
    January 3rd, 2018 at 2:21 pm

    Weed=Xanax + wine
    @DB55: Xanax and wine are much, much worse biochemically than maryjane. You know that, too. Still, it was just a stupid, brain dead (cos it sure wasn’t fried) move on Ward’s part!

  39. 813bucboi Says:

    let him walk….not because of this but because of his play…..GO BUCS!!!!!

  40. unbelievable Says:

    @st Pete- that’s actually the problem with some states who are legalizing it.

    The way the laws are being written, it’s pushing out any smaller operations and turning it into nothing but massive corporate growers and producers. Especially out here in Cali. I actually voted no on the recreational amendment. Not because I don’t believe it should be legal, but because the law was written to specifically hand over the entire market to several massive corporations. Just like everything else in this country unfortunately.

    But at least people won’t be punished for indulging anymore.

  41. Bradentonbuc Says:

    Weed = the devils lettuce

  42. Clodhopper Says:

    Personally don’t care about the weed but having that much is pretty short sighted on his account. All I have to lose if I get popped is a CDL, and you’ll never see me with enough to get a felony. It’s called risk/reward

  43. Clodhopper Says:

    Lol at devils lettuce. Rock and roll is the devils playground too!!

  44. Bucsfanman Says:

    @unbelievable- Awesome and true points. Here they made dispensing such a headache that few can even apply for the permit. The ones making money are the ones that always have. They call them “the haves”.
    Agreed about the legality. Too many people in jail for this nonsense. They’ll find something else to keep people in the prison cycle though!

    Hey TJ, you should’ve puff-puffed…..GIVE!

  45. AlteredEgo Says:

    the felony arrest was not for the devil lettuce….it was for failure to appear for a court appearance relating to a previous/original pot procession charge ….gotta show up for court dates….this guy will never suit up for another NFL game….

  46. pelbuc Says:

    Ah yes, another wonderful example of the GM’s ability to get solid characters in FA. What next Jason? .. a call to sign Albert Haynesworth and Greg Hardy.

  47. AlteredEgo Says:

    pelbuc…..Gruden has not signed….last time he signed he came out of the BLUE…..just saying

  48. darin Says:

    I wish mike smith would smoke some weed and draw up some creative blitzes. Its just weed for all you out there saying he has bad character. Alcohols much more damaging. Bad signing cuz smith cant put em in position to succeed

  49. DB55 Says:


    You’re conservative that’s great! Trust me when I tell you that alcohol is far more dangerous to your body and to society as a whole than weed.

    I’ve never beat the crap out of anyone bc I smoked too much, can’t say the same about tequila.

  50. Pickgrin Says:

    The cannabis laws in this state must change! How can simple possession of any reasonable amount of weed still be a felony in this state??

    The entire west coast of California, Oregon and Washington + Colorado, Alaska, Arizona, Maine and Massachusetts (and ironically DC) are all now without restriction regarding the possession of personal use amounts of Marijuana. That represents 65 million American citizens – about 20% of the population of this entire country. VT, NH, NJ, MI, VA and possibly OH are set to join the party in 2018 and also start earning Millions in tax dollars – profit that was previously mostly going to black marketeers.

    When is Florida going to wise up? 72% of the state’s voting population approved a medical cannabis law more than a year ago and patients STILL can’t buy buds or smoke their medicine. This state and its legislature and Gov are a JOKE when it comes to following the wishes of its constituency regarding use of cannabis – medical or otherwise.

    You would think Florida lawmakers would recognize the tax dollars available as a valuable asset towards the ever increasing monetary needs of the state. Florida thrives mainly on tourism – yes? Want to vastly increase tourism in general and ALL the $ that comes with those tourists? Legalize recreational use of Cannabis in Florida and see how many double digit points tourism jumps in the 1st year…

    Just Sayin. There is no stopping this green movement and the state of Florida needs to get ahead of the curve regarding marijuana – not continue to be woefully behind it by incarcerating otherwise law abiding citizens for possession of a plant that over 50 million Americans are now able to grow freely in their back yard…

    Of course that would eat into a LOT of $ that now goes to Big Pharma, Law Enforcement and the For-Profit Prison System + a # of other interest who all benefit and profit from cannabis being “illegal” – and thus oppose the notion of legalization with all their might, lobbying $ and resources at every turn.

    Floridian citizens need and deserve the right to vote for an end to cannabis prohibition and all the benefits and $ for the state that will come with it – no later than the Nov 2020 election. If John Morgan is truly “For the People” – then he will quickly get on that effort to get a new FL Cannabis legalization amendment on the ballot in 2 1/2 years. It will pass the 60% threshold easily by that time IMO.

    Free the weed – and free T.J. Ward. – Then boot his ass down the road for being an overpriced, malcontented, nearly washed up football player this year.

  51. Dave Says:

    I’m not even a weed advocate but ….who cares!?!?

    He is not committing major crimes and/ or beating women.
    He is doing what half of you do and what’s becoming legal most places.

    No big deal to me

  52. lambchop Says:

    This is dumb in today’s time. Bigger problem with prescription drugs.

    And also, I understand he was whiny this season, but Jason Licht and Mike Smith deserve a bigger share of the blame for bringing in a player that didn’t fit the scheme. He has always been a bruising safety in the box, not out on the island covering WRs and TEs.

    All these players who were so productive outside of the Bucs team didn’t magically begin to suck. They aren’t being utilized properly in a scheme that doesn’t fit their strengths. That’s not the players fault. DJax needs an accurate passer. Ward needs to be in the box. Chris Baker needs to be bagging groceries. Makes sense?

  53. lambchop Says:

    I find it atrocious that we have coaches and GMs making ill advised clueless acquisitions and putting players in a position to fail by not utilizing their strengths or getting mismatched players for a set scheme.

    Lovie jettisoned Revis because he didn’t fit the scheme he wanted to run on defense. I prefer that than using someone in the wrong scheme and making the defense and the player look inept.

    So, we reload this offseason with defensive talent. Are they going to fit the scheme and be utilized correctly?

    If you run a 4-3 and a 3-4, you aren’t running anything but a hot mess. Stick to one scheme and bring the players who can flourish in that scheme.

    It’s a joke that apparently, up to this point, no coaching changes are going to be made. Player personnel director and position coach changes won’t fix stupid mismanagement of players and schemes being run. The DC needs to understand that you can’t have the same players running both schemes. It’s rare as heck to find guys who can transition scheme to scheme seamlessly.

  54. WillieG Says:

    Someone dropped three turds into the bowl: D. Jackson, C. Baker and TJ Ward. They need to go as does whoever is responsible for their signing.

  55. mike10 Says:

    How did JJ Nelson do this year for the Steelers, out of curiosity?

  56. Mike Johnson Says:

    I could care less about the Cush charges. Many states are legalizing mary Jane. Fl will day once they see how there state funds coffers will fill.. the West though is setting the pace. All I care about is his play. Very few players do not smoke weed. Some for recreation and many smoke for pain relief. I smoke but I never….INHALE!!!!

  57. DB55 Says:

    Yooooooo he had a qp, but why? 99.9 ounces. Has Ward been kicking it with Bosh’s mom? Inquiring minds want to know

  58. lightningbuc Says:

    It’s always amusing to watch the potheads come out of the woodwork when someone gets busted for weed. I think I could safely drive on the interstate at 90mph but I don’t, because it is illegal.

  59. Drew Says:

    unbelievable Says:
    January 3rd, 2018 at 2:08 pm
    I’ve had the medical card for years but now we got recreational in the great state of California too. We’re usually ahead of the game on these matters though, where as Florida likes to keep things a$$backwards for as long as possible.

    The drug war is nothing more than a policy to keep money flowing into the prison industrial complex by harassing poor people and minorities. It has zero effect on use of drugs or the illegal drug trade. It has been a complete failure by all metrics, and a massive waste of money.

    As for Ward, I could care less bc he won’t be on the team next year.


    Did you mean to say the declining state of CA, whose industry is moving to the Great State of Texas along with the Blue Collar workers. I live in CA and am retiring in January 2019, returning to the Great State of Florida. I promise not to let the door hit me in the A$$ when I cross the state line.

  60. Drew Says:

    Did TJ Ward take a knee in protest while he was being arrested?

  61. Dave Pear Says:

    Is a qp a quarter pound?
    Because 99.9 ounces is more like 6.25 pounds.
    Just saying. Big difference.

  62. Dave Pear Says:

    More like 2 kilos.
    Dealing type of quantities.

  63. QBKilla Says:

    He had 99 grams, less than a 1/4 lb. Doesn’t really matter though, he won’t be back.

  64. MadMax Says:


    “I’ve had the medical card for years” and living in the “great state of Cali” HAHAHAHA, that explains everything now!

  65. B Coburn Says:

    So he was busted for it back in October. Wadnt that pretty close to the time when he criticized others for basically having a vacation during away gamed and not being focused? Just saying..

  66. DB55 Says:

    Dave Pear

    *grams not ounces. Lmao oops.

  67. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Lol, @ Altered “where’d you read felony?” I take it reading isn’t your strong suit lmao!

  68. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I think we all want him gone, obviously, but some are assuming some things in this situation.

    The arrest stems from when his property was searched months ago…a property he was not taking up residence in (someone else was). As far as he knew, the charges were dropped in November. He had n idea there was a warrant out for him.

    I expect this to be straightened out quickly.

    That said…see ya, Ward!