“He Will Be A Hall Of Fame Quarterback”

December 15th, 2017

A former standout Buccaneer weighs in on Jameis

Once upon a time, the Buccaneers played badass defense. In 2005, they had the No. 1-ranked defense in all the land. In 2007, it was the No. 2-ranked defense.

A man who started every game at nose tackle on those nasty defenses was Chris Hovan. He was a warrior. And he had harsh words for Joe shortly after he left football, but Joe and Hovan patched things up.

Anyway, Hovan was on the radio talking Bucs today with Rock Riley on 1040 AM.

Hovan, who lives in Tampa and has coached for the Tampa Bay Storm and the University of South Florida, stood tall and strong for America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston. Hovan said Jameis just needs coaching to match his highly admirable fire, passion and hunger for the game.

“He will be a Hall of Fame quarterback,” Hovan said of Jameis.

Whoa! Strong take there. Rock Riley followed up to make sure he heard Hovan correctly.

He did.

Hovan said he wasn’t exaggerating and emphasized that Jameis would benefit from staying in the same offensive system.

43 Responses to ““He Will Be A Hall Of Fame Quarterback””

  1. Pickgrin Says:

    Always liked Hovan while he was here. And agree completely that Winston will have a HOF type career and also that staying in the same system will be in his best interest at this point.

  2. Hodad Says:

    Hold on there is right. They haven’t even had to decide on his fifth year option yet. Hovan is right about one thing. Jameis, along with the rest of the team needs better coaching. Another former Buc, Sapp has been saying the same thing. When losing coach Koetter is replaced, let’s see how not only Jameis, but the team does with a new leader.

  3. mark2001 Says:

    Staying in the same system and needs coaching? So how will that happen? He didn’t seem to progress but little this year under current coaching. Seems the choices are keeping the coaching staff and not get good coaching, or change the coaching staff with a new system. Or am I missing something? Chris was a good football program, but maybe he swallowed too much of that face paint?

  4. darin Says:

    Loved Hovan. Guy brought the effort every game. I do agree with him, Jameis needs coaching and will be fine. HOF we will see. Lets start with a playoff win.

  5. Steven007 Says:

    He will stay in the same system. However it’s likely to be the next system.

  6. AlteredEgo Says:

    Hovan must be blinded by his grease paint….

  7. BrianBucs Says:

    That had better be one heck of a supercoach to turn an average QB that plays reckless and sloppy into a HOF’er. But as devoted Bucs fans, let’s hope so

  8. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Put Jameis into an offense where he can get the ball out of his hands quickly on every snap, and he will thrive for years and years, putting up prolific numbers and winning big games along the way to a bust in Canton.

    But it starts with Axing Koetter. Don’t let Dirk coach all the Magic out of Jameis. Let us not forget about Mr. Koetter’s history. The guy lost control of his team at Arizona St. And he turned Blaine Gabbert into a head case.

    Can not let him continue to try and coach out what makes Jameis special.

  9. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Let’s win a game before we start fitting him for a Gold Jacket

  10. not there yet Says:

    Hey if we get a couple Superbowls due to our offense yeah he will be a Hall of famer. So basically under dirk koetter people are questioning whether we pick up the 5th year option really means time to get a real head coach with Hall of Fame pedigree. But fans think it’s ok that we go from qb to qb without signing one to a second contact in our entire history but it’s not ok to change bad coaches… At the very least I say if this Uber story is not true he’ll be the first second contact qb

  11. DB55 Says:

    I think it’s funny how players have one opinion of jw and lil ju-boy authors who have never nor could never play football have a completely different opinion. Weird huh?

  12. America's Groper Says:

    Chucky is good, but not good enough to make an average QB at best into a Hall of Fame member.

  13. Richbucsfan Says:

    He surely was joking. JW may not make it beyond his rookie contract.

  14. Mike Johnson Says:

    jameis will get there. But don’t kid yourselves..the kid still needs lotsa work and on the field Discipline.

  15. AlteredEgo Says:


  16. Patrickbucs Says:

    DB since you always seem to bring up race, religion, and school affiliation; I really believe you would feel a lot differently if our current QB was a non-Black and went to say Florida?

    There are plenty of former players who say he’s played poorly for most of this year, watch the NFL Network. It’s time he and this team play well on a National Stage to quiet some of that down. If he has another 2-3 turnover game and we lose again what should they say? Blame everyone else? He had as many turnovers himself last week as Buffalo and Indy combined in a freaking blizzard.

  17. JimmyJack Says:

    I agree Mike. Dirk was hired for that exact reason and it just isn’t happening. He inherited a #5 offense and we are now in the bottom half of the league.

    Koetter has accompliSHed absolutely nothing in two years with more talent then we have ever had on his side of the ball. I cannot fathom what reason there would be to keep Dirk around for a third.

  18. JimmyJack Says:

    One way or the other Winston is going to get a chance to play under another coach and redefine his career.

    That is unless you believe this team is primed to start contending with Dirk at the helm……the only way you could really say that would be blind optimism.

    Even if you’re a Winston hater I don’t see how you would want to see the guy get that chance somewhere else rather then in Tampa.

  19. BrianBucs Says:

    I wonder if Jameis will be taking an Uber to Canton?

  20. Arealbucsfan Says:

    What does everyone here think of Brett Favre?

  21. Lamarcus Says:

    JW is sure on a Hof career path. If he stays on the Bucs he will be more on the Marino Hof career path than say Peyton or Brady

  22. D-Rome Says:

    I think it’s funny how players have one opinion of jw and lil ju-boy authors

    That’s despicable, DB55. You should be banned for that.

  23. America's Groper Says:

    [It was only a matter of time before you did it. You did it. Gone. — Joe]

  24. Jarod Lauderdale Says:

    Bret farve sent unwanted d_ck pics , was a drunk , addicted to vicodin , threw way to many picks but won a Superbowl. And I had always liked him even tho he was the enemy. Oh and I thought he was funny as hell ! But I tell ya , Bret might of threw thoes picks bit he still looked good doing so , jameis does not ! Here’s to hoping jameis can mature into the QB we hope and I mean hope he can be

  25. Chris Says:

    He should D Rome, but he won’t be. You’ve got to personally attack Joe to be, not by thrpwing anti-Semitic remarks like DB.

  26. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    @ Hodad- Why hold on. If the Bucs don’t resign him teams will be lined up to hire him for his services. It isn’t like he will be retiring if the Bucs are dumb enough not to resign him.

  27. NFLNut Says:


    Chris Hovan parroting my very words … like many smart individuals do.


  28. BrianBucs Says:


    IF the Bucs don’t resign him then he can go to another team and get their head coach fired

  29. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:

    ….and in the mean time we are in his 3rd year with the same offensive system. 4 and NINE ….no winning record and a possible double digit losing season AGAIN …and AGAIN …and AGAIN ….fricken groundhog day

  30. SB Says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm. I have never been banned before. 🙂

  31. Joe Says:

    ….and in the mean time we are in his 3rd year with the same offensive system. 4 and NINE ….no winning record and a possible double digit losing season AGAIN …and AGAIN …and AGAIN ….fricken groundhog day

    Josh McCown might be available next year.

  32. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:


  33. Lamarcus Says:

    No please not mccown

  34. BrianBucs Says:

    Oh Hell No #McClown

  35. Chris in WA Says:

    I pray every day that Jamies Winston will be a HoFer and hopefully have his entire career in this town. The off field issues and coaching worry me the most it is something that has to be fixed next year.

  36. Mike Johnson Says:

    WHO? HOW? WHEN? and WHERE?”
    If jameis stays with our Bucs..he could end up like A great QB by the name of..Dam(opps) DAN Marino..Great stats galore..But no rings. UNLESS..he gets a coach who can teach him NFL discipline, how to truly see the grid and control the game..his game. Jameis needs a different coach. He’s doing..repeating the same mistakes. I don’t see this changing without a great coach assisiting. It is not..Koetter.

  37. BrianBucs Says:


    Jameis just might be one of those players that doesn’t take or react to coaching very well. Like you said, still makes the same mistakes now in his third year that he made at FSU, and he’s had a good amount of coaches trying to break him of them. Maybe he changes and improves, maybe he doesn’t

  38. BucsFanRioDeJaneiro Says:

    Simple math:

    Decent pass protection + decent running game + decent coaching = Pro Bowler Good Jameis

    20+ sacks/hits per game + Doug Martin starting + Ultra predictable and moronic play calling = Picks + Fumbles (Bad Jameis)

    Improve the trenches, resign Grimes, get rid of Martin and fire DK + MS. Move wisely on FA, have two more good drafts and we’re set for the Super Bowl.

    Jameis Winston will tear the defenses apart along with Evans, OJ, Brate, Godwin, a good RB (hopefully Barber) and a better O-line.

  39. FortMyersDave Says:

    I will take Hovan’s opinion over some of the trolls who post here and wish the Bucs had 2 wins or less so that they could compare them to the Browns or Giants. I guess the trolls have nothing better to do but slam Winston or the Bucs… Too bad Joe does not offer a mute function to keep real fans from reading the garbage frome these guys, your lives have to be pretty pathetic if all you can do is slam Winston, McCoy, etc……

  40. Pick6 Says:

    a year where Jameis is clearly playing hurt, has no running game for this play-action-powered passing scheme, and where our defense is letting opponents race ahead early and hold the ball forever is not a great evaluation period for QB play. Jameis has gone turnover-free for some significant stretches in his brief career and they almost always coincide with an effective running game or a stretch of solid defense.

    Roethlisberger leaned on an elite defense and a HOF RB for his early career success. Tom Brady wasn’t considered to be the driving force on the defensively stout patriots until after his mid-20s. Joe Flacco went to the playoffs like clockwork not because he was an awesome QB but because Ozzie Newsome was en fuego as a roster-builder. The list goes on and on. Young QBs do not carry teams on their own. The Bucs’ fatal mistake this year was encapsulated in the first Koetter-Winston exchange on Hard Knocks where he’s comparing Winston to Rodgers and Brady. It’s great to set the bar high, but when you assume your QB is already in that tier you make bad decisions about how to build your team.

    i honestly don’t care much who is coaching the team next year if they fail to fortify the trenches and the running game. no coach or QB is going to succeed with the bucs with the current talent and execution in those areas.

  41. Big Stinky Says:

    Am I missing something? What has Jameis done that warrants the HOF? Two 4,000 yard seasons and he is compared to Favre and Marino. Why? He has ONLY had a handful of games where he has looked worthy of a No.1 pick. We are constantly playing from behind because he can’t score more than 7 points in the first half. He is consistently giving teams points off of his turnovers that we CANNOT overcome. He is the MAIN reason we didn’t make the Playoffs last year and why Koetter may lose his job. Jameis has cost us the last 2 games turning the ball over but get the gold jacket ready anyway. Why wait, right? Give me a break!

  42. Debbie does Tampa Says:

    Winston will not be a HOF of the nfl,maybe the Arena league!

  43. T Syce Says:

    Hovan must be smoking crack!!!!