Typical 2017

December 10th, 2017

Impressed national columnist.

Yeah, these days, for whatever reason, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, is not a popular player among Bucs fans.

Despite being the best quarterback the Bucs have ever had, a vocal sect is ready for Jameis to be tossed to the curb. So it may come as a surprise to these fans that respected X’s and O’s guru Doug Farrar of Bleacher Report believed Jameis was the No. 7 ranked quarterback last weekend.

Winston could only sit and watch as the Packers had the only overtime possession, capping off their opening drive with the game-winning touchdown.

It was a good return to the lineup for Winston, but in keeping with the disappointment of 2017 for Tampa Bay, it did not end in victory.

As Farrar pointed out, it wasn’t Jameis’ fault he gave the team the lead in the fourth quarter only to have the lousy road defense cough it up. That’s the second time in his last four starts the defense has puked away a lead Jameis gave the Bucs in the fourth quarter.

Sooner or later, Jameis has deliver the Bucs a few wins when he has solid games.

If only the Bucs wretched road defense was just half-arse instead of just plain arse. But that is the Bucs in 2017: playing just good enough to lose.

46 Responses to “Typical 2017”

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    “For whatever reason”…..OMG

  2. Since '76 Says:

    He is average to below average. Lotsa hype and fluff.

  3. VA BUC Says:

    Kwon is a huge reason our defense is bad top 3 reason they should consider moving him to outside LB and let Kendall take that middle spot Kwon is so weak in coverage and the guy is a miss takvle machine over runs plays more than anyone he’s not this supa player alot of fans think he is a liability if you ask me

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m not wavering. Fans who want him gone are insane.

  5. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    For “whatever reason?”
    Lol really Joe?
    Like Jameis hasn’t given us a multitude of reasons to be upset and disappointed in him. And I’m talking about strictly on field stuff, not to mention this crazy uber fiasco.

    He has literally been Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde on the football field. 0 consistency. Nobody knows who the hell he’s gonna morph into on Sundays . He could throw 4 touchdowns or 4 picks, he could be deadly accurate or completely miss passes that rookies are making on a weekly basis. He can start fights that lead to our best WR getting suspended and then he can turn around and give a press conference condemning his actions and saying that his behavior was unacceptable.

    Saying he has been the best qb the bucs have ever had is not saying much at all. There really ain’t much competition. I like Jameis, but if he doesn’t GROW UP and at least show this franchise that he can be consistent at more than just finding new and more embarrassing ways to turn the ball over and racking up sexual assault allegations. Then I see no reason to invest millions of dollars in him at all.

    I’m starting to realize that one of the main things that this offense needs to take it to the next level, is a quarterback who can be consistently accurate and keep a cool head.

  6. AlteredEgo Says:

    Exactly how I feel Shut TBU…….
    DDL…….draft Drew Lock….or any other starting caliber QB next spring and keep the best in 2020
    that said I really would like to see Jameis become what we “thought” he would be….

  7. Easy Says:

    This is a Dekimper article. He thinks Jameis hung the moon

  8. Lakeland Says:

    Jameis Winston is the “Best stat QB” the Bucs has ever had. But his winning percentage is not among the best.

  9. Jim Says:

    Jameis is a work in progress and so far the work’s not going so well. Franchise quarterbacks win games and the Bucs are still not winning, three years in. Let’s see which Jameis shows up today…

  10. Buc believer Says:

    @Shut the Buc Up…. “leading to our best wide receiver getting suspended for a game..,” oh I see it was Jamesis who told Mr. “I won’t stand for the anthem “ hey look dude I’m going to push someone’s helmet with my finger and when I do you come up from behind and give them a cheap shot right in the back ok???? Ready??? On THREE!!!

  11. Nate Says:

    Support jameis but all the supporters that think he can do no wrong

    he better play better in ALL 4 games cause if not they WILL draft a qb for competition at minimum

    Hes not Rodgers OR Farve…..he doesn’t get to have mr. irrelevant behind him

  12. Bucnjim Says:

    Did someone miss the hand delivered Jameis fumble returned for a TD?

  13. BuccLuck Says:

    Now Ian Rappaport is reporting there’s tension between Koetter and Winston because Koetter didn’t give clear info about Winston’s bummed shoulder and Winston thinks the offense is too predictable. Good for Jameis, who I too believe is by far the Bucs best QB ever, for standing up for himself and the rest of this team. We all complain because we know exactly when they’re going to run a screen, some stupid toss play, or a deep developing play requiring a 7 step drop. Those are Winston’s decisions and no one else has the marbles to call out Koetter in this organization. Thank you Jameis! Go Bucs!

  14. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    @buc believer
    Obviously ME13 is his own man who controls his own actions. But the way I see it, he was standing up for his quarterback. The entire situation was provoked by JW and shows exactly how far he needs to go to get his emotions in check.

  15. AlteredEgo Says:

    Wow…if true….Jameis is digging a hole for himself….

  16. Bird Says:


    If only pewter report, bucs nation, wtb, bucs wire and the pewter had more articles I would give up on this buffoonery here.

    You guys are beyond Pathetic

    And you thought Jameis “eating Ws ” speech was
    Cool too. That made me and the rest of the team so uncomfortable.

  17. Bucnjim Says:

    I’m a Winston fan and I do NOT want him gone at all but if you can’t understand why fans are frustrated you can use this: Crab leg Stealing, sex taping, W eating, Slow starting, long ball missing, maturity lacking.

  18. Alex ley Says:

    Nate if u think they are drafting a QB your nuts!

  19. Youngbucs Says:

    It’s sad we can’t get a poll on Winston but
    Running back yea oh a coach no doubt
    But the most important player on a team nope
    The joes are some funny guys

  20. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Post the link if it’s real.
    So far I don’t see any proof anywhere on the internet.

  21. AlteredEgo Says:

    Joes character QB’s
    Manziel & Winston

  22. dlinehamsandwitchtime Says:

    Agree 100% joe…. d has blown buffalo game an packers game can’t alllow there offense to go 80 yards in 60 seconds. Rediculous

  23. Zwak Says:

    Watch the game today I’m sure we will have more reasons! Then tomorrow will be the I just can’t do that, I need to play better and not turn the ball over. Repeat repeat repeat…

  24. DBS Says:

    Like it wasn’t his fault they even had to worry about that final score. Who gave up the 6? Had he not there would have been no overtime.

  25. ben Says:

    Not accurate , bad decisions on and off field and Winston has best weapons ever on team . Wishing him to be the best does not make it happen..

  26. dlinehamsandwitchtime Says:

    Winston has been injured 7 games missed 3 still has better stats than Mariota 10 tds 12int. Take Elliott out of backfield and Dak sucks, but we expect Winston to be great with a non existent running game and shaky online. Draft RB LG AND A D that isn’t worst in league and we are in playoffs.

  27. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:

    I just don’t see the eliteness everyone raves about. In my eyes Winston hasn’t played any better than Josh Freeman or Byron Leftwich but so many bow to the alter of a QB that has had the luxury of having the same coaches for the last 3 years. Leftwich nor Freeman ever had that luxury.

  28. Bucs68 Says:

    Jameis needs to get out of Tampa so he can pursue a career with a real NFL franchise. Franchise QBs don’t win with the worst defense in the league while getting knocked down on 60 percent of their attempts like last week. They also don’t win when you have the worst defense in the league and average 2 yards a carry like they’ve done all season except for last week. Our fans act like the term franchise QB means he can spray lightning out of his bum. People keep referencing other young QBs. Yet every team referenced is considerably better on D and they run the football with more efficiency.

  29. dlinehamsandwitchtime Says:

    Ben… if you have no running game and don’t give me last week.. first game in forever we broke 100 yards. Everyone knows we are one dimensional and pins there ears back. Take Elliott out of backfield and yo have dak averaging 100 yards 8 picks 2 TD. Every QB has turnovers….Ryan, Drew Thursday night.

  30. BuccLuck Says:

    @shutthebucup Here’s the link. Article and video available for your reading/viewing pleasure


  31. shooter Says:

    If you as a coach are counting on a blocked punt,Winston dropped ball or trick flicker pass play for the win will not be the coach very long.

  32. dlinehamsandwitchtime Says:

    Totally agree Bucs68. They don’t get it!!!! From the team that traded Steve Young. If Winston went to another team in 2 years all these clowns would be crying. Kids 23 and no team around him. Yes he has receivers but if he has no time what does it matter.

  33. MadMax Says:

    Jameis this, Jameis that….bleh, just plan to move on from him unless he all of a sudden turns things around (which i doubt)

  34. MadMax Says:

    Oh good gosh, hes had time, just not enough time for his slow mind to process, and even then still misses his target or fumbles…..geeze!

  35. dlinehamsandwitchtime Says:

    How did an elite QB do last year with no D… that’s right Drew won how many games5 or 6. And yes you need a running game to open passing game and I’m sure you think our online is stellar. Lol

  36. Lakeland Says:

    The best QB the Bucs ever had was Doug Williams. Doug took a new franchise that had a 2-26 record, with warehouse workers as their starters. And in his second season, he had them in the NFC Championship game. He took them to the playoffs 3 times during his 5 years in Tampa. How can someone possibly compare Jameis Winston to him? They was trash before Doug and they was trash after Doug. They had 14 consecutive losing seasons after Doug. The problem with the Bucs fans and staff. They love the stat sheet instead of the wins and overall performance.

  37. Lakeland Says:

    And when you talk about a pathetic offense, look no further than the 1977 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They was so bad, that they scored a pathetic 103 points in 14 games. They averaged 7.4 points per game, they averaged 91 yards passing per game, they threw 3 TDS in 14 games, while throwing 30 INTS. They was shutout 6 times, they scored 7 points are less another 4 times.

  38. AlteredEgo Says:

    We”l see how hard the players play for Jameis today…or have they given up on his carnival midway sideshow

  39. Mike in LOL Says:

    VA but up top has a fair point, I think Beckwith is a much more physical player than Kwon and should be our MLB… Kwon is great for the fact that he doesn’t usually quit on plays and can make that crazy chase across the field for tackles when the rest of our defense is missing tackles… but man Beckwith plays HARD that dude is just ready to knock someone out and I want him featured a bit more

  40. Mike in LOL Says:

    VA Buc* up top…

  41. AlteredEgo Says:

    Lake…I was living in Plant City..and had season tickets in 77……apples and oranges…NFL was a run first…second..and third league then….and while long before FA…the scrub Bucs were prideful tough..tough…football characters

  42. Lakeland Says:


    My point is that Doug Williams was a 22 year old rookie, that took this awful franchise on his back. He molded them into winners, he inspired the trash. And he had to overcome a lot of racism. They should make a movie about his times in Tampa.

  43. CalBucsFan Says:

    @ Lakeland

    You are absolutely right, Doug Williams was, and up to this day, the best QB in the Bucs’ history, hands down. It’s nice to know there’s other fans from the beginning who haven’t umped off the band wagon.

    So how about JW to Cleveland for the #1 pick? I’m all for letting JW get a fresh start somewhere else and the Bucs picking either Rosen out of UCLA, or Donaldson of USC. I see these guys weekly, mature, and no off the field baggage to overcome. Rosen has some Derek Carr/Aaron Rodgers in him and looking at Donaldson is like watching either Dan Fouts or Roethlisberger in their youth. They are both the real deal.

  44. dlinehamsandwitchtime Says:

    How’s Derek Carr doing for you this year??? Jameis is not going anywhere.

  45. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Doug Williams has openly stated he was never as good a QB as JW, and Doug didn’t necessarily have a small ego.

  46. Jim Says:

    He Stinks. @alteredego,, you are right, He and Johnny Football are in the same category. Grow up. He didnt play well in school. Led the school with interceptions, doesn’t play well in Tampa either. He’s not a NFL QB.