Six Bucs Ruled Out For Sunday

December 1st, 2017

Your beloved Buccaneers will test their bench on Sunday.

Six Bucs have been ruled out of the game in Green Bay.

Doug Martin, Robert Ayers and T.J. Ward have concussion issues. Vernon Hargreaves and Josh Robinson have bad hamstrings, and Clinton McDonald messed up his back.

Ayers, who missed last week’s game, likely is the biggest loss. McDonald will be significant, too. At running back and safety, Joe suspects the Bucs will play significantly better at both positions.

106 Responses to “Six Bucs Ruled Out For Sunday”

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    If the NFL is going to do this concussion protocol…they need to expand the rosters to 60 active game day….

  2. BucTrooper Says:

    Anyone see General Patton walking around? Because I smell a tank.

  3. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    The photo is a great hold by Joes fav LT

  4. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Someone is going to get fired over this Crap Show season.

  5. Bruce Arians Says:

    Don’t worry fellas I’m coming to save the franchise in 2018!

  6. Rojas Says:

    Time to start Peyton Barber

  7. teacherman777 Says:

    Calais Campbell 18 million.

    Doug Martin-7 million
    Evan Smith-4 million
    Gholston-6 million
    Baker-6 million

    Equals- 23 million

    Who would you guys rather have?

    Doug Martin, Chris Baker, Evan Smith, and William Gholston


    Calais Campbell?

    We had a chance to add a legend next to GMC.
    When had a chance to add a free agent from Arizona, like Simeon Rice, next to best DT in the game, like Sapp.

    We would be 9-2 or 8-3 with an elite pass rush.

    But instead, GMC is alone for another wasted season.

  8. unbelievable Says:

    I agree with you teacherman… except Evan Smith is important now considering Marpet is on IR.

    We quite possibly would be 8-3 with a better offensive line and non-sh!t show at kicker the 1st 4 games of the season.

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda…


  9. Defense Rules Says:

    9-2 or 8-3 with an elite pass rush teacherman? Do you really think that all we’d need is a couple of real DEs and we would’ve won 4 or 5 MORE games than we’ve won thus far this season? Bucs’ woes are much deeper than just missing a pass rush. We’ve been playing musical secondary all season long … for a reason IMO (as in ‘no one stands out’ except Brent Grimes). DEs wouldn’t help an offense that’s scored 223 pts in 11 games … averaging 20 pts per game. Bucs got pretty much worked over by the Vikings, Cardinals, Panthers, Saints & Falcons. That’s 5 losses right there. Personally think we could’ve beaten the Pats & Bills, but it was more play-calling than anything else IMO that doomed us in those 2 games. No, sorry, we are what our record says we are … 4-7. And given our current injury situation, that could ultimately turn into 5-11 or even 4-12.

  10. Broy34isTiredofNegativity Says:

    Good god how do you guys sleep at night some of you. Most big time free agent d lineman are busts. Campbell is a beast. For now. Maybe two more years he’s not getting all those sacks in this garbage system that’s a fact. The pieces aren’t there to combine with the awful coaching. The coaching is the problem not the players. Simple. Hindsight all of you. Like 5-10 people wanted Kareem hunt around these parts now everyone does and says they wanted him all along. You’re not fooling anyone. I wanna see some of these peoples mock drafts because they’d be funny. Everyone wanted Malik Jackson too. How’s that contract. People wanted Albert hayneswlrth too. Campbell will have time catch up to him. It’s 10 times worse letting Bennett walk. There you have a complaint he was a beast in our own building and signed for.chump change.

  11. SB Says:

    Texans are Stupid. They should cut that cancer JJ Watt! Has never won them a playoff game and is injured.

  12. SB Says:

    @Defense……I agree with you most of the time. Hence why I rarely argue with you. However in this case I feel like Pass Rush is our Biggest hole by far! Pressure up front negates the need for a ‘musical secondary’ for several reasons. DBs don’t have to work as long or hard when you have a serious pass rush therefore they won’t be on the field as long and have to over work and get injured unnecessarily. Secondly they don’t have to cover as hard and can concentrate on shorter or at least single routes. Also with a serious pass rush you can shut down the pass and concentrate on the run bringing 8 or 9 into the box. While I agree with your take on we have Many holes to fill, I think Pass rush is the largest.

  13. unbelievable Says:

    Gotta shore up both lines before anything else.

    SB you’re right- JJ Watt is overpaid trash lmao, never won anything, soft as tissue lol!

  14. DB55 Says:

    You show me one time softie mcbuttercups has played with blood gushing down his face I’ll leave jbf today. (Not really I’m addicted)

  15. SB Says:

    LOL UB…….Good to c u friend!

  16. JimmyJack Says:

    @teacherman77…….Your equation has some holes in it because it would leave us with voids on the roster that would need to have been filled in free agency.

    I think you can pretty much take all four of the players you mention away from that conversation and insert just one name…..DeSean Jackson.

    Very doubtful Licht was given enough spending freedom to sign both of them. So you kind of have to pick your poison there. For me it’s simple(of course a lot easier 12 weeks in) and you get Campbell. Although, Campbell was paid a lot more 20mil vs 30mil guaranteed so we don’t really know if the Bucs were in the market for Campbell……..Maybe if they don’t sign Jackson and cut loose others but it a lot more involved then just cut Gholston, MARtin plus

  17. tmaxcon Says:


    these idiots mentioning JJ Watt in the same sentence of JJ Watt a true dominant player just proves they are gmc nuthugger not buc fans… GMC has NEVER HAD A SINGLE DOMINANT PERFORMANCE especially at the level of a JJ Watt…. Hell Adrian Slowburn has had more dominant games than the me first, bad character, camera crew loving, POS ice cream man. Men with good character don’t quit on multiple coaches simple as that.

  18. SB Says:

    LOL @ DB…………JJ Watt doesn’t lead DE’s in ANY category accept TD passes.
    Where as GMC leads ALL DTs in Sacks and QB hits since 2013 despite being double teamed 90% of plays. You, LaMarcus and Tmax can try to dumb people up with your drivel all you want. We don’t care. At least I don’t anymore.

  19. SB Says:

    Yaaaaaay Tmax is here and I am in the mood for a fight. How many playoff games has JJ Watt won for Houston Tmax?

  20. tmaxcon Says:


    you clearly suffer from acute altitude sickness. I’d love to sit next to you and watch a game so you can point out all these dominant performances that you clam to exist. In 2 years the only thing cancer93 will be remembered for is the face of the basement and the captain who led more embarrassing blowouts than any other captain in league history.

  21. tmaxcon Says:


    he has won the same amount has your girl cancer93… i don’t give a rats arse about houston I care about bucs winning which will never happen again. there simply is ZERO hope…

  22. SB Says:

    Do you even hear yourself you crackhead? EVERY OC in the league says you are stupid but YOU think you are smart. LOL

  23. tmaxcon Says:


    i am a kind, compassionate lover not a fighter. I just see things far more clearly than the blind optimists that live in a delusional bubble filled with swag instead of kind.

  24. SB Says:

    GMC leads EVERY DT in the NFL in Sacks and QB hits since 2013……….HOW can you come on here and be proud of being so Phucking Ignorant???? I used to respect you now I pity you.

  25. tmaxcon Says:


    no one tells the truth announcers, other teams coaches hell even head coach…. it’s all blowing sunshine up your ass nothing more. you keep listening to the sunshine blowers and I’ll keep watching the on the field play. I could careless what they say the only thing that matters sir is RESULTS and the results clearly prove GMC is the FACE of the BASEMENT years.

  26. SB Says:

    You are a kind and compassionate future Professional Knitter as far as I can see because you DAM SURE don’t know DIK about Football

  27. tmaxcon Says:


    he also leds all DT’s with games quit, coaches quit on, years in the basement and pre game speeches that are now used to cure viagra overdoses nationwide.

  28. tmaxcon Says:

    i forget his other love FLAT Performances when it matters most

  29. JimmyJack Says:

    Dang guys don’t ignore a glaring difference between McCoy and Watt which is that the Texans have built their team around their front 7 while the Bucs haven’t.

  30. DB55 Says:


    I thought we covered this on Tuesday. Texans have been to 4 POs since JJ was drafted. 2 since Clowney was drafted. Plus JJ will play inside, outside wherever he’s needed. The man also broke his entire body last yr and waited until after the season the have like 15 surgeries or some craziness like that. You chose the wrong person for your analogy brother.

    If it makes you feel any better I feel the same way when ya talk about about Jameis so we’re even. Except my cracks on geraldini are actually true. Lololol ol.

  31. tmaxcon Says:

    i am retired no profession in my future. i smoke colorado kind all day and laugh at optimists and fools.

  32. SB Says:

    Totally agree Jimmyjack but the Texans are no better than we are And they have built that way. Tmax is too ignorant to see that we have the best DT in the league but haven’t given him ANY Help……It is our organization to be blamed by not surrounding him with Talent.

  33. DB55 Says:

    He’s probably the third best if that probably fifth best at best. Not sure he’s even the best 3tech in the nfc south but wtfdik

  34. DB55 Says:


    Message me your address. We hanging out!

  35. tmaxcon Says:


    bucs have brought in several free agents that had success elsewhere but regressed mightily playing next to the mighty quitting clown. matter of fact pretty much every defensive free agent outside of Grimes the bucs have brought in going back to the Schiano / Dominik trainwreck regressed terribly playing next to cancer93. can’t ignore facts and I don’t believe in coincidences.

  36. SB Says:

    Well I smoke too Tmax but you just summed it all as far as I am concerned. You are just having ‘senior moments’ on a minute by minute basis. I get it. You are not stupid you are just senile. For ANY man that chooses to tell Hundreds of other men who get Paid for a living to evaluate players that YOU are better than them………That totally shows your senility

  37. godzilla13 Says:

    Both the OL and the DL without Demar Dotson, Ali Marpet, Robert Ayers and Clinton McDonald will be the major concerns. I am looking forward to see how DE Pat O’Connor performs. He has good size at 6’5”, 277 lbs and some speed with a 4.8-second 40-yard dash. Forced seven fumbles and 28.5 tackles for loss over the last two seasons at Eastern Michigan. Going into Green Bay is not going to be easy. In the last 5 games the Bucs are averaging 15.6 points per game, the Packers 17 points per game. So the game could end up a lot closer than people think.

  38. JimmyJack Says:

    I aren’t know what you fools expect of McCoy. I gave up on him leading this team to greatness about 6 seasons ago……not sure why you guys are still expecting it.

    Let go of your expectations already jeez. Or just keep going on with this tired bit and I guarantee you McCoy will let you down til he retires after a very fine career.

    It’s obvious this team needs better leadership along the front so beg for a new face rather then begging Gerald to be somebody he’s not. You’ll be better off for it.

  39. SB Says:

    DB……You should stop adding ‘but wtfdik’ after your posts.
    It is becoming increasingly more evident what you don’t know

  40. tmaxcon Says:


    stop with the name calling. I am not ignorant i just see things much more clearly than you do because I don’t have 93’s boys cover my eyes game days.

  41. JimmyJack Says:

    Really tmax? Who exactly are you talking about cause I’m calling BS

  42. SB Says:

    IF you Einsteins don’t want the DT that leads the league in Sacks and QB hits for the last 5 years then who would you replace him with and how. Never mind why.

  43. tmaxcon Says:


    i am retired NOT old… big difference. my man St Pete and Tampabaybucfan have senior moments I just don’t agree with you. lol.

  44. DB55 Says:


    I enjoy the trolling. It’s not even about McCoy it’s more so about the media and fans who say he’s the best. I feel like it’s my duty to set them straight.

    Don’t ignore me you elk hunting, salmon fishing, Carpenter.

  45. SB Says:

    Tmax………….do you REALLY not understand how STUPID you sound calling EVERY OC in the league wrong?????????????? I mean REALLY????? You and a few misguided miscreants around here stand ALONE in the world………..Do you not get that? Your soapbox is Super smallllllllll

  46. tmaxcon Says:


    anyone off the special olympics team could replace mccoy. there heart would more than compensate for his meaningless numbers. plus, i guarantee they would never come out flat and brag about it.

  47. DB55 Says:


    Correct me where I’m wrong. Did the Texan not go to the po 4xs since JJ was drafted?

  48. SB Says:

    I am going to eat my Filets now. I will be back to laugh at IGNORANT people later. Peace

  49. tmaxcon Says:


    do you really understand how stupid you are for believing everything you hear… especially in this pathetic pc society were everything is sugar coated and actually telling the truth is frowned upon because it might hurt someone’s feelings.

  50. DB55 Says:


    I’d replace him rainbow dash but wtfdik

  51. unbelievable Says:

    So just so I have this straight:

    JJ Watt – 0 playoff wins. 24 games missed in 7 years (by the end of this season)

    GMC – 0 playoff wins. 18 games missed in 8 years

    What’s the difference? The Texans have actually put other pass rushers next to him. Who have we put next to McCoy? I’ve asked this several times this week but no one will answer me. #ijs

  52. DB55 Says:

    They ridiculed Tesla yet he was 100 years ahead of his time. You guys are just slower than me and T. It’s okay we still luv you gator buc

  53. JimmyJack Says:

    Unbelievable…..according to tmax we have put plenty of good players next to McCoy but Gerald somehow made them regress……I called BS on him and he didn’t respond. Freaking hilarity

  54. DB55 Says:


    The difference is he LED his TEAM to the POs 4xs. Bum ass teams at that! With JJ it’s about team success not pro bowls but wtfdik.

  55. DB55 Says:


    It’s true I write about it on the gmc post below.

    Bennett, clayborn, Johnson. I even threw in George Johnson.

  56. JimmyJack Says:

    DB55…..You are ignoring the elephant in the room which is that the Teaxans were built in a much better fashion then our Bucs…….They are playing better and more competitive football then we are and they lost their QB for the season and also lost their QB on defense. It’s a poor comparison at best

  57. DB55 Says:

    I’m talking about the past 6 yrs. I think he was drafted in 2011

  58. unbelievable Says:


    Why do you keep expecting GMC to be someone he’s not? He didn’t ask to be the face of the franchise. The franchise made him the face, cuz basically everyone else on the team was garbage. Jameis came in and GMC was no longer the face.

    This isn’t complicated.

    Bennet for a year or 2? and they got rid of him. And BTW his numbers and performance are basically exactly the same in Seattle as they are in Tampa.

    Clayborn? nah, this is his first year doing anything more than what he has the rest of his career.

    Either Johnson? Nope, they haven’t done sh!t differently since leaving, don’t give me that.

    I’ll ask again, who have we put next to him?

  59. JimmyJack Says:

    Clayborn and Johnson? Is this a joke? Are you talking about Mike Johnson? The guy who wasn’t even a full time starter until he came here…..Isn’t he out of the league now? That’s just silly.

    Also Clayborn hasn’t done much of anything bro get real.

    And Bennet was playing good here muchambo…….He didnt suddenly start playing better after he left.

  60. DB55 Says:

    DB55 Says:
    December 1st, 2017 at 10:48 am
    Let’s see Bennett leaves and make PO virtually every year. Clayborn leaves makes the Super Bowl. Mike Johnson was in the PO virtually every year before he met gmc.

    Every single person who’s played next to McCoy has left and been to the playoffs.

    You guys can’t possibly be that stupid, can you? Maybe you have a degenerative brain Disease or something. Or maybe you were just born and raise in Florida.

  61. DB55 Says:

    B55 Says:
    December 1st, 2017 at 10:51 am
    If I recall correctly even George Johnson had 8 sacks and a P.O. birth the year before signing with TB. Got next to McCoy and had 1 sack in like 3 years

  62. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah don’t even get me started on George Johnson…….I may have been wrong, he may have been the Johnson who was neve4 a full time player til he got here and is now out of the league…….No reason to tell tall tales, and no it doesn’t solidify your argument.

  63. DB55 Says:

    That insults is not directed at you guys.

  64. unbelievable Says:

    DB your logic is that 1 defensive tackle can now control whether or not a team makes the playoffs every year?

    And you’re calling me stupid? LOL.

  65. DB55 Says:


    When you sign a 100mil contract you must be held accountable.

  66. DB55 Says:

    No never called you stupid cuz your not. I c/p that. I was calling Hawaii stupid cuz he is.

  67. SB Says:

    As I have said more than once…….It is not unbelievable to Believe unbelievable!

  68. JimmyJack Says:

    Newsflash……Being part of a playoff team doesn’t mean you are playing better then you did here. Get a grip on reality bro…….Oh but I guess by your twisted theory that makes Tim Cummings a better DT then McCoy simply because he plays on a contending team……..I guess all contending teams have no weak links and all players are top performers. You need a reality check you excuses are quite lame.

    And George Johnson had one good year in stats in his career…….That argument has a pure void of context

  69. unbelievable Says:


    George Johnson had 1 season with 6 sacks.

    He has NEVER recorded a single sack in any of his other 7 years in the league, regardless of the team he played for.

    Michael Johnson has averaged 3.3 sacks per year since leaving the Bucs. He had 4 sacks in his single year with the Bucs. He had 3 the year before coming to Tampa.

  70. SB Says:

    DB55 Says:
    December 1st, 2017 at 7:12 pm
    They ridiculed Tesla yet he was 100 years ahead of his time. You guys are just slower than me and T. It’s okay we still luv you gator buc
    Yup……That is the epitome of your beliefs. You don’t get paid to do football in any way but you know more than all the guys that get paid a Mil a year or better to do so and in your eyes you and ‘T” are just faster than the rest of the world. I get it.

  71. tmaxcon Says:


    the difference is one plays with heart and passion and the other plays with dolls in the basement.

  72. Defense Rules Says:

    @SB … “in this case I feel like Pass Rush is our Biggest hole by far!” So do I SB. BUT … the other ‘holes’ still represent weaknesses that opposing OCs & DCs can exploit. Cincinnati has an excellent pass rush IMO (3rd most sacks this year), but they’re still a mediocre team (5-6). Chargers are tied for 4th in sacks & also have a strong DLine, but they’re also a mediocre team (5-6). BOTH have too many other holes at present.

  73. DB55 Says:

    True story. I mean look back at the beginning of the season the expert had the Bucs as P.O. contenders while I was like they’ll be lucky to not start 0-5. Don’t hate. Recognize.

  74. SB Says:

    Tmax is retired but you aren’t DB……Maybe you should try getting into Football.
    Make sure that in the beginning of your NFL interview that you say “GMC is Trash”
    You will get the job for sure……..

  75. unbelievable Says:

    tmax- and the results are the same, so who cares what they do in their basement?

    Put a goddamn competent DE on the field and see what happens.

  76. DB55 Says:

    Tmax is younger than me.

    Anywhere outside of the meth capital in the world and they may hire me as the gm bc of my brilliance

  77. SB Says:

    I T Totally agree Defense. However I think DE has been our biggest needs for YEARS!!! We are not going to fill it in FA for the long run. GMC has been left out to dry by the Glazers. He only has maybe 3 years left and has had No help put his way. If we don’t go with the best pass rushers we can find in two of the first three rounds this draft then I don’t know what to say.

  78. DB55 Says:

    Don’t get triggered fellas. We are all friends here. No need to ruin your Friday night.

  79. tmaxcon Says:


    i did not ignore you I always respond… Yes, call me crazy but the soft mentally weak approach that the bucs senior captain and highest paid defender on the team projects everyday and especially on Sundays sends the wrong message to the rest of the team. It’s ok to lose. He is a good player nothing more. He is not great. He is certainly not dominant and sadly he clearly does not make players around him better. Yet, he wants all the accolades and camera time as the face of the franchise but he has not earned it. he will finish his buc career with not a single meaningful win. too many buc fans get caught up in the NICE GUY BS and popularity which is nowhere near the same as greatness. hell if all these so called good character nice guy players were so great why have they owned the basement for a decade.

    as much as gmc is the problem the core problem is a piss poor ownership group that could careless about winning and has never demanding excellence. it starts at the top and glazers have proven for over a decade they can not run a professional sports franchise. hell they have proved it on two continents.

  80. SB Says:

    Keep on believing DB. I admire your perseverance.

  81. tmaxcon Says:


    basement means last in division. i don’t care what he does in his own damn basement but the team he captains has resided in the basement his entire career.

  82. DB55 Says:

    Imma bad bad man. Man I was the only fan of Barron around here and now he’s like a top 5 lb. ijs

  83. SB Says:

    Good point tho DB. This is just a blog site. No need to get uncool.
    Have a good night fellas. Hope all is good with you and all of yours.

  84. DB55 Says:

    Ice cream McIceCream Tutti frutti buttercup. #BestDTEver

  85. tmaxcon Says:

    Also Clayborn hasn’t done much of anything bro get real.

    how many 6 sack games does gmc have?

    How many 3 sack games does gmc have?

  86. DB55 Says:

    How many nfc championship rings does gmc have?

  87. tmaxcon Says:

    hell how many 2 sack games.

    you guys really need to review the definition of great / greatness… good not great and certainly not a winner.

  88. JimmyJack Says:

    Why do you guys mention Johnson&Johnson and Clayborn and then rest you’re case. Heck it’s pretty dang easy to read a stat sheet so back up your argument about how good these guys really are without McCoy.

    Or here’s a noble concept……We just played Clayborn last Sunday. Tell me what impact he had in that game that I’ve missed. He played against a well renowned mediocre tackle in that game too.

    Your guys arguments become just meaningless words when you can’t back them up……..And don’t try it with your Bennett argument either. You can just scroll through the archives of this site to see what everybody had to say about Bennett when we let him walk………There was a reason fans were upset about that and it isn’t because he was underperforming.

  89. unbelievable Says:

    You know defensive ends are supposed to have more sacks than defensive tackles, right??? And btw this is the ONLY season Clayborn has gone off like that. You were probably one of the people who wanted him off this roster.

    Or maybe you would prefer GMC put in more effort like Clayborn does:

    I’d just like to know what defensive tackle is so devastating and overpowering that he single handedly wins games without any good defensive ends or outside linebackers next to him?

    Tell me who that is.

    From your arguments, it sounds like every other team in the league has one except us, so I’m genuinely curious…

  90. JimmyJack Says:

    Tmax……I’m not comparing Clayborn and McCoy…..It’s your argument about Clayborn regressing under McCoy why am I reminding you of this.

    You just let me know when one game defines a career bro. Your not proving anything about Clayborn with one game. Tell me what else he has done?

  91. JimmyJack Says:

    Johnson & Johnson and Clayborn just aren’t any more then mediocre DEs in this league…….And you guys are claiming otherwise with basically nothing to back it up.

    You’ve got one six sack season and one singular game to hang your hats on………I don’t know who you think you’re fooling with them that argument but it’s likely not going to be anybody in this site.

    Maybe go find some drunken fans in the bleachers to peddle this nonsense to.

  92. tmaxcon Says:


    i don’t care about clayborn he is nothing special the point i was making is you guys treat mccoy like he has more dominant games than he does not. he is a good player not great. gmc has never had a string of games or even back to back games when you said damn he owned it again. far too many times the defensive units captain by mccoy have come out flat and uninspired. he is paid to be great not good. results only. i don’t care about comparisons or other teams. I have never compared to him to sapp there is only one sapp. I prefer my players to be aggressive, passionate and driven winners that do whatever it takes to become great… gmc has none of those qualities.

  93. JimmyJack Says:

    And BTW tmax you really need to get a grip because neither me nor unbelievable used the word great about McCoy or even suggested it. You really seem to struggle in thinking what you want to think rather then try and understand what we are saying.

    Unlike your imagination not all fans have a doom or gloom attitude about McCoy. There are fans in the middle of this argument…….Just because we don’t believe you nonsense about McCoy “infecting” other players does not mean we are his biggest supporters.

  94. JimmyJack Says:

    Come on tmax……You said Clayborn regressed As a result of playing on the same line with McCoy……now you are saying he is nothing special.

    It’s almost like you are arguing for the sake of arguing.

  95. tmaxcon Says:


    are you a lawyer or politician. the way you twist and read into things is quit fascinating. maybe a screenwriter anyhow, mccoy is a career loser who will be irrelevant to bucs future after this season. you can hold me to it just like vjax, murphy, martin, gleenon, bell etc etc I am always right.

  96. JimmyJack Says:

    Tmax maybe your comments would be better received if you didn’t blame the woes of the franchise on one player.

    A lot of points you make about Gerald I agree with but when you start blaming him for the lack of talent on defense it goes too far…….Do you need leadership on the Dline? Yes…..Is McCoy a good leader? No…….Is it McCoys responsibility to put proper leaders in place? This is the question where your points go off into la la land.

  97. tmaxcon Says:

    the losing culture led by cancer93 is real and next to the glazer clown ownership group is the main thing holding the young bucs back. it’s almost over the clown will be elsewhere sooner than later. dallas will be a great fit for me first camera hound from oklahoma.

  98. tmaxcon Says:


    it only takes one bad character quitter in a leadership role to destroy a franchise. proof is in the results.

  99. tmaxcon Says:

    and video

  100. JimmyJack Says:

    We need somebody besides GMC to be the leader among the Line. That falls back on the front office IMO not sure how McCoy gets blamed for that.

    I also never saw him as a quitter….if you do we will just have to disagree about that.

  101. JimmyJack Says:

    In fact, nearly every media person who has covered McCoy that sees what happens behind the scenes says he is one of the hardest workers on the team.
    But I guess those guys don’t know what they are talking about and just say things so that they can hear their own voices.

  102. Buddy Says:

    Word I’m getting Joe is the Bucs MIGHT only be dressing 46 on Sunday😂😂

  103. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Man if I wasn’t on the west coast and have a long drive, work and a fam? I’d be all up in these conversations. Oh well. I’m looking for this team to win the next 5 with some passion, and go from there. GO BUCS!!!

  104. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Well with Ward out maybe Tandy finally sees the field and the Bucs go on a 5 game winning streak like they did last season when he was inserted into the lineup. Then I can say oh what a bunch of dumb Coaches in Koetter and Smith I have stated all season long to be true. I hope it happens for the Bucs and Keith and Koetter and Smith get shown the door where they need to be regardless of what happens the rest of the season!!!! GO BUCS DO THE LAMBEAU LEAP!!!!!

  105. Mike Johnson Says:

    Somebody here says Our Bucs are Tanking? I luv the comic relief! Our Bucs are telling us…We gonna take an A.s Whippin come Sunday.But see,,we got injuries to hide behind. Thats all they are saying.

  106. Reach87 Says:

    Tmax you are a moron. I dont need to say why again, do I? Go Bucs!