Report: Dirk Koetter Will Return

December 29th, 2017

Will coach Bucs in 2018.

Dirk Koetter will be back for the 2018 season, per Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

After the stroke Joe nearly had a stroke this morning when he heard rumors of a Bruce Allen courtship between the former Bucs GM and Team Glazer, Joe is happy that common sense and reason has ruled the day.

The only reason Koetter ever got the head coaching job with the Bucs is because of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston. And once healthy, Jameis is throwing the ball as one would hope for a No. 1 overall draft pick. That had to help Koetter out.

Per Stroud, Team Glazer informed the Koetter family today he would return for next season.

Yes, there are two Joes that run this here website. “This Joe” thought all along, barring a Cleveland Browns-like season, it would be rash and unreasonable to run off Koetter after he had a winning season in his first trip to the plate in 2016.

Joe is convinced, however, that Koetter must make strides for next season and overhaul of his defensive coaching staff if he hopes to remain in the Tampa Bay area beyond the 2018 season.

It would have been intriguing if Chucky took over the Bucs. Who is to say he may not wait another season to see if Koetter turns things around?

At the end of the day, in Joe’s eyes, and apparently in Team Glazer’s eyes, there were more questions with Chucky than there were with Koetter.

175 Responses to “Report: Dirk Koetter Will Return”

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    Better than trying to recreate a failed past. Get a 3-4 DC and get rid of cancer93 and bucs have hope maybe

  2. HooliganSixx Says:

    Marvin Lewis Dirk’s BFF for DC

  3. dexterOHMAN Says:

    ugh looks like we are tanking next year too

  4. mark2001 Says:

    And there is the problem. The Glazer boys will never put another winner on the field. Great day for the crickets in Ray Jay….. more meaningless games in 2018.

  5. Clodhopper Says:

    Nice pic!!

  6. Costa Rica John Says:

    It can’t hurt to keep him. He has had one good year and a bad year. There were a lot of close games this year that we lost. The team hasn’t quit and continues to play hard. We need a few lineman and let’s see what the future brings. Go Bucs!

  7. BrianBucs Says:


    We are in agreement here. Look what switching to a 3-4 defense did for the Rams this year. I’ve been calling for that for years now
    Guys, the Rams switched to 3-4 under Wade Phillips, who probably will be in the Hall of Fame one day as a coordinator. He’s a master teacher and his 3-4 isn’t the typical 3-4. –Joe

  8. Rojas Says:

    An another miserable season next year.

  9. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I wonder if Gruden has decided to stay in the booth 1 more year until his youngest is graduated.

  10. Capt Kidd Says:

    I’m good with Dirk and some defensive help.

  11. Shabazz Says:

    The bucs need a consistent voice & leader, if dirk works on himself & changing his scheme a lil it will pay off

  12. tmaxcon Says:

    Cant win with a pos soft defensive captain who quits when it matters most. Save the bucs trade cancer93 to ISIS for 3 goats and a wench

  13. Westernbuc Says:

    Pewter Report, and others, spent all season trying to get Koetter run out of town. Many openly predicted that Gruden would be the next head coach. I await their apologies

  14. Nybucsfan Says:

    Must be because he did so well this year

  15. SpaceCoastJustin Says:

    Not sure how I feel about this…..

    Must not of been able to reach a deal with Chucky.

  16. tmaxcon Says:

    Gruden will go to dallas or raiders

  17. Nybucsfan Says:

    A four winCoach. I’m jumping for joy

  18. mark2001 Says:

    Sell the team boys…and then there may be some interesting Professional Football in Tampa again.

  19. Jackson Says:

    Tmaxcon- Let me correct your sentence. “Better than trying to recreate a failed past. Get a 3-4 DC and get rid of cancer90 and the bucs have hope.

  20. BrianBucs Says:

    With Winston and Gruden both being such polarizing figures, it would have been very interesting and entertaining to watch.

  21. Jason Says:

    Yesss good. I hope Dirk makes some adjustments on offense while getting new defensive coaching help, but I thought Dirk deserved another year.

  22. S of S Says:

    So another year watching a boring offense.

  23. Nate Says:

    all real buc fans give support BUT if koetter’s offense averages under 20 points for 4 years straight……

    the bucs will never get their fan base back…and Glazers and you recreate the past idiots will have nothing to say

  24. mark2001 Says:

    Good luck boys. I suspect you will need it. Yawn.

  25. Waterboy Says:

    That’s the right decision! Glad you hear that.

  26. tmaxcon Says:


    You ok man… stay clear of skyway sir

  27. Nate Says:

    ALL this before the last game being played lol

    Good luck having full stands next year…..oh wait it will be with other teams fans

  28. Waterboy Says:

    Now go ahead and shut the starters down this week and focus on the draft.

  29. B Coburn Says:

    4 wins isn’t pathetic enough to be considered browns like season?

  30. tmaxcon Says:

    Little Nates

    All butthurt because his dream of a failed past is crushed…. now get rid of the soft pos human waste of a dt cancer93 and bucs have a chance to compete

  31. pewterpirate99 Says:

    I’m done with this joke of a f@$king team and organization! The Glazers can take this team and stick it up their collective asses! I’m going to have so much fun next year rubbing everyone’s face in it when they have another losing season and they end up firing Koetter. Can’t wait till the end of next season! As far as I’m concerned they can move this team to another city.

  32. 813bucboi Says:

    Guess we’ll be last next year…GO BUCS!!!

  33. Easy Says:

    This is absolutely the right move to make and respect to the Glazers for not procrastinating on a decision. Dirk deserves another year but changes will come to the staff

  34. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    This season just gets better and better.

  35. ndog Says:

    All I know is that if this season is a repeat next year and Gruden is tearing it up somewhere else then they will lose whatever fanbase they have left. So I guess we can look forward to more toss pitches in the redzone for a loss of 3-5, starting players who should not even be on the team (Doug Martin, Chris Baker), rotating safeties and left guards for no good reason, and massive cheek tighting in the redzone EVERYTIME! I cant wait………

  36. tmaxcon Says:


    I feel for you sir first the 1st rd midget failed and now no gruden or harbaugh… hang in there it wont get better

  37. Nate Says:

    I’m STILL a fan but I’m not spending a penny on bucs tickets until the offense

    can prove they can average over 20 points after 3 years in a row……..

  38. Lakeland Says:

    It don’t matter if he’s back next season or not. The end results will be the same, the basement. I just don’t see this team competing against Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans. I predict 5-11 or worse, this team is pathetic. They can stink the field with Dirk Koetter or stink the field with a new HC.

    Bottom Line

    They sucks

  39. BuccLuck Says:

    I can see it now next year’s Bucs go 6-9 and chuckys new team makes the playoffs. And again we get to throw our hands up and say “it’s a Bucs life.” smh

  40. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Applaud the move. Dirk is going to have to work on staying ahead of the sticks (less predictive play calling), and limiting the penalties. Licht will have to work on shoring up BOTH lines…..and finding possible replacements at RB, CB, DT, etc. through the draft (the highest priority) and free agency (supplemental only).

  41. Syl Says:

    My thinking is they should replace him, but while I still think he is a mediocre coach, and should have someone else call the plays. You can’t get the reputation of firing coaches every 2 years. Now to find a good defensive coordinator.

  42. AlteredEgo Says:

    Cooler heads prevail…….now this time next year I may be swinging the axe….

  43. JonBuc Says:

    Gruden must have said No thanks. Glazer Boys go into the equivalent of a give up slide from the 10 yard line…with time running out.

  44. 813bucboi Says:

    So now Dirk will be coaching over his shoulder… Talk about a distraction!!!….GO BUCS!!!

  45. Waterboy Says:

    kudos to the Glazers they probably choose not to give Gruden the power he wanted.

  46. feelthepewterpower Says:

    I think this means Coach Smith will be back next year as well…I’d like us to play more press coverage, and have to blitz less while still being aggressive scheme-wise.

  47. Reverse Jizzle Says:

    Right choice here and now Coach K needs to fire his entire defensive except for the LB coach Duffner.

  48. Joeypoppems Says:

    Wow. Cant wait to have this same conversation next year after another sub .500 start to the season

  49. 813bucboi Says:


    Smitty ain’t out of the woods yet….GO BUCS!!!!

  50. AlteredEgo Says:

    JonBoy….Gruden …could be all part of the plan….next year everything lined up staff and all others working parts….probably lined up now….just not time to pull the trigger

  51. adam from ny Says:

    gruden and the glazers are holding off a year…that’s the only reason dirk is back…if koetter flops out next year gruden has agreed to come in – and he wants more pieces put in place and a more matured jameis…he needs a more veteran team, so he and the glazers are going to let it marinate for a minute…then jonny groo comes in and brings the team to the next level

  52. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    Would love to see how the team responds on Sunday. If they get their asses kicked gonna be a loooooooooong offseason hahahahaha

  53. tmaxcon Says:

    Gruden aint coming to bucs he will go to dallas or Oakland he knows he cant win with cancer93 and glazers

  54. NFLNut Says:



    I have always maintained that I liked Koetter personally … and liked him as a coach (just not as much as Arians, Gruden and Harbaugh), so I’m not upset with this news.

    Jameis has been the best QB in the entire NFL since week 13 and his healthy games stats this years are better than Tom Bradys … and his full season stats, even with playing much of the season with n injured throwing shoulder, are better than Russell Wilson’s … and Jameis is the Bucs, so having him run Koetter’s offense one more year is fine with me.

    I do think Gruden will stay in the booth and re-entertain offers next year AFTER his youngest graduates from high school … so we may be in for more Grumors and drama next year but hopefully not, as hopefully the team will get the defense fixed and we’ll be in the playoffs next year!


  55. tmaxcon Says:


    I hope they get rid of smith bring in a 3-4 dc to end the failed career of cancer93…

  56. Chris K Says:

    This is good news for the overall development of Jameis and the offense. This season was bad break after bad break combined with the poorest edge pass rushing in football. Doesn’t take much to turn it around in this league and two years isn’t enough to fairly assess a head coach, especially a first timer. The drafts have been strong at certain positions, just not on pass rushing ends. I’m glad they’ll get another year at least to get it right, or at least try to. Side note on the GMC Haters. I’ve never heard a more clueless group of people talking football in my life. You should stop, at least for the sake of stopping making yourselves look so dumb in regards to what a really good defensive tackle looks like. You don’t like him because he’s not nasty like Sapp then say that, you don’t like him because he’s a nice guy who helps other players up, then say that.. But calling him cancer or saying he’s a bad player, or even that he sucks is just dumb talk and makes no sense to anyone who really understands the game and the position.

  57. Kevo Says:

    I’M DONE . I’m now a Jacksonville Jaguars fan

  58. Nate Says:

    LOL tj max

    or teco con whatever your name is … am I mad….cause I spit the truth

    I said if you can CONprehend as well as read I said if that Bruce Allen post was correct I WANTED koetter back and was a DEAL BREAKE for me

    Football doesn’t rule my life like you….growing my multi million dollar businesses do

    LOL………..sorry not sorry

  59. Maze Says:

    This sucks

  60. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    @adam from ny

    read a good article that Gruden was only sniffing a coaching job as leverage with ESPN to not have to take a pay cut. He’s not serious about coming back just trying in his own words, “to hang on to the job he has”. Smoke Screen.

  61. Lakeland Says:

    You can’t put all of the blame on Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith. Lay the blame where it belongs. Jason Licht is the reason for this horrible season. The Bucs went 9-7 last season and had over $66 million in cap space and all of their draft picks. They could have created more cap space by releasing some bum vets. $66 million dollars in cap space and you regress instead of progress?

  62. BuccLuck Says:

    I don’t even want to imagine what will happen to this franchise if we continue to suck and Gruden has success elsewhere next year. That will become a serious serious issue for the glazers and Bucs football. I’m thinking the franchise would have to up and move if that catastrophic scenario comes to fruition. St. Louis or San Antonio?

  63. Waterboy Says:

    Gruden was barely over .500 with 4 hall of famers on defense and 0 playoff wins from 2003-2008. He was fired for a reason.

  64. Nate Says:

    DEAL BREAKER* typo……bullies like you always look for a fight

    probably got beat up as a kid your whole young life ….lol

  65. Thegregwitul Says:

    I can understand why Koetter gets a third season, as he was 9-7 a year ago, but there are some concerns that need to be addressed, and I’m not talking about the obvious concern in the horrid defense. I want to understand why Doug Martin receives playing time, why the offense can barely score in the first half, let alone crack over 19 points a game. Koetter’s forte is on offense and I need to see more from that side of the ball.

    As for the defense, I’d like to see a complete overhaul. Keep McCoy, David and Kwon. Move Hargreaves to the slot, continue to develop Beckwith, keep McDonald in the rotation to keep the DL fresh, and don’t overpay Brent Grimes at his age if he decides to play hardball. Oh, and sign and draft pass rushers. Open up the coffers and pony up the 16 million it’ll take to get a stud like Lawrence from Dallas, please.

  66. adam from ny Says:

    watch licht start crafting this team for both koetter and gruden as well…go figure…gruden approved players are gonna begin funneling in to tampa,..the timing was slightly off for the little chuckaneer…next year

  67. adam from ny Says:

    we will have a lame duck coach here for 2018…weird af

  68. Jameis Weinstein Says:

    Bucs going 2-14 next season… Dilly Dilly!

  69. tmaxcon Says:


    Gruden only had 2 hof did sapp have a couple of hof hookers in his pocket

  70. Nate Says:

    how many playoff wins have we had since……..

    he also had no #1 pick and that Defense you fake fans brag on window closed the season after……

    people see what they want to see…im gonna have the most fun seeing you fans whine

    when we average under 20 points for 4 years straight…..hhahahhaha

  71. martinii Says:

    Now we can focus on improvement and talent. Really, Really glad they didn’t make another HC Change. Especially if they were thinking about Chucky.

  72. Joseph Mamma Says:

    If there is one thing we can always count on, it’s that the Glazer boys will always make the wrong decision.

  73. AceofAerospace Says:

    I don’t believe it. The Glazers don’t make personnel decisions during the season. I’ll believe it after black Monday. Then I’ll decide my allegiance. Most likely I’ll cancel NFL Sunday ticket and watch no football. I’m not getting my hopes up again for this failed coach.

  74. Nate Says:

    you fans need to be asking what changes ARE gonna be made

    nobody is saying if koetter relinquishes his playcalling duties which he thought of doing btw…and changed his mind last minute

    I agreed to koetter staying only with change ….

    if its only mike smith some of you fake transplant undercover hate fans need to work the front office and keep

    status quo LOL

  75. RAS Says:

    I’m happy with this, now let see if the 9-7 season was a fluke or if the 4-12 season was fluke. Also I don’t care who the coach is, until they get a D-line that can get pressure we are gonna suck.

  76. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    How can Gruden go to Dallas. Can you imagine his ego up against Jerry’s massive ego? Those two do not strike me as compatible.

  77. Warren J Says:

    I am not sure how to feel about this decision, but I lean towards being on board. We need continuity at the HC spot for the sake of recruiting and reputation. Also, this could/should be a positive for Jameis, who will get more time in the system. Let’s just hope there is going to be changes on the defensive side of the ball. Enough with the Cover 4!!

  78. tmaxcon Says:

    Poor little nate get over it… the entire state is transplants always has been always will be…

  79. Mike Johnson Says:

    I don’t have confidence in Mr. Koetter. Sure he will win 8 or 9 games but he won’t get us there. Ok Joe..I’m watin for the anvil to drop. That is..Pressbox Smitty will return as Defensive Coordinator. My Bucs. What a pityful franchise.

  80. Nate Says:

    to say so BEFORE the last game seems suspect to me …just saying hahahaha

    you waited all year and said nothing

    NOW before a possible 4-12 … decide w/o talking to koetter about what WILL change

    either the fans for believing or Glazers as businessmen are dumber than I thought


  81. tmaxcon Says:

    Nate tweet cancer93 maybe the crying clown will invite you over to play dolls and bash transplants

  82. Joe Says:

    St. Louis or San Antonio

    Only way St. Louis gets a team is if the NFL or the owner builds a stadium themselves or renovates the downtown convention center which is where the Rams played (great dome for fans, but not for high rollers).

    Jerry Jones will likely never allow a team into San Antonio.

  83. NFLNut Says:

    2019 Schedule:

    6 Division Games: 3-3 +-

    49’ers: W
    Bears: W
    Giants: W (probably with a rookie QB)
    Redskins: W (Cousins is bolting the Skins imho)
    Browns: W
    Bengals: W

    Cowboys: ? Depends on if home or away
    Eagles: Depends on if home or away
    Ravens: ? Depends on if home or away
    Steelers: ? Depends on if home or away

    2-2 +-

    All of the above said, anywhere from 9-7 to 13-3 is do-able depending on whether we play the above four tough teams in their house or at RayJay.

  84. tmaxcon Says:


    The nfl reign on top is coming to an end within 10 years there will be no relication just contractions

  85. DanBucsFan Says:

    in my opinion good decision keep the whole coaching staff intact good draft add a couple free agents mainly on defense and let our offense of coordinator call plays next year should be a lot better off then breaking apart the staff every two years and expecting a miraculous turnaround the players played hard every game many teams would have packed it in long ago go Bucs 2018 will be our year

  86. BucEmUp Says:

    Im glad….dirk will come back with a clear vision and new approach. I knnow this guy has so much to offer and believe he will produce. I just pray to the football gods that Mike Smith goes…..he will be what keeps dirk from succeeding.

  87. Nate Says:

    @ RAS

    question D line yes but that D last year handed you your winning season

    while the playcalling averaged under 20 points for 3 years in a row including the last game

    if the coach wasn’t developing the playbook it wouldn’t matter

    still don’t care??

  88. Stevbobucsfan Says:

    Good move as I said earlier when I saw T Bowls get extended,don’t be surprised if Koetter will be back. I think Koetter has learn a lot this year, I think our offense ranks between 15 and 18 in the league and it seems like the bucs are still playing hard and playing to win even with at least 6 to 8 starters injured. Also as I said earlier, just my opinion and opinions are like rear ends everybody has one but bring in a defensive staff or adjust the one we have, cut Baker trade D Ajax for draft pick don’t think we really need D Jax with the talent we have on offense . again this all just my opinion

  89. Nate Says:

    I’m a transplant myself tj max a con

    teco con stop putting my words for others when its meant for YOU!!!!!

    Bronx 90 btw, I’m a transplant fan but I speak with common sense and a positive outlook

    with what needs to change…I wanted gruden but never said at all costs especially not with Allen attached to the hip

  90. Nate Says:

    not just with hate and negativity ….with no reasonable optional advice

    tjmax LOL

  91. 911bucs Says:

    Happy for Dirk!! No get rid of the dead wait and some of the other staff

  92. CalBucsFan Says:

    Looks like the Glazer kids are finally learning from their past mistakes. Congrats to you Dirk Koetter!

  93. tmaxcon Says:


    Your not positive you are delusional…. not a lot of positives 4 good years out of 42 especially when you accept the fact dungy wasted 2 hof and choked

  94. Nate Says:

    I said FAKE transplant fans….im one dumb ass …I see you can read but your CONprehension needs work


  95. Lakeland Says:


    If the Bucs ever win 13 games in a season

    I will quit watching football

    I will start watching ballet

  96. Nate Says:

    fake meaning those with allegiance to their home team still after 20 years

    get it now…..your pic is by it in the dictionary I shouldn’t have to spell it out

    that’s right …your CONprehension is bad hahahahaha

  97. Pickgrin Says:

    So basically – Gruden told the Glazers he’s staying put at BSPN this year but to put him in their tickler file next year…

  98. Lakeland Says:

    I predict 5-11 or worse for the Bucs next season.

  99. Nate Says:


    just by the last comment your a fakester……you spew negativity …you know how many teams would trade 4 good years for one superbowl this millennium ???

    you sound like a angry transplant fake bucs jets fan…….LOL

  100. Dave Says:

    Another garbage season coming up….

  101. NFLNut Says:

    Lakeland … they may not ever win 13 games … Aaron Rodgers inherited a Favre-led Packers squad that had went 13-3 the year before … and Rodgers promptly led them to a 6-10 record, and to date he has ever only won at least 13 games one time.

    Jameis inherited a 2-14 team and promptly led them to the same 6-10 record that Rodgers led a 13-3 team too … we’ll see what happens … you now I absolutely believe in Jameis’ future and that he’ll be a HOF’er so to me a 13-3 season sometime in the future is at least a possibility.

  102. Hodad Says:

    Smitty isn’t going anywhere. They are staying the course, period. They are all getting one more year to prove it, whether you like it, or not.

  103. Buccaneer Bill Says:

    Great news, reason prevails! Good riddance to all the band wagon fans.

  104. Dave Says:

    Hodad, doesn’t mean I have to stick around and spend money on this garbage.

  105. Bucsfansince76 Says:

    Let’s get to work. Tired of the Head coaching changes. This staff knows what changes need to be made. Free agency & draft will help build a winner. It will be an interesting off season. Let’s go Bucs!

  106. Nate Says:

    yes dungy didn’t take advantage of the top D with more superbowls ….we ALL know that

    newsflash though….not many can balance both sides of the ball …he rolled his dice with a top tier defense and lost his second chance at a superbowl the year we lost to the superbowl winning rams

    I criticized dungy for not keeping our best OC….ira mentioned it was Kiffin though who couldn’t get along

    I bring up points Ira mentions on his cast….THATS HOW MUCH I KNOW….LOL

  107. Big Z Says:

    No legitimate DC or position coaches will come here when the HC is already on the hot seat before the end of the current season. It would most likely be a one year deal because if DK gets fired then it an entirely new staff again.
    The Rams were a new coaching staff, no comparison. Some fans act like all we need is better coaching, no kidding so do other teams. The Bucs Oline has been and will be awful and I always worried JW will suffer the David Carr syndrome. Check out the Oline free agents not much there. Plus we have to sign some of our own..

  108. King C Says:

    More like Gruden asked for Player personnel control again and of course a mega contract.
    All of a sudden Koetter and Licht don’t look so bad.

    Even if the offense is gangbusters
    I don’t know if its possible to fix the sorry DB and DE situation enough to make playoffs

  109. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Good move by the Glazers, IMHO.
    Gruden was never coming anyway.

  110. Nate Says:

    and you never know …I could be Nate Dubb…who was closer to the bucs than you think HAHAHa

    in the famous words of Arnold in total recall…..”you never know” lol

  111. Big Z Says:

    No legitimate DC or position coaches will come here when the HC is already on the hot seat before the end of the current season. It would most likely be a one year deal because if DK gets fired then it an entirely new staff again.
    The Rams were a new coaching staff, no comparison. Some fans act like all we need is better coaching, no kidding so do other teams.
    The Bucs Oline has been and will be awful and I always worried JW will suffer the David Carr syndrome. He cant keep getting that much pressure. Check out the Oline free agents not much there. Plus we have to sign some of our own.. More of the same next year.

  112. Off the Cuff Says:

    No more smallish , unathletic offensive and defensive lineman who get pushed around and knocked down each time the wind blows.

    Noah Spence is injury prone and all other defensive lineman besides Gerald McCoy are average at best.

  113. Bernie K Says:

    I’m very torn my head says keep koetter another year, my heart wants Chuckie

  114. The Anomaly Says:

    @ NFL Nut – 13-3? You hanging with Drug Martin?

  115. Lamarcus Says:

    All ya Gruden fan boys…. Ya super mad or nah ….. 😂😂😂

  116. Lamarcus Says:

    I guess the Glazer’s got my message Joe

  117. Nate Says:

    don’t worry Bernie K …..

    Cause if Gruden isn’t coming back koetter was the only option anyway


    if he does the gruden haters better go to church on sunday before the game and pray he has a losing season…or worse doesn’t play and beat us

    better get yo popcorn ready ….LOL

  118. Howard Cosell Says:

    This is the right move.
    Changing coaches every two years is dysfunctional at best.

    Give the team a little consistency from year to year.

  119. Big Z Says:

    Funny to see comments on the draft and free agents will make us a winner, losers say that. t’s not that simple, what free agents want to come here with a GM and HC on the hot seat, come on. They need so much help, OL, DT, CB, and RB. They should not be in rebuild mode this long, but they will and waste the prime years of their talented players. They G family screwed this up with getting rid of JG and giving us Morris and others.. it’s obvious they don’t know what they are doing.

  120. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Told you all!!!!!

  121. Nate Says:

    more like super mad at a possible 4 years averaging less than 20 LOL

    this time the Defense you want to be back to the level of the old days wont hand us a 9-7 season

    like it did last year…none of you full credit koetter fans of that year are talking bout the playcalling duties…..

    if he decides not to give it up……psshh…that will be the biggest joke

  122. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    It was pretty obvious, as I said 2 weeks ago. And it was confirmed when word leaked that Licht was extended a year.

    And for those who wanted Koetter gone so badly?

    Now you’ll finally learn what staying with a good coach can do, instead of just giving up and blowing the whole team up because you have no patience.

    Great move by the Glazers. Restored my faith in them with this move.

  123. Nate Says:

    exactly who you gonna get as DC…with knowing the coach has 1 yr to prove it or not

    not a good one….

    LOL this keeps on getting better and better….mike smith stays

  124. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Now another dose of reality.

    Jon Gruden will not return to coaching this year. Not in the NFL. So much for all those rumors.

    Ian Rappaport lost all credibility!

  125. Bob in Valrico Says:

    If the Bucs gave both Atlanta and Carolina all they could handle,Then I don’t expect either team to go far in the playoffs. Still a good chance we can compete in this division. This patchwork, injury riddled team can improve a lot. Question is
    will Jason Licht stop screwing up in free agency and neglecting the defense.

  126. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Licht has no choice but to give Mike Smith weapons this year. Smith was hampered badly by a lack of talent and healthy players. This year that changes.

  127. Big Z Says:

    Saying you have faith in the G is an oxymoron.

  128. Lakeland Says:

    Jason Lichts will give them a whole lot of weapons. A bunch of high priced bums looking for that last big payday while vacationing in sunny Tampa Bay.

  129. Owlykat Says:

    If the Glaziers Fire Licht, the real culprit for this putrid season, and get a GM to build up both our lines and get us a real RB, we can turn it around next year but we can’t even win our division with GMs who continue to pick personnel better than Licht like happened this year; than I am OK with this decision to keep Koetter.

  130. William Says:

    Well I sure as hell hope they told him he’s not gonna be calling the plays anymore and Mike Smith is gone. I don’t know how I feel about this decision. I’m getting sick and tired of not making the playoffs…that much I do know.

  131. Bucsfan951 Says:

    I saw this coming a mile away. They picked up licht’s 5th year option which meant they would keep koetter another year. This is both of their do or die year. They succeed together or get fired together.

  132. Sauerpickle Says:

    Tmax, haha…. Your first post on here is laughable. Your initial comment is a “failed past”. What? You mean like the Bucs won a super bowl when Gruden was coaching? Haha… what a statement? What wealth of intellectual knowledge you got going there? Even if you don’t like him and you want to claim it for Dungy’s players, he still coached this team to be the champions. The last 2 good coaches this team had was Dungy and Gruden and they both were axed in a stupid way. There hasn’t been a coach in Tampa that has been able to come to that level of success. Dungy got them far, Gruden got them there. Who else has gotten us there? Schiano? Morris? Can Koetter do it? Maybe, but don’t make statements that clearly shut you down with facts, especially right away on a think you’re smart post. I’m sure you’ll let me know what’s up tho, when you call me something or talk down to me with high school age gibberish. Yeah that proves a lot for your talking points.

  133. Pierce Says:

    YES!!! Keep developing talent coach! And hey if it doesn’t work out next year then we’ve given Coach Koetter enough opportunities to make his system work. Man I hope we’re successful next year!!! Go Bucs!!!

  134. richbucsfan Says:

    First of all, the last time I checked, I am not the HR Director of the Bucs therefore I have no say in who stays and who goes. Second, mob rule cannot run the show. We’ve seen too much of that lately. Third, I have not one dollar invested in the team as an owner, therefore, whatever they do they do. Fourth, I am a fan, albeit a very turned off fan, and if I choose to support the team I will if not I won’t. This is a money making venture for the owners. That is something every ‘fan’ needs to remember. They don’t give a hoot about you or me. It’s about the bottom line. Always has been, always will be. No over investment of emotional energy here.

  135. SteveK Says:

    Best news I’ve heard in a while. This is a football decision!

  136. BoJim Says:

    I like it.

  137. mark2001 Says:

    Been on the “bandwagon” 32 years….should have “jumped off” ten years ago. My bad.

  138. EA Says:

    This is poop news. Underacheiving big time with a loaded offence and a defense that played 3 good games all year, vallina play calls, predictable to the max, failing to close games out and having a career record of regressing buys you another year these days, that bogus. I hope the Glazers see something the fans don’t, I’m not for changing coaches often but I just don’t see Dirk taking this team to the next level.

  139. SteveK Says:

    This is a football minded move. I want one more year of Jameis+ Koetter+ Licht.

    Starting over every two years is a recipe for getting further and further away from winning.

    Only reactionary, emotional, non-football thinking fans are upset about this move. Along with the mainstream media trying their best to turn the fans against the team.

    Can’t wait to hear Bucs Uncensored. Hope there isn’t too much whiny b!tchong from the sheep.

  140. not there yet Says:

    Better hire a defensive coordinator who can score points because dirk koetter damn sure doesn’t know how to do it. So the glazers actually think the defense is the reason we aren’t winning games even though we can’t score points in the first half of games. I guess but I’m happy because I know not to expect the bucs to be competitive next year

  141. mark2001 Says:

    Like you know chit about football, Steve.

  142. mark2001 Says:

    not there…like I said…Les Steckel…he can run the D and call Offensive Plays as a former Offensive coordinator. And he doesn’t mind playing for a HC on thin ice in a losing organization. He’s a perfect fit.

  143. Rod Munch Says:

    7-9, here we come!

  144. Max Says:

    Good guys win

  145. mark2001 Says:

    Rod…7-9? Aren’t you the optimist? You must expect a great draft.

    Max…good guys finish last…Ain’t it the truth…Ain’t it the truth….

  146. Rod Munch Says:

    Hey I’m a Bucs fan, I have to have something to look forward too.

    Last year the Bucs were 9-7 when they seemingly won every close game and had an incredibly hot streak for a few weeks on defense.

    This year they’re 4-11 as they lose every close game and there is no hot streak.

    So going back to the mean, that should put them at 6-10 or 7-9, so as a 30+ year fan of the team, I chose to round up.

  147. mark2001 Says:

    Rod…over thirty for me too. But you must be more of a glutton for punishment than I am. I’m worn out, especially when I spend five months of the year close to Green Bay. I’m tired of making excuses for this bad organization.

    God Bless you all….and buy a blood pressure monitor. I’m sad to say, but I think it will come in handy next year. And hope the Bucs win another championship within our lifetime…but I’m not very hopeful.

  148. mark2001 Says:

    So Rod…where does that 6-10, 7-9 stack up in the NFC South?

  149. DBS Says:

    A lot of us told them so. but we were told He was out Gruden was in. Live with it. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  150. NFLNut Says:

    Guys, I did NOT say I EXPECT the Bucs to go 13-3 next year … I simply listed the teams they played and said I think somewhere between 9-13 wins is possible … 14+ would shock me and 8 or less wins would be a serious disappointment and merit Koetter’s firing in my mind.

  151. mark2001 Says:

    NFL Nut…the better question is, with us finishing four or five games behind the closest team, and they all working to improve their squads as well, do you really think we can finish out of the basement of our division? And if so…how? And how in the world do you think we can get over NO, ATL, and NC?

  152. NFLNut Says:

    ^ Mark2001 … we were better than the Panthers and Saints LAST YEAR and Jameis was 3-1 against the Falcons in his first two years … and Jameis is much better now than he was then … it’s ALL ABOUT THE DEFENSE AND RUNNING GAME … and I do believe we can fix those in free agency and the draft.

    The Saints sucked in 2016 … they drafted well and are now first in the division. Worst to first isn’t that rare in the NFL … especially when a team has a legit QB.

    I expect the Bucs to sign a starting DE and CB in free agency and to draft another DE, CB, RB, SS, DT and some project lineman … I think that will be enough to make us, at the very least, a “playoff contender” …

  153. mark2001 Says:

    Nut? Last Year? Last year Carolina was injured out and since then the Saints have rebuilt their D. So that means nothing…..Carolina even tanked the second game for a better draft pick. Jameis is talented, but he isn’t “much better”. And the D is half the team…and a RB isn’t the only thing lacking…a center is lacking.

    So the Saints drafted well in 2016, you don’t think they will his year, or Atlanta…or Carolina. And they all have “legit QB’s”. They need two CB’s in FA…Grimes is a FA. And all those draft picks will take a year or two to develop…so where are you? And you expect Koetter will coach as well as their coaches…and I think he is the weakest of the bunch.

  154. denjoe Says:

    Let’s bring back doug and swaggy too! Since productivity doesn’t matter.
    Hell Mike Smith c’mon back buddy,we know you tried hard. It was all Jason’s fault but quess what were bringing him back too.WE WON ZERO DIVISION GAMES.

  155. Bryce Says:

    I like the decision draft defense get a RB and work on chemistry between Jackson and Winston and work on stupid mistakes by QB

  156. Lakeland Says:

    I think people are overlooking the fact that the Bucs cannot get a decent HC or players to come to Tampa. They had to settle on Dirk Koetter. Who care can they get? I have always said that Jon Gruden has to be smoking dope to accept the Bucs job. The Bucs Head Coach job is the WORST job in the NFL.

  157. Lakeland Says:

    I mean else not care smh

  158. lambchop Says:

    I hope our boys don’t get too excited and try to pull a win Sunday. We need to lose! I’m sure the locker room is split in some way on this news. But everyone needs to agree on tanking.

    Btw, Sam Darnold sucks. If he comes out, some team will be set back 5 years. He’s horrible!

  159. Son of Kobe Faker Says:


    last post from the faker family

    will be back after 2018 when klueless is fired

    my condolences to jameis winston and his development

    later buc sheep

  160. lambchop Says:

    Glazers hoping for #1 draft pick next year. Woohoo!

  161. Buc believer Says:

    Just wait till they try and sell this POS to us season ticket holders! I have had season Atickets since 1999 and for the first time I’m SERIOUSLY considering not renewing.

  162. lightningbuc Says:

    Bucs have to be one of the 5 worst franchises in all of professional sports. Boobs and buffoons from the top down – Glazers, Licht, Koetter, Seffner’s QB, GMC, etc. It’s a Bucs Life!

  163. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Great move. Now fire Smith on Monday and draft Chubb

  164. Eric Says:

    Once again NFL Nut showing us what a dumba$$ he is. 13-3 hahahahahahahaha rofl

  165. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Well, that’s one way to ruin a franchise QB. Give him a crap line and long developing routes and watch him get killed.
    Fluck u glazers.
    Fluck u Koetter
    They must really like somebody at the top of the 2019 draft. Cu that’s where we are gonna be. SMH

  166. James Walker Says:

    It seemed that the Glazer’s would fire Billacheat if he had 2 going seasons. I am VERY relieved. The organization needs a stable head coach who can grow with his team.

  167. NFLNut Says:


    Again, the Bucs were BETTER than the Saints and Panthers in Jameis 2nd year and Koetter’s 1st year … to say it’s impossible they will be better that those teams next year is silly.

    No one thought the Saints would be better than the Bucs this year but they were … things could easily change next year.

    And yes, I do believe Jameis is “much better” than Cam as a passing QB … I also believe he’s better than Matt Ryan as a QB in general … Brees is great but he’s getting older and the Saints offense is starting to run through their RBs rather than Brees as well.

    Regardless, I expect us to sign a starting DE and CB, draft another starting DE, SS and RB and pick up some developmental guys … that’s enough to compete for a division title.


  168. BUCMAN Says:


  169. darin Says:

    All you people who think the team needs a hc longer than 2 years for stability are correct! You gota find the right one first tho. I wana change my vote in the poll to angry!! 😉 the more i think about this the angrier i get. If a team fight popped koetter in the face he wouldnt know it!!! Goodness Im not paying to see that garbage next year. Find the right hc then let him coach for years! Or maybe the glazers want the players to be happy with no training camp and lousy hc in game decisions. Eff the bucs. I cant watch koetter be dumbfounded on the sidelines anymore.

  170. Reach87 Says:

    And now those who were fed up and could not fathom rooting for the Bucs…goodbye. Find another team. Go Bucs!

  171. ben Says:

    Wonder why Atlanta fired the 2 men the bucs hired…hum?? The bucs owners like being in last place -maybe !

  172. Walter Says:

    Great, bye Bucs. I had already stopped watching the games this year, now I can cross next season off my list too. No point in watching.

  173. SOEbuc Says:


  174. SOEbuc Says:

    If that’s how it’s gonna be. Feel like they’re gonna make some major moves on defense in the offseason.

  175. mark2001 Says:

    Major moves on Defense….they did that a couple of years ago…LOL.