“We’re Just Seeing Jameis A Little Healthier Than He’s Been In Quite Some Time”

December 23rd, 2017

The head coach and mentor of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, dove a little deeper yesterday into what made Jameis’ performance on Monday Night Football special. 

Dirk Koetter took questions from fans on the Buccaneers Radio Network and was asked about Jameis’ improved accuracy.

Koetter started with the basics: health. And then he quickly moved into the other elements that led Jameis to a 77 percent completion rate and three touchdowns against the Falcons.

“We’re just seeing Jameis a little healthier than he’s been in quite some time,” Koetter said. “I thought Jameis just really threw the ball; he was very accurate. I thought he really threw the right type of passes for the play. He throw a couple balls over the top. He threw a couple balls with great touch. He threw a couple of balls that he had to really fire in there. He was on time, part of that starts with protection.

“He was very accurate. He didn’t try to overthrow. He didn’t try to overstride. You know, Jameis has just had a season in which he’s had to battle some injuries. I think Monday night was just an example of what Jameis can play like when he’s healthy.”

There’s that health thing again. Would Team Glazer really launch its head coach after one season with a banged up, 23-year-old Jameis?

This is one reason why Joe is very focused on these final two games. Jameis is healthy now. Let’s see what the offensive looks like with a better running back, Peyton Barber. And there are still plenty of weapons, even without O.J. Howard and DeSean Jackson.

Koetter also added that Jameis really had a great night in setting up receivers to make plays.

Do it again tomorrow, Jameis.

80 Responses to ““We’re Just Seeing Jameis A Little Healthier Than He’s Been In Quite Some Time””

  1. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    What we saw on MNF was jameis throwing more quicker routes and getting the ball out faster….


    Target godwin on slants and short crossing patterns and watch him yac yac


    Son of Kobe Faker

  2. NFLNut Says:


    I’ve said this ALL YEAR LONG … his 8 healthy game states are MVP worthy and compare favorably to Brady’s and Wentz’s and blow pretty much every other QBs away … that’s just a FACT whether or not the Jameis-bashers want to admit it.


  3. denjoe Says:

    Yeah all the bad decisions and fumbles were because of his health.

  4. loggedontosay Says:

    What was seen in Winston on Monday night was Gruden’s coaching when Gruden told Winston to play the game not his game. The offensive line was awful. Can anyone honestly look in the mirror and proclaim that any other QB outside of Aaron Rodgers would have performed as well as Winston performed on Monday night? And Joe, when you fall in love you fall hard. Koetter has not been a good coach for the Bucs. Ido not know if he will be the head coach going forward, but if he is I know what to expect.

  5. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    Carson wentz is the now messiah and will be in the HOF next year while our jameis is a bust according to so called experts

    Wow, philly plugged in nick foles in his first start this year and passed 4tds/0ints…noles in the HOF too?

    Looks like a qb friendly system. Wish we had 1 in tampa

  6. Eric Says:

    Wow the wagons sure are being circled hard.

    Anything to save a straight shooter I suppose.

  7. AceofAerospace Says:

    Enough of the Gruden bashing. Dick Vermeil was retired from the NFL 15 years before he came back and won a super bowl with a quarterback no one had ever heard of. John Gruden is the only coach the Bucs had that we always felt we had the ability to go all the way. Tell me Dungys offense ever made you feel that way. Never. I, for one can’t wait to see Gruden back on our sidelines. It’s coming. Get used to it.

  8. loggedontosay Says:


    What bad decisions are you referring to?

  9. Kansas95Buc Says:

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Gruden talk to Jameis for the final two games and see what the results look like. Tanking the season is for losers!

  10. Bucnut2 Says:

    Let’s not forget that Winston is on track for a 2-11 season with his career win % dropping below 40%. Quote stats all you want but there are only 2 that matter: 1 he’s got a losing record and 2- 54 TO in 42 games. Look at his body of work guys. Stop wishing he is the guy he was in college. I’ll admit I’m wrong when we start winning games with him as QB. Fitz has as many wins in 3 games as Winston will in 13 with the exact same line, defense, play calling, running back, kicker, etc…. Common denominator in losses, Winston. We would have been about .500 with Fitz at QB this year.

  11. Eric Says:


    Hear, hear!

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Our problem isn’t Jameis Winston….sure, he’s made some bonehead plays and can’t complete deep passes…..but everything else is there.

    We simply absolutely need to fix our Dline especially DEs…..another CB…..and absolutely a RB.

  13. Eric Says:

    Call the right play and give the man more than a millisecond to throw and he will connect just fine on the long ball.

  14. denjoe Says:

    loggedontosay Says:
    December 23rd, 2017 at 5:20 pm


    What bad decisions are you referring to?

    Throwing it up for grabs,trying to pitch it at the last minute ect..

    I think Jameis is the best Qb we have had here in a while, all Qb’s make bad decisions and turnovers at some point. Koetter trying to spin it to save his A$$ is what irks me! When he could have helped him by giving him a decent running game,quicker routes less attempts when he was playing hurt!

  15. Bird Says:

    Somebody made a good point earlier.

    If Jameis is suspended for 1st 6 games of next year, why would you move to gruden. Gruden will wait another year. Don’t think new coach given fair shot if starting qb and #1 pick are out almost half the year and all the rust it takes when he comes back from suspension….they will keep koetter as
    Scape goat for another year.

    I mean every poster on this site pretty much points the finger solely at one person , koetter , which is absurd.

  16. NFLNut Says:

    Bucnut2 … is your lobotomy scheduled for next week, or is it scheduled for after the season? Best of luck big guy; it should improve your low-football-IQ … hopefully.

  17. Bucnut2 Says:

    NFL- please stop name calling and tell me where I am wrong? I don’t cherry pick stats like some of those on this site. Winning is all that matters and in three years he has a losing record, is that so hard to understand?

  18. Season Is Over Says:

    You don’t need to defend yourself, Bucnut. NFLNut does a good enough job of embarrassing himself.

  19. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    I think the nfls own sexual allegations will help jameis/tampa in the outcome/games? Of the investigations

    Half the male nfl staff is alleged sexual discriminations with hardcore tweet evidence and a owner who paid off female workers and now admiting and will sell the team

    Jamis case is a he said/she said case with no evidence like whats facing nfl themself

    1 or 2 games max

    “More time for gruden to coach the dirk out jameis”

    Son of Kobe faker

  20. Bucnut2 Says:

    Season- thanks.

  21. Season Is Over Says:

    JoeBucsCrusadeToKeepKoetter.com continues as programmed.

  22. Reach87 Says:

    Winston is fine. Actually very good these last few weeks, along with the offense in general. 2-11 is what the team is with Winston because it’s a team game. If the owners have the stones to stay the course with this staff we win sooner and more consistently with a leader of men at the helm. I’m reminded of how we were on the cusp of winning consistently with Doug Williams. No fortitude and lack of any commitment cost the team 4-5 years of good football. Short-sightedness and lack of commitment. I hope we din’t Go there but for those posers crying for it… you’ll get what you deserve…continued consistent losing, additional excuses available and a team valued free agents don’t want to play for. Go Bucs!

  23. Nate Says:

    this smells like an excuse…I like Dirk but It does I’m sorry

    i’d rather he said that at the end of the season with 2 good games by jameis to finish

    I’m a REALIST…..Miami beat Atlanta ……MIAMI!!!!!!!

    there D is not near what it was in the superbowl year

    riddle me this….what happens if two playoff defenses make jameis look bad

    we gonna go back to he’s hurt again…..

    that’s why you say that at the end of the year ……he was hurt in buffalo and looked good right ????

    this has save my job written all over it

  24. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    “Joe douglas GM and frank reich or john defilippo as HC…

    you heard it first from the Faker family basement war room”

    Son of Kobe Faker

  25. Nate Says:

    correct aceofaerospace

    Dungy RAN OFF….couldn’t get along with one of the best OC’s we ever had scoring wise

    who was that ??? Les steckel

    guess he took too many chances



  26. Nate Says:


  27. Big Stinky Says:

    This team is only going to go as far as Winston can take them, there just isn’t enough talent I am sorry to say. As good as he was in the Atlanta game he still ALMOST had his 54th turnover in 43 games, and that is what is holding us back. If he could average 30 points a game it would not matter but averaging 20 makes it impossible. Hope he makes that GIANT leap next year but we shall see. So far, he is average at best. Go BUCS!

  28. Nate Says:

    after all they beat the BEARS with lovie smiths no name sorry qb offense that year lol

  29. NFLNut Says:

    BigStinky … you’re a low-football-IQ loon

  30. Big Stinky Says:


    Kudos Brother! You are the first person (besides me) that has brought up how good Les Steckel was. That guy had an awesome PLAYBOOK! He could run the same play from 8 different formations or MORE and had plays for EVERY situation. You are wrong about Dungy though, you think he wouldn’t want to keep him after the 2000 season? Les came here with a one year deal because he said if he didn’t win Dungy a Superbowl he would move on. Not sure why they didn’t try to keep him after he broke the team record for MOST points in a season but what a stupid mistake. Could have saved us 4 Top Draft picks and Dungy would be in the Ring of Honor instead of Gruden. We may have won back to back Superbowls if Les had stayed. Do you know what happened to him, where is he now? I would make him our next HC if it doesn’t work out with Koetter, or at LEAST our next OC. Good stuff!

  31. Big Stinky Says:


    You are NOT too bright yourself with some of your posts but I wouldn’t call you out on it. Looks like you love to talk chit to people, huh? If you think Winston has been anything but average you sir are the loon. Want me to prove it to you?

  32. NFLNut Says:

    ^ Les Stekel? The guy’s like 75 years old or something and hasn’t been in the NFL in like a decade … his kid is on the Titans staff but to think you’d hire him as the Bucs next HC is insane … what’s next, digging up the corpse of Lombardi and putting a playbook in his hand?

  33. NFLNut Says:


    ^ BigStinky … my stuff is parroted like crazy and I have already shown that Jameis’ first 40 games were better than almost any QBs in the history of football … I have also shown that Jameis’ 8 healthy game stats this year are comparable to Brady and Wentz and blow almost every other QB’s out of the water.

    You’re usual retort is to stupidly bring up wins and losses … and I shut you down on that too by posting the W/L records of various HOF QBs throughout their first years showing that Jameis has a higher winning percentage.

    You’ve got nothing for me sir and debating against me is akin to punching above your weight class … move along unless you want to get publicly spanked and exposed yet again for being a low-football-IQ loon


  34. Bucnut2 Says:

    BigStinky- we should be feel good because NFL can’t refute facts, he just knows how to call honest posters who happen to disagree with the “Winston is the Messiah” crowd names. You are correct that Winstons’ TO ‘s are costing us and he is average QB at best. Here’s who I would rather have than JW at QB for us:


    That puts Winston 17 on my list. Meaning he is average.
    Where am i wrong?

  35. Bucnut2 Says:

    NFL- Wins don’t matter?? And by the way, don’t take my word for it. Go read and listen to some REAL NFL people and you will hear that Winston is costing his team wins with his TO’s and poor decision making. Stop making excuses for him. He is not horrible, he is just average and NOT a top 10 QB because of his TO’s, accuracy and poor decision making.

  36. NFLNut Says:


    BucNut2 … I’ve spanked you many times but you just can’t get enough, can you?

    Dude, all you ever do is post “personal opinions” … I post hard facts, stats, etc … none of which you or a goober like BigStinky can refute.

    No one on this forum has ever refuted anything I’ve ever said. Why? Because hard data, stats and historical facts can’t be refuted.

    You’ve got nothing for me but personal opinions, and why in the world would I care what you personally think? I don’t.

    Winston’s 8 healthy game stats are BETTER than 15 of the 17 guys on your list … that’s where you’re wrong. However, you don’t care about facts, you just care about your personal opinions and biases, which is why I have no respect for you whatsoever … you’re just another biased loon with a low-football-IQ that makes a fool of himself on a daily basis.


  37. Big Stinky Says:


    Sounds like you are a LEGEND in your own mind Brother!

  38. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    What makes you think those qbs will be any good under koetters offense? 75% wouldnt be standing right now

    Koetter wont be in the nfl after this year

  39. NFLNut Says:


    BucNut2 … at least try to do some research before spouting off, so you can avoid exposing yourself as a loon. It’s one thing for me to spank you and prove that you’re a loon, but you can at least stop exposing yourself as a loon with your own words.

    You have Joe Flacco on your list! I mean, are you certifiably insane? Jameis has more yards per game, TD’s per game, less INT’s per game, a higher passer rating, a higher QBR and is NINE YEARS younger … but you’d rather have Flacco? You’re a verifiable loon!

    Dak Prescott in his 6 games (a very solid sample size) without Zeke but still with a better line and better running game than Jameis has had for the past 2 years put numbers that extrapolate to a 2,400 yard, 8 TD, 19 INT season with a horribly low passer rating … numbers that make Tim TeBow puke! And even Dak is also older than Jameis … but you’d rather have Dak? You’re a biased, Jameis-hating loon, period.

    Seriously man, for your own sake, just learn to do a little bit of research so you don’t expose your own idiocy … I’m sincerely trying to help you as it’s painful to read your asinine posts.


  40. NFLNut Says:

    BigStinky … one doesn’t need to be a legend to study history or post facts and stats that get parroted by others … it’s just that most are either too biased or too lazy to do any real research or to follow the facts where they lead …

  41. unbelievable Says:

    NFLnut vs bucnut

    The battle of the nuts (or loons).

    The fact is you’re both partially right and also partially wrong. Yes, Jameis has had some very good games and some great stats in his young career, but plenty of boneheaded plays and too many turnovers. Football is a team sport, so putting the win-loss record solely one player is idiotic. Especially when the defense has been ATTROCIOUS for 75% of that players’ career.

    Time for you to both sit down in timeout, and gather yourselves.

    Gosh I spend a few days away from JBF and the stupidity reaches epic proportions.

  42. Big Stinky Says:


    Want some stats do you? How about 53 turnovers in 43 games? How about ONLY 4 opening drive TD’s? That’s 1 every 11 games almost. How about 10 TOTAL TD passes in the ENTIRE first quarter of same 43 games. You are CRAZY if that is NOT average. How about averaging ONLY 7.5 points in the first half of the last 16 games? You are starting to look like a dumbass to me Brother! And last, but NOT least, on an 8 game losing streak. AVERAGE! Would love to hear some of your stats to prove me wrong. Let’s hear it! I got nothing better to do.

  43. NFLNut Says:


    BigStinky and BucNut2 … listen boys … I imagine you’re both legit Bucs fans who just want to see your team win as much as possible, so I admit I am a little hard on the two of you. I just don’t respect obvious biases and low-football-IQ idiocy which the two of you continuously display in spades.

    I’ve never been a fan of teams. I consider teams to be mere businesses that don’t care about their fans and are all about the bottom dollar. I have always been a fan of players, no matter what team they happen to be employed by.

    As such, I have been a student of the history of the game for decades and have studied QBs for decades and the sad fact is that perhaps the three greatest pure throwers of the football who ever lived (Fouts, Marino and Moon) never won a single ring while many garbage QBs have won a ring.

    I understand “team fans” only care about “wins”, but it irks me when I see such team fans spouting off about things they are obviously ill equipped to understand. Pointing at a QBs win-loss record as some sort of individual stat to prove one QB is better than another is the height of insanity. Joe Montana had a losing record in three of his first four seasons and many all-time great QBs had a worse winning percentage than Jameis has through his first 3 years … these are just irrefutable facts.

    If Tom Brady was on the Browns this year and their TEAM record was 4-10, Brady would still be just as good as he is this year on an 11-2 Patriots team … his TEAM would simply be worse. That is not hard to understand for anyone older than about 7 years old, yet you don’t seem to be able to wrap your mind around such an obvious fact, which irks me as I don’t have much patience for willful idiocy.


  44. Season Is Over Says:

    Healthy game stats? I never heard of those before. What website keeps those stats? NFLNut is the same person that said Mr. Magoo was better than Brady and Manning. Mr. Magoo has hit one deep ball all season. Even that was a Josh Freeman 50/50 ball to Vincent Jackson that Evans had to fight to get. Mr. Magoo has rarely even hit a receiver in stride all year. Hence the lowest YAC in the entire league. No one refutes your stats because they watch the games and know nonsense when they see it. Winston was good until Dirk “We were done by Halloween” Koetter got a hold of him. This is three years in the same offensive system. 2-11 speaks volumes and it certainly doesn’t prove Mr. Magoo is better than Manning. Manning took his team to the playoffs in year 2 and 3 in spite of a horrible defense.

  45. NFLNut Says:

    Unbelieveable … name just one thing I have said that isn’t correct? Obviously you won’t be able to point to any of the stats or historical date I have posted, so go ahead and point to just one of my non-stat-based posts … I’m waiting.

  46. inspecto Says:

    Someone had to bring up Hugh Culverhouse, now I have to go puke!

  47. NFLNut Says:

    BigStinky … your “stats” are TEAM related stats for the most point … unless you think Jameis is playing 1-on-1 against one defender and still can’t get into the endzone.

    As for the turnovers … again Peyton Manning threw ONE HUNDRED INTERCEPTIONS in his first 80 games for 1.25 per game … Jameis has 41 in 43 games for .95 per game which of course is over 30% BETTER THAN PEYTON MANNING.

    As for “wins” … go read many of my previous posts and you will see where I detailed the career w/l records of various HALL OF FAME QB’s, all of whom had worse winning percentages than Jameis through their first 3 years.

    Again, no one on this site has ever been able to refute a single thing I’ve ever said on this sight as my stuff is backed up by stats and historical data.

    However, again, I realize you’re a “team fan” and are frustrated with losses and looking for someone to blame … I get it. I also think it’s obvious you have a bias against Jameis AND believe that all QBs no matter their age and experience should be able to play as good as they will play in their primes, no matter they’re age … these two things lead you to make a fool of yourself, but I get it, you’re frustrated, so it is what it is …

  48. NFLNut Says:

    Season Is Over,

    I post facts and historical data … you don’t like facts and prefer your own personal biased opinions … that’s your problem not mine.

  49. Big Stinky Says:

    Jameis is the MAIN reason we missed the Playoffs last year or do you dispute that too? His league leading 18 INT”s lost us at least one game that would have put us in and people like you would NOT be trying to get Koetter fired. Let’s hear your great stats the parrots speak.

  50. NFLNut Says:



    Jameis did NOT lead the league in interceptions last year with 18 … PHILIP RIVERS THREW TWENTY-ONE PICKS … this is what I mean, your bias against Jameis is 100% transparent and you’re either too dumb or just too lazy to even do a modicum of research … I have zero respect for you.

    And NO, of course Jameis was NOT even close to the “main reason” we missed the playoffs … without Jameis we may have won 5 games!

    Last year Jameis had a BETTER PASSER RATING than Eli Manning who went 11-5 … Jameis also had a higher QB rating than Manning (11 wins), Russell Wilson (10 wins) and Derek Carr (12 wins)!

    Jameis was good enough last year to win 13 games or so … but his team was not.

    See, THAT is how you do research and post statistical FACTS … you could learn a lot from me … pay attention.


  51. unbelievable Says:

    @Nut – you’re cherrypicking certain stats only, out of certain games where you deem he was healthy, while completely ignoring other games and other stats like interceptions and fumbles lost.

    This isn’t complicated.

    I’m not looking to run Jameis out of town, but stop pretending he doesn’t need to play more consistent and take care of the ball better. Last Monday he played a fantastic game! If he can do that more often that not, this team will be set for a decade at QB.

    If you want to say you’re only a fan of the player and not the team, then go to JoeJameisFan website instead. Simple as that.

  52. NFLNut Says:

    ^ The above is an absolute lesson in how to give someone a verbal spanking in an internet debate … enjoy it everyone.

    And, BigStinky … I wish you all the best man, I really do …but you deserved to get spanked … and you did … again. Pay attention to my posts and learn something.

  53. Season Is Over Says:

    Then why was Winston 31st in QB rating and 38th in completion % for 2016?

  54. NFLNut Says:



    Even if you lump in Jameis’ obviously hurt game stats … he’s still worlds better, statistically speaking than Flacco, Mariota, Dak without Zeke and many others … that’s a fact.

    However, many of the talking heads on ESPN and the NFL Network and others have been looking at Jameis’ healthy game stats lately and talking about it (weeks after I did of course, but still), so it’s not “cherry-picking” … it’s sensible to do.

    If the MVP trophy comes down to Brady and Brees in the last game of the season but in the second to last game Brady injures his throwing shoulder and plays the last game injured and toughs it out, you better believe the voters and the entire media will give him a pass on his “stats” for that game as such is the sensible and obvious thing to do … but with Jameis, no one does that … which is stupid.

    And, EVEN WITH ALL THE INJURED GAME STATS INCLUDED, Jameis is still putting up many career bests … try again bro!

  55. NFLNut Says:




    How hard is it to be accurate with your stats? This isn’t rocket science!!!!!!!!!

    Jameis was NOT 31st in QB rating or 38th in completion percentage you loon!

    Jameis was 13th in QB Rating (ahead of Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, Derek Carr, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning and others).

    Jameis was also 21st in passer rating (ahead of Eli, Cam, Wentz, Flacco and others).

    Jameis was also 23rd in completion % (ahead of Cam, Rivers and others).



  56. NFLNut Says:


    I’m done for the day as my kids want to play … I’ll let you all read and re-read and then read my posts again … educate yourselves … you need it!


  57. Bird Says:


    You are making people uncomfortable with your posts. You think people read your posts and are impressed ? And you are giving people lessons ?
    People are entitled to their opinion.

    Based on what you are saying , James is the best quarterback of all time.

    Please stay away snorting crushed up paint chips.

  58. unbelievable Says:

    nflnut- bragging about your own self inflated opinion doesn’t make you right, sorry brah.

    I already told you I like Jameis, but he needs to play more consistently. If you took his jock out of your mouth for a few minutes, you might be able to see that too. In fact I bet he’d be the first to tell you that he needs play better, and more consistently.

  59. Big Stinky Says:


    Will Winston EVER be better than AVERAGE? Probably, but it’s going to take more than your stats I am still waiting to hear. One good game EVERY 4 or 5 games will NOT get us in the Playoffs, even with Dungy’s defense. He has played better OVERALL this year, I WILL give you that but he is STILL average at best. Where’s those stats?

  60. Season Is Over Says:

    Straight stats from NFL.com says you are wrong. Isn’t this about the raw numbers?

  61. Big Stinky Says:


    What makes you think you spanked me? All I read was hot air and NO stats to back up your ego. GTFOH! Everyone is attacking you NOT me, figure it out. You get what you deserve!

  62. Big Stinky Says:

    I gave you stats and you’ve just been talking chit to EVERYONE! Where’s your stats Sir?

  63. Bird Says:

    I think nflnut is a chick too. An angry one.

  64. Big Stinky Says:

    My bad! I heard Jameis led the league in INT’s and Fitzy was second with 17. Guess I should have looked that stat up myself but figured they wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. Sorry Jameis!

  65. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Xmas nuts… enjoy your Xmas… damn y’all need to grow up. Act your age, not your shoe size.

  66. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Half of the reason Jameis got hurt was because of the Offense that Koetter was crafting.

  67. Jarod Lauderdale Says:

    You know what guys , I get the facts and history argument . at the same time the eye test says alot ! I’ve been watching every bucs game for a long time now and it is as a fan , head against the wall pounding of a defence ! W.T.F ..and jameis is overall a young good QB that can be special . however , he has also had some sloppy thrown balls when they should not have been and the turnovers ” at least most ” is him trying to do to much ! And let me tell you , the play calling has not helped this kid at all ! No f–king run game can not help him either..I for one think a true fullback with a young stud at running back can do wonders for this team.Chubb or Barkley & a bruiser at fb + defence , defense , defensive help please !!!!

  68. BrianBucs Says:

    So Jameis finally had a good game this year against a team that has litterally has no pass rush and generates very few turnovers.
    Jameis looked more accurate because of throwing many more short passes, hitting his checkdown receivers and dumping the ball of. He actually played the game of a game manager like Alec Smith. But I am alright with that if it cuts down on his turnovers and bonehead plays. Whatever it takes to win games.
    I give Koetter credit for dialing in this scaled back approach for Jameis. He looked much better even though the Bucs still only scored 21 points and still lost. He looked like NFL Jameis that we have been waiting on and not the Middle School Playground Jameis that we’ve seen way too much of. Sometimes less is more

  69. Joe Says:

    Sometimes less is more


  70. Cobraboy Says:

    Enjoy Winston for two more games, because you won’t be seeing him again until late October 2018.

    But he’s not the problem. Team leadership is and that’s on this poor coaching staff.

  71. NFLNut Says:


    Ah, hahahahahahahahha …. exactly what I expected … AFTER I get off-line you all act tough and talk smack, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Not a single one of you refuted a single thing I said, not one thing … you just talked junk … children.

    The stats I post are all FACTS, not mere “opinions”, let alone “self inflated opinions” and that’s why none of you have anything for me and can never win any debate with me … because all that all of you do is come with biased opinions based on nothing … I come with facts and historical data and can back up everything I’m saying with statistical facts … you guys crack me up!

    Night night boys.


  72. Bucsace Says:

    NFLNutCase- I didn’t know you had kids Jameis

  73. Eric Says:

    The way NFL nut talks about Jameis, one would think he milks Jameis for a living. I’ve never seen a man have so much adoration for another man in my 41 years. Im totally ok with people having a favorite player but you sound like a crazy stalker. Ironically you love to call others “loons” for not worshipping Lord Jameis when tbe real lunatic is you buddy! After reading the back and forth between the Bucs fan and the Jameis fan, NFL nut sounds like the real idiot here! You seriously need to get a life and realize that when people call you stupid, that it really is FACT! Iol Im actually laughing about your Im not a fan of teams , Im a fan of players…rofl. What a complete tool you are, lol. Player fan….hahaha Loser

  74. NFLNut Says:

    ^ Yup, I do … and they even know more about NFL QB history and how to do decent research compared to the biased, nonsensical clowns on this forum, but it’s all good, it takes all kinds, even low-football-IQ, biased, nonsensical loons, to make the world go round I guess.

  75. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Oooof, I think you’re very much in the right on this matter. But that was just poor timing on your part LOL.

  76. NFLNut Says:


    Eric and others,

    You guys are just batty … none of you can ever refute any stat or historical data that I post, so you either resort to childish insults, or you claim I said or believe something that I never said and don’t believe, and then try to debate that … it’s like I’m debating against six year olds and I get a good laugh out of it on a daily basis.

    I consistently post statistical data and historical facts that detail Jameis’ standing amongst modern and historical QBs … the Jameis-bashing crowd hates those FACTS as they don’t corroborate the asinine false opinions they hold regarding Jameis … ya’ll don’t like facts and that is not my problem.

    I have NEVER once claimed Jameis is the best QB in the NFL as that would be Rodgers, or the greatest QB in the NFL as that would be Brady, or the greatest QB of all time as that would be Otto Graham, or the best pure thrower of the football ever as that would be Marino, or the best scrambler ever as that would be Vick, or the best Red Zone threat ever as that would be Cam, or the most clutch ever as that would be Montana, or the guy with the biggest arm ever as that would be someone like Elway, Favre, Jack Kemp, etc., or even that Jameis is the most accurate current young QB (Goff), or the biggest armed current young QB (Josh Allen), or the most athletic current young QB (Lamar Jackson), etc., etc., etc.,.

    You guys can’t touch me in a debate so you pretend I think things I don’t think and say things I’ve never said and then insult those made-up things simply because none of you can refute any of the stats or historical data I post … children.


  77. Nate Says:

    @big stinky your correct brother

    not many who credit DUNGYS TEAM w/ the superbowl remember how good we were w/ les steckel…..

    and the stats thing…smh….this is to ALL stat stuffers…..only stats that count in absolute truth and NOT OPINIONATED FACTS is scoring defense and scoring offense

    passing yards are ppppssshh….matthew Stafford had 4000 every year besides the first and second years ….where has that got the lions…..?????

    numbers don’t lie and ill say it again….last year the DEFENSE got that 9 and 7 season

    #1 3rd down defense setting the offense up with their under 20 average scoring @sses……which koetter had the keys too even under lovie…but he was a rookie …that’s a pass

    Now this year its a mix of a harder schedule same low scoring offense and a much more under performing defense……

  78. NFLNut Says:

    ^ Nate, when you’re evaluating coaches, pts per game and pts against are obviously key stats … but those have nothing to do with individual players or with evaluating individual players.

    The Ravens, despite Joe Flacco having a horrible season, average more points per game than the Seahawks … no one in their right mind thinks Blake Bortles is a better QB than Russell Wilson.

    And no, the defense last year did not “get that 9-7 season” … that’s just ridiculous. The TEAM, not the defense, not the offense, not the QB, not the coaching staff, not the special teams, THE TEAM went 9-7 … I don’t understand why these things are so hard to understand.

    By the way … why is it that NO ONE ever talks about wins and losses with any position other than QB? If next year we could sign Patrick Peterson or Malcolm Butler, EVERYONE with a brain will want us to sign Patrick Peterson and only an idiot would say, “But Malcolm Butler won more games than Peterson did” … yet, if Jameis suffered a career-ending injury and we could sign Kirk Cousins or Joe Flacco there would actually be LOONS saying they prefer Flacco, despite him being a far inferior QB by nearly any measure, simply because his TEAM happened to win more games the year prior … it’s insane.

  79. NFLNut Says:

    ^ * Ravens and Jags both average more pts per game than the Seahawks … no one in their right mind thinks Flacco or Bortles are “better QBs” than Russell Wilson, and rightly so.

  80. loggedontosay Says:

    This battle goes to NFLNut. CONGRATULATION!!! You are the winner of arguing with some very stupid people who will be back tomorrow typing the same stupid prose. BigStink you heard that Winston threw the most interceptions? COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!