“Jameis Played A Heck Of A Game”

December 19th, 2017

Strong night.

So about that rotten quarterback the Bucs should cut.

The haters must have had a horrible night. Just when they smelled blood in the water and the third-year Bucs quarterback seemed on the ropes (to some), America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston rose up and damned near put the team on his back for a win.

No Doug Martin, out for violating a team rule. No DeSean Jackson, O.J. Howard, limited play from Cam Brate, all lost to injuries, not to mention having to rely on bus drivers for offensive linemen with all the injuries.

And yet here the Bucs were, with a chance to put the game into overtime.

Jameis completed 27 of 35 throws for 299 yards and three touchdowns. And he was accurate. Drop-in-the-bucket passes over defenders, threading needles between corners, a bomb to Mike Evans — yes a bomb!

Jameis was every bit the No. 1 overall draft pick of a quarterback Monday night.

“Jameis played a heck of a game, probably played his best game of the season,” Bucs coach Dirk Koetter said. “Jameis was very sharp tonight. He took care of the football, was accurate, threw the deep ball with accuracy, checked it down, did a good job of leading our football team. Jameis played very well.”

Now, if we can just see that more often, the haters will have to find something else about the Bucs to throw rocks at. You know, like Gerald McCoy or the offensive line?

58 Responses to ““Jameis Played A Heck Of A Game””

  1. Buc Fan in NC Says:

    We got a Franchise QB. I never doubted in my mind. We just need better coaching and d-line talent.In Jameis I trust

  2. Pittbucfan Says:

    Not to count the bullspit offensive interference callls!!

  3. loggedontosay Says:

    The difference in Winston to night is the coaching by Jon Gruden. He told Winston, “Play the game; not your game.”

  4. Greg Says:

    The one (and only) time I will agree with TMaxipad, Jameis came through tonight with one of the best games in his three years here. Tonight was impressive, especially when you consider the line he played behind, which gave him better protection and better run blocking then they have all season. Fingers crossed, maybe Sweezy comes back to form next year and our offensive line woes go away.

  5. jim burns Says:

    He played a solid game tonight . The offensive pass interference call was obvious . I highly doubt one sentence by John Gruden changed anything .

  6. John Says:

    Tmax where you at? Not to mention a few others…just buy a Brady jersey already!!

  7. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Hmm where is bucnut jimbuc anthem alteredego brianbucs lakeland lurker Ben or any other of the Mariota Scrotum Podium team members at?
    Got nothing to say if its not negative or fit your delusioned narrative huh?
    Whether you like it or not it’s like TO said,
    “That’s my Quarterback”

  8. lambchop Says:

    Can anyone connect the dots here?

    Forcing balls and play calls for DJax have distracted Jameis and the coach all season. It seems I was quick to write off 3, but in my opinion, DJax was a personnel mismatch for this team. They thought they had a legit deep threat, but I still believe his height was a major problem for Jameis. Jameis can be accurate at times, but he’s not deadly accurate. He prefers to throw 50/50 balls to Mike Evans where Mike can make a play on the ball and Jameis doesn’t have to be 100% on the money. You can’t do that with shorter WRs who aren’t willing to lay out for a pass. But, they were starting to use DJax in the slot more which helped. But, I think you got 2 WRs that you gotta keep happy in Mike and DJax and that was a bigger problem than anyone anticipated.

  9. teacherman777 Says:

    I love Jameis!

    I will ride with him forever!!

    Go Bucs!!!

  10. Tval Says:

    Outstanding game with a b. s. embarrassment of an oline. No other qb, including Russell wilson could do what Jameis does with this garbage in front of him.. Same at fsu.. Terrible line sr year. Mediocre championship year

  11. teacherman777 Says:

    Ziggy Ansah and Sheldon Richardson next year!!

    And draft 2 more!!

    Please help GMC for his final 2 years of elite quickness!

  12. teacherman777 Says:

    And DeMarcus Lawrence!

    Stack up the d-line!!


  13. NFLNut Says:


    Jameis Winston’s 8 healthy games this year vs Tom Brady’s 14 games this year:

    Jameis: 66.0 comp % – 304.5 pass ypg – 2.125 TDs – .75 INTs – 101.0 rating

    Brady: 67.1 comp % – 297.4 pass ypg – 2.0 TDs – .5 INTs – 104.0 rating

    AND Jameis is doing the above without a legit running game and a below average offensive line!



  14. RandomBucFan Says:

    That was one of the most accurate throwing performances of any QB you will ever see. If you take out the horrible drops, JW would be nearly 100% (maybe missed 1-2 attempts). Given how awful the OL that is just a helluva accomplishment.

    The Bucs had exactly the right play calls against the looks they saw out there. That is a far cry from much of what I’ve seen this season, where defenses looked like they were in our huddle and JW was trying to force impossible throws (because that’s all he had to pick from).

  15. Hodad Says:

    I’ve given up on Koetter, and Licht, never gave up on Winston. Wait till you see how good he can be when Gruden get’s a hold of him.

  16. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    My dad was verbally persecuted by stateing that removing the joe hawley/ marpet off line of 2016 was the number 1 downfall of the 2017 season

    Our family name was framed and shamed on this site…we demand an aapology

    Son of Kobe Faker

  17. Matts17 Says:

    Winston was great last nite. Maybe his best overall game as a pro. Despite drops and fumbles he’s kept the team close.

  18. Bird Says:

    Yah. It was best game of last 2 years. This is Jameis we have all been waiting for. Hope he can back it up with another solid performance.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Come on Joe…..”bus drivers” for offensive linemen…..in trying to be cute you insult our players they are professional NFL players that deserve more respect. I don’t think Jameis would refer to them as bus drivers.
    And, yes Freddie Martino caught a pass too…..you know, the “lounge singer”.
    Stop with being cute with all that please.

    And yes, Jameis was fantastic. He was under pressure but got the ball away quickly….he out-shined Ryan who looked rattled many times with little pressure.

  20. Bird Says:

    3rd best game ever

    2nd was eagles game as a rookie where he threw for 4 tds

    1st was Falcons game last year when he threw for 5 td.

    Consistency has been his issue. We need more of this Jameis. And we need the number 4 overall pick at same time cause top picks are going QBs this year. #4 could be Chubb for us

  21. Bird Says:


    And that would give me a chubb

  22. 1sparkybuc Says:

    I would love to see Jameis prove me wrong consistently. I believe he can be good for the Bucs, just not elite. Do it week after week and I’ll be impressed. Just do it before I’m dead and gone.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Someone explain this…..Jameis completes 27 passes for 299 and 80%…..has 3 TDs and no picks…..has no lost fumbles and runs 3 times for a 6 yard avg. and only gets a QBR of 80……what’s up with that?

  24. Buc4life Says:

    Jameis is the leader of this team and could be a great AN but he has to get some help. He carried the team with a depleted o-line and no defense. Blow up the D-line including McCoy and get some real players.

  25. Bculaw Says:

    He looked so much more poised and decisive last night, even when he decided to use his legs. Not sure what changed because he was under a ton of pressure last night, but that is a QB to build a franchise around.

  26. DoNUTS Says:

    Winston had a job interview last night for Jon. He passed and looks like a great recruit for the 2018 Bucs.

    I have been critical of Winston and its been earned and fair. I think the problem with JBF stance is that you attack those of us who hold him accountable while giving him a free pass to often. JBF is not honest in its coverage of Winston or biased at best. I am still waiting for the first Winston poll – are you scared of the results?

    He played very well last night. His footwork and arm angle were much better. He checked down correctly and timely. I liked what I saw but need to see it more consistently. He has 2 more games to show us this new Winston and give us confidence that the fumbling Winston is in the past. I think his injury/demotion did him very well. He looks different since the injury.

  27. Jim Says:

    Jameis played well last night, give him credit. But give credit to the team, who, despite the losing season and all the controversy, fought hard. It was loss, but a good loss…

  28. Realbucfan941 Says:

    No, the problem is the “sky is falling” sissies that pile on for a string of bad performances because they don’t possess the football knowledge to differeniate the reasons of the poor performances. Jw is not Tampa’s issue, this much I can tell you!!

  29. Tom Edrington Says:

    Give big applause to the guys who filled in on the offensive line, maybe that unit should be starting…..Jameis played great, can he do that for two more games?

  30. mark2001 Says:

    If that was a show for a Monday Night Football audience, and John Gruden or any other coach asking if our QB Position has a guy with the potential of being among the greatest in the league at his position, I think the question was positively answered.

  31. Bucsfanman Says:

    Great game. Now, string together a few more.

  32. C eh N eh D eh Says:

    He lost….2-9….all the numbers you need…

  33. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Inspired game by Jameis,he made a lot of things happen with his movement out of the pocket. This is something he was pretty good at last year, and in this game
    his pocket awareness was excellent. Several times it looked like a defender was going to sack him and he made some some great moves to avoid the rush.
    His accuracy was also very good, and he would of completed both the deep balls
    if the Blind zebras did not allow Atlanta defender to clutch and grab Mike Evans
    on one deep balls. Mike’s offensive PI calls were ticky tack compared that play. I think the front office needs to get involved in the uneven penalty calls on Mike Evans.
    Just as example Chris Conte made several very good pass defenses within the rules, and he did not clutch and grab the receiver. Force defenders to play the ball not impede the receivers route running by clutching and grabbing.

  34. denjoe Says:

    Hopefully the center won’t file groping charges!

  35. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    “mark2001 Says:

    December 19th, 2017 at 7:37 am

    If that was a show for a Monday Night Football audience, and John Gruden….”


    I think this comment suffices. Jameis did well for MNF.

    Consistency is the key here and that’s his biggest problem. Can Jameis “licking fingers” Winston keep it up?

    I doubt it…….Jameis reminds me of Jason Campbell from skins a long time ago.

    Jameis still mentally week and still is not a Franchise QB. Once good game doesn’t erase all of his bad habits.

    Be on the lookout…..Bad Jameis is just around the corner.

  36. Pickgrin Says:

    Nice game Jameis.

    I find it amusing how far and wide the emotional pendulum swings with this fan base even on a game to game basis.

    Winston is no more or less of a legit young franchise QB to build a great team around than he was last week, last month or last year.

    Its called development and its ongoing.

    Seen people saying recently – “the ‘he’s only 23’ narrative is getting old”…

    Well – Jameis IS only 23 and would still be in his rookie NFL season right now if he had stayed at FSU for the remainder of his College eligibility. He’s nowhere near his ceiling and is not yet the NFL player he will be in his prime at 28 or 29 with 7-8 years of pro experience under his belt.

    Winston is your QB for the next 12-15+ years and any Bucs “fan” that is not behind him and supporting him as such – through good games and bad ones – is a piss poor excuse for a Buccaneer fan IMO.

  37. ben Says:

    one game does NOT make Winston a hero but an average or below qb with all those weapons..

  38. Chucklehead Says:


    “Now, if we can just see that more often, the haters will have to find something else about the Bucs to throw rocks at. You know, like Gerald McCoy or the offensive line?”

    You know that wont happen. Haters love to hate Jameis.

  39. Bucsfanman Says:

    Pickgrin- I’m glad you said it. It’s laughable how far it swings.
    He needs consistency and development. One game does not make him Tom Brady! Oh and it’s a LOSS!

  40. BenjaminBuc Says:

    The quality throws aside, what stood out to me tonight was Jameis’ pocket presence, movement, and quickness in his reads. On several plays Jameis slid up and over in the pocket to give himself more time and a clear throwing lane. He also seemed to sense his reads as the play unfolded and was confident in his second and third options. Did not see the dreaded “happy feet” or rushed, ill-advised panic throws. While Jameis has had more impressive games statistically in terms of passing yards, touchdowns, etc., this was his most impressive game in my opinion because we saw improvement in an area in which he has struggled throughout his career. We all know Jameis can throw, and if he continues to work on the “pre-pass” fundamentals, the rest comes naturally to him and will fall into place.

    On another note, I think Koetter gets one more year. Changes need to be made in personell, but I think he should get one more year with Jameis before moving on. We need to get a solid (don’t need an all-pro) center in free agency, move Marpet back to Guard, and then draft a tackle in one of the first two rounds. The rest of the draft, however, needs to be spent on defense, with probably two out of the first three picks going to D-Line unless we sign a DE in free agency. With the rules in today’s game and the quarterbacks in our division, none of the above matters if we can’t ever pressure a quarterback.

  41. Capt.Tim Says:

    Jameis played a fantastic game tonight!
    I hope this is the turning point in his career!
    I really do

    But lets not base everything on this game.
    He came in to this game with a a 42.8 quarterback rating for the year
    Thats for a 3rd year QB, gor roughly 11 games.
    That is inexcusably horrible.
    I dont care about any other records, numbers , etc

    You jdge a QB by his win/ loss record, and his QB rating.
    And both of those Numbers tell you that you dont gave a franchise QB, or an NFL starter.
    I hope last night is the New Jameis. I really like this Young man, assuming he’s
    not a uber gropper!

  42. Tampabucfan1988 Says:

    @bird as a Georgia bulldog fan guys don’t judge me I say we pick a DE and go get sonny Michelle u know the other RB from Georgia keep Peyton Barber cause his okay and find some way to bring back blunt to Tampa then u can have a back a shifty fast back that rubs down hill and two power backs as for coaching I say Keep Koetter fire Mike Smith and kotter need to give up his play calling duty’s and give it to someone eles maybe hire a Gary Kubrick which would be insane but he would fix the line and running game but if we have to fire kotter and I do not I say we need to hire josh McDaniels now I know what ur going to say he’s not the person to right the ship but I feel like in Denver he just had a bad GM that didn’t give him the talent look at the bugs he got the same set up he has in NE two tight ends also the fact he do run the ball so there’s that but that what I think but that was a great job by Jameis last night

  43. not there yet Says:

    Revamp the d line or incorporate a 3-4 system. Imagine that with all the backups playing one got a sack. GMC doesn’t make much of a difference to this team, they did make Matt Ryan look like Mike Vick out there though

  44. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    1 game doesn’t excuse several awful games.

  45. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Didn’t see the game, but happy to see Jameis played well 🙂

  46. Capt.Tim Says:

    Not there yet
    “GMC doesnt make that much of a difference to this team”
    As pointed out by Chucky- even when we blitzed 2-3 guys, we”Absolutely could not put any pressure on Matt Ryan whatsoever”

    Horrible lack of pressure
    Oh, and we got gashed for over two hundred yards rushing.

    Buddy, did you even watch the game!

  47. BucYoCouch Says:

    “Greg” and “lamb chop” were you’ll watching the same game? The offensive line play was not better as you say. JW made them look better by effectively scrambling and throwing the ball on the move. He was constantly pressured and sacked twice, and his fumble was the result of literally no one blocking and being sacked on his blind side. As for accuracy, there were no 50/50 balls last night. JW was pinpoint. The TD throw to Evans is evidence of this as that ball was about as perfect as they come. I have been a longtime reader of JoeBucsFan, but never a commenter, however, it pains me to read the comments here from some of our “fans.” Regardless of how bad we’ve been over the years, you still cheer and defend your team. Some of you must be miserable and have no other point in life but to *itch and complain. It’s funny how everyone has an opinion about how awful he is, yet the people with the expertise who get paid to make these judgements think otherwise. JW is not the problem. He still has room to grow, but his mistakes are created from trying to overcome the shortcomings of poor play calling and a defense that couldn’t stop a peewee team. My point is, if your only contribution is to hate on the team then why not find a new team? I am sure you all would look just a good in Tennessee blue…

  48. jim burns Says:

    1 good game certainly doesn’t erase all the bad ones. He is paid $25 mil to perform every game , except the occasional bad one . Not the other way around .

  49. Bucamania Says:

    Fantastic game for sure! Need more of that.

  50. ATrain Says:

    Winston needs an OLine

    He is playing behind a patchwork line

    OLine is everything for a QB

    Get an OLine and a D-Line then let’s see where this team goes

  51. Cgmaster Says:

    Ben you still mad your boyfriend mariota sucks? you haters are pathetic, one good game? Jameis has had many good games, but you mariota jock sniffers can’t get it out of your head that he sucks.

  52. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Jameis played great last night! Sadly we still lost. Our team is cursed…officiating…bounces of the ball..stupid penalties at the worst times…turnovers at the 5 yard line that virtually take seven points off the board for us….turnover in the end zone we should have recovered but didn’t….seven more points Falcons. There’s 14 points in bad breaks and inability to make a play right there!!!!

    No doubt Jameis has the skill set…but we’d all breathe a little easier if we started seeing some consistency….last night was great in that regard…#3 played well within himself and managed a great game…if that keeps up we’re on our way…the W’s will eventually fall into place and our luck has to even out.

  53. Mike Johnson Says:

    Jameis played a hell of a game. And he lost. Sounds like my ex-wife tellin the judge, He was a great husband, a role model. Now your honor how much did you say I will be getting in..child support?!!!

  54. vince picolo Says:

    Those wanting a dline best add some corners to their wish list, as well.

  55. Ed Says:

    Joe please uncover why Bucs offense was so bad all season yet vs a decent Atlanta defense looked like the offense that all us Buc fans expected all year?

  56. Roy T. Buford Says:

    What rotten QB the Bucs should cut? The one who played well last night? No issue. The Bucs QB who may (or may not be) be lying about sex crime allegations? Yeah, that one. Cut him if he’s lied. Nothing has changed.

  57. Bucsace Says:

    Congrats to Jameis on last nights performance……..we need to see more games like that from him if he wants that 100 million $ contract though

  58. chickster Says:

    just more excuses