Jameis In A Nutshell

December 5th, 2017

Both sides of Jameis in one game.

The game against the Packers was a pure snapshot of America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

Take away a couple of plays, and Jameis looked sharp in his return from injury, given the fact he was dancing more than Britney Spears trying to avoid the waves of Packers defenders in the jailbreak of a pass blocking afternoon for the Bucs.

Of course, many point to that garish, downright ignorant attempted flip of a football that turned into six points for Green Bay.

Austin Knoblauch of NFL.com monitored the game closely and he said there was both bad and good about Jameis.

The return of Jameis Winston wasn’t without its pitfalls, but the third-year quarterback certainly has a way of jumpstarting a Buccaneers offense that constantly flickers in and out of life. Against the Packers, Winston’s shoulder looked much better, but an ankle issue seemed to hamper his effectiveness slightly in the second half. He did just enough to help the Buccaneers claw back into the game. It wasn’t perfect — his desperation flip right into the arms of Packers defensive end Dean Lowry that culminated in a 62-yard TD return is a candidate for gaffe of the season. He completed 21 of 32 passes for 270 yards and two touchdowns, helping the Bucs force overtime. It wasn’t the best performance, but it was a promising return.

Man, if just somehow Bucs coach Dirk Koetter could break Jameis of trying to make the impossible play, Jameis really could blossom. Joe is almost beginning to wonder if Jameis is somehow convinced with the team struggling he has to try to be a hero, that he feels pressure to put the team on his back and it forces him to make these horribly dumb stunts? Joe almost got the feeling Koetter was hinting at this yesterday.

“He’s got to just eat it,” Koetter said. “And he did eat it a couple times [Sunday] and that’s where he’s just got to get better at [knowing] when the play is not there, you’ve got to protect the ball first and go down. It’s not his fault, but that hurt us.”

If folks could get past that asinine move, that play did not lose the game for the Bucs. Jameis brought the team back and gave them the lead in the fourth quarter.

Isn’t that what you want your franchise quarterback to do? It’s not Jameis’ fault that twice in his last four starts he gave the Bucs a lead in the fourth quarter, only to watch from the sidelines as stadium workers removed all the dung dropped on the field by the Bucs’ defense.

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  1. Season Is Over Says:

    I’m certainly glad we have Peyton Manning.

  2. TonyT Says:

    End0 of 3rd season Manning 6 lost fumbles. JW 11 lost fumbles and counting 3rd season.

  3. richbucsfan Says:

    Will Jameis learn not to try to get rid of the ball as he is being sacked? Better yet, can he learn? So far, he seems to repeat the same stupid decisions. It makes fans wonder if the learning curve is just too steep for him. Making the same dumb mistakes over and over doesn’t bode well. And, his continued ownership of stupidity without commensurate change…(and, no, I am not a Marioto fan, just an observer)

  4. Deebo Says:

    Manning also had 58ints compared to 39 for Winston

  5. Crazy Cossack Says:

    “America’s Quarterback”? Which, Central or South??

  6. PRBucFan Says:

    Stop the excuses, the boneheaded, game costing turnovers for points MUST stop.

    End of story

  7. ArmyBuc Says:

    if he learns situational awareness, he’ll be fine. i believe that was 1st down and at the least FG range, no need to play “hero” ball there…now say 4th qtr down by 6 and it’s 3rd down or 4th down and we need that 1st down, then yeah, try to make stuff happen. he’s not that only qb to ever throw or flip the ball as their being sacked, trying to make something happen…he is however plagued by several of his attempts going the other way…he’s made some great plays when he could have eaten a sack and folks are applauding his abilities, but as we always do, the result drives the narrative…he’s been this guy since FSU, it has gotten him into trouble several times, but he is also the guy who brings the team within striking distance of victory several times, only to watch that victory slip away…he definitely feels like everything is on his shoulders with this team and I can’t blame him, soooooo many teammates without the fire to want to win…imo

  8. ArmyBuc Says:

    oh and is it me or does every decent screen play to a rb or every decent d.martin run get called back…if the bucs have a play go more than 10 yds, i’m always looking for a flag to negate it…and that didn’t start this season…smh

  9. Onetrickpony Says:

    im begining to doubt it ever will after 3 yrs of this.
    Plus over throwing,under throwing,throwing into a pile of defenders.
    I dont see the silver lineing that many do here.
    Im wondering if the speed of the nfl makes him panic

  10. Mbfists Says:

    Plenty of mistakes in the game, but Winston wears a C on his shirt and captains should have more sense than he does, this isn’t college football!! time to play like a pro

  11. gilhealy Says:

    How about ” JoeBucsFan comment section in a nutshell”. There, fixed for you.

  12. Architek Says:

    Did anyone watch Wentz and Wilson go head to head? I mean Winston doesn’t even belong in the conversation after watching Wentz Ball the way he does every week.

  13. bucnut2 Says:

    Architek- what you said.

  14. jim burns Says:

    “He’s got to just eat it,” Koetter said. “And he did eat it a couple times [Sunday] and that’s where he’s just got to get better at [knowing] when the play is not there, you’ve got to protect the ball first and go down. It’s not his fault, but that hurt us.” I love that last sentence . Then who’s fault is it ? He needs to learn to figure each play out in 3 seconds , if it not there throw it away and start over . There is a certain sense of calm when Fitz is on the field , chaos with JW . btw …..2-7 with JW ……..2-1 with Fitz .

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Joe is almost beginning to wonder if Jameis is somehow convinced with the team struggling he has to try to be a hero, that he feels pressure to put the team on his back and it forces him to make these horribly dumb stunts? ” Really Joe … it “FORCES him to make these horribly dumb stunts”? FORCES him? As in ‘Poor Jameis has no choice but to literally hand the football to the Packers’ Dean Lowry so he can score the TD that turned out to be the points difference in the game’? (And yes, if you LOSE by 6 points it doesn’t matter which quarter those differential 6 points were put on the board … that’s still the margin of loss). If Jameis would just play within the T-E-A-M concept those kinds of ‘dumb stunts’ wouldn’t happen.

    And BTW, this whole thing about dumping on the defense is chicken-spit. Bucs’ depleted defense gave up 13 points in regulation. That’s better than most of us would ever have expected. The ones who dropped ‘dung’ all over Lambeau Field were this high-powered (?) offense led by Good Jameis – Bad Jameis. Take a close look at the series immediately following his 7-point GIFT to the Packers. Good Jameis moves them down to the Green Bay 19 yard line … then Bad Jameis takes over. On 1st down a 1-yard pass to Barber, followed by TWO incompletions to Cam Brate followed by (drum roll please) a FIELD GOAL. Another 4 points left on the field, yet again. The following Bucs series Koetter decides to run Barber and guess what … he chews up the field for 31 yds on 5 runs (that series stalls when Jameis gets sacked then Anger punts). Same story all season Joe … Good Jameis, Bad Jameis. Here’s another story: Bucs are 4-8 … and half of those wins came with Fitz at the helm.

  16. Dr. Lob Says:

    Just draft a QB in the 3rd round and see what happens !!!

  17. Grt1 Says:

    STop blowing smoke up fitztragics butt. I couldve won those 2 games. Jameis running for his life all game but we fail to point that out. Yes the turnover hurt but what about the blocked punt and the defense bending over in the fourth quarter. Jameis fault as well I guess. No young QB in the NFL is asked to do more than #3. Do some research instead of spewing out ignorance. We are NOT A GOOD FOOTBALL TEAM!!!!! He’s the only reason we have a future not his fault Koetter drafted Hargreaves instead of Floyd or Aguayo instead of any lineman.

  18. Buc Fan in NC Says:

    I saw Wentz fold under Seattle’s pass rush and only put up 10 points Architect. Idk wth you was watching

  19. America's Groper Says:

    If Rogers was playing this game wouldn’t have been close, Shameus is not capable of putting nowhere near enough points on the board as a starting QB in the NFL

  20. tnew Says:

    I heard and saw multiple posts regarding Wentz and Wilson balling and how Winston couldn’t hold up their jocks… So I watched the game expecting a real highlight show. Then I watched it again. Then a third time. (all with the game summary so I only had @ 2hours invested) Wilson, really put up a great show. Something you would expect from an MVP candidate that is in his 6th season. He was constantly under duress, made a couple of really bad plays but made up for it with several really good ones. Very impressive game

    But if Winston and played the same exact game for the Bucs that Wentz played for the Eagles, fans would be lamenting ball security, missed receivers, almost interceptions and all of his yards would have been in “garbage time” The only thing that would be pointed out was that he lost the game for us due to his fumble at the one yard line and his interception into the end zone and how those cost the team 14 points. Wentz, missed receivers, especially early in the game. He was loose with the ball in the pocket a couple of times but it didn’t hurt him.

    With all this said, I loved Wentz’s game and I think Wentz is the NFL MVP this season. Everything is breaking his way. I love him as a player. To me he is the most dynamic of the young QB’s playing the game the combination of skills is fun to watch. I hope that he doesn’t get hurt, running as much as he does.

    But its impossible to compare Winston and Wentz without comparing the Eagles to the Bucs. There is not a phase of play that the Bucs are better or as good as the Eagles, including QB play.

    Can’t compare the defenses, so don’t even try. Their could not be a more opposite defense to the Bucs than the Eagles. Our defense tries to prevent the big plays, theirs is committed to making the big play.

    Their offensive line is dominant. No one would ever have to argue that Jason Peters was average (and that be justifying why he should be cemented in as the left tackle) They have three running backs better than our best. They also have what was called a “loaded receiving corps” in preseason that features Nelson Agholor, Alshon Jeffereys and Zach Ertz.

    Their kicker won a game this season early with a 61 yd field goal and was solid but his replacement was solid this week as well. The only thing we might do better is punt, but we get punts blocked so that is a wash as well.

    Winston has a long, long way to go. He needs to quit trying to do everything to make the team win, but HE NEEDS TO NOT BE PUT IN POSITION SO THAT HE HAS TO. Putting all of the blame on him is just not even close to fair or correct. But so does the entire team and coaching staff. Wentz’s gunslinging ways have been embraced by Pedersen. He doesn’t preach to not make mistakes, he preaches for Wentz to go make plays. Same thing for Schwartz (good call to Joe for lobbying for him as our DC). He insists his players play and play hard. Give up a big play.. ok, go make me a couple of big ones now.

    I try to make a case for Koetter/Licht staying, when I watch these games, I just can’t. It will be worse if I watch the all 22. The scheme difference from the Bucs vs other teams on both sides of the ball, run and pass (defensively and offensively) is just tough to ignore and impossible to defend unless the Bucs roster is just that bad.

  21. Easy Says:

    Jameis is what he is. A turnover prone QB who will make some plays but won’t win you a championship.

  22. Easy Says:

    If Baker Mayfield is available in the 3rd round it would be a mistake not to draft him.

  23. Scott Says:

    Will he ever learn to look at the second or even third receiver? Am I the only one that saw him throw at triple coverage on the goal line Sunday? Only luck kept the ball from being picked off.

    He seems to be the same player he was three years ago.

  24. tnew Says:

    Good point of difference between the organisations. Look at how the Eagles handled Donell Pumphrey. Rookie drafted in the 4th round. He has a tragic preseason, just horrible. Struggling to pick up the play book, playing slow. Reported to multiple sources that he felt he was going to be cut. Even with Blount and Sproles (I know this isn’t Martin with a looming suspension and Sims but…) they kept him and gave him a vote of confidence that he would stay. He has since been placed on injured reserve and the jury is still out for him in Philly, but they still have player control.

    We have a similar situation. Our coach benches the kid after two plays in the third preseason game for missing a block. Yep, it was bad miss, but look at the evaluation opportunity that was lost. We cut the kid, and this was the shame about Hard Knocks, because without hearing what was said behind the doors, he would probably stayed on our practice squad. After hearing what was said after that, it is guaranteed he would never want to play for this regime again.

    Just a different approach. One is more current, one is more old school.

  25. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Can’t really agree Joe, there was more than one bad play. Jameis was not decisive enough at critical times. No way he can wait until he is three yards past the line of scrimmage to let go of a pass. Jameis has to make a quick decision and try to make a play with his feet.
    A franchise QB can not not make mistakes that give the opponnent easy scores.
    Until Jameis starts the game with precise throws and no turnovers our offense will struggle. Scoring your second touchdown should be happening somewhere between first and second quarter not near the end of the game.
    I get that the pass blocking was horrific,but if you got Evans 40 yards down the field ahead of his defender,you have to lead him properly. Completing this type of play will inspire the offense and give Jameis more confidence.
    Believe the team is losing some confidence in Jameis Evans was throwing stuff in the patriot game and he was upset about another bad pass in this game.

  26. MTM Says:

    If Winston does all this preparation, why does his still make the same god awful decisions in critical times. He’s not learning from his mistakes instead he just continues to make them repeatedly. If your 1st round pick in his 3rd year still doesn’t get it that you can’t play school yard hero and just throw it away or take a sack. Its over folks punt and move on. Stop wasting the fans time trying to groom a first round QB that should have been a late 2 to 3rd rounder.

  27. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Winston will likely not change much….but, here is the good news.

    Give him a good defense and he can win championships……evidence is Brad Johnson & Trent Dilfer.

    Let’s focus on the defense.

    And. those who think we’ll get rid of Winston are delusional.

  28. AlteredEgo Says:

    Draft Drew Lock….or another potential NFL starter and let the chips fall where the may going into 2020

  29. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Dirk Koetter clearly is just not the coach to get the most out of Jameis.

    He’s had 3 years to do so, and we’re still talking about the same stuff.

    If his teachings were actually working, this team would not be 4-8 right now.

    Give me Frank Reich as QB coach to get the most out of Jameis like he has with Carson Wentz.

  30. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


  31. mike n Says:

    jameis with the team struggling tries to be the hero… more like Jameis tries to be the hero and now the team is struggling. You can go back to the jags preseason game and he make 2 passes a highscholler wouldn’t throw and he only played a quarter and a half. Jameis played the same way at fsu for a great team.

  32. mike n Says:

    Its crazy to read how a 20-20 game at the end of regulation wasn’t decieded by a 10 to 14 point swing from Jameis because we later took the lead. This isn’t college were you can do dumb thgs early but then come back late… it all maters.

  33. Defense Rules Says:

    @tnew … “The scheme difference from the Bucs vs other teams on both sides of the ball, run and pass (defensively and offensively) is just tough to ignore and impossible to defend unless the Bucs roster is just that bad.” GRRREAT point tnew. It’s really easy for me to get so locked in on guys getting blocked out of position or missing blocks or tackles that I miss the ‘big picture’ of what the ‘scheme’ is supposed to accomplish. Mistakes like that are so obvious that it’s easy to say that they were the cause of a broken offensive play (or explosive play defensively) rather than poor play-calling on those plays.

  34. Cobraboy Says:

    The GB game showed, once again, the Bucs can be competitive against a lower-tier team.

    There is only one “lower tier” team left on the schedule, and my money is on the Lions looking like World Beaters against this poor bunch of sad sack losers.

  35. Cobraboy Says:

    I get tired of DL’s getting blocked into oblivion on almost every play. Run gaps against the Bucs are huge.

  36. firethecannons Says:

    @ tnew
    Best commentary on JBF since I have been reading for last 2 years. Man you tagged it–no doubt–nobody said it better. For one–the Eagles defense makes plays instead of preventing a play like the Bucs defense does. With no pass rush, Jason Licht, we aint makin any plays!

  37. OAR Says:

    Football smart, they said. Ready to plug-and-play they said…….there’s nothing in that nutshell!

  38. Fanalyzer34 Says:


    Thanks for being one of the few on here who make sense. To add to your point – what makes QB have success like Carson Wentz is that the Eagles are taking full advantage of Wentz being on his rookie deal by loading up with talent all around him so he doesn’t have to feel like he’s carrying the team and having to make every single play (Seattle wisely did the same thing with Russell Wilson a few years ago).

  39. BrianBucs Says:

    With Jameis, you are always going to get a whole lot of good mixed in with a whole lot of bad. That’s just who he is and how he plays

  40. Joseph Mamma Says:

    So, basically we have Peyton Manning in a nutshell, with a tan.

  41. passthebuc Says:

    That pro bowler must refer to the BPA

    Professional Bowlers Assoc.

  42. mike n Says:

    all the dung dropped by the bucs d???? The d gave up 20 points in regulations. A blocked punt handed the pack 7 and Jameis gave them 7, which was at least a 10 point swing. All our assets were deployed on the offensive side of the ball, they have to put up points. So jameis can only win we hold the seahawks to 5 points and kc to 17? Not all on Jameis, but he has to play better. If there is no hold on the sims screen we get another fg and win.

  43. Bucsfancentralfl Says:

    I think the real judgement of the quarterback is being able to drive the team. Jameis has every weapon in the world and Joe keeps harping on how great this guy is.

    I don’t think we messed up by not taking Mariotta, but we messed up by not taking the entire Eagles team for that first pick. I think it would have been like the Cowboys/Vikings Herschel Walker trade back in the day.

  44. JJBucFan Says:

    Anyone that watched Winston or saw his highlights in college knows these plays will happen. Everyone crying on here week after week are just being little bi**hes. No QB is perfect and they all make mistakes. Winston made up for it by leading us back and giving us the lead ONCE AGAIN and our shi**y Smitty defense couldn’t get a stop, ONCE AGAIN. You haters are hilarious, he literally won you the game except the defense couldn’t stop Brett Hundley on the final drive or in OT. If we win the toss we may not be having this discussion, though I have no confidence in Dirks play calling in pressure situations. I have said exactly what tnew said multiple times. Dirk is coaching the Jameis out of Jameis instead of just understanding that you have to take the good with the bad. Jameis had another bad play where he threw a ball past the LOS and everyone is pooping all over themselves about it. Anyone want to talk about the fact he threw the go ahead touchdown 2 plays later. Again he made up for it. Our defense is why we are 4-8 not our QBs.

  45. Lamarcus Says:

    Come on

    That bucs defense is responsible for 5 losses and kicker 1 loss. We should be 8 and 2 IIIIIIFFFFFF We have a somewhat decent defense. Oh know the defense w the pro bowl veterans. The offense is a young offense and get many passes from me but that defense is our downfall.

  46. Sierra048 Says:

    I don’t read any articles that feature Winston as the topic anymore. Just can’t get past this America’s QB nonsense. All the excuses made for his poor, or bone-headed, play is borderline intolerable. The comments are the best part only for the comic relief. I could have sworn that leading up to his selection by the Bucs, all of the Winston homers were claiming he was the most NFL ready QB to ever leave college, and he could put a not so good team on his shoulders and carry them to victory. I’m not sure he has the mental wherewithal to become what everyone hopes he will. Cue the “well he could have gone to Stanford” crowd. The infatuation some of you have for this guy would be comical if it wasn’t so sad.

  47. mike n Says:

    @lamarcus… we are 23rd out of 32 in scoring. Last I checked you have to score to win.

  48. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Talent on the d-line and secondary especially is necessary to implement a more agressive scheme. Very possible that we are building a secondary around J.
    Evans and Ryan smith. Would be surprised if Grimes comes back.
    He makes some great plays, but he is sometimes out of position to make plays.
    Both evans and Ryan Smith are young and still learning.Big mistake to play
    Smith at safety two years ago . He played pretty well this week, but the learning curve has not been without pitfalls.
    Pederson has a quarterback with a hot hand,No worries when your QB has 29
    TD’s and only 6 INT’s in 12 games.
    We have a receiving group that should rival Philadelphia.We can'[t do it with offensive lineman that are one dimensional and can only run bock or pass block.I’d wager a guess that if Jameis came close to Wentz ‘s production.
    Koetter would be as aggressive as Pederson. Since we have lineman that produce penalties at the wrong time and stall drives also. Koetter’s desire
    to limit turnovers is totally understandable. Wilson and Wentz are both great deep ball throwers.Jameis struggles with the deep ball and this handcuffs the Koetter offense coupled with Oline inconsistancies.

  49. MarineBucsFan Says:

    Last year, Weapons for Winston. This year, protect Winston.

    In my opinion it really only takes a FA addition to the Oline and that first pick. We can still draft defense heavy after that first pick. We need a slam dunk, day 1 starter on the offensive Line.

    We can approach it based on availability in Free Agency. FA guard = draft Tackle or FA Tackle = draft Guard. Fix the Offensive Line Please.

    #Protect Winston

  50. MarineBucsFan Says:

    You guys ever think that maybe Winston’s deep ball is so inaccurate because the alarm clock is going off in his head saying get rid of the damn ball you have run out of time. HAHA, I’m just saying!!!

    #Protect Winston

  51. Lamarcus Says:

    23 of 32 scoring?

    I bet the rest of those teams are under.500

    We have a top 10 so called talent on defense but we are last on 3rd convert, yards, vasoline jerseys, penalties, miss blocks, blocked punts, missed fgs, last in yac, last in rb per carry, *sigh* and losing culture and total qb busts. Nothing wrong w jw. Bucs got the track record of bust.

  52. Ed Says:

    If your “designated driver” gets you home safe most of the times but has an accident every now and then is he really to be counted on?

    Winston’s good plays are not enough to outscore opponents. Before the season I predicted that the Bucs offense would be amongst the top 10 in the league, boy was I wrong. As the leader of the offense he needs to lead.

  53. Rob Says:

    It’s America’s turnover machine Joe. The human ATM. Get it right for accuracy purposes lol. Your label for the annointed one has always irritated me but I understand that’s why you do it. Go Bucs and go Human ATM!

  54. SOEbuc Says:

    THIS O LINE SUCKS!! And it’s not because we’re missing Ali and Demar. Jameis gets crushed multiple times every game. He got crushed from the left side (Donavan Smith) landing on the same bad shoulder on multiple occasions. He gets hit, sacked, and rushed outta the pocket all day. YOUR CLASSIC BUCS FANS CANNOT WAIT ONE G-DAMN SECOND TO HATE ON JAMEIS BUT DURING THAT TIME DON’T TALK ABOUT THE REAL REASON FOR BAD PLAY WHICH IS THIS GOD AWFUL O LINE!!!

  55. SOEbuc Says:


    Conner Williams in the first, trade up for another pick in the first or second and get defense the rest of the draft.

    Get some big time O lineman in FA and I’m not talking about Sweezys.

  56. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Its not coaching the Jameis out of Jameis. To coin half of defense rules phrase
    Good Jameis, Bad Jameis. Koetter is only trying to coach the bad Jameis out of Jameis. The turnover and another one where he thought better of trying to throw
    while being tackled are examples. Throwing across his body and forcing passes are more. Responding to this is just as important to Koetter’s career
    as it is for Jameis ‘s. In the end Jameis holds the key ,will he respond or will
    it be as difficult as changing the Tim Tebow throwing motion.

  57. Greg Says:

    Trade Jameis to Cleveland for their second 1st round pick, draft Mayfield. Cleveland perfect spot for a bust QB!

  58. NFLNut Says:


    There is a reason SAM DARNOLD aka WHITE JAMEIS is widely considered the #1 pick in this year’s draft despite a ton of picks and interceptions and despite there being far more efficient QBs in the draft … because he can make all the throws, can “carry an offense”, etc … that is exactly why Jameis was the #1 pick.

    TEAMS win games, not individual players but any coach or coordinator or GM worth his salt would always want the real QB and the QB that can carry an offense and win games, rather than the gimmicky game-manager who needs a great line and running game to even have a chance at success.

    Tampa fans should be thrilled they have Jameis … and if they’re not … it just proves what low-football-IQs they have.


  59. MarineBucsFan Says:


    Yes Sir. T Connor Williams from Texas, G Quenton Nelson from Notre Dame, T Orlando Brown OU, G/C Billy Price and T Jamarco Jones Ohio St, T Colton Miller UCLA….Plenty Options.


  60. DB55 Says:

    I remember when we could win a game with 9 points. It’s called defense but wtfdik

  61. MTM Says:

    For all the FSU jock sniffers. Every dam time the defense has played lights out and I know its not often. Jameis has sh*t the bed! Stop comparing him to Peyton Manning coming out of college. Anyone who cannot and will not learn after making the same dam mistakes is very bright. Its like every week Jameis just realized everyone in the NFL is faster than he thought. Then Jameis goes full fetal under a pile of D-linemen.

  62. DB55 Says:

    Vikings beat ATL 9-14 so gimme a fckn break no team wins in the nfl without a strong def. and if you can’t beat a qb who throws for less than 100 yards then you got issues.

    Predictably not one person has mentioned the 200 yards rushing we gave up with the greatest dt on the planet defending the middle.

    But please by all means let’s crucify the one player on our team with a desire to win at all cost mistakes and everything.

  63. unbelievable Says:

    Jamies sucks.

    GMC sucks.

    Conte sucks.

    Kwon sucks.

    Koetter sucks.

    Licht sucks.

    everyone happy now?

  64. America's Commenter Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    December 5th, 2017 at 7:57 am

    Winston will likely not change much….but, here is the good news.

    Give him a good defense and he can win championships……evidence is Brad Johnson & Trent Dilfer.

    Let’s focus on the defense.

    And. those who think we’ll get rid of Winston are delusional.

    Brad Johnson was excellent at protecting the football, checking down when receivers were covered, and throwing the ball away to avoid sacks. Trent Dilfer learned to play within his limitations AFTER losing his job with the Bucs and having to grovel for a backup QB role in Baltimore.

    I agree that the Bucs have too much invested in Winston to get rid of him at this point. The organization needs to realize that they don’t have a star QB that will win games for them, they have a player with a limited skillset that can’t consistently make good decisions. They need to protect Winston from himself with limited game plans and they need to take away permission for him to make adjustments at the line of scrimmage. That approach, combined with one of the greatest defenses of all time, is how Baltimore won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer.