Ira Kaufman’s Week 16 Picks Against The Spread

December 22nd, 2017

Joe challenged Ira Kaufman, Tampa Bay’s only Hall of Fame voter, to pick against the spread this season for a $500 prize. Every Friday, Ira types out his picks for each Sunday and Monday game. If Ira hits at 53 percent or better for the regular season, then he gets $500 in gift cards to Abe’s Place in Clearwater, home of historically amazing food and 44 craft beers on tap. Feel free to send Ira your stone cold locks on Twitter, @ikaufman76. The sage of Tampa Bay sports always appreciates a tip.


A bounce-back week for sure, but hardly good enough.

After a 2-13 debacle that followed a 13-2 mark, we found the middle ground at 6-6 against the spread, with three games finishing as a push.

And while an 83-114 overall record is ugly indeed, there are still two weekends remaining, so let’s get busy.

VIKINGS minus-9 at PACKERS. Green Bay took its best shot last week with Aaron Rodgers and came up short. With nothing to play for, the Packers take a beating in front of their Lambeau faithful.

LIONS minus 4 1-2 at BENGALS. If you’ve seen the Bengals lately, you know there’s not much juice there as Marvin Lewis plays out the string. The Lions still have a chance.

JETS plus-7 vs. CHARGERS. Philip Rivers didn’t get the job done in that Arrowhead showdown and the Chargers looked gassed. The Jets are still playing hard, especially at home.

RAMS minus 6 1-2 at TITANS. Coming off a sensational effort at Seattle, the Rams should light up the scoreboard again against a Titans defense that hasn’t made the big stops.

BEARS minus 6 1-2 vs. BROWNS. Chicago gives John Fox a going-away present before the season finale as two NFL lightweights battle it out in the cold and the mud.

PANTHERS minus-10 vs. BUCS. Tampa Bay looks like a M.A.S.H. unit as the Bucs take their 1-6 road record into Charlotte. Cam Newton is speaking at the right time as Carolina positions itself for a January run.

SAINTS minus 5 1-2 vs. FALCONS. Drew Brees is throwing less and enjoying it more as New Orleans utilizes a two-back attack that will keep Matt Ryan chained to the Atlanta bench.

REDSKINS minus 3 1-2 vs. BRONCOS. Two underachievers meet in the nation’s capital, with Kirk Cousins eager to finish strong and prove that Washington’s disappointing season isn’t his fault.

CHIEFS minus 10 1-2 vs. DOLPHINS. Miami doesn’t travel well and the Chiefs need this one to lock up the AFC West and secure the AFC’s No. 4 playoff seed. Kareem Hunt is starting to roll again after a six-week sabbatical.

PATRIOTS minus-12 vs. BILLS. Gronk is back, and that’s bad news for a Buffalo secondary that will be spread out and exploited by the Brady Bunch.

JAGUARS minus-4 at 49ERS. San Francisco is surging, but the 49ers haven’t faced a defense as stingy as Jacksonville. If the 49ers don’t run, they won’t be able to hide.

GIANTS plus 3 1-2 at CARDINALS. This game looked good on paper last summer, but big changes are in store for both of these NFC underachievers in the offseason.

COWBOYS minus-5 vs. SEAHAWKS. Seattle looks ready to fold after last week’s humiliating loss to the Rams. The Cowboys look rejuvenated and here’s comes Ezekiel Elliott to keep it that way.

STEELERS minus 9 1-2 at TEXANS. Look out for the Texans next year, but right now they look like a beaten-down franchise that can’t wait for the season to end.

EAGLES minus-9 vs. RAIDERS. Nick Foles didn’t exactly flunk his test filling in for Carson Wentz last week and the Eagles will fly against Oakland’s embattled defense.

3 Responses to “Ira Kaufman’s Week 16 Picks Against The Spread”

  1. Bucssuccs Says:

    I’m not advocating for Gruden to come back, but we definitely need a new head coach with Gruden’s attitude. Warren Sapp said Dungy was a “hey, how are you doing?” Coach. Meanwhile Gruden was a “F*** You, Do your S*** correctly” kind of coach. Koetter needs to be more tougher on his players because it seems to me they don’t really care about what he says. He completely lost them. If you keep lighting a fire under them, then eventually you’ll see improvement everywhere. I’m not running Jameis out of town, but next year is going to prove if he stays or not. Every time Jameis overthrows or completely misses his receiver he, for the most part, smiles and points to his chest. There’s never any disciplinary action for his mistakes. I understand jameis can’t throw for 500 yards a game with an 95% completion rating with zero interceptions every game, but he seriously needs to eliminate STUPID mistakes even rookie QBs don’t make. Which is why we need a real head coach with some fire in his step.

  2. darin Says:

    Dirk did the team no favors by giving them a camp off. He completely lost the team when he gave up at halftime of the arz game. Couldve been down by 21, 3 scores. Decided to go for it at end of half instead of taking 3 points. No dice. They get opening kickoff and he goes run, run, pass punt. Thought he was gona run out clock and get out of town. Bruce arians said not so fast. Arians knows 24 points is not enough, unlike dirk. So what does he do? Calls a bomb to brown. Easy td. Now its 31-0 and dirk has no choice but to try to score knowing arians didnt run the ball and the clock. The bucs still almost came back in spite of dirks idiocy. In my mind that game is no doubt when he lost the team. The players probably couldnt believe their eyes. The hc gave up at halftime. I know id lose all respect if he were my coach. So thats when i gave up on dirk too. Time to go dirky boy. Adios. And im not for or against gruden back. But i know dang well his personality type is what this team needs. Plus he knows the most basic of head coaching responsibilities. I just hope the glazers dont mess it up again. Go bucs

  3. Lamarcus Says:

    9ers is a trap. So take the+ 4 there