Gerald McCoy On Swaggy: “Whatever”

December 24th, 2017

Chris “Swaggy” Baker, the Bucs’ half-sack defensive tackle, who is half the player he was in Washington, was Sunday’s most glaring goat in Charlotte.

With the game literally on the line, 45 seconds left with Carolina at 4th-and-3 on Tampa Bay’s 5 yard line, Baker jumped offsides.

The rest is history.

But it’s not that simple, Gerald McCoy was asked to confirm whether he warned Baker about Cam Newton using a hard count to draw the flag.

“Yes I did. Whatever. Moving On,” McCoy said in the locker room.

But it’s not that simple. Joe was told Baker had been telling the team to keep its eyes on Newton for that play but McCoy countered Baker and barked to the defensive line to just worry about staying onside and doing their job after that.

Apparently, Baker wasn’t listening.

Joe wrote after the game about how Baker’s time is up. That was apparent in OTAs, but as McCoy might say, whatever.

18 Responses to “Gerald McCoy On Swaggy: “Whatever””

  1. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Swaggy added to it. So did Jameis with three fumbles. Sheesh.

  2. D-Rome Says:

    Gerald is right in this instance. Don’t jump off sides and do your job.

  3. AlteredEgo Says:

    Maybe Augreo was going Santeria in his ear on that snap

  4. What in the buc Says:

    One play didn’t define this game. Several of them caused the result of this game.

  5. JonBuc Says:

    First proactive maneuver for Saggy as a Buc…helps thrust the Bucs into a Top 5 pick…Saggy such a sad sack I’d be surprised if his NFL career isn’t over after next week.

  6. Lakeland Says:

    The Tampa Bay Succaneers are a pathetic franchise.

    Big George Johnson signed with the Saints on Dec-12-2017

    He got a sack on 12-17 against the Jets

    He got 1.5 sacks 12-24 against the Falcons

    2.5 sacks in 12 days with the Saints

    0 sacks with the Succaneers in 20 games

  7. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Of course “whatever” is his response….not flippin out and getting pissed

  8. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    🎵Na Na Na Na 🎵 Na Na Na Na 🎵 Hey Hey Hey 🎵 Goodbye! 🎵

  9. Nate Says:

    it is whatever cause it doesn’t guarantee they would of failed to convert w/o the penalty

    this game wasn’t lost on one play

    talk about letting the clock go from 1:02 to :18 secs before calling a timeout

    and conserving timeouts AGAIN……that cost at least 2-4 plays at the end of the half

    just as detrimental……

  10. DB55 Says:

    Can someone please help me understand how the 16 million dollar man who gave up yet another goal line run up his gap has no responsibility here whatsoever?

    Come on have some integrity please. Gerald did the same thing in buffalo and countless other times.

    OCs certain gameplay for Gerald. OCs say -on 3rd and short or goal line run it to Gerald’s gap he doesn’t even bother stopping anyone-.

    Am I making this up?

  11. NFLNut Says:


    I just got home and saw the 49’ers beat the Jags … we are now in line for the #4 pick … SWAGGY BAKER SHOULD BE EVERY BUCS FAVORITE DEFENSIVE PLAYER RIGHT NOW … send the man a box of donuts!

    If we lose on the road next week against the Saints, the draft order will be:


    With the 4th pick we should easily be able to draft either star DE BRADLEY CHUBB or stud RB SAQUON BARKELY or Jalen Ramsey’s clone, the versatile CB/S MINKAH FITZPATRICK … or TRADE down for a package of picks to stock our roster!

    Had we won this meaningless game against the Panthers we could have dropped to #11 or so and ended up with an okay CB or DE like Ken Webster or Clellin Ferrel but thanks to SWAGGY BAKER’s ineptitude, we could get a future HOF type player!



  12. JonBuc Says:

    NFLNuts….the Texans need to beat the Colts next week ( no way they beat the Steelers tomorrow IMO ) for Tampa to be at 4…

  13. ecw4242 Says:

    the bucs suck!

  14. cmurda Says:

    @NFL Nut. Thanks for the update on the draft. It’s always tough to tell where we fall in line with the other tied teams. That offsides was painful. At least we had a legit shot on 4th and 3. I’m not going to pile on Swaggy since we all know he’s gone. It’s just yet another time that the defense had the nod of the hat to step up and stop an offense with the game on the line… and another failure. Talk about whatever you want but time and again when this D needed a mean streak to make a stand, they failed.

  15. cmurda Says:

    Joe, I must have found myself in the moderation filters. This is a first for me. My apologies if I crossed the line.

    [cmurda: Certainly wasn’t by Joe’s design. Sometimes, the filter has a mind of its own. No need to apologize. Sorry this happened.– Joe]

  16. NFLNut Says:

    cmurda … I expect the Texans to beat the Colts in the last game of the season as the Colts have been tanking for weeks it seems … that would give us the #4 pick … if the Colts happen to win, we’d get the #5 pick if we lose.

  17. Clint Says:

    Like Gerald Mccoy is anything in this league anymore. No one outside of Tampa even talks about Mccoy. Just a guy. Won’t be remembered for anything. He’s nothing.

  18. Reach87 Says:

    Db45 you are looking for a reason to trash mccoy at every post. Moron.