Ex-Buc QB Says Jameis Needs Coaching

December 5th, 2017

Earlier today, Joe brought you powerful quotes from two ex-Buccaneers who were very critical of Jameis Winston, specifically for his on-field performance

Now, Joe has an ex-Bucs quarterback who is waving a giant flag for America’s Quarterback.

The QB is Shane Stafford, who was a preseason roster player for the Bucs, Browns and Belicheats, and he spent several years as the starting QB for the Tampa Bay Storm and Orlando Predators in the Arena League.

Stafford, 41, is now a Storm coach and does private quarterback training.

Speaking to Rock Riley this afternoon on 1040 AM, Stafford said the Bucs absolutely should be all-in on Jameis.

“Not only do I stand behind him, I stand in front of him, too,” Stafford said of Jameis.

He said Jameis’ issues are “correctable mistakes.” And Stafford said Jameis simply needs effective coaching and a better personal approach, adding Jameis needs to relax more.

“I love Jameis,” Stafford said. He needs to “allow himself to be coached, allow himself to be human.”

**Editor’s note, cue the assbags in the comment section who are soon to bark, “Pfft, Stafford, I’m not paying attention to what some Arena guy/NFL camp meat QB says.**

58 Responses to “Ex-Buc QB Says Jameis Needs Coaching”

  1. HooliganSixx Says:

    Over this whole thing. I cancelled my season passes. Gonna enjoy Lightning hockey and get ready for Spring Training. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. ATrain Says:

    Need An OC

    Need a new QB coach

  3. DB55 Says:

    Funny I’ve been saying that bj and Monken are garbage for years but wtfdik. Furthermore you can tell he’s being coached to be a statue bc when has Jameis ever been afraid to run the ball? Recently it’s like he refuses to run. Henceforth the pass to Djax while 2y over the los.

    How can people be so blind to this? And they call themselves experts. Child please.

  4. DB55 Says:

    Jameis is a Lamborghini and Koetter feels more comfortable with a Volvo. And that’s the bottom line cuz stone cold said so.

    Maybe if we had a def that could stop ANYONE we could let Jameis be famous. But wtfdik.

  5. EA Says:

    He needs some tough love from a tough coach, maybe benching for a few plays, I said that right after the NE game. I’m sure coaches tell him to stop making the bone head plays, weather Winston listens or not is a different topic, part of it is the horrible play of the defense and times.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Maybe…..just maybe….he’s being coached….but not listening or it isn’t sinking in……bench him after a stupid play…..if there is one thing Jameis wants….it’s to play….take that away briefly and maybe he will come around.

  7. mark2001 Says:

    Yes…Yes…Yes…. And Koetter isn’t the guy to do it.

  8. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    Agree 100%

    Wtf happened to all of those dynamic, high flying, redzone Touchdown runs Jameis had in his Rookie year?

    Koetter, Monken, and Bajakian are coaching the Magic out of Jameis. And they need to be canned before they finish their Job.

  9. mark2001 Says:

    Years ago DK was ranked among the worst OC’s in the league when he was at Jacksonville. So on what basis do you think that has or will change? Bleacher Report, July 22, 2010 “NFL’s 10 Worst Playcalling Offensive Coordinators”.

  10. I'm back...WhatDaBucisthis Says:

    We’re lost if he can’t get right…Damn I hope he gets right. He showed enough to me before he got hurt that he was progressing…Albeit not as far as we thought he would. Imho he needs to relax and do what this coach is saying. C’mon #3 WE NEED YOU!

  11. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’ve said it since he was hired. Koetter has to go. jameis has soaked up all Koetter had to teach him. Jameisneeds are mamy. Actually Gruden would be good for him. Where Koetter got his cast of clowns from is anybody’s guess. Glazers might as well pull the trigger. They have done so in the past. CLEAN HOUSE come seasons end. You Buc fans are truly kidding yourselves if you think Koetter and his staff are the answers. Just ask Arthur Blanks..Falcons owner.

  12. Lamarcus Says:

    Or just have some “winning” vets around him. To me I don’t think nothing is wrong him but everything wrong w the team is on.

    I can’t be mad at that bone head fumble. When ur the only one (or feels to me that way) that wants to win u become superhero. I can’t be mad at a 23 yr old trying to win a game for us. No way.

    I’ll take jw anyday. A guy that has heart and does whatever to help us win. Idc if he fumbles and ints. Dude is trying to win it

  13. Jim Says:

    Well, he’s been coached for three years in the NFL plus two years at FSU. How many more years of coaching should this take?

  14. Jim Says:

    And didn’t someone say he was “pro-ready” at the time he was drafted?

  15. Lakeland Says:

    The whole team need coaching!

  16. BucTrooper Says:

    Actually if you watched Stafford in the AFL, he was lights out. Plus, he had about as much time to throw as JW had on Sunday.

  17. Lamarcus Says:


    Stop it. He is pro ready. He wasn’t 2- 14 Buccaneers ready.. ..is a better way to put it

  18. Jdr Says:

    Shula is a great wb coavh.

  19. Bradentonbuc Says:

    @Joe I absolutely love your editors note. Amazing. Perhaps one day such folks will have a blog of their own. Not just commenting on here.
    Jameis is playing like a 23 year old. Sometimes it does seem like he is staying in the pocket too long instead of trying to use his legs.
    I hate to over-analyze something from a show but i wonder how much D-Jax has effected Jameis’s growth. When D-jax made the comment about Jameis and Mike Evans connection during Hard Knocks, Jameis response seemed a little too defensive, a little over-compensating. It just seems like we gained one player and lost a lot of cohesion in the passing game.

  20. sumo Says:

    Jameis is an average NFL quarterback that has accuracy issues on the long ball. This is not teachable. He does not protect the ball. This is not correctable. He is what he is people. It will not change because these problems are habits and not fixable.

  21. I’m with Tmaxcon Says:

    And Sumo, you would know wouldn’t you?

  22. I’m with Tmaxcon Says:

    Anyone remember how bad Alex Smith was until he got a real coach?

  23. AlteredEgo Says:

    Wasn’t Jameis touted as the most Pro ready QB….maybe he thinks he knows more than his coaches

  24. westernbuc Says:

    Lots of QBs tried “correcting” Tebow and said he could be coached. Looks like someone is looking for a gig

  25. BobbyBucs Says:

    Joe – do you think that’s normal to call people who come to your page assbags? You speak your mind and people can agree or disagree with what your thoughts are. That doesn’t mean they are assbags. Smh

  26. ChanEpic Says:

    Look it’s really very simple. If this crew couldn’t get it(Playoff/SB wins) done with Matty Ice and Julio “Lil $ecretariat” Jones, why did we think they could get it done with our personnel?

  27. USFBUC Says:

    It’s pretty clear that the issues are with coaching at this point. Players who were looking like studs as rookies (when their coaching from college was still ingrained in them) are going backwards, we can’t get into the end zone enough, the defense is among the worst, and almost every week there are questionable play calls.

    We have all been fooled at different moments during this coaching regime but I think it’s very clear now. I hate the idea of moving on to a new coach again but it seems like the only way. Looking back on it now I think it should have been clear early on that Coach Koetter was a bad hire when he got all emotional when announcing Mike Smith as his DC. It showed that he was hiring his friend and making an emotional decision to hire Smith.

  28. DoNUTS Says:

    Sumo – So true “NFL quarterback that has accuracy issues on the long ball.” but not true on learning ball protection. see Tom Coughlin – Tiki Barber, as example. It can be learned.

    Winston is still young and patience is needed. He did play well in a few moments and had some really bad plays. His inconsistency is frustrating for fans and coaches. I would like to seem him get a new QB coach for next year if Koetter retained. Any coach from Lovie’s staff should have been fired but Monken somehow stuck around probably for consistency for Winston. I don’t see the progression this year at all so new voice/training tech is needed.

  29. unbelievable Says:

    Shane Stafford? LOL, we getting desperate looking for some support, huh?

    Jameis needs a new OC and new QB coach, immediately.

    And the team needs a new DC, 2 DEs, DT, OG, OT, RB, and 2 CBs….

  30. Grt1 Says:

    Who is Shane Stafford? Irrelevant please move on to the next issue. Thanks

  31. Todd Says:

    So In other words he is saying Dirk Koetter can’t coach him ?

  32. cmurda Says:

    Well, Jameis will have to wait until he has a coaching staff that can coach.

  33. Lamarcus Says:

    Damn. The Stick Carrying coach being exposed. I know how to use jw. And that’s sad.

  34. Pick6 Says:

    hard to look at the arc of this offense and conclude that this coaching staff is doing this roster justice. there are young QBs who have surpassed Jameis in a big way, but it’s truly difficult to say whether they are actually better players or they simply have coaches who are putting them in better positions to use their abilities

  35. gilhealy Says:

    DoNuts, Monken came in with Koetter. He was the HC at Southern Miss. He turned around that program quick. I’d like to see him run the offense for a while. He seems to like the up tempo gig.

  36. Easy Says:

    Last time I checked the OC can’t stop the quarterback from making none headed decisions on the field during the game.

  37. Contextplease Says:

    Jameis is inconsistent no doubt. Technique seems to come and go series to series. But to all of you who seem so sure that he will never be good or isn’t good enough just remember how many time the kid has given us a lead in the 4th qt only to see it disappear on the opponents final drive. Many many many times.

  38. tnew Says:

    I’m will strive for brevity here, but no promises.

    If I said:

    “Jameis needs to be more careful with the ball and make quicker decisions.”

    Most people would agree. It sounds right. Koetter has been coaching this in Winston the entire time and he continues to do so.

    The problem is, this is a contradictory statement. I have spoken with ex professional QB’s regarding this, one even has a Super Bowl ring. QBs of today, do not have the time to process decisions they once had. Defenses are refined to disguise and bait the QB. Take away their strengths, play to their weaknesses.

    What you need the QB to do is to be decisive in their decisions and for the coach to accept the mistakes that come with that decisiveness. If they continue to make bad decisive decisions, either teach them how to navigate that decision by simplifying the problem. “If you see this, then look here or get rid of the ball” If they make decisive decisions that are correct but have a technical flaw that gets exposed fix. Based on how Jameis and Koetter are reacting, this just isn’t Koetter’s basic philosophy.

    Go back in our time machine to Minnesota. The narrative that I hear is that Winston started slow, was missing receivers then blew a wide open DJax who was alone.

    In truth. Even with the Bucs down 14-3, Winston was 9-12 for 114 yards. The Bucs are marching. DJax gains inside position on Waynes. Jameis, who has looked the safety over, makes the right read and DJax is even with Waynes on the release. Problem: Waynes might be the fastest corner in the league. He is faster than DJax (4.31 vs 4.35 combine), and runs a better path to the ball than DJax and makes the catch. Winston could’ve and should’ve thrown a better pass.

    What is Koetter’s reaction to Winston’s first INT of the season in the second game of the season? Not good. Roasts Winston a bit on the sideline and drags him over the coals in the media for this throw as the “game changing moment” He needed a pat on the back, great read, you’ll complete it next time. This is not Koetter’s way. Jameis reaction…. Be more careful. I went and charted every INT after this because of Becht’s statements (which are not accurate). Every one of them except for one was in a clean pocket with great footwork. Most times he bypasses a technically riskier throw for a shorter safer option to a more trusted receiver. On the one that wasn’t clean, he had his arm hit due to a missed Sweezy block. This could’ve been a TD. So take out the first one and the one versus Carolina when his arm was hit.

    That leaves with 4.

    #2 vs Minnesota. Written mounds about this. Spoke to an ex NFL QB regarding this play. No doubt PI, but I was told he appears to be reading keys, and this was a poor play design due to Evans running a short out. This should’ve been a throw away.

    #3 vs Minnesota. Clean pocket, great footwork. Locks on to Evans, pass is perfect, but dislodged. This is a careful INT. I’m gonna make sure that I hit a trusted target here.

    #4 vs Buffalo. Clean pocket, comes to Brate as second option. He trusts Brate to make a play. Great throw but LB is in great position. Misses Godwin as he never gets to him in progression who is open on a deep out. Tough throw but he has it. He takes the “easier throw” being careful to make a perfect pass.

    #6 vs Carolina. This is very similar to the above play except he comes off Godwin, who is open on the deep out. Misses the placement to Brate and Keuchly wins the battle. Careful throw. Needed to trust Godwin here.

    The fumbles and the sacks are due to a porous o line and him not wanting to make mistakes by being careful with his reads.

    Those clamouring for accuracy, his accuracy is up this year at 61.9%. His interception percentage is the lowest of his career at 2.1%. I know people will say stats are for losers etc. but these are the two we hear about so much. But it is proving that he is responding to Koetter’s coaching mantra. Its just that this coaching philosophy isn’t leading to great play with Winston and likely won’t.

    The problem is he’s lost his swagger. He needs a huge boost in confidence and Koetter should have recognised this. He’s getting coaching, just not the right type for him to play great. Right now it is open season on Winston. Koetter should’ve protected his young QB more especially in the public eye. Winston’s confidence and desire were taken for granted.

    I know many of you will just call me a Winston lover and I have been called that. I have also been called a hater. I try to be very honest. Winston has to be more decisive. If that means more mistakes, so be it. Watching how he reacts and learns from them is the key. Hard Knocks gave us a real insight into Koetter’s personality. Koetter has a don’t make mistakes philosophy. Most great coaches today are go make me a play philosophy. Jameis is getting coaching, and he is responding to it. I just don’t believe it is the right direction.

  39. mark2001 Says:

    tnew…is it that complex? Seems like the great ones know their receivers, find the open guy if available, if none available take the check down or run it if there is a lane, and if not throw it away and live for another day. They just rarely throw into coverage’s which end up with double or triple teams on the receiver they throw it to or where the D back is in better position to make the play than the receiver.

  40. mark2001 Says:

    And that DB position involves the pinpoint accuracy of throwing it over the D back, to the inside or outside shoulder, or where the D back is disadvantaged. And that requires a skill I can hardly imagine.

  41. Contextplease Says:


  42. Bob in Valrico Says:

    I applaud your enthusiasm for jameis. But I don’t think Koetter would be doing him any favors by coddling him.Reason 1 is that Jameis wants to be coached hard.
    Reason 2 The footwork issues are still there at times . He threw two passes across his body in the last game. And some of those throws turn out to be incompletions or passes that the defender has a better chance than the receiver to catch. There’s no denying that Jameis struggles with deep passing accurracy.
    So the only option is fixing the footwork and hope the timing comes around.
    Although I haven’t seen it as much this year,when jameis throws deep after escaping the pocket he plants his feet and throws a pretty good pass.
    Sometimes Jameis trusts his arm too much when his feet are not in position.
    You just can’t throw the ball when your feet are parallel to O line or falling
    You also mentioned trusted receivers.and there is question that Brate and Humphries fall in that category. I will focus on Adam Humpries.He had 4 receptions ,the longest being 8 yards .Evans,DJAX.and Godwin only had 2 each.
    I question why the latter three are not more involved,it is up to Jameis to find these guys and get them involved more. Forgot to mention the one pass to

  43. tnew Says:

    Mark… fair question. I believe it is that complicated. The amount of information these guys have to process is staggering. It isn’t possible to process quick enough and be careful.

    lets go to Patton..

    “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week”

    Perfection (or trying not to make mistakes) kills decisiveness.

    Bob… Koetter has never coddled Jameis. Everyone happy with the progress? Everything going well? So lets just keep with it?

    The throwing across the body, he actually did it 3 times in the game. Completed one and the other two were very accurate passes. Go look at the All 22. One was to Brate. Ball placement is up and away from the defense. Other was to Godwin, again away from the coverage, had to be broken up.

    Don’t take my word for it. Go look at it. The one pass that really should’ve gotten intercepted this weekend was a force in to Mike Evans.. Absolutely would’ve been if he didn’t throw it as hard as he could. This was a horrible but “easier technically” throw. He had DJax 1v1 on the same side of the field. This was a terrible decision but a confident QB puts the ball up, down the field, trusts his arm and what comes is what comes.

    Howard is not involved enough. But he comes off the field most of the time during passing downs. If he is on the field he stays in and helps block a good percentage. These two facts dramatically reduce the amount that he is available to be used. Godwin IMO, needs to be on the field way more.

    But the key is look at all the targets he has. Howard, Brate, Evans, Godwin, Humphries, Evans and Jackson. That discounts whoever the back is out of the backfield and Sims. With all of these weapons, he must spread the ball around, but still the Bucs very rarely have wide open players on the field. When we do he usually hits them. When you look at film Koetter very rarely attacks different levels. The Bucs rarely use players to clear zones. We don’t provide hot routes for blitzes.

    If Winston threw the ball away every time the receivers were covered he might not complete 50% of throws.

    Look. Here’s my thoughts on Winston and Koetter in a nutshell. A franchise QB is the hardest thing in football to acquire. A head coach like Koetter is much easier to find.

    Regarding the deep passing accuracy, take away the ball that he missed to DJax. Where is every single deep pass missed this season?

    Long, where no-one can catch it or out of bounds. Why? If he was truly inaccurate on his deep balls and that was the reason, the law of averages would dictate a mixture of short passes or misses to the middle. Why are these his misses? In my opinion this is a reflection of an attitude to not turn the ball over first and foremost.

    This is one of Koetter’s major philosophies. Win the turnover battle. The Bucs are 7th in the league with a plus 6.

  44. tnew Says:

    let me say this one more way.

    Throwing interceptions is not good, and you should strive to not throw them. Fearing the interception is deadly.

  45. tnew Says:

    Bob.. another thing.. The trait of wanting to be coached hard is that of a perfectionist. It feels good to them. They feel like it will make them better. Problem is, is that it rarely does.

    Guys that need to be coached hard are the unmotivated players. We don’t need to worry about this with Winston. Winston has plenty of drive inside, maybe too much as Clayton and Stafford elude to. There are no tells he’s just out there collecting a check. He just isn’t enjoying the life of an NFL QB at the surface. He wants greatness maybe too much, but he needs to learn how to be calm in chaos. He tries and wants approval of the coaches maybe too much. That is evident and not always to his benefit.

    Does he need to continue to work hard and improve on his mechanics.. Yes, but only in the offseason. During the season, he just has to play with what he has.

    I’m about to sound like a hater now…

    I know of several great QB’s that over come technical flaws. I’ve never known of a QB that had a poor mindset. Jameis needs mindset work. DESPERATELY BAD. This is what he really needs from his coaching, and if he doesn’t fulfil his potential, this will be his downfall. At FSU, he and his team were just that much better than everyone else. Now he must use the ability and learn to control his mindset.

  46. MTM Says:

    Yes Jameis needs a coach to tell him not to throw into triple coverage or to not take a sack but instead go school yard in hopes of a miracle. You can’t fix stupid as they say.

  47. BrianBucs Says:

    As a third year starter in the NFL Jameis still makes all of the same mistakes that he made in college. Maybe he just doesn’t take coaching well

  48. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    Koetters deep passing 5-7 step drop schemes dont work in the new nfl game

    not enough great offensive lineman and no QBs can handle the hits for the whole season

    the NFL is a copycat league. there is no scheme like koetters in the NFL. everyone is going short passing attack to setup for the occasional deep throws

    Jameis is learning bad habits from Klueless and needs a new HC next year

    Son of Kobe Faker

  49. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Winning the turnover batle is not just Koetter’s idea,its every good NFL coaches idea. Fumbles and INT’s still need to be controlled
    There is an adjustment in the nfl and I can agree that Jameis may need some
    extra perspective from other sources,somebody like Kurt Warner from the football side of things. Also somebody like a sports psychologist might be an option.
    at any rate somebody to talk things over with outside the team or even Fitz.
    Jameis mindset is a product of his success so far. To be fair Jameis was so upset
    at halftime that Koetter was trying to calm him down as mentioned during the broadcast.
    There is no doubt that a calm and confident Jameis is a much more effective jameis. That is why I feel that he needs a offseason Qb coach who is not a pitching coach.

  50. Sierra048 Says:

    How many 4000+ yard seasons with a 4-12, 5-11, or 6-10 record are you Winston homers going to be satisfied with? I don’t give two sh$ts for any individual player. All I want is for the TEAM to win, regardless of the stats, positive or negative. I hope they get another QB in here and have an actual competition for the starting gig. If Winston can win the battle, fine, play him. If not, sit him or replace him. Kind of like the way it used to be many moons ago. Worst thing this team could have done is gift him the starting job without competing for, and earning, it. Could care less about his draft position. I’d rather win with a late round, or undrafted, QB than lose with a first round dud.

  51. gilhealy Says:


  52. gilhealy Says:

    The above post show Jameis ain’t the only one who turned it over early on. Most of us know this, but a few of you obviously didn’t.

  53. Greg Says:

    Pfft, Stafford, I’m not paying attention to what some Arena guy/NFL camp meat QB says.

  54. webster Says:

    @ gilhealy

    You cant teach fools anything because they are fools and they want to be.


    I applaud your efforts with the post but the bucs have foolish fans. Remember we had idiot fans saying justin evans was a bust in preseason. Do you understand the stupidity of some in this fan base you are trying to make sense to? It is what it is. Put your energy some where else where it can be useful.

  55. webster Says:

    Funny peyton manning threw 26 tds and 23 ints in his “4th” season after playing 4 years of college as well. He was also sacked 29 times but i guess his line must have sucked because according to the jameis haters manning’s pocket presence was supreme from day one and he did not need to mature as all qbs have to. Winston is such a waste.

  56. ben Says:

    is James a bust ?He was the 1st pick in the draft and has weapons for Winston!

  57. BucsFan90 Says:


    Well said. Very informative and insightful.

  58. David Smith Says:

    Maybe Fameis needs glasses anyone think about that? Maybe he’ll see the deep route better. He needs a more aggressive coach who’s not completely scared of interceptions. Koetter is coaching the fire out of Winston. He’s taking more of a pounding behind the line than when he runs. They need to take him to the way he played his championship year at. FSU. You morons who say he is stupid or can’t change are idiots. I’m sure Jimbo Fisher knows alot more about intelligent ball players than you mental midgets. Jameis is the best qb we’ve had since Brad Johnson even with all his problems and Brad was almost the final player taken in the draft that year. Look how long it took him to become a superbowl winner let alone a franchise qb so don’t know why people are so quick to give up Winston.