“Entirely Healthy Now”

December 2nd, 2017

No issues with shoulder.

Whether America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, should or should not be shelved for the season is no longer an issue. It’s now a bar room debate or chatter on quality podcasts like this guy’s.

Bucs coach Dirk Koetter had his weekly, pregame exclusive sitdown with Scott Smith of Buccaneers.com. Koetter proclaimed Jameis “entirely healthy now.” However, being healthy and being sharp are two different animals.

“There are always, could be a rust factor after a three-weeks layoff,” Koetter said. “He has progressively improved in practice this week. Jameis didn’t forget how to play football in three weeks. I think he will do fine. Any player that has been out three weeks, I do think there is a little transition in there.”

Koetter added he hopes the offense, now again under Jameis’ direction, gets “up to speed as quickly as possible.”

Well, the offense better be firing. Because the way the Bucs’ defense has been shatting on the field every road game, the Bucs offense doesn’t have outscore the Packers. The Bucs have to outscore their own defense.

19 Responses to ““Entirely Healthy Now””

  1. Jameis Weinstein Says:

    The whole rust thing is a weak excuse. First off, he’s been practicing this week. A few days should clear majority of the “rust”. Plus, if he’s gonna play rusty against an nfl defense in general, then is he really our guy? Jacoby Brissett had one week to learn a whole new playbook and he’s putting on a much better show than Jameis. Secondly, is he really gonna do much better against a potentially dangerous Green Bay Packers defense? This offense is barely sputtering points against mediocre defenses so what makes us think Jameis Winston is gonna go off against Green Bay? Dirk Koetter needs to stop making excuses because with all those excuses, he isnt protecting his @ss.

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    For all the priority (drafts & FAs) that this Bucs’ offense has received, it’s underperforming much more-so than the defense Joe. Offense is averaging 20 PPG this season as opposed to 21-22 PPG past 2 seasons. Not exactly progress. As abysmal as our defense has been this year, it still ranks #21 in pts allowed (THAT’s the real bottom line). Our offense is currently ranked #23 in terms of points. Not that much of a stretch to say that if our offense was doing a better job in terms of scoring points, controlling the TOP & minimizing turnovers, that our defense would also be performing quite a bit better (less time on the field, better starting field positions, etc).

  3. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Really hope the time off inspires Jameis to play a higher level. This makeshift
    O-Line needs to step up and take over the line of scrimmage and stop the dumb penalties that kill drives.

  4. Big Stinky Says:

    Back to reality Bucs fans! Our “franchise” QB is back this Sunday and the excuses are already starting before the game even starts, just in case he plays bad. Starting to wonder why I want Koetter to return next year. I don’t even care anymore to tell you the truth. I understand why they gave him the HC job since he set the team record for most yards in a season in 2015 but BIG DEAL. The record for most points in a season was broken twice in about 10 years and both of those OC’s were gone quick. This team needs someone like Cowher to come in and make the football decisions in the future. Not as HC but like Coughlin in Jacksonville. We have been rebuilding for the past 10 years and are STILL 3-5 years away from being competitive. I’m glad Lamarcus talked me into becoming an Eagles fan before they win a Super Bowl.

  5. Hodad Says:

    I don’t believe he’s 100 percent healthy, because I believe the Bucs doctors are as in competent as Koetter. For example, these were the same doctors that let Ali Marpet go back into the game last week now he’s on I.R. for the rest of the season. These are the same doctors that let Jameis continue playing even tho his shoulder turned out worse then it was. Did these doctors sign off on the Sweezy signing? Either the doctors are bad, or Koetter is putting players in harms way trying to eat a W!

  6. richbucsfan Says:

    100% healthy? Yeah, ok, say I have a bridge I’d like to sell ya.

    Ok, if we accept he IS healthy, he won’t be after the Packers’ D mauls him. Not just poor coaching, it’s now dangerous coaching.

  7. AlteredEgo Says:

    pathetic arguments….

  8. Mikadeemas Says:

    Eagles fan!?!? GTFO you Yankee azz bandwagon jumping….. maybe your second favorite can be the flipping Rams!! Eagles fan. Sheesh. I got two words for ya…..GO BUCS!!

  9. Bculaw Says:

    Yeah. This young QB coming off an injury to his throwing shoulder in a lost season with a decimated roster better “put up of shut up.” If he doesn’t play at an elite level over the next five games, it’s clearly time to move on. We should sign Manning in the offseason and use our 1st round pick to draft a REAL QB prospect.


    Here’s a reality check: the Bucs’ offense is about as one dimensional as it can get. Even the seasoned, elite vet QBs struggle without the threat of run. Look at the difference a viable rushing attack has made in NO. It hardly matters who plays QB if this team doesn’t find some manner of balance.

    What we need to see out of Jameis – a healthy arm, quick and correct decision making when the game is close, and a willingness to look underneath more often (although, after our 3-play debacle at ATL last week, I am starting to believe the aggressive approach in short yardage and unwillingness to use check down is Dirk’s preference). What I’d like to see out of the offense – short passing options. If you can’t run, at least keep the LBs out of the intermediate and deep passing lanes with some RB screens, swing passes, etc.

    This guy still has loads of promise. Just take a look at these throws:


    Not many in the league can make those throws. Our guy can. He needs development and patience, not ultimatums and replacing like so many “fans” seem to intimate.

  10. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Yeah the Mariota fan boys are all up in arms now that there has been an injury and some struggling this season. They are all morons Bculaw and it is best just to ignore them.

  11. nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    Bculaw 👏👏👏
    Analytical, common sense and pratical thinking is not often found!

    Go Bucs…it is what it is…but we get another chance to balance out our team,
    just like NO…Brees one of the best still needed an effective running game as well as good receivers. QB Dak who was lauded for being so good is now exposed without an effective running game…amazing how we inaccurately analyze this Bucs TEAM…

  12. Mike Johnson Says:

    Jameis is entirely healthy? Koetter must have consulted the same people who are telling us..the new tax plan benefits the middle class and not big cooperations. Don’t matter..Thats how it goes. But Everybody knows….the truth.

  13. George Says:

    Mike Johnson:

    Corporations do not pay taxes, knucklehead. They pass on those costs to the consumer–otherwise they wouldn’t make money. How much do you really want to pay for consumer goods? Go ahead and keep taxing away, though, genius.

    If you don’t think taxes get passed to the consumer, just check out your phone bill or cable bill some time. Then lobby for some higher corporate taxes.


  14. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Who cares?!

    Whoever thinks Jameis should sit, doesn’t understand football (or how life works) really.

    The 23 year old is average at best right with the potential to be really good.
    Potential is realized through experience.
    Experience occurs when actually playing games.

    Current playing level and experience is not fixed – meaning regression is a real thing – especially when not playing.

    Meaning Jameis would most likely get worse than status quo rather than better were he to sit.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise… (read the second sentence above)

  15. Nate Says:

    Um….As a ex auditor from a big international bank it is irresponsible to say corporations do not pay taxes

    they have to on any income incurred in the united states

    this is why they try to sell overseas to not incur labor tax only on goods

    what is passed on to the consumer is expenses which the corporation deducts

    and the consumer pays on their individual taxes

    again no lawyer but I knew the banking laws and it was my job to review them very closely.

  16. Nate Says:

    make goods overseas* typo / not sell

  17. Nate Says:

    @ Mike Johnson…..or else they wouldn’t make money….OK

    we know what spiked his drink and came with the angry defend republican tax talk…lol

    IF you been around any high level of business you would know its the breaks and deductions which allow big companies to stay afloat…even w/o consumer dollars

    only reason their going BK now is over excessive populating through GREED…..10 walmarts every 10 mile radius of every backwood county

    Corps get so many write offs and way they can cut loss….its the backs of the small business who sacrifice and pay the most dues

    You probably think corps recycle cell phones w/o a kickback incentive just for the heck of it

  18. Mike Johnson Says:

    GEorge who said anything about?

  19. not there yet Says:

    This defense is horrible but the only reason they have the wins they have is because of the defense. Offense has had maybe two good games, they’ve never had a lights out game like the defense has. Dirk you suck