Cautious With Jameis

December 14th, 2017

Beware Jameis.

Team Glazer is walking onto thin ice.

That’s the belief of the one and only Chris “Mad Dog” Russo of SiriusXM Radio fame. Russo has been disturbed by what is circling around America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, this season and he doesn’t like it. Between the off-field stuff and the perception of a rotten year, Russo believes Team Glazer better be very, very careful when choosing whether or not Jameis should get a second contract with the Bucs.

While hosting columnist Ira Kaufman on his weekly spot, Russo sort of teed off on Jameis in the wake of Sunday’s Ian Rapoport claim on NFL Network that there is rancor between Jameis and Koetter.

Russo believes a long-term relationship between Team Glazer and Jameis is a powderkeg that could explode and set the franchise back years.

“Now listen. I agree it is a problem for Koetter but I will tell you right now there is going to come a point, and I’m not sure I am ready to say this yet with confidence, but there might come a point where [Team Glazer is] going to give Winston so much leash that it is going to come back to bite them in the rear end,” Russo said.

“He has had a terrible year. His behavior is a disaster. He is picking fights against the Saints. He is going out there and throwing footballs against the media. You tell me about this thing with the Uber thing. Now he is getting coaches fired. He has played awful.

“I mean you can make an argument that, you know, latching on to him — now, I know they have to. They made him the No. 1 pick, I get, I understand, third year, OK. But, you can make the argument that although they may have to do it, in the long-term, it could be the wrong decision with the QB.”

Maybe it’s just Joe that is living in an alternative universe, but Joe doesn’t think Jameis is playing that horribly. Yes, yes, yes, the fumbles. Joe gets it. That must be corrected, no question.

But perhaps Joe has been watching the wrong games, but in three of his last five starts, Jameis has given the Bucs a lead in the fourth quarter or tied the game. Isn’t that what you want in your franchise quarterback?

It’s not Jameis’ fault the Bucs have a shameful defense that, in crunch time, couldn’t stop a cool breeze and has yacked away games. What, Jameis is supposed to play defensive end, too (couldn’t do any worse, actually).

The way some folks are going bananas over Jameis, it’s like the guy is Tom Savage or Brock Osweiler. In the games Jameis has both started and finished, which includes games he played hurt, Jameis has a 64.5 percent completion percentage and is averaging 305 yards a game with 14 touchdowns and six picks. But the way some folks are freaking out, you’d think Jameis is tossing up Ryan Leaf numbers.

75 Responses to “Cautious With Jameis”

  1. BuckAnEar Says:

    Ryan Leaf numbers, no. Ryan Leaf immaturity, yes.

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    The glazers set the franchise back years with every bad decision they make year in and year out. Jameis came to an embarrassing dysfunctional franchise with no hope. Run Jameis Run and Take Evans and Godwin with you please.

  3. lightningbuc Says:

    “Maybe it’s just Joe that is living in an alternative universe”

    First thing that popped in my mind amidst your John Manziel hysteria a few years back.

    Joe Knows QBs

  4. tmaxcon Says:

    the only thing more embarrassing than a glazer ran sports franchise is the ignorant low standard fans who call 2 playoff wins in 6 years Glory Years!

  5. AlteredEgo Says:

    Joe is in deep denial

  6. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    Look at jameis footwork/dropback, pocket awarenesd and mechanics….regressed

    His delivery and fundamentals is a disaster

    Last year he was better composed and fundamentally better

    This is coaching

    Jamis gabbert 2.0 is what he has become

  7. Dr. Lob Says:

    Draft a QB in 3rd round please

  8. got to be effing kidding Says:

    Joe, you get what you tolerate. If the organization (owners & coaches) continues to tolerate the off field behavior and gross negligence regarding ball security and slow starts on the field, then we are all in for a long, long JW tenure. He’s not 100% of the problem on the field, but since he’s the franchise QB, it all starts with him. Remember, this is a young man we are talking about that is still learning what maturity means, both on and off the field.

  9. Nate Says:


    not glory years I assume your talking about 2002 to 2008

    however that was with two low rate CHICKEN SPIT qbs…..simms and Garcia

    and one loss was to the giants who ran the table to the superbowl

    I didn’t see a #! pick given to the BUCS in those years


    yall gruden haters are something else……go back to your REAL TEAM

  10. AlteredEgo Says:

    Dr.Lob….we may draft a QB higher than that and Jameis on field play and off field behavior is pushing the team closer to that very real reality…if Jameis is handed down a league suspension next year the GM absolutely needs to hedge his bet on #3 with another starting caliber QB…..keep the better of the two and move on in 2020

  11. Tom Edrington Says:

    Shocking, yet another National talking head who doesn’t understand that Jameis is “America’s Quarterback”…….or not, maybe referring to Jameis as “America’s QB” is living in an “alternate universe”

  12. Joseph Mamma Says:

    If I was the guy that drafted him I certainly wouldn’t be happy where he is at. On or off the field. But I wouldn’t have drafted a guy with that much baggage number one overall.

  13. No_Bucs_Given Says:

    I love jameis so I must qualify but just because he brought us back in the 4th means nothing considering the slow starts and mistakes shouldn’t have put us down in the first place. 4th qtr scores should but putting the game away not evening it up

  14. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    We wouldn’t be down in the fourth Quarter for Famous to bring us back. If he hadn’t fumbled or threw interceptions in the first, second and third Quarters…….Go figure.!!!!!

  15. BrianBucs Says:

    There are quite a few QB’s in the NFL right now that have been in the league fewer years than Jameis that are playing better than him and have their teams winning.
    Bucs should try to trade Jameis to Cleveland for their 2 first round picks

  16. pabucsfan Says:

    Everyone needs to calm down a little with the Jameis hate. This season is lost and there has been regression all across the team. This team has no run game and is below average at pass blocking without marpet and dotson in the lineup. Our offensive scheme sucks. I love that we throw the ball downfield but there is no variety and no plays that get people open out in space. I watch NFL games week after week and see plays being made after the catch all over the place but that doesnt happen on this team. Our wr screen passes are the same ones teams were running in the 80s and 90s that are out dated. What we do have on this team is a 23 year old QB who has a 89qb rating (best of his career) 62% completion rating (best of his career) 2.4 int% (best of his career) 293 passing yards per game in games in which he plays a full game (best of his career). People are always saying Jameis plays like he feels like he is doing too much. And while I agree with that for the most part in a lot of cases its true because of how much this team sucks. How about we put a complete team around him where hes not having to feel like he needs to constantly makes plays.

  17. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    IF Jameis is regressing technically…as in foot work…throwing’s NOT on the Buc’s coaching staff. When QB’s reach the status of franchise QB they have their OWN QB gurus. Do we think Jameis sat around all off season or found a great QB whisperer to work with him on accuracy…and yes if he needed it footwork and throwing motion. He should be sooooo far past that by now at 23 with great coaching…NFL level coaching since he’s been in grade school!!!!

    This is not about coaching…at least in the technical development sense. You can rip DK for playcalling if that’s how you feel but he has done NOTHING to impede Jameis progress physically.

    The question remains about the horrible judgement three years into a career. Is that Jameis hard head or Koetter’s inability to get through to Jameis.

    He’s 23!!!! He’s no longer a kid and he’s in his third year. Somebody needs to jerk a knot in his tail and see if he can be salvaged before it’s too late.

    If we change coaches…or not for that matter…Jameis needs to EARN everything from here on out…not by rep or “potential” but by RESULTS!

    At this point it’s just business…we should all drop the personal favoritism or animosity towards Jameis and just try and do what’s best for the franchise.
    That might mean another QB brought in to compete…perhaps even a 3rd round pick or a FA with some promise.

    Jameis could be the real deal….but I gotta say I’m getting more and more nervous with each story…this coaching story makes #3 look really really bad.
    He needs to find out who did this and rip them.

  18. Bird Says:

    Not awful.

    Average is better word. Which is problem when you invest #1 overall pick on “your franchise quarterback”

  19. 813bucboi Says:

    dirk will be long gone before Winston is sent packing…..SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!

    the quicker we cann dirk, the quicker we can begin to “coach the dirk” out of everyone!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!

  20. '79Defense Says:

    If we had any kind of a defense whatsoever and the more wins that would go along with it if we did, the only talk about Jameis and poor play would be “at some point his fumbles are really going to cost us.” Instead, now all blame is pointed at him because of that defense.

  21. gilhealy Says:

    Jameis, leave this sorry a$$ town asap. This and all other media outlets love to fuel the hate towards you. These articles are money in the bank each and every day. They bring the majority of clicks for the site. Being the bulk of commenters are anti Jameis, it keeps the site relevant. I used to enjoy reading the articles and comments, but now I do it with one eye closed. Such asinine takes, and uneducated stances in both articles and comments.

    NFLNut, Lord C, DB55, Tmax, Kobe, and a few others are the few commenters I care to read. They’re obviously mature and reasoned. Kudo’s to you guys.

    Joe’s, I don’t know what happened to you. Appealing to the low IQ crowd is amateur hour. I thought you guys were better than that. May as well get a Tom Jones podcast going as well. Looks like the majority of your legion will tune in religiously. What a shame.

    Run Jameis, run.

  22. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Jameis’s play is not up to par of a first overall pick, but Joe is right, it’s not that bad when looking at the average player. He’s somewhere between a starting QB and very capable backup right now. He’s regressed. But the only reason the Glazers would or should move on from him is if he’s been untruthful with them. Lackluster play and IF he proves to be BS artist/scumbag off the field, he doesn’t meet their needs as the face of the franchise make fans proud, sell tickets, and pump up the Bucs brand. If he didn’t have the off field baggage I don’t think there would be such a dilemma. But add that along with the possible GM and coaching changes, and it’s a mess.

  23. D-Rome Says:

    Maybe it’s just Joe that is living in an alternative universe, but Joe doesn’t think Jameis is playing that horribly. Yes, yes, yes, the fumbles. Joe gets it. That must be corrected, no question.

    You’re correct, it’s not as bad as it seems. His accuracy is much improved (almost 63%), his INT percentage is lower, his rating is higher than ever. It’s the fumbles. He’s fumbled 11 times this year so far vs. 10 last year and 6 the year before.

  24. Bucs Fan In Philly Says:

    You have blinders on. The passing game rankings you often refer too come from playing from behind. The QB you are referring too can’t hit a moving target (lead a receiver). He can’t drop the ball in a bucket. He does master hitting a stationary target though. Give it up Joe’s. Even Josh Freeman could hit Mike Williams on a fly. Why can’t the current QB hit Jackson or Evans on the fly. Don’t even think of blaming the O-line.

  25. BrianBucs Says:

    So Gilhealy and a few of the other Jameis Winston fanboys don’t really care if the Bucs are winners or not as long as Jameis is the starting QB. They are not true Bucs fans, just Winston fanboys.
    The QB that I want is the one that wins games for the Bucs, whoever that may be

  26. 813bucboi Says:


    sorry but its all coaching….the definition of a quarterback coach is:

    An assistant coach who monitors the physical and mental aspects of a quarterback’s game. He works on the quarterback’s footwork, pass-drop technique, and throwing motion. He makes sure a quarterback doesn’t fall into bad mental or physical habits.

    by all accounts, our qb coach and offensive coaching staff has failed miserably….plus many people claim dirk as an offensive/QB guru…..why isn’t Winston developing under an alleged offensive guru in dirk?….

    because he’s NOT a guru….he’s an average OC at best that has been exposed for what he is isn’t….an HC…..

    this points directly to coaching….every aspect of this team has regressed not just Winston….we need to get rid of dirk and “coach the dirk out of our players” before its too late…..GO BUCS!!!!

  27. Nate Says:

    oh and tmaxcon …..

    it was 3 playoff appearances, 2 division titles, and a superbowl in 6 years

    where we are now is not even in the same galaxy….glory days on THAT

  28. SB Says:

    gilhealy says:
    “NFLNut, Lord C, DB55, Tmax, Kobe, and a few others are the few commenters I care to read. They’re obviously mature and reasoned. Kudo’s to you guys.”
    I just spit my coffee all over the screen! Tmax mature and reasoned?!?!?
    Bwaaa Haaa Haaa Haaaa!
    Bro you get dumber every time you read a Tmax post.

  29. Jim Says:

    Are there Dirk “Haters” too? Just wondering… I think it would be great for Jameis to leave and try the market. That would give us a very good idea of his worth outside of the Tampa Bay bubble…

  30. libucfan Says:

    Verbal Diarrhea! Russo stating Winston is having a terrible year just proves he isn’t watching the games. Russo is just another example of someone who thinks just because they speak loudly they are correct.

  31. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    Its going to be a interesting offseason/draft/trade comingup

    Darnold, josh rosen, allen, maysfield in the draft

    And cousins and smith going to new teams

    Think jameis like koetter is auditioning these last 3 games front of the glazers to see if he is truely the franchise qb or will he be tradebait in the coming months

    Lol, what will happen to all of tampa fanbase
    when buc scouts go to see the qbs workouts before the draft

  32. LovieBall Says:

    When the rest of the team is playing well, and Jameis is not, that is when I will call Jameis a bust. Right now the entire team sucks.

  33. SKBucsFan Says:

    I agree Brian. Cleveland may be the only team dumb enough to take that trade.

  34. JMarkBuc Says:

    Roy T.
    “He’s somewhere between a starting QB and very capable backup right now.”

    Isn’t that the obvious problem here? Overall # 1 pick, with “tremendous football IQ” in his third year and he’s between a starter and a backup? Sheesh

  35. Waterboy Says:

    I agree I don’t think Jameis is playing that bad either. His turnovers definitely aren’t helping but it’s a combination of other issues along with his turnovers that are hurting the team. If you totally eliminate his turnover you’d probably have about 2-3 more wins but you can say the same thing about other guys also including the Doug Martin or OJ Howard fumbles this past weekend. The bad snap at the goal-line by Smith last week, the missed block by Peyton Barber that allowed the strip sack when Jameis was stepping up in the pocket, missed field goals early in the season, the defenses inability to close out games. The list goes on but the thing that seems to be consistent is this team as a whole looks out of sync every week.

  36. Roy T. Buford Says:

    JMarkBuc…I agree that’s ONE problem. But it would not be enough to throw him away yet…but with the ADDITIONAL baggage he is less attractive, less worth the continued study and risk.

  37. not there yet Says:

    The only way to know for sure is to get rid of this sorry weak coach. Way way to find out if they need to move on from Winston….. It’s already obvious we need to move on from dirk anyway. People are killing Winston about the incident in the sidelines but no one is saying how cowardly dirk acted because he did nothing, he didn’t even come over and say anything to Winston. Dirk is to cowardly to be a head coach

  38. Bucnjim Says:

    Here is the biggest and most important fact about the Bucs: They are in the bottom five or six teams in both scoring and time of possession for the first three quarters of games.

    That basically means we are trailing going into the 4th quarter of every game. Are some of these stats in garbage time? The Bucs ARE notorious for coming back late just to break our hearts in the end. Good teams aren’t last in scoring through three quarters and neither are good QB’s.

  39. AlteredEgo Says:

    Preach on Roy T !….I’ll take a break

  40. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Play has been mixed. The extra stuff is not looking good.

  41. BucThis Says:

    If I was Winston, I’d throw footballs at the media too. In fact, I’d aim for right between the eyes of Chris “Mad Dog” Russo just to show how good my accuracy is. That also includes the commenters listed below. I’d love to see what you all comment when reach the playoffs and win another ring.

    LovieBall-(Clearly you want the team to suck with a Name like that.)
    Im a Tandy Man Bucs Fan
    Roy T. Buford
    Joseph Momma
    got to be effing kidding
    Dr. Lob

    This is clearly on the coaching. If you invest a #1 overall pick, you should invest on top rated coaching as well. By all your “observations” you mean to tell me Evans, Alexander, Marpet, Hargreaves, and others are “busts” and we need to move on from them because they regressed this year? Or are all of you so Anti-Jameis and that you would rather have Fitzpatrick be your quarterback? Are you all so far up Dirk a** that you would rather have a FAILING head coach then elevate your QB? Is our QB perfect? No. Does he need to improve, yes. Is the potential there for him to be the best Buc player this franchise has ever seen? YES.

    You all better start thinking of new names to comment here on this site because when the right coaching staff is implemented and we become an NFC contender, year in and year out, you all are going to look pretty KLUELESS just like our HC.

  42. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Extrapolate Jameis’ numbers over a full season and he is having his best year as a ro. the difference between thus year and last year is the iunjury and the fact the defense has regressed to bottom-feeder level – putting the Bucs in constant less than desirable game scripts.

    The turnovers are a problem – but everywhere else his numbers have improved on a per game basis – his QB rating is at a career high.

    People and fans are lazy and on’t look at the actual stats. One could even argue to throw out the Panthers and Saints meetings where Jameis was at his worst this season because he was clearly hurt and needed to be shut down. But even WITH those games, he’s having the best stats of his career.

    Tune the ignorant Buc fans out and fix the defense. Period.

  43. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Look, you just don’t get to make up stuff about Joe. Find other ways to say what you want to say. Share links. Change your attitude. –Joe

  44. T Syce Says:

    Joe once again. See him for who he is. An idiot outside the game and a bad decision maker within the game. Bad defense or not. Bad coaching or not.HE’S the on with a billion turnovers since being dtafted.Alot of potential but a lot of bad play too

  45. The Anomaly Says:

    The counter-argument is that we’ve now seen Winston throw 1,431 pro passes and the results have been underwhelming. The closest comparable for Winston in terms of rate statistics since the start of 2015 is another quarterback from Florida:

    Jameis Winston 60.3% 7.4 2.9% 1.56 86.2 54.8
    Blake Bortles 59.1% 6.8 2.6% 1.77 84.0 49.3

    Jameis SUCKS!

  46. Lamarcus Says:


    So Blake bortles who is 9-4 is better than JW???

    The hate is real.

  47. JMarkBuc Says:

    Buc This

    I would prefer that DK, MS and JL be gone.. A point I have stated often, so don’t know how you figure my head is up Dirks ass.

    JW might be able to be turned around, but I seriously doubt it. The things he does as a third year pro QB are unacceptable, and not all on coaching. A bad QB is a bad QB, and stats are for losers.

    BUC YOU!

  48. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Buc This…….Doubt we would all be bashing Famous if it wasn’t justified. The Dude has just played like a Rookie this year. Not a 3 year starter in the NFL. If all this Uber stuff is true with the way he has played this year and his character as a person revealed to be what it is I as one will not change my name. I will scream to have his ass axed along with Koetter, Smith and Licht. Something has to give here for us to be able to move forward and become the Team we are capable of being. Sure as hell hasn’t proven to be that way this season with those 3 Clowns running Things!!!!! So Buc That!!!!

  49. BucThis Says:


    Heres a thought! What if we actually played to JW strengths? What if JW actually had a coach that would elevate his play??? What if JW actually had a ground game like his rookie year? What if JW had a SOMETHING, ANYTHING of defense? What if JW actually had a strong OLINE??

    All of those things factor into a QB confidence and his play. Get JW into a rhythm, give him a ground game and good defense. The only thing that is “unacceptable” for a 3rd year QB is to put the ENTIRE team on his shoulders. JW will be here for the long haul, if you dont like it then find another team and BUC OFF.

  50. JMarkBuc Says:

    Sorry, but #1 picks are supposed to carry a hell of a lot. That’s why they call them FRANCHISE.

    The boneheaded, incompetent stuff he does on the field is only eclipsed by the boneheaded stuff he does off of it.

    If he was on another team and did this stuff, we’d all be like” man that kid sucks” I mean obvious is obvious.

    The Bucs will always be my team. Too much misery invested at this point.

  51. SKBucsFan Says:

    What are JW’s strengths? Getting the ball within a 10 foot radius of the receiver on a deep route? Over/under throwing the ball with consistency? Making bad decisions every game that usually get the team further behind? His accuracy is atrocious. If he didn’t have a few guys with suction cups for hands his pass completion ratio would be even lower than the league average of 62%.

    I am NOT a fan of JW. Never was. He came with too much baggage and was always going to be a bad pick. However, with all of that said, I do believe he is the best option going forward. Hopefully a new coach and offensive scheme will improve our win column. He is only 23, maybe another or two will help his maturity. But based on what I have seen I am not getting my hopes up.

  52. JMarkBuc Says:

    As a matter of fact

    How about we rename the den of depression to the pit of misery, until things turn around?

    Ok, somebody say it……

  53. JMarkBuc Says:


    Well put..

    Personally, I think the longer he’s here the more it’s throwing good money after bad. Unfortunately, I don’t see any way he’s not here for a while. So this saga is just getting started

  54. SKBucsFan Says:

    I keep telling myself it is only a game. And that it shouldn’t really matter. I do try to believe it, I really do. But most Sundays come and go and find myself turning into a miserable person for the rest of the day after watching year after year of ineptness. Then I see teams like Philly and LA Rams turn it around after a bad year and it gives me hope.

    Call it what you want but that is the life of a Bucs fan. And I, like JMark have too much invested in this franchise to give up.

    Maybe we can start a petition to change the team name to the Tampa Bay Browns. That way we know going in that it’s going to be a sh**ty year.

  55. BigHogHaynes Says:


  56. Pierce Says:

    Do you honestly believe that he is done with his foolish antics? I don’t. I’m not ready to give up on him just yet but I’m getting there. Not because of his play but because of his immaturity.

  57. NFLNut Says:


    The media spins things whichever way they want to … I’ve already shown that Jameis first 40 NFL starts blow Roethlisberger, Brees, Brady, etc., out of the water and are even slightly better than Peyton Mannings … the media could use those same stats but as they want to spin the narrative that Jameis is a huge gamble for the next Bucs coach, they compare him to Bortles … it’s all very transparent and rather silly … but the dumb public laps it up like dogs.

    I guess I’m just not dumb enough to let the media think for me … I wish everyone could say the same.


  58. Jmarkbuc Says:


    ” I’ve already shown that Jameis first 40 NFL starts blow Roethlisberger, Brees, Brady, etc., out of the water and are even slightly better than Peyton Mannings”

    Kind of proves how little stats mean…JW is none of those guys.

    Hell, JW can be Bortles for all I care, if we’re 9-4..

  59. NFLNut Says:

    ^ You’re right, JW has been BETTER than all of those guys through his first 40 starts … and he’s 1-4 years YOUNGER than them at the same stage of their careers … you need to take a long-term view and not expect a 21-23 year old QB to play like 31-33 year old QBs from the get-go … Peyton Manning threw ONE UNDRED INTERCEPTIONS in his first 5 years … Aaron Rodgers sat the bench for years, etc., etc., stop requiring a 21-23 year old QB to be an instant MVP and franchise savior …

  60. SKBucsFan Says:

    A 1st overall Pick SHOULD BE a saviour!!! Or at least show signs of it.

    I hope you are right NFLNut. But one difference between JW and the rest of the group you have mentioned (besides the fact they are all winners in their careers) is that none of them had off field issues before and during their NFL career. JW does. It shouldn’t matter if he plays well, but until he starts throwing W’s up instead of interceptions, he will be viewed with a critical eye. And I don’t mean puking W’s out after he eats them.

  61. Capt.Tim Says:

    A Franchise QB, is a QB that, thru his play and abilities alone- improves his team.
    He leads his team- against the odds- to victory.

    Is that Jameis?

    No. With Jameis, we are just waiting to see what undisciplined mistake hes going to make, to trip up our talented offense.

    And he consistently does just that.

    The player who was getting good play out of our offense this year- Was Fitz.
    And Jameis isnt improving.
    Ive come to the conclusion that he will never have the football IQ and decision making skills to be a franchise QB.
    And his off field actions are evidence that his bad decision making isnt limited to the field.

    We should draft a QB number one. Good draft for QBs. Draft a smart guy.
    Give them a year together, then trade the worst one.

    Its the best option, IMO, to lift this team out of the gutter eventually
    Otherwise, we risk spending another 1-3 years on Jameis, just to watch him keep imploding. By then, our talented offense will have fallen apart

  62. NFLNut Says:


    No ONE player can be a “Savior” in the NFL, not even a star QB … this isn’t the NBA.

    Aikman’s in the Hall of Fame and has 3 rings but he was anything but a Savior and was pretty bad until the Cowboys got LOADED with talent around him.

    Marino on the other hand was much more of a franchise savior from Day 1 … and yet … he NEVER won a ring.

    A quarterback only has about a 5-10% effect on a game and whether such is won our lost … football is the ultimate TEAM sport and no one player can be a true franchise savior!


  63. NFLNut Says:


    CapT.Tim … you are a LOON.

    If GM’s were as loonie as you there would be about 25 QBs drafted in the 1st round this year … loon.

    This TEAM has holes everywhere and you want to spend a #1 pick on a position of strength … why not spend a 2nd rounder on a WR, a 3rd on a C, a 4th on a MLB, etc., and give competition to all our best players … loon.

    It’s a team like the Titans, a team that is LOADED but just needs a legit QB that should be seriously considering packaging Mariota and their #1 to move up and draft a legit QB like Sam Darnold … or even just trading Mariota for a 2nd rounder and signing a solid vet like Kirk Cousins as they are ONLY a legit QB away from being a legit SB Contender … the Bucs are an entire defense and a running game away from being a legit contender and you want to draft a QB … you are a LOON!!!!!!!!


  64. Crazed Fan Says:

    Caution with your face!!! Winston does need to tighten up, quickly. But he ain’t going no place. He will be back tomorrow and the next day, and the next day, and the next day… The season has been one long fart, I get that. But Winston has talent. He needs to pray and get focused. Go Bucs!!!

  65. jerseybuc Says:

    Joe, you can put out the numbers but the eye test tells me he needs to improve his game. Shaky footwork, over hyped emotions, no touch on deep balls, and lack of pocket maturity. He has to learn to slide a bit and throw, instead he turns pressure into a jailbreak where he gets reckless with the ball.

  66. SKBucsFan Says:

    You are right NFLNut. Football is a team sport, but you are delusional if you think that a quarterback doesn’t have a huge impact on the outcome of games. I guess all the GM’s throwing ridiculous amounts of money at that position don’t know what they are doing.

    At what point are you going to take your Winston color glasses off? I would love to win with our guy. He just hasn’t shown he is capable…yet! He only has one or two more years to prove it. Then we are off to drafting again. I really hope it doesn’t come down to that.

    FYI , I am sure there are a dozen quarterbacks in this league that would gladly change offenses with the Bucs. Why wouldn’t they? We are LOADED with talent . Mariota would be one of them.

  67. Capt.Tim Says:

    Exactly right.
    There are dozens of QBs, who would get to the Probowl running this offense.
    Even Fitz looked great running it, and won 2 games in a row
    Nflnuts is . .well . .nuts.

    Yes, this team needs a massive defensive overhaul.
    But not on offense.
    The offense needs a 2nd back, to team with Barber
    And it needs a QB.
    And Jameis isnt it.

    So, according to the Rose colored view of Bucnuts, since the defense sucks- the offense might as well suck too!
    Great strategy!- total team suckage

    Me? I say, If the offense is only 2 players away from being great- prioritize getting them! It will take a young QB several years to learn the NFL game.
    We build a defense, while our QB is learning the team and the game

    Or, like the nut suggest
    We let Jameis keep crippling the Offense, while we build a stout defense.
    Then we willl still be losing, so we can start looking for a new QB.
    Except we will be good enought to win a few games, so we will have crappy draft picks. None good enough to find a young QB
    And doom us to more years of celler dwelling.

    Same plan we used in the 80s and 90s. When this team sucked beyond all belief.
    Great plan, nut.

    Recognize that Jameis probably isnt the long term answer, get a young QB in here- to run this very good offense.
    Worked in LA, Philly, etc
    It cannwork here

  68. JimmyJack Says:

    Im a Winston fan. Personally I believe a better HC/Offense could produce more results with that side of the ball.

    I can understand some of you wanting to defend Winston but you are being way too ultra sensitive about everything…………We are freaking 4-9 guys. Winston’s team is one of the worst in the league.

    I think you fans need to wake up and realize this is what happens to your teams captain when his team can’t compete on Sundays. Be it right or wrong this is the way it will always work in the NFL. The QB is going to take a brunt of the blame when the team is uncompetitive……..along with the HC and GM. Nobody going to give a flying eff because Winston scored three go-ahead TDs in three losses. He obviously didn’t score enough to win the game.

    Look I’m not solely blaming Winston I put most of the blame on the HC that took over a top 5 offense and has us below average now. But if you want to support Winston you better be able to accept the fact that he will be blamed when his team can’t even come close to even winning half it’s games. It come with the territory for an NFL QB and no opinion is ever going to change that.

    Just quit being ultra sensitive……..At the end of the day we all want this team to start winning nd that the only thing that will ever take the microscope off of Winston.

  69. aceinthehole Says:

    I am shocked at how how much hate some folks on here are throwing at JW. Truth is, if he had the running game and defense of either the Eagles, Rams or Jags JW would be right there.

  70. Howard Cosell Says:

    It pains Howard to type this..but:
    It looks as though Lovie and his no cussing policy was a much better environment for Winston than Koetters Laissez-faire style.

    It saddens Howard that a 24 year old man needs a baby sitter.

    Get your s*it together glazer clowns

  71. NFLNut Says:



    QBs have about a 5-10% impact on whether a team wins or loses a game … that’s a fact.

    They have 0% impact on the defense which represents probably about 47.5% of the game.

    They have 0% impact on the special teams which probably represents about 5% of the game.

    They are one of eleven players on offense and even if you double their impact on that side of the ball, that means they have an 18.18% impact on that 47.5% of the game.

    All of the above said, at most, if a QB’s impact on the offense is absolutely doubled, he has a whopping 8.64% impact on the entire game and whether a team wins or loses.

    I’ve said this many times before … imagine you have two teams of test takers each with 24 members. On team A, all 24 team members score a 75/100. On team B, 23 of the team members score a 70/100 and one player scores a 95/100. Team A is going to win the game easily by a score of 75% to 71.04% … but OBVIOUSLY that one player on the LOSING team that scored a 95% was by far the best test-taker. It’s no different in football or any team sport really.

    In the NBA a star player can have a 20-40% impact on the outcome of a game as they can literally play every minute on both ends of the court (offense and defense) but even in the NBA, very rarely does the best player win the ring year in and year out … if they did Chamberlain, Jordan, Shaq and LeBron would each have 10+ rings.

    However, in football, the ultimate TEAM sport, no one player, not even a QB contributes even 10% to the outcome of a game, so to talk about wins as if they are a “qb stat” or to spout off like a moronic loon like Stephen A Smith and act as if qbs play 1-on-1 on the field, is just absurd.

    I’ll say it again, Jameis Winston is good enough right now to win a ring on a team like the Steelers, Eagles, Patriots and Vikings … and so are about 20 other QBs, but Jameis is NOT good enough, and neither is any other QB in the NFL, to win a ring on this horrible Buccaneers TEAM.

    The Bucs are set for the next decade at QB, WR, TE, C and maybe MLB and one OLB spot if Beckwith is who I think he is … but that’s it … the team needs to concentrate on their weaknesses this offseason and build a quality TEAM.

    Personally, I’d love to see them sign a DE and CB in free agency, someone like Ziggy Ansah or Kony Ealy with a Malcolm Butler or Trumaine Johnson … and then draft another DE, another CB, a SS, DT and RB … and hopefully those moves will improve the TEAM.


  72. NFLNut Says:

    ^ Ah, yet another one of my post that just shuts people up … gotta love it.

  73. Joe Says:

    NFL Nut, you are out of your mind if you think the Patriots, Steelers or Packers don’t suffer without their starting quarterbacks. The NFL isn’t 1970s college football where folks ran the wishbone and quarterbacks were interchangeable.

    The Packers, with Rodgers, were a Super Bowl contender. Without him, that team was barely a .500 team. If you watched that Steelers game Sunday night, very few quarterbacks could have completed the passes Big Ben made.

    Teams don’t draft quarterbacks in the first round to be marginal players. They touch the ball and make the decision what to do with that ball on every snap. We’re not talking a fullback or an outside linebacker here.

    What have the Colts done since Andrew Luck blew out his shoulder? Team went from the AFC title game to a garbage team nearly overnight.

  74. Capt.Tim Says:

    Like I said- nut.

    I realize that my opinion on Jameis isnt the consensus.
    And Im ussually the first to preach, about giving players time to develop.
    But its his decidion making- not his play, that I think is going to be a chronic flaw. It has been so far thru out his career.
    And it aint getting any better.
    Sooner or later hes gonna make a decision, that will force the team to move on without him.
    Sooner is better, while we still have a high draft pck- and he still has high trade value.

  75. onetrickpony Says:

    America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston who was the most pro ready coming out {brouhaha bull$hit} or so we were told, what we got was

    23 yr old immature kid
    23 yr old possibly a coach killer
    23 yr old, you cant teach me anything,know it all
    23 yr old who cant learn from his mistakes
    23 yr old hot and cold mistake prone quarterback
    23 yr old I can do what I want, where I want (atten: Evans)
    23 yr old building up slow baggage (soon to be a Manziel clone?)
    on and on

    yeah I know,its everybody’s fault but his. Oh well, poor Jameis.