Packers 26, Buccaneers 20 (OT)

December 3rd, 2017

It’s now six touchdown catches for Cameron Brate this season. (Photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

So America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, returned to action today, was gifted a stout running game for a change and the Bucs still lost.

Damn, this is a painful season.

As expected, Jameis looked rusty, but he shouldn’t have been this rusty.

From the near interceptions, to wildly exposing the football and throwing past the line of scrimmage, to the mind-numbing and senseless pick-6 in the second quarter (a needless force job when he should have eaten a sack), it was a rough day for 23-year-old Jameis.

But still, Jameis showed his immense talent and short memory, making plays and staying aggressive.

Minor hat tip to the Bucs defense, which stood tall through four quarters on the road and only allowed 13 points to the Green Bay offense. But they choked on the final drive. Game over. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

The defense manned up on multiple drives in the second half and even managed two sacks, from Will Clarke. Kudos to rookie Justin Evans with his third interception of the season; there are only a small handful of guys across the NFL with three or more picks. Plus, Evans’ tackling was improved.

How about Peyton Barber in for Doug Martin! Damn, 23 carries for 102 yards behind an offensive line playing the third-choice enter and a backup right tackle. No surprise with the running game improvement. (Joe will have more on that later).

How Dirk Koetter gave up on the run game on 2nd-and-goal was atrocious.

Revived Cameron Brate was money, as Dirk Koetter predicted, reuniting with Jameis and coming up clutch. But it just wasn’t enough.

What a killer for Koetter, whose 4-8 team just about locked down last place in the NFC South — against a bad Packers team.

Stick with Joe for much more through the afternoon. Joe is at Lambeau and will have plenty from the Bucs locker room.

162 Responses to “Packers 26, Buccaneers 20 (OT)”

  1. ATrain Says:




  2. playerunknown Says:

    softest defense I ever did see

  3. ElioT Says:

    Finally the Bucs dominate a game!!!!

    …and lose!

    This team is full of losers.

    Time to purge!!!


  4. Bucnut2 Says:

    Jamies’s only IMMENSE talent is in making TO’s. He’s just NOT good.

  5. EA Says:

    This is one bada$$ football team, just like Dirk pictured it.

  6. BucThis Says:

    Keotter #NOTMYCOACH


    we just suck @ coaching and play calling!

  8. ATrain Says:

    J Jones had 24 yards today

    He had that in one catch against us

  9. Rob Says:

    Koetter and Smith should be fired tonight, with Licht. That abortion of a game, the predictable finish, should cost jobs. Laughing stock of the entire sports world. NO WAY these coaches survive giving up 80 yards in one minute to lose another winnable game.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Evan Smith’s penalty on our last drive hurt us

  11. RealityCheck Says:

    Dirk has consistently shown that he’s gutless. He makes poor play calls in crucial situations. Any of us that have watched the Bucs for years knew exactly how that game was going to end. It’s a 6th sense at this point. His coaching is holding this team back. He should not be the offensive coordinator.

  12. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Fire koetter


    And an OFFENSIVE defense

  14. JonBuc Says:


  15. ChanEpic Says:

    Joe thanks for citing the positives from today’s game. It’s a first rate response to what has to be a hard team to write about.

  16. Erik w/ Clean Athletics Says:

    I’m done wasting these beautiful Florida Sundays watching the Bucs.

    It’s time to blow this thing up.

    We need to Fire the ENTIRE coaching staff.

    We need to Draft a QB in Round 1 and a RB in Round 2.

    And then defense the rest of the draft.

  17. Mike Johnson Says:

    NOW…Now do you gotta have Winston with the 1st pick Buc fans finally realize? DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS? You will….. after this season. The..lack of Defense..rests its case. Your witness…..

  18. brooks55hof Says:

    Cursed again. Slumpbusters

  19. BucThis Says:

    Koetter# NOTMYCOACH

  20. Doctor Stroud Says:

    If anyone gets fired in the offseason, Mike Smith will be the “fall guy”.

  21. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    At some point…Koetter/Licht and the powers that be…if they still have their jobs…are going to have to make some tough decisions.

    They need to tell #3 either he stops all this childish and stupid stretching of plays that aren’t there…or it’s time to hit the highway.

    We can give the other team seven points just for showing up against our QB who loves to gift the other team with free scores. It’s long past old!!!

    Grow up and learn to make some decisions or it’s time to unload him. #3 is clearly far more gifted physically than Fitz…but who had you feeling more comfortable at the controls. #3 has become a train wreck. He needs to get his act together ASAP

  22. Zachary Stone Says:

    Jameis sucks. Mike Smith sucks. Lict sucks minus like 4 picks….

  23. Ed Says:

    This coaching staff should be fired, on Monday.

  24. Rod Munch Says:

    The Bucs had the 10th ranked defense in the NFL under Lovie – who had much less talent on defense than Dirk and Mikey have.

    You dolts that cheered Lovie being fired – taking Dirk from being a very very good offensive coordinator to being a clueless head coach who gets out coached every week – this was the predictable outcome of that.

    Congrats – you got what you wanted, Dirk with a dumb clueless look on his face every week as he’s out coached by the worst coaches in football.

  25. BucThis Says:

    New coach= New Winston
    New scheme= Better Winston

  26. dmatt Says:

    Will Ghoston is a dud n a waste. Mike Evans is mediocre n a dud…continues to drop passes with a fragile body. Evans Smith played for the packers today…he was glad to be back home. Our defense is horrible n the coordinator’s gotta go.i watched the packers smaller lineman just bull rush over our bigger lineman in the open fiel to stop us short from making plays. Plz let’s get a coach that can motivate this team with a swag.


    @brooks 55… That’s EXACTLY what WE are.

  28. D-Rome Says:

    Today is the first time I have wondered whether Jameis is the future. He refuses to change how he plays. One could argue his turnover is the reason why the Buccaneers lost the game today.

  29. IndyBucsFan Says:

    It’s a bucs life!

  30. Rob Says:

    Watching that sorry as hell qb Hundley laugh at the Bucs as he waltzed down the field. Oh MY FREAKING GOD. I hate being a die hard Buc fan. The Tampa community deserves a professional team, not this train wreck. Fire the entire bunch of losers.

  31. BucThis Says:

    👏 don’t 👏 Let 👏 The 👏Coaches👏On👏The👏Flight👏Home👏

  32. Ray Rice Says:

    Kwon sucks

  33. America's Groper Says:

    This wouldn’t have even been as close as it was with a Rogers in ….. Shameus was the typical Village Idiot that was whipped by a backup QB draftedin 2015 (147 overallpick) . Granted our defense was offensive too

  34. Warrenfb12 Says:

    No hat tip to the defense here. That game wasn’t the nail in the coffin for Mike SMith/Dirk/Jason Licht

  35. BuckAnEar Says:

    McAdoo vs Koetter.

    Gimme the mustache man!

  36. Patrick Says:

    What’s it gonna take for “America’s quarterback” to stop turning the ball over and doing stupid $&@t like he did again today?

  37. Architek Says:

    I’m over the losing LOL – this is the Browns

  38. JimmyJack Says:

    Brutal line play on both sides. Our Dline is an absolute joke. Knew they were going to continue running and just get steam rolled. Scrub game planning on defense and again a lack of adjustment.

  39. deminion Says:

    Not sure what it is with this team it’s really weird

  40. Warrenfb12 Says:


  41. John Ensch Says:

    I am so tired of reading this franchise QB crap from you sports writers. I’m sorry I don’t see it. He is average at best nothing more. I don’t want to hear about injuries either as these guys are professional FB players there are “NO” excuses. The difference between good teams and bad is that the good teams don’t have excuses they just win with or without starters. Please stop writing about the excuses and just say they lost cause they are bad. I don’t care if they went to overtime they lost and that’s all that counts.

  42. Howard Cosell Says:

    Abomination of a team

  43. AlteredEgo Says:

    listening to the post game radio show…Jaabbering…Jibbering..Jameis….

  44. JWBUCS Says:

    Blunders, mistakes, confusion and poor play! Very disappointing team, not worthy of Pro consideration!

  45. Mike Johnson Says:

    THE HORROR..of being a Bucs fan…..Shere..Horror!

  46. BuckAnEar Says:

    Nathan Peterman to start for the Bucs next week. 🙂

  47. Rod Munch Says:

    You dolts trying to play Winston for this pitiful loss? You’re the same dolts who cheered Dirk getting the HC job when people with a brain pointed out that hey, lets not take our OC and make him HC when that means he’ll no longer be spending 24×7 with Winston and only working on offense.

    Now you low IQ dullards blame Winston – blame him for having no offensive line, blame him for running backs falling down, blame him for phantom calls, blame him for people dropping the ball. LOL!

    Do me a favor if you’re on the hate Winston bandwagon and kindly hold a parade, take it up the top of the Skyway and then over the side. Seeya, you won’t be missed.

    God bless.

  48. The daily corner Says:

    Evan Smith was a turd today! Allowed several sacks. whiffed on several screen play blocks. Go bucks top 10 draft pick

  49. Wesley Says:

    Better off losing, this season doesn’t matter.

  50. Defense Rules Says:

    Defense didn’t lose this game today; offense & STs did. Defense gave up 13 points in regulation time … enough to win today. Offense blew it by settling for FGs when there’s no reason they didn’t score TDs, except their own incompetence that is. Koetter’s boorish play-calling and Jameis foolishly turning the ball over for 7 points made the difference in the ballgame. For all the fans blaming Smitty for this loss, he came close to working a miracle today (Bucs winning at Lambeau Field in December?) , especially considering what a motley crew he had to work with.

  51. Howard Cosell Says:

    I really need to hire a psychologist to help me me give a **** about the Sux.

  52. Bobby M. Says:

    Barber ran very well…Other then that, classic Bucs. This team needs a lot of talent on both lines…Licht & Company….YOURE FIRED!

  53. Howard Cosell Says:


  54. BuckAnEar Says:

    @Rod Munch. Munch on this: Fitz woulda played better overall today.

  55. Rod Munch Says:

    “McAdoo vs Koetter.

    Gimme the mustache man!”

    Wow… that could be the only situation where I’d end up siding with Dirk. Thanks for giving perspective.

  56. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Rod, don’t twist stats. Lovie was garbage. And he had the 10 ranked defense is yards. And a bottom 3 defense is points allowed. That just means our offense always gave the other team a short field

  57. Howard Cosell Says:

    Lol…yes Mike….it is indeed a Horror. Well said.

  58. AlteredEgo Says:

    Rod crotchMuncher…is dumber than Aimless Winston

  59. JimmyJack Says:

    Winston made one mistake…….His Oline got abused all game. Your going to get ugly mistakes when the QB gets hit 15 times knocked down 12 sacked 8 times and hurried all game.

    If your more upset with Winston then the Oline you’re wrong IMO

  60. passthebuc Says:

    America’s quarterback?


  61. BuckAnEar Says:

    @Rod Munch: You’re welcome on McAdoo. I can’t stand anything about him either but against Dirk… might be a toss up. 🙂

  62. Bird Says:


    You got the “short memory” part right.

    Is Jameis more talented then Fitz. No question. Way more talented Does the offense look any different under Fitz then Jameis. Not at all. When your offensive coordinator has to run 15 screens for your #1 overall pick, you are in trouble.

    He has regressed. Don’t know how he turns it around when you can’t simply realize you are reckless and hurting the team like that. He touches the ball every offensive snap and it’s not good enough. Good play. 3 bad plays.

  63. g720 Says:

    Koetter has no clue on how to call good offensive plays other than predictable ones. He must have 8 plays in his play book. Even with 2 starters on the line missing, with the talent they have on offense against a horrible Packers d, this is all they could get? Please clean house with all these coaches and bring someone in here who can call an offensive game that doesn’t look like a high school playbook.

  64. Howard Cosell Says:

    If I wanted this kind of stress in my life I’d get an chocoholic prostitute for a girlfriend

  65. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense Rules – The defense didn’t lose the game? Seriously? Did you watch OT? That’s as pitiful of a defensive effort as you can get. Sure, they played OK against the worst offense in the NFL for 60 mins, then when it mattered most they didn’t make a single play.

    But yeah, blame the offense for taking the ball down the field in the 4th quarter and getting a TD and the lead and seeing the defense collapse and lose the game.


  66. Howard Cosell Says:


  67. not there yet Says:

    The Glazer’s are a proud bunch, it’s ok if bad decisions are made as long as it’s their decision because it’s their money

    Raheem Morris
    Greg Schiano
    Lovie Smith
    Dirk Koetter

    How many more coaches will we hire that Will never be a head coach in the NFL ever again after we fire them? I’m tired of seeing Adam hump get more targets than everyone else. Once again we can’t beat a back up quarterback. It’s bad when veterans are making huge mistakes. We need a new coach one that will call plays for the offenses best players

  68. BuckAnEar Says:


    Head Coach Dirk Koetter
    Special Teams Coordinator Nate Kaczor
    Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach Todd Monken
    Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith
    Quarterbacks Coach Mike Bajakian
    Assistant Offensive Line Coach Butch Barry
    Defensive Quality Control Dave Borgonzi
    Linebackers Coach Mark Duffner
    Defensive Line Coach Jay Hayes
    Secondary Coach Jon Hoke
    Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Dave Kennedy
    Defensive Backs Coach Brett Maxie
    Assistant Special Teams Coach Carlos Polk
    Running Backs Coach Tim Spencer
    Assistant Defensive Line Coach Paul Spicer
    Tight Ends Coach Ben Steele
    Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Joe Vaughn
    Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Chad Wade
    Offensive Line Coach George Warhop
    Assistant Wide Receivers/Game Management Andrew Weidinger
    Offensive Quality Control Coach Zack Grossi
    Offensive Assistant Skyler Fulton
    Defensive Assistant Danny Breyer
    Assistant to the Head Coach Anthony Perkins

  69. Swanee Says:

    Yes I would agree. It is time for Glazers to sell this team after this season. Their decision in hiring head coaches and staff these past 8 years have been a huge failure . The Glazers do not have any understanding on hiring the right coaches. Awful coaches that are direct responsibility of a Glazers were Morris, Smith and Koetter. I hope we can force the sale.

  70. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Why all the whining? Most wanted a loss for a better draft pick… got what you wished for…, on to next week.

  71. passthebuc Says:

    An HC with any guts would have pulled Winston after that fumble for a touchdown.

    At one time I figured if you traded JW you could get a 2nd and a 3rd. Now i’m not sure you could get a free agent.

  72. JimmyJack Says:

    Our Dline let them control the game and stuff the ball down our throats all day. And when the game was on the line twice they stuffed it down our throats some more. Neither side of the ball evades blame for their pitiful performance.

  73. buccfan305 Says:

    I Love my Bucs, ( and will till I die) but we F#@king suck….can’t block, can’t coach, can’t kick, can’t punt,can’t throw, can’t catch, can’t tackle, can’t score, can’t defend, can’t win. I’m so suck of our season being over in the first 6 weeks. F#@king pathetic!!! At least keep us entertained until week 10 or 12.



    I’m going to bed now!!!

  74. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe, Why is every post of mine under moderation?…….you’ve eventually cleared every post of mine for almost a year now.

  75. passthebuc Says:

    I have said for years. You need a president of football operations and let the Glazers be Philanthropic.

  76. Bucs68 Says:

    I can’t wait until Jameis can gets out of Tampa. The guy was sacked 7 times and knocked down 15 times in this game. I’m not sure what the hell was wrong with the pass protection today but it was the worst it’s been all season. He needs to get with an actual NFL team.

  77. Howard Cosell Says:

    God truly hates tampa and especially tampa football.

  78. BuckAnEar Says:

    @Swanee: Glazers have a one track ManU mind. That’s where the real money is. This team is barely even on their radar, so no wonder we’re in the fifth decade of sucking more than a Hoover warehouse.

    It’s not the players or the coaches it’s the GLAZERS!

  79. KnoxvilleBuc Says:

    I am tired of changing coaches but it’s definitely time for a change after watching this. Someone has to come in and light a fire under the players, demand accountability, concentration, work ethic, and most importantly that person has to be a winner themselves. So much talent hindered by lack of discipline and poor coaching. Time to go hire a big time coach that has big time expectations and has done it before.

  80. Rod Munch Says:

    LOL! The defense did good today crowd are truly some of the most clueless people I’ve ever heard talk about football. The Packers are literally the worst offense in football and their HC was super conservative. After the Bucs got a 4th quarter TD for the lead – after that the Bucs defense did nothing. If the Packers coach isn’t super conservative they easily get the TD on the series where it’s 4th and a 1/2 inch at the 6 – instead they kicked the FG knowing Dirk would be ultra conservative and just play for OT – which he did. Then in OT the defense did nothing, they were awful, they got ran all over. You can’t say the defense played well because when they gave up a 4th quarter lead against the worst offense in football. Wow are you ladies completely clueless.

  81. Howard Cosell Says:

    Glazers are great!

  82. Soggy Says:

    If the bucs ever want a winning team again the football gods say kiss em where they fart for firing gbruden

  83. AlteredEgo Says:

    Listening to radio….local media SUCKS….free access and buffet @ RayJay and None Buc Place…turd polishers…

  84. Big Mo Says:

    I thought at the 2 minute warning: OK. Can Jameis be like other good QB’s and drive down to win this thing. IF he can great, he learned something and might be the guy. If he can’t, well then he doesn’t have it and we should move on…But now we will never know…..The penalty hurt yes, but we then played for overtime and that cost us. Dammit Dirk let Jameis wing it and see what he’s got…Coaching stuff has to go…

  85. Howard Cosell Says:

    Damage control in full effect.

  86. Soggy Says:


  87. Bird Says:

    Rod munch.

    You are hilarious. People should criticize the #1 pick who is the most important player on the team. He was inaccurate. And downright careless with the ball. What game were you watching. Did he lose the game all by himself. Hell no.

    But he didn’t do anything to help them win. Keep blaming everyone but Jameis like the a lot of people on this website. Call me an idiot if you want their tough guy

    He looks average at best most games. Couple that with the stupid stuff off the football field. So yah. I am a little pissed off with him right now.

  88. Ed Says:

    Remember the Lovie smith curse.

  89. Onetrickpony Says:

    I think if i hear the words americas quarterback one more time i will,puke

  90. BUC MAN Says:


  91. bucfan999 Says:

    The coaching staff needs to go today!!!! Offensive play calling SUCKS!!! Defensive play calling is SOFT & SUCKS!!!!! Interview Dennis Thurman tonight, Hire Jon Gruden & Rex Ryan tomorrow and let them evaluate the players that we currently have and let them make the changes moving forward in the off season & Draft. This coaching staff is totally clueless. Big let down from the preseason expectations.

  92. D-Rome Says:

    When Irk Koetter (No D) is fired will the Stick Carriers still call themselves Stick Carriers? This is why it’s stupid to generate fan excitement around a head coach. Before the season he was anointed as the next great coach after Gruden.

    Let’s not forget that under Jason Licht’s watch the Bucs have a worse winning percentage than under Mark Dominick’s watch.

  93. #fireDirk Says:

    2 minutes to go and our “OFFENSIVE” head coach gets scared and shuts down even with all these “weapons” on offense. We’re out coached and out schemed every week.. but we should all be glad we lost. Better draft pick and 1 loss closer to getting a new coach. Can’t wait till January 1st, it will be my Christmas.

  94. JB Says:

    America’s Quarterback????????
    Joe, you’ve got rocks in your head and need to find someone else to shill for, or is Jameis just paying you too much to stop?

  95. AlteredEgo Says:

    Bird…is the word !

  96. Rod Munch Says:

    g720 – The problem with Dirk is that he was a very very good offensive coordinator – but he’s clueless as a head coach. Every week he gets out coached, he never has the team ready to play, he doesn’t make any in-game adjustments, from the sideline he doesn’t see the field well and calls an awful predictable game and the closer the game is, the more pressure is on, the worse he gets. He shouldn’t be HC. I said last year at mid-season the Bucs should just fix their coaching issue by making Mike Smith the real head coach and move Dirk back to the booth and make him the OC. Sure it will hurt his feelings, but who cares, this is a guy that quit on his team last year against Denver – he literally quit on the team. Dirk doesn’t have the temperament to be HC which is why he never should have got the job. Lovie should have kept his job and Dirk should have stayed as HC – and I wasn’t a huge Lovie fan, I just wasn’t a fan of moving Dirk to HC and taking him away from what he did best. Now the Bucs don’t have a real offensive coordinator that should be working with Winston every min of every day, Dirk offers nothing as HC and Mike Smith is constantly outwitted on defense. Fix the coaching positions and you’d see improvement immediately.

  97. Sbucs Says:

    The owners won’t sell. There’s too much money made losing. The coaches don’t know what they’re doing. The players don’t care. This team will not win again this year.

  98. Frank Pillow Says:

    I have been a Jaboo believer. A Jaboo apologist. A Jaboo defender. Today is my day of reckoning. Jaboo is a disasterous disappointment. His footwork and body positioning are bad. His pocket presence is diminishing. His downfield vision is now nonexistent. He’s careless with the football and hapless as a leader of men.

    What’s most disheartening today is that he’s the least of our problems on the field. The OL is lousy. The DL is atrocious.

  99. I'm tired and 87 is right Says:

    Does anybody else type a whole sentence then back space to erase all their crazy comments? I just don’t know what to say anymore and if I said how I really felt most would be concerned. It’s a Bucs life. 🙁

  100. AlteredEgo Says:

    Jameis….is a dunce…

  101. Howard Cosell Says:

    You guys calling for Dirks head know about Lovie, Schiano and Raheem, right? Try to use your limited mental capacity and theorize why a team would have 4 shi*ty coaches over a 10 year period.

  102. Sbucs Says:

    The owners won’t sell. There’s too much money in losing. This team will not win again this year.

  103. Rod Munch Says:

    Bird – Winston did nothing to win the game – you know except lead the team down the field in the 4th quarter to get the lead. WOW, you Winston haters have a lower IQ than my shoe laces. LOL!

  104. BuckAnEar Says:

    It’s the GLAZERS GLAZERS GLAZERS. Glaze the Glazers!

  105. passthebuc Says:

    be care4full about what you say regarding JW(alias the molasses kid) Remember, he a legend in his own mind.
    he is slow
    he is inaccurate
    cannot read the defense
    stares down his receivers
    makes very bad decisions
    losses games for you


  106. Rojas Says:

    Agreed Rod Munch

  107. AlteredEgo Says:

    it is raining and Munch has holes in his shoes and feet are wet and he blames it on his umbrella….

  108. Frank Pillow Says:

    Oh I’m not done…the LBs are regressing. The DBs are suspect. The skill position players on offense still have a hard time getting open. The cupboard is so damn bare in key areas there’s no way Licht deserves to be retained. None. This coaching staff is as bad as any we’ve had. Yes, I said it. Lovie bad. Leeman bad. Rah bad. BLOW IT SKY HIGH. ALL OF IT

  109. tmaxcon Says:

    The bucs will never win another playoff game ever. The league will cointract before glazers figure it out…. pitiful franchise with ZERO hope for the future

  110. Bird Says:

    Butt munch

    Yup. That’s more fitting . New name is butt munch.

    Yah. Winston played great dude. You are right there butt munch.

  111. Swanee Says:

    Did Jöe actually quote that JW ” is America’s Quarterback”? Jöe possibly be that poor at assessing Talent. When was that written in Joe Bucs fan articles?

  112. BuckAnEar Says:

    Aw, we can’t blame the Bucs, after all there were no previous character clues that JW was a punk. NOT!

  113. Howard Cosell Says:

    Zero hope.

  114. Rod Munch Says:

    People blaming Winston for this game, where he got them the lead in the 4th quarter after not playing in a month, on a gimpy leg, on an awful field – LOL!

    Winston is the same guy he’s always been – he’ll make bad plays when it doesn’t matter, then he’ll win games when it does matter. Well assuming the HC doesn’t play for OT and just run the ball up the middle knowing his defense will collapse and the game will be over.

    But yeah, that didn’t happen, it’s Winston’s fault the defense collapsed and Dirk is a dud who plays for OT instead of trying to win the game.

    Again, LOL!

  115. Dreambig Says:

    Trying out NO today for my new team lol! Seriously, Koetter should get one more year but they need legit competition for Jameis. His ridiculous irresponsibility with the ball needs to get him benched for a while. He needs to earn his way back on the field, after he demonstrates he can think under pressure.

  116. Dom is gone Says:

    More weapons for Winston this off season. Keep ignoring defensive side of the ball seems to be working great there Mr Licht.

  117. Howard Cosell Says:

    The problem is definitely not Winston.

    You guys calling for Dirks head know about Lovie, Schiano and Raheem, right? Try to use your limited mental capacity and theorize why a team would have 4 shi*ty coaches over a 10 year period.

  118. Dreambig Says:

    My new team scored 7 already. Haha!

  119. Crazed Fan Says:

    Jamies made the boneheaded play that cost us 7 points. BUT, do we ignore all the things he things he done WELL today? Today we saw the old Florida State Jamies Winston!!! We get the ball back we win this game. The game was tied, he made up for it!!! You all expect people to be perfect. His name is Jamies not JESUS!!

  120. JohnBuc06 Says:

    I still want to know, how the refs can call Evan Smith On some borderline calls (especially the one under 2 minutes that killed a great play), yet completely miss the bearhug the Packers center or LG put on a blitzing Kwon on Hundley’s OT scramble on 3rd down? Definitely a little home cooking and set up that last drive for GB.

  121. bucfan999 Says:

    On offense we need to:
    1. Dismantle & rebuild the offensive Line.
    2. Keep Peyton Barber but the rest of the RB’s need to go.
    3. Trade Desean Jackson. We don’t throw deep and Chris Godwin needs playing time making Jackson a luxury.
    4. Tight ends are fine and don’t need changing.
    5. QB will be fine with a new offensive line and coaching staff & Fitz is a quality Backup.

    On defense we need to:

    1. Dismantle and rebuild the defensive line, trade Gerald McCoy (going into his 10th season and will start going downhill soon) & Chris Baker (Took his money and ate it). Gholston would be a good 3-4 DE so keep him
    2 LB ers are fine, move Spence & Russell to OLB along with Lavonte and LB will be a team strength.
    3. Dismantle and rebuild the defensive backfield. Grimes is slowing down so don’t resign him, let Ward and Tandy go, move Hargreaves to the slot and get some cover corners in so the rest of the defense can attack the QB and RB.

    Special Teams:

    1. Keep Patrick Murray
    2. Keep Bryan Anger

  122. Rod Munch Says:

    Wow Bird – such amazing insight, you add a lot to the conversation.

    Anywho it’s almost rush hour at the interstate glory hole rest stop -you better get down there before they notice your mouth is missing.



  123. I'm tired and 87 is right Says:

    More weapons was one off season you dumb ass. So this seasons motto will be weapons for David! I’m sure our D coordinator is all but gone and these next two drafts will be primarily focused on defense. Hello?

  124. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    A fully powered Tampa bay buccaneer team couldn’t even beat a rogerless packers team. SAD!

  125. BuckAnEar Says:

    Tom Brady has gone out and won games when his only receivers were Daffy and Donald Duck and his O line wasn’t even in the building. JW aint no Tom Brady, but a QB’s play can overcome many failings.

  126. HooliganSixx Says:

    I just sent my ticket rep a request to cancel my season passes for 2018.

    ready for change.

  127. Howard Cosell Says:

    Move the team.
    Raze the facilities.
    Build a jogging trail!

  128. Max Says:

    Lots of undisciplined and soft play on that final drive by the defense.

  129. BuckAnEar Says:

    @HowardCosell: Rename them the Mounties and move them to Toronto. A city that actually has disposable income! 🙂

  130. JB Says:

    How can ANYONE defend Winston’s play today? The man didn’t even lineup behind the center with a first and goal at the 1 ½ yard line. Quite possibly the dumbest player in the league.

  131. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Mariota vs Winston. Clean vs Rape allegations. Game 1: Mariota cleans Winston’s clock. Blowout in Tampa. Three seasons later: Mariota’s team is in first place, Winston’s team is in last. No, not saying they should have taken glass Mariota. But just not Winston. FSU mafia. Now…Winston has another sex crime allegation, his team is in last place, and he’s shown he hasn’t developed. Lost the game today in a “handoff” to the slowest guy on the GB D for a strip sack TD. More proof Jameis hasn’t developed. Does this team plan on staying with this chump? Bucs: Can we please start again, this time drafting a QB who might lead the team, that has no sex allegations and go from there? Geeze, can we start with a guy who has a clean slate? I hate my football team. Hate it. Winston, Evans, Martin, Djax, Swaggy. First time in 41 years. Jameis looks to be me as a BS artist thug. Knows just what to say to BS his handlers. Fire them too. In fact, he just got his whole coaching staff fired today. Rightfully so. Move on from Jameis. Clean house with the Bucs.

  132. Rod Munch Says:

    JohnBuc06 – Nothing happened on that Sims play, it was just the NFL making sure the Packers won so that Rodgers will return and it will matter. It’s really that simple. I had zero doubt no matter what the Bucs did on that drive the refs would make sure the Bucs didn’t score. That’s just the way it’s always been for the Bucs – when you’re a team no one cares about on a national level you will get every BS call going against you while not getting any BS calls going for you.

    But even with that said Dirk was just playing for OT regardless of that play since that’s what Dirk does.

  133. Howard Cosell Says:

    Move the team.
    Raze the facilities.
    Have a cathartic burning of merch on the evil ground and then build a jogging trail!

  134. chipbuc Says:

    Yeah Bucnut2 Winston sucked, what game were you watching. He was sacked 7 times and hurried 9 to ten times behind a make shift O line. But he managed to get 25 first downs, he was 9 for 16 on third down, he threw at a 65% completion rate , he threw for 2 TDs . Hell he even managed to get the go ahead TD with 4 minutes to go. But as soon as Green Bay got the ball back the real problem with this team gave up the lead. The defense almost always when it really counts gives up the game. Sure Winston fumbled the ball leading to a defensive TD. But as far as Im concerned that’s all Winston did to lose that game. Next year give Winston a good Defense and it becomes easier to look good as a QB. Just my opinion.

  135. satchseven Says:

    have been a Jaboo believer. A Jaboo apologist. A Jaboo defender. Today is my day of reckoning. Jaboo is a disasterous disappointment. His footwork and body positioning are bad. His pocket presence is diminishing. His downfield vision is now nonexistent. He’s careless with the football and hapless as a leader of men.

    i like jw3 but dude you got stop trying to make espn play of the week. he needs a top flt qb coach to get in his behind. bring mike martz out of retirement lol

  136. Howard Cosell Says:


    Sounds awesome to me

  137. BuckAnEar Says:

    JW needs an HC that will elevate his game: MCADOO! 😛

  138. BuckAnEar Says:

    Yup, sell the team to Jon Bon Jovi and the Toronto Mounties will RULE THE NFL!

  139. bucfan999 Says:

    I remember when the Atlanta Falcons was on Hard Knocks. 1st Episode I saw Mike Smith addressing the team and tell them that the league thought that the Falcons was SOFT. Well 4 years later Mike Smith is in Tampa and now the Buccaneer defense is SOFT!!! The common Denominator = MIKE SMITH!!!!!



  140. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:


  141. Howard Cosell Says:

    Oh well (deep breath) two good teams are playing a tight game right now. I’m out. I’d like to say permanently, but I’m weak like that.

  142. satchseven Says:

    ” Tom Brady has gone out and won games when his only receivers were Daffy and Donald Duck and his O line wasn’t even in the building. JW aint no Tom Brady, but a QB’s play can overcome many failings.”

    wrong tom brady always has from good to great o-line play,when he does not they lose

  143. BuckAnEar Says:

    I’m off to Toronto to scare up a couple of billion $ so that I can buy the Bucs and turn this franchise around. Wish me luck. Over and out! 🙂

  144. Rod Munch Says:

    Did any of your fruits actually watch the game? In case you didn’t I’ll summarize what happened – Winston, took his team, midway through the 4th quarter, marched them down the field, overcame terrible blocking, a stumbling falling RB that almost fumbled the ball away at the goal line, and threw what should have been a game winning TD.

    Then the defense collapsed, giving up a bunch of yards quickly to give the Packers a FG (which would have been a TD had the Packers gone for it on 4th and a 1/2 inch from the 6), then followed that up by completely collapsing in OT. Well in the middle there put Dirk taking the ball out of Winston’s hands to play for OT despite knowing his defense is terrible.

  145. JimmyJack Says:

    Winston was running for his life all day today. He made a stupid decision that cost us but the offensive line gave us no real chance to ge5 the passing game going all day……….You never see QBs play well when their lines get shredded all day……..You would like to see an adjustment made and see less seven step drop backs but I don’t think Dirk has those in his playbook.

    Let’s forget about this one loss and worry about how this team can ever win with garbage line play like today. There are lots of problems on this team that go much deeper then just Winston. We will never win with Line play like this even if our QB is great. And it’s ridicilous to expect your QB to make only good decisions when he gets knocked on his ass 20 times per game. It just doesn’t work that way.

  146. Howard Cosell Says:

    Agreed Rod.

    Ok now I’m out for real.

  147. Rod Munch Says:

    satchseven – Plus I’ll add to what you said and say Winston actually did drive them down for the win. What doesn’t happen to Brady is having his coach take the ball out of his hands and just run the ball up the middle and play for OT.

  148. tmaxcon Says:

    its the same fans who choose to pile on jameis. the same ones that are nonstop apologists for a soft defense that quits and lays down quicker than crackwhores. Jameis is far from perfect that being said he kept the defense off the field all game and when they needed to stop another no name quarterback behind a crap oline what happened they let them march up and down the field not once but 3 damn times. jameis is the future that pos captain of the defense who can never hold a lead is the joke of the team not jameis. another year in the basement led by captain blowout.

  149. NeverLeaving Says:

    I wish there would be threads for the venters who spew extreme nonsense and one for people who to reasonably discuss the game, without name calling, firing everyone etc. Howard Cosell – you hate the Bucs – go post somewhere else. BucFan999, I’m with you, although I’m not sure we can get that done in a year. Both lines have to be the priority. Also Koetter’s play calling just isn’t working so he needs to give that up, if he holds onto his job.

  150. Fire Goodell Says:

    As I’ve said, I’m not confident they could beat the Browns or 49ers.

  151. LargoBuc Says:

    I had such high hopes for Jameis. Nut he just dosen’t seem to get it. Too turnover prone. And I dont wana hear that so was Brett Favre and Nen Roethlisberger. Jameis too often stares down his target, he’s too slow going through his progressions and defenses know whats coming. That mixed with the off field bull crap and ueah im about done with Winston. And I would be thrilled if Winston turned it around and I end up being wrong, but until that happens…

  152. Hodad Says:

    The Falcons played a real defense today, see the difference? This is the team Licht built, and Koetter coaches badly. Time to show them both the door. Having two punts blocked against one team, us, in the NFL is to many. Jameis won’t be eating many W’s if he doesn’t learn to eat the ball when he has to. Who’s that Barber kid, sarcasm, they should’ve ran him on the goal line, more sarcasm. Koetter’s an arse.

  153. Please Says:

    This offense is built to score 35+ points, and anything less is the motto of the season — underwhelming.

  154. Bob in Valrico Says:

    If Koetter gets fired then Licht should definitely get fired . He was the one that saddled Koetter with Jameis. Koetter gave him about fifteen screens and a solid running game. Jameis turnover hurt the team. Throwing a pass three yards past the line of scrimmage is inexcusable. Look I have seen Brady get hammered by Denver and also with the patriots playing with a makeshift line. Jameis did face more pressure than usual but it gets a lot tougher the farther you go in the playoffs. He has to play better ,this is the NFl He is not progressing enough.
    I really he would play better after his time on the bench.

  155. FowlBall Says:

    One of my favorite quotations is attributed to Albert Einstein:

    “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created

    In the Bucs case: the thought process(es) which brought them to 4 and 8 is not the thought process(es) that will take them to 8 and 4.

    Better judgement is needed throughout the ENTIRE organization, from GM to HC to QB.

  156. Nosetackle Says:

    I was a staunch supporter of the coaching. Not anymore.
    I was a Winston fan. He can throw no doubt but I am SO over him handing the ball to the apposing team. He could be in the WWE in a ring by himself and still lose. Bucs should have won this by 4 td’s. Again, play calling. Thank God I can head up to camp next week. No tv. No Sunday depression. Now for some fresh squeezed OJ & Stoli.

  157. Defense Rules Says:

    @Rod Munch … “LOL! The defense did good today crowd are truly some of the most clueless people I’ve ever heard talk about football.” Before you continue calling others ‘clueless’ you might want to look in the mirror for a bit. Game tied 20-20 at the end of regulation; Bucs’ defense gave up 13 of those points … 1 TD & 2 FGs. Against a hurting Packers’ team playing at Lambeau Field in December with their backs against the wall. Sorry Rod, but for 60 minutes of play that’s not THAT bad. Oh and did you happen to notice that they held them to a FG at the end to force OT? That was actually a pretty decent stand right near the goal line.

    Bucs DLine was decimated today, and yet they did better on the road than in any previous road game IMO. Played with 3 DTs (GMC, Baker & Siliga) and 4 DEs (Gholston, O’Connor, Russell & Clarke). Did you happen to see their faces on the close-in shots in the 4th qtr? Totally wiped out. They were getting gashed by the run at that point more than anything, probably because they were too pooped to hold their lanes. Our LBs didn’t do them any favors plugging the holes from what I saw (and yes, especially Kwon).

    And before you make statements like “What doesn’t happen to Brady is having his coach take the ball out of his hands and just run the ball up the middle and play for OT” consider that had Koetter continued to RUN the ball when they made it into the Red Zone on earlier series instead of letting Winston throw it, there’s an excellent chance we would’ve won the game.

  158. The Anomaly Says:

    Cut dud martin tomorrow. Dude is worthless.

    JW needs to get his act together. No way am I paying him $20 mill.

    Too many turnovers. Not enough W’s. I guess he ate them all.

  159. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    The guys who blame Winston for this loss because of that fumble are morons. He was stepping up into the pocket and got tackled into a lineman and then he fumbled. Tampa fans are such pansies. Your qb does enough to win a game but as usual the defense gives up the lead. He throws 270 yards 67% and 2 tds after being off for 3 weeks from a shoulder injury and the shemales up here whine cry and complain. You are more pathetic than the defense! Hes no superstar but he’s not the turd you make him out to be. You say he’s regressed, how? Inspite of a pourous o line he still gave us a chance to win.

  160. mark2001 Says:

    It is clear that Koetter isn’t the guy to coach Jameis anymore. Jameis needs a strict disciplinary coach…. one that will hone his talents and make him stop with this crazy throwing it up for grabs crud. He could have easily had one or two more turnovers today. Favre used to do two or three great throws for every bone headed one….Jameis is right about one for one now, and that will lose you as many games as it will win you games.

  161. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Answer me this, how is a defense so tired when the offense had a 9 minute t.o.p. advantage? They kept getting gashed by the run option without even adjusting or expecting it. Greenbay only had 80 yards passing but you morons blame this loss on Jameis? What about the blocked punt? Did Jameis cause that? Every qb has 3&outs missed passes but anybody else do what he did you’d be signing their praise.

  162. Bobby M. Says:

    There’s an overhaul coming but Winston will stay….a ball-z move next year though would be to draft a QB high and let Winston earn his next pay day and win over the next coach. He’s been given enough….maybe the guy thrives with pressure, hard to tell but just handing him the keys for another two years with no threat of being benched is begging for more of the same. Bucs did it before with Freeman/Glennon……