Bruce Almighty Returning?

December 29th, 2017


Joe is in a cold sweat just thinking about this.

Surely Team Glazer cannot be blind with desperation for a handful of wins, can they? Word from a very reliable NFL reporter, one of the better ones, is that not only is Team Glazer seriously considering bringing back Chucky, but per Alex Marvez of the Sporting News, Team Glazer just may bring back Bruce Almighty to help run/ruin football operations.

The NFL rumor mill is already churning with gossip that Bruce Allen may leave his post as Washington’s football czar to get the band back together on Florida’s gulf coast.

Joe has deep, great respect for Team Glazer. But if this were to occur, there is no question this franchise has turned into Cleveland South.

Bruce Almighty’s draft history cannot even remotely compare to the hauls current Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht has produced. It isn’t even remotely close. The only player Bruce Almighty (Chucky) drafted who became a consistent Pro Bowler was helmet-swinging, cabbie-punching, gun-totin,’ granny-hassling Aqib Talib. And he was such a headcase he damn near ran himself out of the league — Talib told Joe to his face he didn’t blame the Bucs one bit for getting rid of him because he burned through all his goodwill with the team with all of his shenanigans. (Yes, Joe knows Davin Joseph made two Pro Bowls.)

This is what scares Joe about a potential return of Chucky. In his coaching days, Chucky had never been good working with young players. Yet, thanks to Licht, this Bucs roster is full of talented young players.

Bringing Bruce Almighty back in an effort to lure Chucky? That’s a deal-breaker in Joe’s eyes. Surely Team Glazer cannot be this crazy.

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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116 Responses to “Bruce Almighty Returning?”

  1. Nate Says:

    Chucky per his espn experience , atoning for not drafting Rodgers, and wanting to treat players better is ALL welcome

    But I hope this is fake news cause Bruce Allen was terrible and would be a DEAL BREAKER for me I’m sorry

    I’d welcome back Dominick before THAAT GUY

  2. Couch fan Says:

    Now this is something I can agree with.

  3. Nate Says:

    Bring Brooks in to run operations NOT HIM

  4. ATrain Says:

    Is there not any young coaches ready to take the next step and bring a fresh ideal to the Team
    Coach and GM

    We have tried the reCoaching with Dirk as lead and Mike as DC but that’s an old combo

    Find the up and coming with FIRE

  5. pick6 Says:

    bruce allen was basically the single biggest problem with the jon gruden era. he was an enabler of gruden’s most problematic personnel tendencies and a total zero in the draft. the glazers should know that better than anybody

  6. pewterpirate99 Says:

    I want Jon Gruden back, without question! HELL NO to Bruce Allen! Don’t let him anywhere near One Bus Place!

  7. pick6 Says:

    chucky’s track record with rookies was pretty exemplary, what happened with some of the best rookies (caddy, clayton, simms) in later years is not always easy to explain. the bigger issue for the team w\r\t young players was that the franchise was lousy at picking them

  8. Waterboy Says:

    That would be all I would need to see to show me that the Glazers are complete idiots and don’t have a clue of what they’re doing. First rehire a coach that you fired and then bring back a guy that probably never should’ve been hired in the first place.

  9. D-Rome Says:

    Joe, this make me throw up in my mouth a little. People like the rag on Mark Dominick but I always felt Bruce Allen was a worse GM. Allen’s best picks were Talib, Davin Joseph, Jeremy Zuttah, and Barrett Ruud. That’s about it. Everyone else were, for the most part, misses.

    I do not think the Bucs should bring back Jon Gruden and I certainly do not think the Bucs should allow Bruce Allen anywhere near the building.

  10. Tom Edrington Says:

    Maybe now all the “Chucky worshippers” will understand the huge downside of Chucky as a replacement for Koetter….

  11. TrueBuc1970 Says:

    If the Glazers bring that dumb@$$ back, I’m going to burn my jersey, and I’ve been a fan since 76. Licht has a pretty good eye for the draft. Bruce is clueless. Gruden needs someone who will temper him on personnel moves, not an enabler. Anyone remember any great moves Allen has made in Washington? This is like a bad, bad nightmare. Why can’t the Glazers just do things right for a freakin change?

  12. AlteredEgo Says:

    [If, by definition, you consider “clickbait” as something the author wants people to read, well no s(p)it! Every publication in the free world, every story written in any capitalist society, is therefore “clickbait.” Joe has never, ever met a writer, reporter, editor or publisher to write a story so that no one will read it. How many stores do you know of that lock their front doors during business hours with a sign in the door “GO AWAY. WE DON’T WANT YOUR PATRONAGE?” This information is coming from one of the most highly-respected NFL reporters out there. Joe highly doubts Marvez would publish unvarnished BS. It’s not like this is coming from Buzzfeed. If you choose not to read a story, fine. Someone accusing a writer/reporter of “clickbait” says much more about the guy making the charges than the writer/reporter. — Joe]

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

    GRRREAT bottom line Joe. Let’s see … Allen? Domenick? Licht? Rah? Schiano? Lovie? Yup, the Glazer Boys have done a great job of learning from history. With their track record, we should all now fully expect them to fire Koetter & Smitty, hire Chucky, fire Licht, hire Allen … and gut our young talent in the process.

    The Bucs have become one of the longest-running soap operas in the NFL. Kind of akin to ‘As The Stomach Turns’.

  14. tmaxcon Says:

    55 is barely qualified to be an usher much less running a nfl team…. if glazers bring back all these has beens it will be another 16 yeara without a meaningful win

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    @Pick6 … (Bruce Allen) “was an enabler of gruden’s most problematic personnel tendencies.” Spot on Pick6. And that’s EXACTLY what Chucky wanted … he’s a control freak. So do media & fans REALLY think things would be different this go ’round? Licht was doing exactly the same for Lovie that Allen did for Gruden. You don’t think Gruden would run rough-shod over Licht if we made Chucky HC? Ya right.

  16. AlteredEgo Says:

    Touchy touchy touchy…another filter wurd learned

  17. SOEbuc Says:


    That’s what I have wanted so much other than keeping Dirk or bringing in some vet coach unless he’s totally top tier. Seems like a lot of good teams are bringing in young coaches and playing some good ball. Problem is I don’t think Glazers and Licht are capable of such a thing.

  18. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Joe has laid down the law!


  19. not there yet Says:

    If this were to happen we could completely blame this decade of losing in glazers decisions. No way they bring back the guy who put them in salary cap hell and shortened their Superbowl window. Gruden ok I guess but he’s a moron if he tries to bring back Bruce Allen.

  20. 813bucboi Says:

    let gruden coach….let licht draft….let allen scout…..GO BUCS!!!!

  21. Patrick in VA Says:

    NO! Just NO NO NO NO NO! Joe, I need you to use whatever in-roads you have and whatever connections you have with team Glazer to let them know that this cannot happen! I’ve gone from living with Bruce Allen as a Tampa fan to hearing about Bruce Allen as someone who is living in the DC area and listening to extensive coverage of the Redskins. NONE OF IT IS EVER GOOD! I don’t know how this guy is still a part of football operations anywhere, but any time that he’s been involved as anything other than getting funding for a stadium or shaking hands with investors it goes south. That sort of ineptitude would be fine if he accepted what his shortcomings were and stuck with what he’s good at, but he constantly makes power plays to get in on football decisions and it’s always, always, always to the detriment of the team. HE CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO COME HERE.

  22. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    Nate Says:
    December 29th, 2017 at 10:57 am
    Bring Brooks in to run operations NOT HIM


  23. Joe Says:

    Touchy touchy touchy…another filter wurd learned

    Be careful. Joe has a button that can be used which is the ultimate filter. (Ahem.).

  24. tmaxcon Says:

    so brooks can’t manage a mickey mouse arena league team yet he is the savior of the bucs… laughable once again the ignorant fools living in the past can’t distinguish between qualified and popular.

  25. tmaxcon Says:

    the glazers get dumber with each and every mistake they make thus there is NO HOPE for the future

  26. TrueBuc1970 Says:


    Is there any back story on why Allen was originally fired? Was he just part of the house cleaning when Gruden was canned the first time? Or was there more to it?

  27. Joe Says:

    so brooks can’t manage a mickey mouse arena league team yet he is the savior of the bucs…

    Has more upside than Bruce Allen.

  28. tmaxcon Says:

    has more upside than bruce allen

    Harvey Weinstein has more upside than bruce allen too yet it makes no sense to hire him. you guys need to let go the failed past and all the underachieving has beens. move on

  29. R.O. Says:

    Everyone who is begging for K to be fired is just whining. Do NOT bring Gruden back and give him full control. Do NOT bring back Allen. If they do bring back G he can have Free Agent control but not control of the Draft. NO WAY. My preference is tear apart the D staff and the O-line coach.

  30. tmaxcon Says:

    Sapp would be a better choice than brooks. he is a driven winner and ten times as football smart as any exbuc.

  31. Patrick in VA Says:

    I got all of the nostalgia out of my system when we brought back Lovie and he was supposed to apply all of those things that worked before to bring us back to greatness. It’s a different league now than it was when Lovie, Gruden, and any of the other folks that were part of that winning group played. Let’s honor the past, but look toward what actually works in the NFL in 2018

  32. EP Says:

    Joe “The only player Bruce Almighty (Chucky) drafted who became a consistent Pro Bowler…”, isn’t that one more then Licht has so far?

  33. Nate Says:


    who says brooks couldn’t manage an arena league…was he out there playing ironman too…both sides as QB and LB

    your hate as a supreme dumb @ss is second to none

    BROOKS sure works for the NFL pretty well though and knows players well to judge them on the field



  34. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Awwwwwww hells naaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. tmaxcon Says:


    the fact the doors closed proves he failed.

    you are too ignorant to understand the difference between popular and qualified…

    let go of those underachieving losers and move forward with life

  36. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Let’s bring back Monte Kiffen and Brad Johnson, Joey Galloway and of course Simeon Rice.

  37. tmaxcon Says:


    i understand that you can not grasp the concept of responsibility. when you are in charge and the doors close that means you failed. i bet you still have a poster of bon jovi right next to your 20 year old 55 poster.

  38. Dewey Selmon Says:


  39. skomsky Says:

    I couldn’t have said it any better. One of the worst GM’s in our history. That is my fear too. Chucky I’m ok with IF Licht stays and has draft control. And OC and DC are young up and coming great teachers. And can adjust on the fly.

  40. lightningbuc Says:

    While they’re at it, how bout Rob Johnson for Offensive Coordinator and Kenyatta Walker for O-line coach.

  41. tmaxcon Says:

    i heard Paul Gruber can still play. let’s not leave the best lineman in history out of the living in the past equation

  42. AlteredEgo Says:

    Can’t wait for the draft party

  43. Pickgrin Says:

    HELL NO!!!!!!!! to Bruce Allen ever working in Tampa Bay again.

    This better be fake news….

  44. tmaxcon Says:


    you have to admit given the glazers past decisions that hiring allen would be right in line with their traditional thought process.

  45. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Pretty sure I can speak for all Bucs fans that remember his drafts when I say “NO WAY!”

  46. JonBuc Says:

    I much rather have the fella Bruce had a dust up with…Scot McCloughan…even if he’s pickled and could go toe to toe with LD in a drinking contest. 🙂

  47. tmaxcon Says:

    i want someone to explain to me why living in the past is so much better than new or moving forward. The past sucked… dungy wasted 99, 55, 47 and Gruden had 1 good year and never won another game that meant anything. It is pure insanity to think it will be different this time with 10 years off in between

    what makes trying something new so scary to bucfan????

    all the franchise has done is lose and embarrass the city why keep doing the same thing over and over. glazers need a fresh new approach the old one has failed.

  48. Lord Cornelius Says:

    my god

  49. doolnutts Says:

    This would be mind blowing. Yes we have had an awful season… IDK who stays or goes but I don’t want Allen anywhere near this team…. Guy couldn’t draft to save his life. No one here can tell me he would be better then Jason….

  50. tmaxcon Says:

    and all you gmc fanboys are sure you want your crying clown subjected to Gruden’s bad words and yelling. It will hurt her feelings

  51. JonBuc Says:

    Maybe…just maybe…Allen would be ok in an administrator role a la Rich McKay getting kicked upstairs in Atlanta. He did win Exec of the Year in Oakland..and knows his way around the salary cap. His Buc track record as GM was quite abysmal, however. My guess is this is pump fake news…

  52. tmaxcon Says:


    if allen knew his way around the salary cap the bucs would not have sucked for a decade plus after he and gruden destroyed the roster with overpaid Geriatrics

  53. JonBuc Says:


    He cleared a lot of cap space…but you’re right…he and Gruden blew it on fossils such as Charlie Garner, Derrick Deese, Todd Juicy/Steussie and Tim BrownEye’s farewell/fair catch tour.

  54. tmaxcon Says:


    I am genuinely confused why so many bucfans would rather relive a failed past than move forward with a fresh new approach in hopes of winning consistently.

    the bucs HAVE NEVER contended consistently they were one dimensional pretenders under dungy and never had a real shot at contending consistently and they were 1 and done with gruden so again what am I missing that made the past so great it’s worth trying to repeat. is trying something new that scary?

  55. ClwJB Says:

    Maybe they can bring Jay along too and make him the OC/Asst HC…might as well bring in Raheem as the DC…Shiano for the DL Coach…maybe Lovie for DB’s…heck let Koetter stay and be the WR or TE coach…

    Ron Wolf as Exec Pres, Bruce Allen the Pres, JL the GM, and for good measure, the Dom as Director of Scouting, oh wait need a spot for Jerry Angelo too!

    Jeez the rumor mills….

  56. ndog Says:

    Simply put as a season ticket holder since 96 it would be really hard to lay down cash to come back if Bruce Allen is in the building in any way shape or form. I have zero belief in him as a football man other than his dad was a special coach. Gruden I can deal with but only if he does not control personnel but under no circumstances can I deal with Bruce Allen.

  57. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    TMAX…You say we’re scared of trying something new?

    Over the past decade, Glazers hired 3….(3!) first time EVER head coaches and it failed! Both approaches are not working, that’s why it’s the culture that is the problem not the person.

    You spout saying to try something new? We threw a ticker tape parade in August for Dirk (Training Camp Takeover). I believe Buc fans are open to trying something new it just has a bad association of losing at this time.

  58. JonBuc Says:


    I hear ya…and even agree SOMEWHAT with your GMC rants…he is by far the highest paid Buc in history ( nearly 100 mil..and counting)…the fact is very few coveted coaches, GM’s etc will want to come to Tampa these days. So Gruden sounds good ( I suppose ) although I truly think he’s playing the Bros. Glazer. He dislikes those fellas ( who doesn’t ) yet loved their Dad.

  59. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    As a season ticket holder as well….I wouldn’t exactly be bum rushing to Gate A if they bring this dude back in the building. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

    I really hope the Glazers understand that Culture eats Strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Address the obvious Glazers…that is the only common denominator.

  60. tmaxcon Says:

    Tampa Bay Tailgater

    raheem was a cost cutting move who was setup to fail and never had a shot…. hardly a real attempt at winning

    schiano was a big meanie with a team full of soft pansy ass defenders led by the crying clown cancer93. owners had no spine ran him out of the building because big softee’s feelings got hurt….

    Lovie was a failed PR stunt hardly a legit attempt at contending. Lovie had 1 good year in Chicago. he was handed his defense and once he started making personnel decisions in chicago the team regressed so it was insanity for the glazers to give him full control.

    bottom line is glazers are content losing and they will throw the nostalgic low standard fan a bone every now and then to raise hope then kick us in the nuts by week 6 each and every year.

  61. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    You know those Glazers get to go boxes every time they dine out….

    these cats LOVE to reheat leftovers.

  62. tmaxcon Says:

    until the glazers bring in a legit football president with ultimate power. I don’t know who the right guy is for that but i damn sure know it’s not some ex player or has been coach… It needs to be a clean slate and the glazers need to step away from EVERYTHING football. Give the president a budget and get the f k out of his way. daddy was a successful driven winner where his kids are coat tail riders only concerned with the TV Checks. we are just sheep that love our team even though the realists have accepted bucs will never contend with glazers running the show.

  63. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    @tmaxcon….I agree their focus is getting butts in the seats at ANY cost….not winning games.

    Gruden is their prize….if he wants a Bucco Bruce to run things, the Glazers will do it.

  64. tmaxcon Says:

    Gruden is their prize….if he wants a Bucco Bruce to run things, the Glazers will do it.

    and the bucs will spend another decade in the basement without a meaningful win or legit chance to contend.

  65. NJBucsFan Says:

    If this is the only thing that bring Gruden back then it is time to move on. Leave JL in his spot and allow him to actually conduct his first coaching search.

  66. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    Chucky Doll clown “Jon Gruden”


    Puppet “Bruce Allen”


    All bucs be prepared for almost another decade of “dark years” for this franchise.

    the Glazers would have to be THE DUMBEST NFL OWNERS IN THIS LEAGUE if this ever come to fruition.

    NO WAY IN HELL this goes down

    We should hear in about another 30 days that Gruden will stay in the booth at ESPN

  67. chickster Says:

    wow your scared of this and not 4/11

  68. pelbuc Says:

    Everyone needs to relax and not live on every rumor. Granted, Allen was bad but Licht has been equally incompetent. I don’t want to hear about all this “talent” he’s amassed when you’re talking about a 4-12 team. I don’t remember Allen picking a kicker in the 2d round because he thought his roster was so solid all it needed was a kicker. So spare me the freakout over Allen. It’s not that complicated. Draft Oline and Dline and DBs. Thanks to Licht, Bucs will once again have to overpay for some Dline FAs.

  69. Sunny Says:

    Got to be f****in kidding me , yes to gruden no to Bruce keep licht or just keep things the same
    Choice 1 Dirk and licht
    Choice 2 gruden and licht
    Choice 3 Jim H and licht

  70. tmaxcon Says:

    i’d love for one of you harbaugh fans to explain to me why a coach who can go ANYWHERE he wants would even consider taking a job with one of the worst sports franchises on planet earth. harbaugh can coach anywhere he wants… he would never leave a prestigious place like Michigan and all the perks that go with it to take a step back both prestige and financially to coach the lowly bucs… never never going to happen. that’s like an owner of a BMW dealership bringing back the YUGO to compete with the 700 series.

  71. tmaxcon Says:

    and to be clear the YUGO was more reliable than the bucs

  72. not there yet Says:

    Fake news!!!!!!

  73. AceofAerospace Says:

    If Gruden comes back and we compete for or win a super bowl in 2 years, I don’t care if Lovie Smith is the general manager. Too much outrage over hypotheticals. Come on Black Monday. End this hopelessness.

  74. tmaxcon Says:

    bucs closest competitor

  75. JonBuc Says:

    Driving a Yugo and eating primarily beans and rice has led TMax to a very early retirement. He only appears to be a grouchy old man ( hey GMC…get off my practice field!) but is actually a young whippersnapper tired of these bumblin’ Bucs!

  76. Duke Says:

    Not there yet,

    Just to clarify a point. Rich McKay is the person responsible for putting the Bucs in a financial straitjacket. Bruce Allen isn’t perfect but He’s a great cap space guy.
    He is the person who had to be the bad guy but within a couple of years He rescued the franchise from salary cap he’ll.

  77. 321BucFan Says:

    When teams hire Bruce Allen it’s to fix salary cap problems not to pick players. Bucs do not have salary cap problems let him stay in DC with brother Jay. Bruce Allen worst GM in Buc history. 0-16 team had future HOF GM Ron Wolf. Built team from scratch 1 game from Super Bowl in 3yrs.

  78. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Alex Marvez ????? LOL!!!

  79. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    All this talk about Chucky…and Koetter is going nowhere at all. Neither is Licht. Not this year.

  80. Bucnjim Says:

    Two possible scenario’s: Gruden has agreed and gave the Glazers a list of this is what will make it happen or it’s simply speculation from the media that he would want his old partner back. There is also the possibility that they could create a position where he is more of a CFO.

  81. tmaxcon Says:

    throw out all the speculation and the one thing we KNOW for SURE is that the glazers will make the wrong choice. that is all they know how to do.

  82. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    @Buccaneer Bonzai

    Just like Derel Walker was going to be the 3rd best wide receiver on the team right?

    Koetter is finished. And rightfully so.

  83. JonBuc Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    December 29th, 2017 at 1:19 pm
    All this talk about Chucky…and Koetter is going nowhere at all. Neither is Licht. Not this year.

    Bold and brash BB….and remember…you promised/guaranteed a one year hiatus from JBF if Koetter is kut. For that reason alone I’d take a Jerry Glanville one and done experiment!

  84. Bradinator Says:

    Ugh. No Bruce Allen, please. That dude actually drafted Swaggy Baker. That is damning evidence right there. Seriously though, when have the Redskins shown themselves to be Super Bowl contenders in the Bruce Allen Era? Never. They can keep him…please!

  85. Pierce Says:

    Hopefully in the 4 days we’ll find out how real all of this is. We’ve turned into such a crappy franchise since Malcolm passed away.

  86. tmaxcon Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    December 29th, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    Alex Marvez ????? LOL!!!

    he has far more credibility than anyone in the buc mickey mouse buc organization with zero hope for the future.

  87. Stevbobucsfan Says:

    Bruce Allen. Ha ha hell no Buc fans please tell me what has he done anywhere I can’t keep up with the many NFL front office people so maybe I missed something over the years Please inlighten me

  88. Bird Says:

    Ruin is right. Not run.

    Allen is pure garbanzo beans

  89. mark2001 Says:

    Just a speculation guys…a rumor….hold on to your Athletic supporters…. and because of a rumor you are ready to make Gruden walk the plank. Honestly… wow.

  90. mark2001 Says:

    Sure…let’s keep Koetter in place…business as usual. Nothing like locking down the cellar in the NFC South for another year. Losing….

  91. Doctor Stroud Says:

    He who gave me my name as the soothsayer of all things injury-related. The return of Bruce Allen would certainly give me more material (not that I had much in the first place), although the Bucs haven’t changed their policy of lying to Bucs fans with half-baked and phony injury reports. In that, Bruce Allen was a pioneer! Proprioception, indeed!

  92. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Don’t forget that Spandau Ballet-lovin’ ex-GM Mark Dominik could be re-hired as part of the regime, too. Team Glazer wants to re-live the “golden years” as badly as I want to go back to the 1980s. True!

  93. DoNUTS Says:

    I think this move has more to do with the NFL owners don’t wait long to fill GM jobs- see NYG Gettleman. I think that hiring has led to this report about Allen. I don’t know why anyone is getting their panties in a bunch over this report. This is the time of year that agents speak on behalf of their clients (Bruce Allen). Mr. Allen is communicating publicly that he is looking for work; probably a sign he has been told or has read the tea leaves in DC by Snyder to get his bags ready. I believe there will be 8-10 GM positions open so he wants to be sure the owners know that he is available before he is “available” on Jan 1.

    The other thing not being calculated is I think Jon is a humble enough person to reflect on why he was fired by the Bucs originally- which includes draft. He has had a very long time to think about it. I strongly suspect he has some new ideas going into his next HC position and it may include a new GM. Licht has been good but has missed too (Hargraves-Aguayo) You don’t think Jon knows the team didn’t draft well and Allen was a component of that along with himself? C’mon be honest.

    If not Gruden, then Koetter needs to finish this out with Winston.

  94. mark2001 Says:

    How about this one…from Pro Football talk…Florio…

  95. Defense Rules Says:

    Used to have an awesome bar/restaurant just outside Honolulu called ‘Pearl City Tavern’. It was unique in that it had a glass enclosure with about 50 monkeys in it running the full length of the bar. You could sit at the bar drinking & those monkeys’ antics just got funnier & funnier the more you drank. Who’d a thunk it?

    Kinda get the feeling that JBF has become the new ‘Pearl City Tavern’. The 2 Joe’s (and probably Ira) undoubtedly love watching our ‘monkey antics’ as they taunt us with these threats of ‘Bruce Allen Rides Again’ or ‘The Chucky Wagon is Coming to Town’. The three of ya must be laughing your butts off right about now.

  96. Eric Says:

    your last line is exactly correct, so do not repeat the failures since no Chucky.

  97. Eric Says:


    Five seasons as bucs GM 38-42- three winning seasons, two division titles

    “Rock Star”

    Five seasons as Bucs GM 29-52, one winning season, no playoffs

  98. Rod Munch Says:

    Bruce Allen was terrible, nothing but a puppet for Gruden.

  99. Gencoimports Says:

    I would much rather keep Jason Licht that bring Allen back. No thanks.

  100. Reach87 Says:

    Queue the drunken (seemingly) moron. Holy cow so much poison with no alternative offered. Tmax, specifically what should the glazers do about the coach and Gm positions? Bless us with the football knowledge behind your moronic rants.

  101. bucs_365 Says:

    Bruce Allen might be worthwhile in a role that doesn’t involve player personnel. Maybe a team president. He’s a management guy. He was the worst as GM… Unimaginably bad draft classes, though Chucky probably had something to do with that too.

  102. lambchop Says:

    If Bruce Allen gets hired, I will root for the 49ers from then on. This makes no sense. He was a salary cap ninja but couldn’t draft and couldn’t and didn’t want to reign in Gruden.

    My gut tells me neither Gruden nor Allen are coming back. This is going to be much ado about nothing.

    This has Raiders written all over it.

  103. Eric Says:

    Bruce has won division titles with three different franchises.

    Helped Gruden turn the raiders around on a dime.

    What has Licht done?

  104. Eric Says:

    Plus Bruce refused to fire Chucky. Unlike Licht who ran with the knife down to Lovie’s office to stab him in the back.

  105. mark2001 Says:

    From the Chi-town tribune…. What should the Bears want in a new coach? It’s simple, just be …

    Which is better, a college coach, an untried NFL defensive or offensive coordinator or a veteran, successful head coach with an impressive resume?

    Jon Gruden.

    What is the most important consideration in developing quarterback Mitch Trubisky?

    Again, Jon Gruden.

    Oh…but we Tampa fans are so much brighter…..

  106. Rob in Land O Lakes Says:

    They just can’t do this with Allen. Regarding Gruden, there’s a reason the guy was fired. He gets players to play for him two years tops because he’s an incredibly disingenuous person. He’s a brilliant OC and play caller but he has shown no ability to develop anyone past their current level. Think of it this way:
    Jon Gruden is your smokin’ hot ex-girlfriend who you hook back up with for a weekend..who then burns your house down in the morning for having Equal instead of Sweet & Low.

    I’ll take Dirk, a new D coordinator and special teams coach and another good draft.

  107. Eric Says:

    That’s why he only had three losing seasons in 11 years, he could only get guys to play for him for two years tops.

    He got many players to develop beyond their current level.

    Rich Gannon a glaring example.

    Dumbest fan base in the league…..

  108. mark2001 Says:

    Rob…no new D coordinator worth a chit is going to come in and work with Koetter, when he is on thin ice. It would likely be a one year stand, and blot on the old job resume. To take the entire package as it is or send him packing.

  109. mark2001 Says:

    Eric…you might be right. And they only blame the Owners for the chit show we have seen since Gruden left…when many of the same guys tried to run him out of town. Pathetic.

  110. America's QB Says:

    Joe if I remember correctly you said Glazer and Licht were in a heated discussion.??? C’mon, for all Joe knows they were talking about their fantasy teams or an NFL rule. –Joe I am guessing that means Glazer soured on Licht from whatever they were discussing. If Allen comes back with Gruden it is going to be very hard to stay a buc fan. Allen is an absolute joke and can’t even believe this is being considered. If true not sure any of us should waste our time with this organization because they obviously don’t learn from their mistakes and in turn will never be truly successful.

  111. America's QB Says:

    Meant to say thought I recalled you saying they were in a heated discussion on sideline at panther game.

  112. Lakeland Says:

    With all of the Bucs high draft picks during the last 4 seasons. Jason Licht could have done a lot better than he have. Get rid of this BUM, Jason Licht is the worse GM in the NFL.

  113. Clodhopper Says:

    Sorry Im late. After reading this I really needed to do something more fun than think about Bruce, so I shaved my head with a cheese grater, chewed on some tin foil and stuck my dck in a meat grinder. I thought I was ready to contemplate this hell we might have to face, but I was wrong. I had more fun earlier!! brb

  114. Wesley Says:

    Good god no, bring in Dungy.

  115. BuccoDav Says:


  116. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    JonBuc Says
    “Bold and brash BB….and remember…you promised/guaranteed a one year hiatus from JBF if Koetter is kut.”

    In your face. Now you know.