“He Can’t Really Be Physical And Use The Things That Make Him Great”

December 7th, 2017

Very tough talk about Bucs O-line decisions and personnel

Former Bucs, Jets, Cardinals and Rams tight end Anthony Becht, a 12-year NFL veteran of the trenches, now breaks down film for Buccaneers.com, in addition to his media gigs.

And Becht is shaking his head at one of the Bucs’ biggest offseason moves: the relocation of Ali Marpet from guard to center.

Speaking on WDAE-AM 620, Becht explained that while he liked the idea of Marpet shifting to center, the reality isn’t what’s best for the team and Marpet. In addition, it seems Becht is very down on the current starters at guard, Kevin Pamphile and free agency whiff J.R. Sweezy.

“The three pieces that are there, Demar Dotson, Ali Marpet and Donovan Smith, you really have to turn the dial up a little bit and put a little more heat and pressure on these guys to be great,” Becht said.

“Ali Marpet, obviously, is our best lineman. As I watch the season unfold, I may look at him coming back to guard. He’s a much more physical player there. I liked the idea [of moving Marpet to center] initially, but as I watch the games, he can’t really be physical and use the things that make him great. Because most of the time he’s not covered and he’s working to a left side and a right side, and he’s pulling, which to me is good if he’s kicking out somebody or he’s within the inline of the play. So I really think he should go back [to guard]. But I think everybody else, they better improve.

And their should be some pressure and some noose-pulling there, as far as getting these guys to play better. And be critical of them. Because if they don’t, then we start to need to replace those guys, too. So those three guys have to work so that minimizes what you have to build. Now you only need two pieces to find. Guys, it’s tough in free agency to find reliable linemen that get paid and are still hungry.”

Powerful stuff there from Becht. Kudos to him for the candor.

Joe imagines this post will open some eyeballs at One Buc Palace.

Joe wrote a few days ago that it would be so nice if the Bucs could draft a blue chip center (2nd round?) to restore order to the O-line, with Marpet shifting back to right guard and finding a young veteran right tackle in free agency.

25 Responses to ““He Can’t Really Be Physical And Use The Things That Make Him Great””

  1. Jeffbuc Says:

    Yet another failed personnel decision by the great used to be a winning coach. And in 4 more games we can say the used to be winning head coach of the bucs. You won’t be missed.

  2. DB55 Says:

    Look no further than Alex Mack. Shoulda coulda woulda.

    Need a center, put Ali and DSmith at guard. Keep Dotson and trade for a LT.

  3. Mike Johnson Says:

    AHhhhh, the shere joy of being a Bucs fan. Guess I’ll watch the Saints and ATL duke it out tonight and think of what..coulda been for my Bucs. Theres always next year..and the year after that..and the year…..

  4. JimmyJack Says:

    Was a bad move…….It’s killed our rush attack this year and a reason we are losing.

  5. Tackleblockwin Says:

    I never understood the move from G to C either.

  6. Grt1 Says:

    Why does everyone think Marpet is our best lineman. I seen that dude get whooped every play by that Wolfe guy from the broncos. Then he gets owned by the panthers. He is the most overrated player on the Bucs. Move him to guard with all the low snaps. Get off his jock he’s below average at best. And don’t let Koetter and Licht fool you by saying that he graded out to be the best lineman . These are also the two same clowns that didn’t address our online in the off season. D. Smith is our best lineman and that ain’t saying much. Marpet ain’t good period. He goes up against nose tackles with no speed and gets bitched. Sorry fellas just stating the obvious.

  7. Lamarcus Says:

    Marpet dominants Panthers. See last year mnf vs panthers. First match ups. Jrogers was running behind him with HUGE success. Gotta love it

  8. PRBucFan Says:

    Yall all can say it’s a “failed personnel decision” but everyone and their mother was calling for the move since he got here.

    I for one said from the beginning asked why ruin a great thing? He should of stayed at guard.

    PFF grades him really well at center however. Just sayin.

  9. chickster Says:

    just another failed move its just wont stop

  10. Pa Privateer Says:

    I am fine with drafting a Center next year.

    I try not to look back on what could have been…….Alex Mack, Campbell and even Poe

  11. AlteredEgo Says:

    gesshhh….what a pack of second guessing Nancy GM’s…the talent is enough for better results and enough to run the table….the off season will be here soon enough

  12. R.O. Says:

    Smith is NOT a Guard stop already….

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    R.O. … Smith never will be an elite LT (feet just not quick enough). But at his size, he’d probably make a pretty good Guard (Carl Nicks was a pretty decent LG at 6’5″ & 343 lbs; about the same as Donovan Smith at 6’6″ & 341 lbs).

  14. Warrenfb12 Says:

    I’d say I would prefer an experienced center to help Jameis with protections, but I have no faith in Licht signing a decent FA.

  15. godzilla13 Says:

    I agree to move Marpet back to guard. If the Bucs draft a center or guard it should be in the 4th through 6th rounds. There are just to many other priorities that need to be filled. DE, CB and RB in the first three rounds then go after the best FA available at DT, G, C and WR.

  16. Bradentonbuc Says:

    I have been singing this tune all season long. Just because he still grades out within the team as the best doesn’t mean he’s playing up to what he can. The man went from tackle to guard to center in less then 5 years. He is good but I don’t think he solidified himself as one of the best in the game. Consistent and up and coming but not one of the games best. The only season our run game was almost literally league leading was also Logan Mankins last year manning the LG spot. Why mess up a good thing.
    DSmith has been consistently average. Dotson plays well but gets bad penalties in killer moments. Pamphile has regressed. It doesn’t help that Martin isn’t running well. Just move Marpet back, don’t mess up a good thing

  17. ElioT Says:

    Huge 3rd down sack for Clayborn late in the 4th.

    Can anyone ever remember Gerald McCoy making a clutch impact play like that?

    Why do I see such a drastic difference between the Bucs and so many other other teams? I’m just talking about a basic uneducated assessment based on body language and overall look and demeanor of the team?

    It’s embarrassing and depressing.

    Go Sucs!

  18. ElioT Says:

    Brees on a 4th & 1 QB sneak.

    Bucs don’t do QB sneaks.

  19. SB Says:

    Yeah………..OL needs help but……………….CHRISTIAN WILKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    The nfc south is the most competitive division in football despite the bucs bottom feeding once again.

  21. DB55 Says:

    So matty ice threw 3 interceptions and still came away with the win?

    The defense held a 4th qrt lead?

    Say it isn’t so!

    The EXPERTS said a 2nd qrt turnover costs you any game!!!!!!!ARGHHHH!!!!

    A 4th qrt lead with 4 mins left CAN NOT be protected!


    I wonder if they actually watch football outside buc ball?


  22. Raysaneers Says:

    THIS ^^^^^^^^

  23. Please Says:

    I’ve said it since week 3 or so, bring back nasty Hawley, this line was clicking last year (except poor old Cherilus in Dallas). Why did they disrupt that flo, isn’t chemistry a major part of O-line play?

  24. Pickgrin Says:

    One good thing that happened in this sh!tty “lost” season is that Marpet got a ton of snaps at Center under his belt.

    Now we have additional versatility to work with moving forward.

    Whether Ali stays at Center or moves back to Guard is irrelevant. He’s proven he can play either position at a high level and now has the experience at both Guard and Center to be reliable (and likely very good) in either roll.

    It makes Licht’s job to bolster the Oline talent easier because the GM can look at either position in both FA and the draft to try and find a talented player to play alongside Marpet. In fact Jason needs to find 2 talented players to put on either side of Marpet – and that statement stays true whether Ali is at Guard or Center. Dot is 33 next year, Sweezy is a terrible run blocker, Evan Smith’s contract is up and Pamphile’s play regressed severely in a contract year.

    GM needs to invest like 4 or 5 of our 7 draft picks on DL and OL – and also bring in a very good one of each in FA. That kind of attention to the trenches is exactly what is needed now.

    Yes we need a dynamic RB – yes we need CB help – but if you fix the OL and DL – then Peyton Barber, Charles Sims, Ryan Smith (and maybe even Hargreaves) start looking like real NFL players with lots of help in front of them.

  25. lambchop Says:


    I was thinking the same damn thing. Passing on 3 consecutive downs to get 1 yard and not one run or QB sneak. If you can’t get 1 yard (in 3 attempts) in this league with even Jeremy McNichols, you seriously lack balls and brains as a coach.