What Do You Think?

November 18th, 2017

Joe’s 24-hour poll posted at 8:42 a.m.

24 Responses to “What Do You Think?”

  1. LakeLand Says:

    Yes he will be here, they may suspend him for a few games.

  2. Buc believer Says:

    If Ben Roethlisberger gets away with the actual deed then Jameis will be fine with just an accusation. I don’t believe for a second he did it. Just another low life trying to get paid.

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Of course he will be here, he is our QB.

  4. Dave Says:

    He’s going to be suspended next year probably 4-6 games. Goodell suspends players based only on allegations. And Jameis has a history.

  5. sunshine Says:

    With all the weapons, Jamis has NOT been a good qb with poor accuracy and decision making …bring in someone else

  6. Sunny Says:

    If JW is not here , either is gruden

  7. Buc believer Says:

    I guess I can’t say that huh Joe?? Lol sorry

  8. Bucs_in_Spain Says:

    It’s hard to find franchise QBs

  9. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Let me put it this way…if the Bucs fire Koetter AND get rid of Jameis?

    That’s the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

  10. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I think Ryan Griffin needs playing time.

    1. Griffin could suck, in which case we move on.
    2. Griffin could do well and gain trade value, or become a solid backup.
    3. Griffin could excel like Brady did when filling in for Bledsoe and we end up striking gold. We would then be able to trade Winston for a king’s ransom.

  11. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Don’t be so sure. If #3 is not here but Kirk Cousins is…that could sway Chucky.

  12. Buc1987 Says:


  13. ClodHopper Says:

    I’m just saying. If they got rid of him at this point in his career, that would be an unforgivable offense by this organization in my eyes.

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    StPeteBucsFan, I don’t think anything could sway Gruden at this point in time. The Glazers have shown no patience with their coaches. I don’t see him leaving a solid position for a job that he will be fired from in two years.

    Gruden is too smart for that.

  15. NFLNut Says:


    Apparently, this was in the offseason after his rookie year and according to him and his rep, Jameis was in the backseat with friends and one other unnamed guy was in the front-seat who may or may not have put his hand on the driver.

    Apparently she had no idea who touched her, which her first text to a friend shows, but then later says it was Jameis … however according to Jameis’ rep when uber got involved the driver did not I.D. Jameis either and his account was suspended simply because it was the account used to book the uber.

    All of the above said, I think it’s likely that the driver was “touched” and is not lying but that Jameis himself was in the back-seat and that it was another passenger in the front-seat that touched her. If that is the case, anyone including Florio, is being very irresponsible in accusing Jameis of any wrong-doing or even of making a bad decision as he did nothing wrong.

    If I hail a cab with three friends after partying and one of them sits in the front with the cab driver and acts like a moron, that is not on me by any stretch of the imagination.

    I also think that if Jameis did this, he’d want to just admit it to the league immediately and take his 6 week suspension right now, for weeks 10-16, come back play the last game of the year at home against the Saints and go into next year with a clean slate … that he immediately came out and said the accusation is false and gave specific details that he was in the back-seat, make it pretty obvious that he did nothing wrong.

    At worst Jameis will get a 6 game suspension but I have a feeling this will blow over, the driver may even come out and say it wasn’t Jameis but a friend of Jameis, the fast food camera may show Jameis wasn’t in the front-seat, etc., and he won’t be suspended a single game … but … we’ll see.

    However, Jameis finds himself living in the age of public witch-hunts and he is hated by many, so the young man better buckle up and prepare for a bumpy ride in life, not just this year …


  16. I'm tired and 87 is right Says:

    If they get rid of Jameis over an allegation I’m done with this franchise, and I’m a season ticket holder for several years who travels for every game from the other coast. I know many other ticket holders who feel the same way. I bet most who don’t want him don’t even go to the games anyways. Go Bucs!

  17. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Agree completely! I’m not suggesting that Chucky is on the way….just that #3 will not be the determining factor one way or the other.

    I’m like you. I think Chucky sees the adrenaline rush of a return…he also is President of the Fired Football Coaches of America so he knows both sides of the coin with the Glazers.

    IF he gets back into coach…and I do not believe he will…he’d be far better off at Tennessee or Florida. He’s not in the conversation at UF but because of his Tennessee connections…his wife and coaching experience…the Vols are lighting up their blogs with speculation about Chucky.

  18. Not there yet Says:

    Nothing like this kind of scandal to kill gruden to Tampa rumors, I think it would not be an attractive job if his quarterback was this stupid.

  19. Ken G. Says:

    America’s’ quarterback will be tweeting about football with RGIII next season. No way next years coach wants any part of an injury plagued, off field drama and inaccurate QB.

  20. Seminole Bill Says:

    If there was another person in the front seat, and that person inappropriately touched the female driver, that person should step up and take responsibility. Why that person has not done so, or why Jameis has not identified that person is troubling. You would think Jameis’ agent would have done so a long time ago.

    Jameis stands to make $50 – $75 million over the next 5 years, at a minimum. Why he would get into a car with a female present is a mystery. Jameis is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  21. Wesley Says:

    Stop this crap Joe.

  22. NFLNut Says:


    If I had to guess at what happened, I’d say someone riding with Jameis that night and sitting in the front seat did what the driver said … but there’s no way Jameis should be punished for that.

    To those who are saying, “why didn’t Jameis do anything about it” … even the driver says the passenger removed his hand as soon as she said, “What’s up with that” and that “there was no further incident” the rest of the ride.

    If Jameis was in the back seat with another person or even two other people and talking, etc., it is highly probable he didn’t even know anything happened at all, and had no idea there was an issue until the next day when uber suspended his account as it was his account that was used to reserve the cab …

    To those who are saying, “why doesn’t Jameis name the actual front-seat passenger” … I doubt Jameis would snich on his friend, especially when there is no PROOF whatsoever that anything actually happened. If YOU were in Jameis situation and a driver was claiming you touched her but you knew it was your friend in the front passenger seat and your friend says, “bro, she’s lying and just trying to get money from you, I didn’t lay a finger on her”, would YOU drop your friend’s name in the media and put him through hell? I wouldn’t! If the driver has an actual case, then let her file a civil case against the actual passenger!

    Now, I would urge Jameis to tell his friend to speak to the NFL and sign a legal affidavit attesting to the fact that he and not Jameis was the front-seat passenger, but I wouldn’t tell Jameis to just publicly blast his friend, when for all Jameis knows, this driver really could just be seeking a pay-day …

    Again, if the driver has an actual case, then let her file a civil case against the actual passenger!


  23. NFLNut Says:

    BTW, Jameis is getting a 5 year $150mil+ contract come 2020, be it from the Bucs or from another team … and this accusation which pales in comparison to the accusation(s) against Zeke, Peyton Manning and especially Roethlisberger, won’t jeopardize that at all imho.

  24. Dylan Says:

    do you post this crap to fuel the trolls? This whole drama your trying to create is garbage. I’ve read your stuff since atleast 2011-2012… getting run down by ads and garbage post are becoming more frequent. went from daily, to weekly and now we’re getting into bi weekly :-/. ESPN does suck you got that going for ya lmao.