Tight Windows

November 29th, 2017

Still learning?

If a Next Gen stat can be a window into the development of a quarterback, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, may need some more polishing.

NFL.com has thing called “Next Gen” stats, which is basically football geekery to the max. Joe was looking at a stat the NFL.com crowd uses for quarterbacks who throw into tight windows. The definition of this stat (AGG) can be found here. The name of the stat is “Aggressiveness.”

It seems, maybe, Jameis is still a bit too aggressive.

Jameis has one of the highest percentages of passes thrown to receivers who either have tight windows or are covered. Per NFL.com, 21 percent of Jameis’ throws fall into this category. By comparison, Jameis’ backup, Ryan Fitzpatrick, has thrown 15 percent of his passes into tight windows.

This doesn’t surprise Joe about Jameis’ high percentage of tight throws. Jameis has the mentality, still, that he can make any throw. But the Bucs have pretty much made him think twice about blindly throwing into any coverage.

Bucs coach Dirk Koetter has mentioned that Jameis seems to think whatever play Koetter — if that’s what the coach wants, by golly — that’s what he will complete. Koetter has said he wants Jameis to, on occasion, tell Koetter in so many words, “Naw, man. This is a guaranteed pick. I will audible.”

Joe has heard this about Jameis before from other folks at One Buc Palace, that the team actually wants Jameis to challenge Koetter because, the football folks reason, sometimes Jameis has a better view and idea what’s going on while on the field than the play caller.

If you remember the loss to Dallas last year, Jameis missed an open Mike Evans for a big gain in the second half. Koetter had mentioned that Jameis told him the play was there, which Koetter admitted he didn’t see but went along with Jameis’ suggestion. And Jameis was right: The play was there, just not the pass.

The Bucs want to see more of that from Jameis (and of course, completing the pass).

As far as that AGG stat goes, most quarterbacks with a high percentage of throws to tight windows also are struggling. But there is one glaring outlier: The QB with the most throws into tight coverage? Carson Wentz.

31 Responses to “Tight Windows”

  1. Bucnut2 Says:

    It’s probably a good thing he’s not an accurate passer. I the were, he would likely be turning the ball over at a even a higher rate than he already does. Winston + America’s Turnover Machine.

  2. Bucnut2 Says:

    ^^^ If he were

  3. Chucklehead Says:

    Lol Bucnut2. Joking right? Accuracy isnt a detriment. If your gonna throw in tight windows you better be accurate.

    Besides all the tight holes talk. What gets me is the lack of yac. Our boys get smashed as soon as the ball hits their hands.

  4. Bill Douglas Says:

    I’m sorry, but this is crazy. The QB is seeing things, and the coach is acknowledging it afterwards. Why isn’t the QB making the play he sees?

    This offense is crap. But it’s the same offense he was running in JAX 12 years ago, so we shouldn’t be surprised it isn’t working. Adjust or die. Koetter’s dying.

  5. Tom Edrington Says:

    Sorry, but I think a lot of people out there are totally over Jameis……the NFL investigation will last longer than winter in Canada…….too much silly preaching, lead the team by being a great quarterback, not someone who sticks his fingers in his mouth!

  6. Chucklehead Says:


    I believe coack K was drinkin his own kool aid. We came out on opening day average at best and the D was nothing special. And now hes in full panic mode, Winston has been banged up, no running game. I betting they all thought they were a lot further along than they actually are talent wise and they just have no answers

  7. Season Is Over Says:

    America’s Present Laughingstock, Investigated, @Jaboorarelywinsandconstantlyoverthrows, Losing, Captain of Immaturity, Only Seen in Local Markets, Backed into Pro Bowler Because Three Others Backed Out and Never Returned, Never Hits a Receiver In Stride, Mr. Magoo aka Jameis Winston, forces the ball? We are shocked.

  8. Bucn Enough Says:

    Jameis buried Licht…

    Jameis immaturity will cost Licht his job( let alone the wasted pics and FA signings )…Licht was responsible for vetting Jameis’s past and his ability to lead a franchise…so far, Goff, Wentz and Mariota look like leaders and Jaboo looks like a fool…that he is.

    What a swing and a miss..

  9. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Since this season is lost

    I am no longer wasting my sundays watching Jameis making stupid decisions while throwing picks and the defense letting WRs running free like antelopes on the the range.

  10. BucTooth Says:

    Just throwing this out there and wondering if other readers here see what i see concerning M13 Evans. Why after catching the football he just flops to the ground when defenders aren’t that close to him nor have touched him. What’s wrong with him why not run as far down the field as you can get good grief.

  11. Hodad Says:

    Maybe he throws into tight windows because his favorite target, and our star receiver Mike Evans rarely gets separation from D.B.’s. Notice how Mike’s numbers are down with Fitz at Q.B.? He won’t force a ball to a guy who’s constantly covered. Now we’re blaming our 23 year old Q.B. for not checking out of the bad plays his coach keeps calling. Think about that for a second. Let’s see how Jamies does next year with a new O.C. that can call plays that get his receivers open for a change.

  12. Cold_water Says:

    Jameis is by far the best qb in Tampa – you guys are crazy if you wanna watch Fitz (whose completion % is worse than Winston) play.


  13. Bob in Valrico Says:

    One thing is clear ,The Bucs have made every effort to build a team around Jameis. This year fans have had high expectations and had their hopes smashed
    to smithereens. I will say that with the addition of Jackson ,Howard, and Godwin
    This offense has sputtered. many reasons for this but a QB that struggles with consistency and has such slow starts hurts the teams morale. A quality NFL QB
    can not allow his team to fall behind by 14 or 21 points. Injuries and personnel
    decisions have left a defense with too many deficiencies at almost every level except linebacker to be good.
    That said with most of the tools going to the offense, Jameis has not really
    stepped up and taken over games with his passing very much. From the time h
    Jameis needs to can the college RAH! RAH! BS. and lead this team on the field.

  14. Bill Byrne Says:

    What Bucn Enough said!!!

  15. Bob in Valrico Says:

    edit:from the time he returns

  16. Jaybuc Says:

    He has always been this way, at FSU he was the same way. Why is this surprising now? He’s an INT machine

  17. not there yet Says:

    Oh that’s easy to explain, Fitz reads through his progressions to look for the open guy and doesn’t lock in on his receiver like Winston does

  18. mark2001 Says:

    May need some more polishing? No doubt…. an understatement.

  19. Destinjohnny Says:

    Most fastball pitchers never have consistent accuracy

  20. BrianBucs Says:

    Jameis can’t get away with things in the NFL that he could get away with at FSU playing teams from the ACC. But even at FSU he started slowly, stared down receivers and threw too many pics. He’s now a 3rd years starter in the NFL so what you see now is what you are going to get. Even with all of that, plus his off-field problems Bucs decided to draft him anyway to please the FLU folks and get then into the stadium. I would be willing to bet that some higher-ups at One Buc are second guessing that decision about now

  21. BrianBucs Says:

    FSU* ^^^

  22. tnew Says:

    So, if Jameis trusted this coach less and called his own number more, things would be better.

    Well that obviously means we need to get rid of Jameis, keep Koetter and get a QB that doesn’t need coaching and just wants to free lance.

    Oh, and Fitz would never lock onto a reciever. Winston, was actually wearing 14 when he locked onto DJAX in the corner on 2nd and 2 with Godwin on an in breaking route with no saftey help and a late Rodgers coming out of the backfield with a 15 yard halo around him. Then Winston locked onto Humphries so that the DB was able to drive and make contact immediately on the catch. Then Winston locked on to Brate on fourth even tho Evans was running a corner without saftety help with the DB playing inside technique. Fitz would never have done that.

  23. Lamarcus Says:


    Jw is the best qb in history of the Buccaneers. We need him out there. Asap. Yall can eagles play the bills or something while be watching jw and the bucs.

  24. Lamarcus Says:

    T new.

    Your wrong. Fitz locked eyes on Hump on 4 and 2 for 1 yd play tha sealed the game. U didnt want to see that. But if jw was u complain? Proves ur just a hater. Otherwise jw is a record setting qb. 10k yards before 24 yrs something not even peyton and brady has done and it’s a qb that play for my favorite team. Gtfoh. Yall really want to move on from a record qb is what make the Buccaneers trash. Being the fans being the biggest issue.

    Newsflash. Even if jw was 100 percent accuracy we will still lose by that defense. And this is a game where Rex grossman and trent dilfer gets u to sb. Starts w defense.

  25. Destinjohnny Says:

    I’d take
    A 24 year old brad johnson over 3

  26. Lamarcus Says:

    And yall gmc fanboys are ridiculous. Yall defend gmc by saying “he is voted by his peers” as top 100 player. But guess what jw is a top 100 player also. But yall want him gone.

    Hypocrisy at its finest

  27. tnew Says:

    Lamarcus, sarcasm is missed in these posts sometimes. If you see all my other posts, you know I am killing Fitz for locking on to the recievers… I’m tired of seeing everyone state how he “never” does this and how great he is in his progressions.

    If you see, I said Winston had to be on the field in the Fitzgerald jersey, because as so many are stating, Fitz would never do those things.

  28. JFat Says:

    JW will always struggle unless he learns to get rid of the ball quicker, tight windows or no He doesn’t have the mobility, oline or pocket awareness to wait 5 seconds to throw. Play style more like Brees less like Rodgers. Would also be good to come close with a deep ball here and there, outside of a wide open OJ.

  29. unbelievable Says:

    bucnut wins dumbest comment of the day.

    Better accuracy would equal more turnovers? Apparently you don’t understand what some of those words mean…

  30. Chucklehead Says:

    Brian Buc

    Thats BS. Drafting an FSU player because of his popularity instantaneously alienated a huge demographic of Bucs/GATORS fans. Fans the Bucs couldnt afford to lose.

  31. cgmaster Says:

    I love how people are complaining about his interceptions. Saying he’s an interception machine? He’s got 6 on the year people, give it a rest already. And Don’t mind Bucnut, hes a mariota fanboy who’s upset Mariota has turned into a TO machine this season. What is is now Bucnut, 6 Int’s for him in the last 2 games?