“They Are Going To Fire Dirk Koetter”

November 9th, 2017

More Chucky chatter.

Yeah, it is easy to pile on the Bucs these days as they are halfway down the road to acquiring a top-five pick in next spring’s draft. An avalanche of a season for a team that many expected to make a playoff run.

One voice harshly critical of Bucs coach Dirk Koetter for weeks happens to be former NFL executive Michael Lombardi. The former right-hand man for Bill Belicheat and Al Davis threw all his chips into the middle of the table in his recent podcast hosted by “The Ringer,” saying Koetter is a dead man walking on the Bucs sidelines.

And why does Lombardi think so? A combination of history with Team Glazer and that Koetter is in charge of a spiraling team Lombardi believes Koetter has no chance of salvaging.

“You have all of these weapons, you are supposed to be this much better on offense, you are supposed to be this much better on defense and you spent all of this money,” Lombardi explained. “And look, the Glazers have fired people. They fired Jon Gruden who won a Super Bowl for them. They fired Tony Dungy, alright? They fired Greg Schiano after two years. They are going to fire Dirk Koetter. One thing you know as an executive [is] when it’s going south. It’s going south in Tampa. I know they are playing the Jets this week, but there is no turning this thing around.”

On the horrible loss to the Saints last week, Lombardi said the Bucs “were poorly coached in terms execution. It was bad.”

And again, Lombardi fanned the flames of the Resurrection of Chucky with the Bucs.

“To me, you are going to hear more Jon Gruden talk,” Lombardi said. “It’s heating up. I had two phone calls tonight coming over here from the league saying, ‘You wait and see. It’s going to happen.’ … The Jon Gruden rumors have been around for a while but I think this one is real. The Glazers have made up with him and they need a coach. If you look at the landscape of the NFL, there’s not a lot of great coaches in the league.”

As far as Bucs players quitting on Koetter, Lombardi wouldn’t go there but as he stated earlier in the same podcast about the Giants, Lombardi said of Bucs players, “They didn’t quit, but they certainly are not paying attention.”

You can watch the full podcast — video style! — below. The Bucs chatter begins at the 6:58 mark. Lombardi also seems to be fed up with America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

131 Responses to ““They Are Going To Fire Dirk Koetter””

  1. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Give Gruden

    QB1 – Kirk Cousins
    QB2 – Nate Sudfeld
    QB3 – Luke Faulk

    Make a few trades – release a few Kats.
    And let make this run in 2018

    Go Bucs!

  2. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Contingency Plan

    Call his Homeboy in Kansas City (Andy Reid)
    A make a trade Alex Smith

  3. Wewantgruden Says:

    It’s coming!!!!! He will lead us to the Glory Land. Idiot JameisNOT should be getting very nervous as there is no way he will be able to figure out Grudens playbook. Hell, Dirk had to dumb down his own so JW could understand a simple running play.

  4. EA Says:

    Man I thought Gruden rumors were only local.
    Koetter has a 5 year contract though, I’m not sure if the Glazers would eat that up. Such a long commitment to a head coach that you have a history of firing every other year. Ownership must have really thought Koetter was the guy.

  5. LocalJoker Says:

    Luvmybucs, one day you’re a respected poster, the next you’re doing crack! Get some help. Winston is not going anywhere.

  6. gilhealy Says:

    wewantgruden, the only thing nervous is the goat you have tied up. Take his hind legs out of your boots, and stop doing what you’re doing. That’s sick. Now, go back in the shanty and move the antenna around a bit and watch the All in the Family reruns. Go now, you’re cousins coming over and you need to get all gussied up. D!ck.

  7. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Winston needs a Gruden or Harbaugh to keep him going in the right direction look how jimbo handled him! Grab him by the face mask and take care of business!

  8. Clodhopper Says:

    Just to play devils advocate, lets say the players did not quit on Koetter. That’s even worse. That means Koetter has the worst game planning, and in-game management in the league.

    As far as Gruden goes, I wont even waste my time thinking about it, until we see him sign on the dotted line. I would totally approve but I don’t believe its even a possibility.

  9. Doolnutts Says:

    I love Gruden don’t get me wrong…. but whose guna coach his defense??? The biggest problem on this team IMO is this defense. And i haven’t looked it up but aren’t Koetters offenses better than Grudens by a mile? Sure we could argue that Dirks got better players but I’m just playing devil advocate here.

  10. Dr. Lob Says:

    Blame Winston on the offensive issu’e not Koetter

  11. Wewantgruden Says:

    @gilhealy: the truth hurts, doesn’t it??!! Your response Just shows your ignorance.

  12. Phil Says:

    I believe Koetter will be fired also. I also think this team has quit on him and on themselves. I also think Jason Licht doesn’t get the blame for this and he stays. Jon Gruden head coach, Rex Ryan defensive coordinator. What a team. The easy training camps Koetter ran will be over.

  13. Hodad Says:

    They’re not keeping Koetter because of his contract. The 5th year is an option, so they’d have to pay him for the next 2yrs. Licht has only one yr left. These guys are billionares, millions are like pennys falling out of your pockets. This regime is gone. As for Winston, Gruden would love to have him. He’s 23, Gruden can take him to the next level. That’s what Grudens mentor Holmgrem did with Farve. Maybe some of you are to young to remember Farve was a project that got traded to G.B.. It took a REAL WINNING Coach to turn his career into a HOFer.

  14. darin Says:

    Adios dirk. Not a good head coach. Wish it didnt have to wait till end of season, but then again itd be too hard to do anything mid season. They have no coordinators who could take over n improve. What a mess. Anyway if we are going back to tbe well lets go dungy instead of gruden. Show him the money. Gruden didnt do much here outside of 12-4. Id take him over dirk tho. Id prefer a defensive guy. I wana get back to being in every game. This mess has gone on long enough.

  15. Ndog Says:

    All you Jameis haters are ridiculous and clueless. If you had any brains you wood realize the Glazes will not hire anyone that is not on board with Jameis, right or wrong. When Jameis gets healthly and turns this around you can go crawl back into your holes from which you came.

  16. PRBucFan Says:

    We are the Bucs.

    We don’t have the kind of luck for this kind of thing to happen.

    Gruden will come back eventually and will win again in the NFL.
    Sadly I don’t believe it will be with the Bucs. Too good to be true.

  17. Bird Says:


    Disagree. Gruden will have full control or he will not come back. It will be part of the deal. If he doesn’t want Jameis then glazers will give him that power.

    However. Gruden always wanted to develop a young talent like Jameis. Jameis deal has 2 more years and then you can always franchise so there is time.

    But it will be gruden a call. Can’t imagine glazers are in love with Jameis this much after his struggling inconsistent play.

  18. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    If Koetter gets shown the door, one would think Licht will go with him.
    Many top coaches, including Jon Gruden, may want a GM of their choosing.

  19. Getaclue Says:

    Eating up Koetters contract isn’t a problem to bring Gruden in. It looks like Koetter won’t turn this around and they stand to lose a lot more money not doing anything. The fan base is so dejected after the expectations for the year it’s going to take something like bringing Gruden in . It makes sense from a football standpoint and a business stand point

  20. Buc1987 Says:

    But the players quit on Gruden tooooooooooooo!!!!

  21. Jim Says:

    So we get Belichek to coach and Jameis will get the long ball to Jackson, right? Hmmm…

  22. PRBucFan Says:

    Lol 9-7 in his last two seasons and they quit on him?

    That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen you write 87 ahahaha

    Just stop.

    It’s the NFL, its damn well hard enough to win 1 game let alone finish with a winning record during a season. Ain’t no way in hell a team who quit on his coach finishes with 9 wins in a season.

  23. Mikadeemas Says:

    I think they quit on Kiffen.

  24. PRBucFan Says:

    And Jameis has been missing much more than the long ball Jim lol.

  25. Mikadeemas Says:

    And of course Kiffen quit on the Bucs. What an ass to tell the team he was quitting with four games left.

  26. ndog Says:

    So Bird you think its a good idea to let the guy who passed on both Aaron Rodgers and Adrain Peterson decide the faith of Jameis? You see the Glazers saw that movie before and it will not happen again. If Gruden, or anyone else, does not want Jameis then they wont be here. And I guess in all your wisdom 4,000 in his first two seasons is just trash right? And he did that throwing to who again? That’s right Mike Evans and …… Was Brate drafted, was Humphries drafted, how about Russell Sherpard, or what about Donte Dye? And this year before he got hurt we had the number one passing offense in the NFL!!!! Is Jamies perfect heck no but to say a franchise should even think for a second about moving on just shows how delusional some people are. You people have no clue what you are talking about and should get a new sport.

  27. Waterboy Says:

    Not sold on Gruden.

    It’s not like he had the team battling deep in the playoffs every year. They won 0 playoffs after that 1 Superbowl and I think his record with the Bucs the 5-6 yrs following the Superbowl was like 45-51. His offenses were never ranked very high in Tampa and were mostly ranked around the 20’s. I’m not sure why people are so ready to re-live those mediocre days.

  28. PRBucFan Says:

    And yes if anything it was kiffin that put deflation into the team that last season.

  29. PRBucFan Says:

    Those “mediocre” days with less talent all around (other than the defense during the super bowl run) than some of the teams we have fielded recently were still much better and competitive days than the ones we have seen since.

  30. Wewantgruden Says:

    @NDOG: your entries may cause certain government agencies to track your electronic devises…..”dreamers” are getting sent back as quickly as JW throws a pick in a game. Dont answer the door. You may also look into getting one of those door bells that can be programmed to your favorite song. You should go with the Vanilla Ice hit with the lyrics “Ice Ice baby”

  31. Destinjohnny Says:

    Get get jon a badass gm and we are in biz
    He can’t be a gm to save his life

  32. USFBUC Says:

    I’m not sure who if anyone will replace Coach K but I don’t believe Winston is going any where. He was highly recruited going into college was accepted into Stanford which is no slouch school. He was regularly evaluated going into the draft with many experts saying he was one of the best QBs to come out in many years.

    We either need Coach K to figure out how to be a HC or we need to find a HC and OC that can develop Winston.

  33. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    I wonder why Gruden wasnt hired after Lovie. I guess better late then never. Sucks we got to go 8 more games with trash football.

  34. Not there yet Says:

    What are some of you smokin on this site? People honestly think they’d hire a coach and go through the same nonsense that happened with Freeman? Winston is here and not going anywhere and nobody cares if a fan doesn’t like him. This organization is not dumping a quarterback picked first overall who’s 24 and in his 3rd season….. Idiots any coach they interview has no choice but to tell the Glazer’s what they could do to develop Winston not cause a quarterback controversy, that movie had been made before by Greg schiano

  35. Waterboy Says:

    Gruden ran off Mckay and had them bring his buddy from Oakland as GM so I fault him for those less than talented offenses as well.

  36. Buc1987 Says:

    PRBucFan Says:

    “Lol 9-7 in his last two seasons and they quit on him?

    That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen you write 87 ahahaha

    Just stop.”

    Didn’t they lose 4 straight and miss the playoffs. It was said at the time they lost the 4 in a row because Gruden lost the team….I’m sure it can be found on the net. Perhaps if I get the time….I’ll find it. Gruden was considered fake by many players. After awhile his schtick got old.

  37. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    One thing for sure is, either the Glazer kids need to reaffirm both Koetter and Licht, or we need to replace them.
    It is one thing to demand that Koetter take control of this team, if the players think he is not gonna be here in Tampa next year.

  38. ndog Says:

    I know Wewantgruden facts are scary especially when they prove you wrong. But keep on hating my friend and when Jameis becomes what he is capable of no one will call you out when you jump back on the bandwagon.

  39. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m a HUGE Gruden fan too. I just remember how all that went down. I started getting the feeling players WERE tuning him out. That the rhetoric was getting old and stale. I disagreed with the firing and still do.

  40. Bobby M. Says:

    Folks saying Gruden can’t build an offense are ignorant. He built the #1 offense in Oakland with Rich Gannon…a journeyman QB. Brian Griese, Johnson and Garcia all went to Pro Bowls with Gruden….Not exactly franchise guys. Gruden did what positioned us for winning. It was Grudens #1 offense in the super bowl vs our #1 defense.

  41. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Oh my god. You are a absolute moron talking about Cousins! I get so angry when I realize how idiotic some of our fans are. JW lights it up for two years, then gets injured and struggles a bit and suddenly moron Buc fans want to dump him and bring in journeymen scrub QBs. The only way you get QBs in free agency or trades is if they’re scrubs. Jameis isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. You probably thinks Steven A Smith was right saying he would take the Texans QB over Jameis too. Dude goes 3-5 and then blows out his ACL but hey, he had a game that was better than Jameis so he is defintely a future hall of famer. Freaking idiot!

  42. tmaxcon Says:

    Nobody lives in the past better than dumbarse bucfan… gruden is partially responsible for the team not winning a meaningful game in over a decade. He also proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can not pick players or devop players… his ego will require full control but he has proven that he SUCKS ARSE in that roll… koetter and smith must go. Glazers must relinquish all football control to a legit proven football guy not a one dimensional has been in dungy or some unqualified has been player from past. Bucs need fresh life and eyes not part 2 of the failed dungy years.

    87 is cvorrect players were tuning gruden out back than how long will it take the mentally weak roster led by captain blowout cancer93 befgore they start crying gruden is a big meanie

  43. Lakeland Says:

    They will Suck with Gruden, just like they did when he was fired. Four straight losses to end the season, including a loss to Jamarcus Russell and the lowly Raiders.

  44. ndog Says:

    Gruden = great x’s and o’s coach, gruff personality (sometime shady) and horrible talent evaluation. If you can solve for the personality and get a quality player evaluator that he can work with it would be a good move, otherwise same old same old.

  45. 813bucboi Says:

    DONT HIDE!!!!


    where you at?…..GO BUCS!!!

  46. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    Its going to be a interesting off season. If Gruden is brought back the personnel would change exponentially. Gruden will want full control and he should get it. Koetter and Jason might be offered a role in some capacity. More so Jason, Koetter has really failed in his role although so maybe not.

  47. Wewantgruden Says:

    NDOG: JamesisNOT stats are padded. Like I’ve said 100 times in these messages, he cranks up a lot of yards when teams aren’t prevent defenses because the Buccaneers are so far behind due to his turnovers. How does this not make sense to you? Will you still follow him in the Canadian football league? Or possibly even the arena league? Do you really believe that he’s put on the bench to do a “ are injury“shoulder injury “? Let me answer that for you: NO. You do understand that the NFL is a business in which they need to have people sitting in the seats at the game. The PR people are hard at work trying to paint a pretty picture for the FSU turned Bucs fan base. Koetter knows they cannot win with him and needs to win games to save his job. QB controversy if Fitzpatrick wins the next two game???? Now wake up from your dream and start putting realistic stuff on this blog.

  48. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Yes – continue to fire the coach every two years. That has worked wonders for the Bucs over the past decade. The reason the players are giving up
    At the first sign of adversity is because they know the itchy trigger finger of the owners who have no understanding of the importance of continuity.

    Yes – fire the coach again. But just maybe try looking up the definition of insanity first.

  49. Jarid Says:

    Can we fly in Vince McMahon to do it?

  50. 813bucboi Says:

    im more worried about Winston at this point….time to think long term as in next year and shut him down….if he needs surgery lets get it out of the way now so he’ll be ready for OTA’s and TC….

    while im all for gruden, he wouldn’t be my first choice….I would throw a ton of cash at Jim Harbaugh….he was able to take the 9ers to the next level in a short amount of time….he had the offense and defense playing lights out….we need a coach that knows how to run a team and not just 1 side of the ball….GO BUCS!!!

  51. Buc1987 Says:

    Wewantgruden Says:

    “NDOG: JamesisNOT stats are padded. Like I’ve said 100 times in these messages, he cranks up a lot of yards when teams aren’t prevent defenses because the Buccaneers are so far behind due to his turnovers.”

    That’s already been debunked…

  52. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    The cycle continues. Eternal basement dwellers.

  53. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I think 99% of us would be happy with Gruden. However, we aren’t getting rid of Winston, nor should we. He’s a #1 pick that has broken NFL records. He’s played under one offense, and is in my opinion the most difficult offense in the NFL. His offense is predicated on being able to run the ball, which sets up throwing the ball down the field. We can’t run the ball, so there’s no surprise we are struggling throwing it. If you look at Winston’s numbers, they are nearly identical to Peyton Manning’s through 40 games. You do not give up on that, period. You are bringing up names like Alex Smith and Kirk Cousins, but what exactly have they won? Alex Smith is Jeff Garcia 2.0. Kirk Cousins folds in big games. You have to give Jameis Winston the chance to show what he can do. More importantly, they are going to. I will put everything I own that (barring injury) Jameis Winston will be our QB for the next couple years minimum. Accept it, because it’s reality. You can bring up whatever scenarios you want, it will not happen. And for the person saying Jameis can’t pick up the playbook, that’s pretty ridiculous. Everyone said he picked up the playbook in no time. He has an amazing work ethic as well. If you want to criticize him, it would be for not making good decisions, but to say he can’t learn the playbook makes me feel like you are making assumptions based on some sort of belief that you have.

  54. Lakeland Says:

    Retreads are never a good thing.

  55. tmaxcon Says:

    Cancer93 would last 5 minutes with gruden… then hed be crying to glazers clowns that gruden is a big meanie and quit yet AGAIN.. glazers have earned the basement and deserve the basement

  56. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    People forget that Jameis hurt his throwing shoulder, and most of his poor play has happened since the injury. At one point, we were the top offense in the NFL, and his numbers were nearly identical to Drew Brees. But nah, let’s get rid of him because you don’t think he can learn a playbook. I’m all for being upset as fans (we should be), but use your brains a little more.

  57. Buc1987 Says:

    In 97 Dungy went 10-6. In 98 he went 8-8. Perhaps he should have been fired for the team regressing….

  58. BradentuckeyBuc Says:

    Something nobody’s talking about…Our window of top tier free agents actually WANTING to come here to play is just about closed now, unless we bring in a proven staff next year…or go on an 8 game run! (bahahahah!)

  59. Kobe Faker Says:


    So we need the glazers to reaffirm Koetter and Licht in front of the team and the team will play much better?

    The players couldnt sleep because they were worried of Koetters future next few years if he was fired?

    Did i hear the players will start a Gofundme account for koetter and Licht?

    This Buc sheep fan base is wacked

    “Im goin to take a huge crap on Tampa”


  60. tmaxcon Says:


    Nice to see your client quiting on yet another coaching staff. I thought this was her year to dominate. Is not that was what she was whimpering about during that depressing attempt at a press conference during off-season.

    Nobody quits like captain blowout… the face of the basement years

  61. tmaxcon Says:


    The one dimensional carerr playoff losing dungy should have been fired 2 years earlier. It was very clear he could not finish. Its a shame he wasted sam whyces players

  62. Buc1987 Says:

    lol was waiting for you to go there tmax.

  63. D-Rome Says:

    Waterboy Says:
    November 9th, 2017 at 8:27 am

    Gruden ran off Mckay and had them bring his buddy from Oakland as GM so I fault him for those less than talented offenses as well.

    Exactly! Gruden had a losing record as a head coach here after the Super Bowl victory and it was largely because of his stubbornness and arrogance. He ran off McKay, ran off Sapp, ran off Lynch, alienated Alstott, ran off Keyshawn, and the list goes on. What makes anyone think it would be different the second time around?

    Gruden would be a disaster here as head coach. How silly would it look with Gruden going 5-11 next season while his name is in the Ring of Honor?

    Gruden is like the ex-girlfriend that you think about all the time and you paint a prettier picture in your mind than what was the reality of the relationship. Gruden needs to stay a distant memory when it comes to him being a head coach. Nice to think about and reminisce about the good times but there was a real reason why the Bucs broke up with him.

  64. tmaxcon Says:


    Im tired of these bs nice guy loser hypocrites like gmc and dungy getting a free pass because they were nice guys. They are paid to win NOTHING ELSE MATTERS….

  65. Bobby M. Says:

    Winston career stats….

    Pass attemtps while ahead….300

    Pass attempts while tied….367

    Pass attempts while trailing…872

    I still believe the Bucs can win with Winston but he’s not carrying marginal teams into playoff hunts. The formula that worked at FSU was solid defense with solid running….Give him that and he’ll get the job done.

    IMO….Winston needs an alpha male type coach….Again, look at FSU. Fisher would yank him, cuss him, sit him….to make sure he got his point across. That’s simply not Koetter’s style. Could be Jim or John Harbaugh….Gruden…Arians. This team needs someone that’s been there, done that with a my way or the highway approach. Licht put Koetter in a very tough position….He’s got guys that are starting for the sake of “development” who simply aren’t cutting it…..You cant hold some accountable and give others a pass. We gave jobs to Winston, Smith, Spence, Hargreaves, Aguayo…..Winston is the only one that understandably gets room for error….The others were gifted jobs with no real competition.

  66. tmaxcon Says:

    Mckay sucked as a player evaluator. Mckay is a league politician not a foitball guy… lets be very clear, mckay was equally responsible for the the pathetic offenses during the FAILED dungy years… you fools cant rewrite history becsuse you recognize a name.

  67. JameisWin55 Says:

    Jim Harbaugh would be the perfect choice he has had his run as college coach while turning Michigan around has not been able to enter championship area. Jameis needs a coach who can put him in place to succeed with top five pick take Barkley hopefully and spend money on defense improvements. Offense would be Winston, Barkley, Evans, Jackson, Godwin, Brate, and Howard could be special with a Harbaugh or Gruden.

  68. Negative Jeff Says:

    My wet dream would be Gruden coming back. Why we let a SB winning coach walk, I’ll never understand. That’s on the Glazers. Could you imagine the media coverage? Bucs would be truly relevant again. He will turn JW into a great QB. Look at what he did for Rich Gannon and even Brad Johnson.

  69. BucFamous Says:

    Man, sometimes our fans are completely clueless.

    People want to jettison Winston? Go ahead–some team will gladly pick him up and then he can come back and kick our butts for years as he continues to mature.

    And whoever it was that said that Winston couldn’t “understand Gruden’s playbook” either knows nothing about football or is adhering to the old racist “black QBs are dumb” trope.

    A) Fisher’s offense is one of the most complex in CFB and Jameis mastered it beautifully.

    B) The first trait mentioned about Winston by almost everyone is his football IQ.

    Winston’s problem is he tries to do too much when a play breaks down and his ego makes him think he can make throws that no one else can (oh, and by the way, sometimes he can).

    He also has some major impulse control issues (you see it in his game and on the sidelines)–which often get solved by experience and maturity.

  70. Jmarkbuc Says:

    For the life of me, I don’t understand people who say Gruden would turn JW around. When has Gruden EVER developed a young QB? NEVER. Has everyone forgotten that Gruden always wanted aging Vetertan QB’S’

    You just said it Neg Jeff Brad Johnson, Rich Gannon. Anybody remember Chris Simms??? All he developed was a ruptured spleen.

  71. Lakeland Says:

    The Bucs will suck for the next 20 years. I don’t care who they hire as GM or HC. This is a pathetic franchise, it will take a miracle to turn things around. There maybe a few winning seasons in between. But these are the Bucs, they will always suck. It’s written in stone and suckville is their destiny. Hugh Culverhouse jinxed this team 35 years ago.

  72. BradentuckeyBuc Says:

    Winston’s football IQ may be in fact too high IMO. He needs to ease off the cerebral some and trust the instictual. That’s part of why the two minute drill is so effective.

  73. Waterboy Says:

    Who built the Superbowl team? Who came in after Mckay and tore the team apart and never won another playoff game after that 1 super bowl and let me stress 1 super. Not several years of competing for conference championships and going deep in the playoffs in subsequent seasons but 1 super bowl! Take away that 1 super bowl and you have a less than .500 coach. The only way I’ll take Gruden is if they bring his real GM from Oakland with him (Al Davis) and let him make all of the import football decisions and that ain’t happening.

  74. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Wow WeWantGruden has to be the worst poster on here. You moron he is hurt. Dude couldn’t lift his arm right before the half ended. Watch the damn game dude. He got body slammed right on the already injured shoulder. So your theory is that Fitzpatrick starting against the Jets is going to sell more tickets than JW. You really cant believe the nonsense you are spewing. I guess you are just trolling.

  75. Nick2 Says:

    WeWantGruden where have you been? Jameis play is now erratic (soft training camp lack of practice) but his IQ has never been questioned. The guy could have gone to Stanford. Some of these posts are as stupid as the portrayal of Jameis is.

  76. BucEmUp Says:

    Kirk cousins and john gruden woukd equal a superbowl in his first year back!!!!

  77. Waterboy Says:

    Harbaugh I like he’s the real deal but he’s not stupid enough to leave his current job to take a 2 year gig with the Bucs.

  78. Jmarkbuc Says:

    If only Tony had been given one more year…..

  79. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “For the life of me, I don’t understand people who say Gruden would turn JW around. When has Gruden EVER developed a young QB? NEVER. Has everyone forgotten that Gruden always wanted aging Vetertan QB’S’”


    Fair enough, but what young QB did he have that was a high draft pick? What young QB did he have that went elsewhere and became great? It doesn’t matter how good you can coach, you can turn a crap QB into a good one. Fact of the matter is, there are hardly any coaches that can claim more than 1 young QB that they developed. Do you know why? Because good QB’s don’t grow on trees. If the guy is talented, he can be developed by a good coach. If he’s not, it doesn’t matter who is the coach.

  80. Wausa Says:

    Those that are saying to get rid of Jameis deserve this franchise to have the same ten years going forward that it just had going backwards.

  81. Bob in Valrico Says:

    While its true Jameis isn’t going anywhere until his contract is up. Koeeter is
    saddled with an offensive team that can’t run the ball well. Thats on the players and the Gm. So he has to rely om the passing game. I am sure when jameis showed the flashes of brilliancce he rightfully expected Jameis to progress.
    Since the 2016 Jameis ‘s slow starts,turnovers, and inaccurracy has been a difficult hurdle for the offense to overcome. Penalties also hurt ,and Jameis hasn’t been as good at overcoming them as in 2016. When you really analyze our wins
    almost half came when the defense put up great efforts. Jameis still has time to improve. But I expected a much faster start to his career. The emphasis has to be a top scoring offense not 4000+
    mostly between the 20’s.
    When you get down to it ,it has to be on Jameis to get better.Believe he needs a full time quarterback coach.Last I heard he had one that was a baseball pitching coach. Maybe Jameis needs to change that.

  82. Nick2 Says:

    Jameis repeatedly missing on long passes to Djax have NOTHING to do with intelligence. He sees the open man he recognizes it he misfires. Its his touch on the long ball his intelligence is just fine. Why would someone question Jameis intelligence. His immaturity yeah you can question that. His judgement? Yes maybe that but the guy could grasp Grudens playbook without a problem.

  83. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Who built the Superbowl team? Who came in after Mckay and tore the team apart and never won another playoff game after that 1 super bowl and let me stress 1 super. Not several years of competing for conference championships and going deep in the playoffs in subsequent seasons but 1 super bowl! Take away that 1 super bowl and you have a less than .500 coach. The only way I’ll take Gruden is if they bring his real GM from Oakland with him (Al Davis) and let him make all of the import football decisions and that ain’t happening.”


    Considering the entire offense was different in Gruden’s first year, you could clearly say Gruden was at least half responsible for how the team was built. And why exactly would you “take away that Super Bowl win”? Are we the Steelers now and have a bunch? That’s our only one!!!!! Hello!!! Besides, being a 500 coach in Tampa is pretty much deserving of a statue. You must be new to being a Bucs fan. Nice to have you though.

  84. Kobe Faker Says:

    No owner will give full control to the next hire as head coach/GM….those days are over

    Glazers will demand 2 different persons as head coach and GM….no matter how much gruden will biatch

    that will be the sticking point during negotiations and if gruden accepts

    the best Gruden can do is bring in a “proven” GM that the Glazers approve. Glazers wont approve a lacky like just before

  85. BucEmUp Says:

    I disagree with Nick 2 Jameis has more issues than just accuracy. He is hitting his receivers way after the play has developed. The turn around for the ball and he fires it late then they gets wrapped up right away. He has horrible timing on routes. He does not look like a starting qb.

    Also maybe the run gane would be doing better if the defenses respected the pass more but nobody fears Jameis.

  86. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Hawaiian Buc

    Your logic is crazy.. What round was Tom Brady taken in?

    You say: It doesn’t matter how good you can coach, you can turn a crap QB into a good one.

    I don’t even know WTF that means. and Gruden didn’t have young QBs go elsewhere and become great because he never had a young qb. The only one he had ended up in the hospital with a ruptured spleen..unless you mean Gradkowski, the puker. Your post makes no sense

  87. cmurda Says:

    Here’s the thing about Gruden. I’m concerned that he would want full control over personnel moves. He has proven average in that facet. I’m all for hiring Chucky and I’m sure the Glazers would be willing to make some concessions. People seem to forget that the Bucs gave the Raiders their 2002 1st and 2nd rd pick, 2003 1st rd pick, and 2004 2nd rd pick to get Chucky.

    @Waterboy. Take away that 1 Superbowl? Oh, you mean the only 1 in our franchise history? The elusive Superbowl win that so many teams pine for? That’s a ridiculous statement. Ridiculous. Tony built up the defense and tried to win games solely on that fact. Gruden came in with the same team and improved the offense tremendously while the years of having that great nucleus of a defense could have been wasted. The best thing this organization ever did was hire Chucky regardless of the cost. Now, that cost is the reason the Bucs had trouble staying competitive after the SB win. Our team really is a great situation for a coach to find himself. You have a young potential franchise QB and tremendous weapons on offense. Gruden’s west coast offense would be perfect for this team. Throw in the fact that Chucky never moved out of Tampa and still reminisces about the good old days here. It’s actually a somewhat real possibility despite myself thinking there was no way.

  88. ruggyup Says:

    One sure thing, Gruden players would quickly learn the significance of JG’s ‘turkey hole’ theory for discipline and execution.

  89. Lakeland Says:

    Hugh Culverhouse paid a 31 year old washed up Steve Spurrier $120,000 a year to be the Bucs QB in 1976. When the Bucs drafted Doug Williams in the 1st round in 1978. He had to hold out to get $50,000, he finally signed a 5 year $565,000 contract. In 1982 in his final year of his contract, Doug made $120,000. It was the 54th highest salary of NFL QBs. There was only 28 teams back then, and most of them only carried 2 QBs. When Doug became a Free Agent , he asked for 5 years $3,000,000, Culverhouse wasn’t willing to pay a dime more than 5 years $2,000,000. So the Oklahoma Outlaws singed him, and he went to the USFL. The other players wanted out of Tampa. The bad thing about it, was the fact that the Bucs had made the playoffs, during 3 of the 5 years that Doug was in Tampa. They were 2-26 before they drafted Doug, they were moving in the right direction. But Hugh Culverhouse killed it, he destroyed everything. The Bucs couldn’t get players to come here. They wasted a 1st overall pick on Bo Jackson. Bo told Culverhouse, not to draft him, he went to baseball instead. When unrestricted free agency begin in 1992,none wanted to come to Tampa. They could not get decent coaches, no free agents wanted to come to Tampa. And this trend still exists today. The Bucs had to buy Jon Gruden from the Raiders. They paid two 1st round draft picks,two second rround picks and $8,000,000 in cash.

    This franchise was moving in the right direction
    3 playoffs appearances in their first 7 seasons
    Hugh Culverhouse set a trend that still exists 35 years later

  90. Jmarkbuc Says:

    What does Gruden do when JW throws a shovel pass/fumble..or pics in the red zone’

    Gruden’s head exploding on he sideline makes for great sound bite, but doesn’t win games

  91. Todd Says:

    I’d be fine with Gruden coming back but he needs a gm to pick his players not gruden. When Mckay left Gruden the drafts got really bad with Allen and Gruden running them!

  92. Bird Says:


    You are a clown show. I truly mean that. You call everyone out that disagrees with you. No one better say anything negative about Jameis even though he can’t hit an open receiver after he stares them down. Misses every long ball. Short passes come out as rockets.

    Who cares about 4000 yards. Blah blah blah. It’s about wins. Gruden is not coming back to get fired early. If he doesn’t want Jameis then that is what he will get. I said he wanted to develop young talent so he will most likely don’t that. I’m sure there will be something in contract though if Jameis can’t produce in his system. By that time , the glazers have to consider the source of these coaches being fired if your qb would get 3 coaches canned.

    Pretty common sense. But hey you are the most interesting man in the world and your opinion is the Truth. You are the messiah bro. The best man. Keep posting. You are amazing.

  93. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Let me try to make it more clear. Gruden never had a QB that was talented enough to develop into anything great. Again, it’s not like Gradkowski went elsewhere and became great. Now perhaps Gruden didn’t want to draft a QB. I don’t know one way or the other. But to say he never developed a great QB has to be taken with a grain of salt. As for Brady, that’s more the exception than the rule. Look around the league. The overwhelming majority of franchise QB’s are picked early. That goes back to any era. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, but it is far less likely. Are you implying that if Gruden was better at developing QB’s, he would have kept Sims from rupturing his spleen and turned him into a Hall of Fame QB? Seems to me your logic is crazy.

  94. ronteco Says:

    the Glazer boys are freaking idiots and started this whole mess in the first place. fire gruden to promote a DB coach to head coach. Morris had no business being a head coach and Dominic had no business being a GM. fire Morris and hire schiano. nuff said there. disaster. fire schiano and hire smith and licht. another disaster. if gruden comes, I hope they get rid of licht because he has wasted multiple high round picks. at the end of the day, the Glazer boys put him there and all these other knuckleheads. Glazer boys have no clue how to run a football team and we will continue to struggle until they are gone.

  95. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    The only way you get QBs in free agency or trades is if they’re scrubs.

    Just to name a few

    • Brett Favre (GB) Won Super Bowl (XXXI)
    • Drew Brees (NO) Won Super Bowl (XLIV)
    • Peyton Manning (DEN) Won Super Bowl (50)
    • Steve Young (SF) Super Bowl MVP (XXIX)
    • Len Dawson – Won Super Bowl (IV)
    • Joe Montana (KC) – Lead Chiefs to the Playoffs (1993,1994)

    Free Agent(s):
    • John Unitas
    • Jim Plunkett (OAK) – 2× Super Bowl champion (XV, XVIII)
    • Joe Theismann (WAS) – Won Super Bowl XVII
    • Doug Williams (TB) – Won Super Bowl XXII.
    • Brad Johnson (TB) – Won Super Bowl XXXVII
    • Kurt Warner (AZ) – Loss Super Bowl XLIII
    • Rich Gannon (OAK) – Loss Super Bowl XXXVII
    • Jake Delhomme (CAR) – Loss Super Bowl XXXVIII
    • Brett Favre (MINN) – Loss Conference Championship 28-31

    ++++ A TON of free agent QB’s that have lead NEW teams to the PLAYOFFS.

  96. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    I think Gruden needs to be VP of Football Operations in charge of GM and Coach (like Tom Coughlin in Jax). But, if he comes in as coach, I cant wait until the first practice and Winston has to repeat Gruden’s plays. Jet Smoke Double Wide Gandy 94 Dale Mabry. He is going to be as confused as a pig looking at a watch.
    “Lets not ask them to be Rhode’s Scholars just yet!!”

  97. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Jameis is 23 years old. He’s played 4.5 years of football total as a college and pro QB. That’s not a lot. I know we are in a society that expects instant gratification, but that’s not always the case. Every situation and every player is different. Again, Jameis is not blameless. However, he has no run game to speak of. Name me one successful young QB that has no running game. I’ll wait. He has average to below average protection. Anyone want to argue that? He has a horrendous defense. Anyone disagree? He is always playing from behind. Am I mistaken there? Looking at those FACTS, does that seem like a recipe for success for a QB? Yes, you can point to him missing a guy wide open occasionally. I’ll give you that, and won’t excuse it. But we have a tendency to exaggerate the frequency to which it happens. he has a 60% completion percentage, and no one can claim those are from dinking and dunking the ball. He’s slinging the ball down the field all game long. Mistakes are going to happen, especially considering the facts I’ve already mentioned.

    How many times do we as Bucs fans have to see guys go elsewhere and succeed before we learn our lesson? Seriously, how many times? Probably the same guys who think Jameis isn’t any good were complaining about those guys too. Steve Young is too wild. Blount is a fumbler and can’t convert short yardage. Talib is a malcontent and can’t cover anyone. Revis is overrated. Michael Bennett disappears when you need him most. Should I go on? There is no QB available or going to be available that is clearly better than Jameis Winston. That’s a fact. As a fan with no consequences, you can throw any name against the wall, but it’s a different story if your job is on the line.

  98. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    If you have to go all the way back to Len Dawson to make a list, then I’m not sure that proves much of a point lol. Seriously, it can certainly happen, but it’s very rare. The odds are stacked against you, especially when you have a history of making terrible personnel decisions.

  99. Broy34WantsGruden+Jameis Says:

    All but 3 of these posters are messed up in the head —the Bucs were 9-3 and Kiffin announces he was leaving to go to Tennessee with his son. Then they lost 4 in a row. Period. Quit on Gruden omg that’s laughable. Secondly Gruden said “I want to develop jameis” ——with or without Gruden he’s not going anywhere. Prevent defense against jameis that’s a good one. Go watch the Philly game rookie year. Max you loser how about just contemplating a bridge since you have zero joy in you. Lakeland – that’s it the franchise will suck for 20 years!? How clueless are you. I already placed money on Gruden coming back before the rumors started. He will ABSOLUTELY want Jameis Winston. And lastly whoever thinks a head coach was in total control of the drafts is just plain clueless. Know how I know? In an interview he went on record and said Calvin Johnson is the best player I’ve ever watched film on in college. But you’re right guys. Then you say Grudens record blah blah blah blah blah. He had a Super Bowl team then all the best players were aging and shipped off. Alstott Lynch Sapp gone. Then he had to find a QB and guess what it’s extremely hard and was harder in his tenure. Winston isn’t going anywhere so get used to it and Gruden will be the next head coach.

    Wewantgruden- you’re the worst poster that I’ve ever seen and that includes tmax who fits McCoy into every article no matter what. And to those who think koetter will be back 😂😂😂

  100. Waterboy Says:

    My statement earlier about who built the super bowl team was to point out that Rich McKay was the GM that built the super bowl before Gruden won that 1 super bowl got leverage with ownership and had them bring in his guy. 2002 was a great year guys but the past is the past I haven’t seen anything worth talking about since 2002.

    BTW I’ve been a Bucs fan since the Doug Williams days although not as religious of a fan back then as I became about 25 years back.

  101. Waterboy Says:


    I agree with most of what you said except I think Winston would be a horrible fit in a west coast offense.

  102. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    I dont think koetter should go and I didnt think schiano should have been fired, teh defense has sucked since schiano left, turned into soft excuse makers, i do think that licht is horrible and should be let go ….i have a feeling that the bucs light it up this week which would be a huge problem for jameis because I am 80/20 on him right now and if Fitz scores 28 or more against a terrible team, it will still go to show that koetter and the plays are there and sometimes its the Indians and not the Arrows

  103. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “I agree with most of what you said except I think Winston would be a horrible fit in a west coast offense.”


    I have my concerns with that as well.

  104. SOEbuc Says:


    And Gruden said if he were to come back to coaching it would like to be for the Bucs so he could teach Jameis, so…

  105. JameisWin55 Says:

    I’m sure Gruden in his years absent has plays he would add to his playbook after seeing so many other offensive gameplans in his filmstudy and coaches he would add to his staff. Jameis would be the most talented by 10 miles he had ever had and he would be able to reign Jameis in and develop him Gruden and Jameis would be the equivalent of Brady and Bellichek in my opinion for next 10 years. Plus more important fact is that he is from Tampa so he may jump at the opportunity to be seen as the franchise hero that righted the Bucs struggling ship.

  106. JMarkBuc Says:


    Let me be clear. The point is Gruden will not turn JW around. He has no patience for it. Gruden always preferred vet QBs whom he didn’t have to teach basic things to. He definitely wanted QBs who could hit the broad side of a barn.

    As far as franchise QBs being taken early, not so much… Here is a list of QBs taken in first two rounds for the last 12 years

    JP Losman, JasonCampbell, Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Jay Cutler, Kellen Clemens, Tarvaris Jackson, JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Kevin Kolb, John Beck, Drew Stanton, Brian Brohm, Chad Henne, Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman, Pat White, Tim Tebow, Jimmy Clausen, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder, RGiii, Brandon Weeden, Brock Osweiler, EJ Manuel, Geno Smith, Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel Jameis Winston

    From the same time period and same two rounds here are the QBs I would consider franchise QBs:

    Eli Manning. Phillip Rivers. Big Ben. Aaron Rodgers. Matt Ryan. Mathew Stafford

    A lot more have nots than haves.. Montana was a third round

  107. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Hawaiian Buc

    Lol – I hear you brotha

  108. tmaxcon Says:

    mckay built a team that won 2 playoff games in six years…. look how fast blank a far more successful owner than glazer clowns stripped mckay of his gm duties. he is a lawyer politician great with league matters but not a personnel guy. whyce had far more to do with that superbowl roster than dungy and mckay combined.

  109. gilhealy Says:

    JMarkBuc, you’re way off. Jameis will be better that 90% of those you listed. But keep hatin”.

  110. wewantgruden Says:

    I hear G man was spotted at Burns meeting some of the suits yesterday. Let’s get an early Xmas present and put these JameisNOT dreamers to bed. I just hope we can get a good trade for JW, maybe a 4-5th ronder

  111. Oxycondoms Says:

    I don’t understand the cousins talk, why would he want him and his brother wouldn’t’? Also I doubt gruden would be dumb enough to come on as coach with this crap defense licht has built

  112. Oxycondoms Says:

    I still find it funny how people were pumping up this defense in the preseason

  113. bucfan999 Says:

    HC – Jon Gruden
    OC – Chip Kelly
    DC – Rex Ryan

    Gruden & Kelly could mesh their offenses and mold an offense around what Jamies does well, get rid of Desean Jackson, Jameis is not good at the deep ball making Desean worthless. Fix the OL, tackles SUCK.
    Ryan would bring a attacking 3-4 defense, trade McCoy, 10 years in the league and he’s going to start slowing down. Cut Fat Man Baker (waste of money). Move Spence to an attacking OLB position, bring in a new secondary and we’ll be good going into 2018

  114. Howard Cosell Says:

    Chuckys not stupid enough to ever work for the glazers again

  115. Howard Cosell Says:

    Teams take on the personality of their owners.

  116. Howard Cosell Says:

    Dear greedy uncaring distant glazers:
    Please sell the team to Chucky.
    Now THAT would be cool.

  117. Howard Cosell Says:

    Too bad the entire national and local sports media can’t breathe a negative word about certain owners. I call it the Sileo rule.

    Believe me Sileo (most honest sports DJ ever) was on very thin ice before any sort of monkey comment.

  118. Howard Cosell Says:

    Going to go tp the game this weekend….

    ….with my Jet fans buddies from Jersey.
    Maybe I’ll get a McCown jersey.


  119. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You literally proved my point with your list,you just don’t realize it. Good qbs are very hard to come by. There aren’t many coaches that can claim they have developed a young qb. Go through today’s current players that are franchise qbs and look where they were drafted. Also, look at how few franchise qbs there are.

  120. tmaxcon Says:


    hey snowflake how are you today…. i fit gmc into every single thing that is wrong with the bucs because cancer93 is the biggest problem the team has. when the senior captain and highest paid player quits on multiple coaches over the years and leads more flat uninspired performances than any captain in team history it sends a direct message to every other player it’s ok to lose. it’s ok not to try and be great each and every play. gmc has sucked the life out of more pro bowlers and winners than anyone in team history… cancer93 is the bucs biggest problem and the leader of the losing culture.

  121. JMarkBuc Says:


    Wouldn’t take much to be better than those guys would it? Kinda the point. Being a high draft pick doesn’t mean you will be good or even close to good.

    Like all of us here, been a football fan all my life. JW doesn’t pass the eye test. Or the accuracy test, or the mentally stable test for that matter.

    I want the Bucs to win as much as anybody, but Jameis isn’t the one. That simple

  122. JMarkBuc Says:


    Any you prove my point

    Gruden ain’t gonna develop one either.

  123. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    So just because he never has developed a young QB (as most NFL coaches haven’t), you believe he is not capable of it? You’re just going to ignore the fact that he turned Rich Gannon into a MVP type QB? That doesn’t count because he’s old? So he can make an average old QB really good, but has no ability to do the same if the QB is young? So what is the age required that Gruden is able to make a QB play well? Is it 30 years old? Do you not see how silly your argument is?

  124. orlbucfan Says:

    Which Gruden we talking about here? Egomaniac Jon or Jay? If it’s Jay, go for it. If not, keep Koetter cos Chucky is no improvement!

  125. 813bucboi Says:

    no rex ryan please….GO BUCS!!!

  126. Lakeland Says:

    4 Head Coaches in 6 years

    That’s pathetic

  127. Fire Goodell Says:

    Those of you who want Gruden back will change your minds after reading this:

    Art Shell “was fired after going 9-7 in 1994, a decision Davis later called a “mistake.” Davis apparently thought the same about Shell’s rehiring after the Raiders finished with the worst record in the NFL for the first time in Davis’ 43 years in the organization.”

  128. PRBucFan Says:

    Oh and quit the whole he ruined our roster busininess.

    Gruden came out recently and said one of the biggest issues he had was Bruce Allen’s control over the roster and not having a real say in who we drafted. He spoke about how he beat the drum for us to take Brian Westbrook the year of his draft and how Allen would not have it.

  129. gilhealy Says:

    jmark, not the bums, the last ones you listed. Stop trying to sound like you know what your talking about. It’s your opinion, that’s it. And again, you’re way off.

  130. Rod Munch Says:

    Dirk is a garbage head coach who never should have got the job – it’s really that simple. This is the same guy that quit on the team during the Broncos game last year and he’s an awful playcaller from the sideline. This is why when Lovie was chased out of town by you dolts that I said at the time it was a bad decision to make that change then. The Bucs weren’t winning the SB last season and the best thing that could have been done for the team would have been to allow Dirk to stay as the OC and work with Jameis and the offense for another year. You’re not around the NFL for a long time and successful at what you do without getting a HC job for no reason – and Dirk doesn’t have the temperament to be a HC, which he proved in college where he was mediocre, at best. Dirk needs to be in the booth working exclusively with the offense and then he has value for this team – but on the sideline he’s nearly worthless. He’s incredibly predictable, he calls the same plays in the same situation over and over again, he gives up on the run too soon, yet when he does run everyone knows he’s going to run and where the ball is going. With as much as I hate what Jon Gruden did this team, destroying it solely so he could PROVE he could win with his own players and not just Dungy’s team, what an insane relief would it be to have a competent, if overrated, head coach back in change – not that it’s going to happen short of ESPN firing him since Gruden thinks he’s the next Madden and part of being Madden is never returning to coaching and living off your title of youngest HC to ever win a SB (at the time).

  131. MikeDeemis Says:

    I think the Chucky Deal is DONE.

    Gruden will be coaching the Bucs in 2018.

    Here’s why I think so…

    He was supposedly close to taking the Tennessee Vols job, and has taken many exploratory trips there to make a decision… rumor has it, it was pretty much a done deal… THEN… NOTHING… WHY?

    I’ll tell you why… because the Bucs kept LOSING. Gruden would want the Bucs job over being a college coach. He wants more Super Bowl wins.

    I think he talked to the Glazers (on their request) and that a deal is in place for him to replace Koetter. And that’s why Gruden didn’t completely the Vols deal.