Mix It Up

November 4th, 2017

“Now Jameis, I know you and DeSean cannot connect on bombs. But, what the hell? What do we have to lose?”

When Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht signed free agent DeSean Jackson, Bucs fans from China to the former Soviet Union (yes, Joe has received missives from fans in Russia) and all points in between had visions of Jackson hauling in 40-yard bombs from America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, two or three times a game.

After all, Jameis couldn’t overthrow Jackson when heaving the ball nearly 40 yards downfield, right?


For reasons unknown, the two just cannot connect on deep passes (the duo does fine on intermediate throws), even though in training camp Jameis and Jackson had no problem linking up on field-stretching throws facing Bucs starting corners.

The Bucs have tried and tried and tried again with the bomb between those two and it’s like a horse trying to hump a fencepost. A lot of effort and no results.

In fact, the Bucs have tried to get Jameis and Jackson going on deep balls so much, in part, it has led the Bucs to being the No. 8 team in pass attempts of 20-yards or more, per BSPN NFL Matchup.

Now Joe loves bombs in football just like the next guy, but this particular play isn’t working. Though to be fair, the two looked to have had a long hook-up against the Stinking Panthers when Jackson was mauled downfield and the zebras looked the other way, and there was a completion called back for offensive line penalty in Buffalo.

Joe is of the mind the Bucs should instead be trying more to hit Jackson in space and let his wheels take over. Odds are better he could explode that way rather than heaving the ball downfield 40+ yards to no avail.

The way the Bucs defense has played (up until last week), the Bucs cannot afford to be wasting any offensive plays from scrimmage.

41 Responses to “Mix It Up”

  1. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    The game is about short to intermediate throws now. Not heave it downfield and hope the guy can make the catch. Take the open man underneath and move the chains. We have way too many talented receivers to be having issues. If Jameis throws the ball over 20 yards he should be punished and have to run laps like back in the day. Take the open receiver and move the damn ball

  2. Billy Says:

    Statistically speaking there should be one hell of a hot streak coming for jameis and djax.

  3. Ryan K Says:

    “the duo does just fine on intermediate throws”

    I disagree. Jameis struggles to consistently throw accurate strikes to DeSean if it’s a slant or deep wheel route. Jameis struggles with accuracy overall. DeSeans speed, body type, and chemistry, with an inaccurate Jameis Winston, has created issues. The film speaks for itself. Every game, Jameis has thrown at least one inaccurate pass to DeSean on an intermediate throw (may have been caught, but in stride ? ball location ?). Watch the film.


  4. Bucssuccs Says:

    is it me or are the veterans on our team not motivated. They seem to be playing for the paycheck and that’s it. You always hear them go “we have to do better” and then have no production the next game. It’s a broken record and honestly Licht keeps signing all the players with terrible work ethic. This team is filled with losers. Also, can someone explain why we signed Gholston to a somewhat hefty multi year contract? He’s a run stopping DE at best and he hasn’t even shown up this season asides from Andre tackles.

  5. Bucssuccs Says:

    * a few tackles

  6. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Accuracy is the key issue. Jameis is many things, but accurate is not one of them, even on short to mid throws. Too often he’s just off target. I’m not sure if it’s correctable. He can be great, but elite is questionable.

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    You had me excited with the title Joe. I thought Koetter was finally gonna ‘Mix It Up’ and stop being so danged predictable. Saw an interesting analysis on another site … the Bucs are throwing 65% of the time & only running it 35% of the time. And yet, that same analysis showed that the Bucs have the 12th best run-blocking scores in the league (still have trouble buying into that). In any event, something’s wrong in Bucsville. (For comparison, Bucs passed the ball 56% of the time last year versus running it 44% of the time).

    Jameis’ best friend should be the run, followed by various forms of quick, short passes to keep the opponents off-balance. Instead, our ‘average’ play 2/3rds of the time is a pass, seems to take much longer to develop & lets the other DLine tee off on Jameis (under pressure almost 1/4th of the time). Our OLine is doing a better job of pass-protecting IMO, but Bucs coaches have tied cement blocks to Jameis’ feet it seems like to force him to use his protection better (I’m admittedly guessing that’s their objective).

    Bucs need to be running the ball more & better (when & where we run seems to be too predictable also). We’re averaging 67 offensive plays per game (same as last year), but throwing the ball much more. Only running the ball on a little less than 22 rushes/game but should be closer to 30 rushes/game (40-45% of the time like last year). Let Jameis use more quick, short passes (we’ve got 2 of the best TEs in the NFL in OJ & Cam but plays seem to focus on hitting them further down the field). All 4 of our RBs are excellent receivers … the 4 of them caught 56 out of 70 targets (80%) last year. And yes Joe, that includes Doug Martin who caught 14 of 16 passes thrown to him last year (87%). We’re going to our RBs at about the same rate this year, but seem to be doing it further down the field more often.

  8. Kobe Faker Says:

    Jameis best friend is NOT the running game but the short passing game

    Get the ball out of jameis hands quickly and move the chains with the short passing game

    Put jameis in rhythm and away from getting hit


    “No problemuendo”


  9. jjbucfan Says:

    The hurry up offense is Jameis’ best friend, always has been. He doesn’t think, just reacts and the results are usually better. Not saying we need to snap the ball with 20 seconds left on the clock but go no huddle and let JW call the plays at the line. JW would be a way better O coordinator than Dirk, But Koetter won’t give up any kind of control. Since Dirk “popped” off about JWs turnovers, he has not been the same QB, he is holding the ball longer, taking a quick check down (which is okay if your RBs can actually catch) instead of going through entire progression and THEN going to the check down. Dirk doesn’t run draws or RB screens, just dangerous WR screens. Turn the reigns over for one game and see what happens- you may have Peyton light or 2.0 and you will never know it because you can’t give up control. And Dirk while you’re at it, look over at the defensive side of the ball and make that jackass bring pressure. If this is the discussion week after week with the fans, the media and the players, how have you not stepped in yet? You are not Co-Head Coaches, you are ultimately responsible. JMO

  10. Bird Says:

    Ryan and 1sparky-

    Absolutely right. Jameis has been staring guys down lately , especially on those quick slants and getting receivers killed over the middle.

    Pretty sure the receivers (especially smaller sized Jackson) and coaches are to familiar with this issue. Mike Evans would be the exception cause he is the size of a small pirate ship

  11. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Jameis has not been very good on the deep ball to either Evans or Jackson. His deeper pass completions are usually in the middle of the field often to Brate and the two rollouts to OJ. Disagree with the notion that deep passes are not part of
    a good passing attack.In fact In fact Brady,one of the best short game passers
    has been working very hard on his deep throws this year. Jameis has to do this
    also,but he should be limited to two throws a game until he completes he is more consistantly. Try them on 2nd and 2 not 3rd and long.
    In thne short game we need to eliminate 3 yard passes. Jameis completed several passes that were too short. When you 20 yards need in two plays, 3 yard passes are no help. Still think Jameis is most effective in the 10-25 yard range. We got a QB whose first instinct is to throw a howitzer ,and I think
    converting Jameis to short passing game of five yard dink and dunks will njot
    sustain drives because of inaccuracy at times.At least 10 yards or bust thats what I would like to see.

  12. Alan Says:

    Jameis is 23 and Is a rising star in this game he needs to check down when his reeds aren’t open instead of forcing the ball in there. That will get him a higher completion % and open things up for the long ball. Evans on the other hand has on3 flaw in his game. Yards after the catch he needs to stop catching balls and falling backwards and get more yards

  13. Wewantgruden Says:

    JamesisNOT needs to understand his mental capacity. He is not intelligent enough for the position BUT he thinks he is. People that are not smart enough to handle a position will often time make decisions that should have never been made. You see, they think they have the mental capacity and do not, even worse when you have a larger than life ego and been pumped up by the media and his own NFL organization. A perfect example of this would be the ex US presidential administration.

  14. Kobe Faker Says:

    Give OJ 3-5yard passes, even behind the 1st down marker and he will rac for the 1st down

    Hump cant do this

    OJ is a mismatch vs all linebackers or safteys

    This highly probable and efficient…qb friendly

  15. BFFL Says:

    JW has great chemistry with TEs. Time for the OJ/Brate show

  16. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Agree he is a mismatch. Thats why
    he should be used as a first down maker ala Tony Gonzalez in 10 -12 yard range.
    Also a deep threat like Vernon Davis .Anything else is a waste of a first round draft pick.

  17. Alan Says:

    Seriously Mike Evans looks like he is catching balls and falling into a pool or an ocean most of the time. He has the worst YAC in the league. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jameis run a little more on third down to get first downs when no one is open to extend drives. I feel like quarter backs that do this like Alex Smith or Cousins that aren’t the best runners tend to wear down defenses but running just enough to get the first down and extend drivers. Winston will learn in time to check down and he will get better with more experience we need to be patient. This isn’t Josh Freeman this is the franchise but I guess none of this will matter if we can’t rush the QB and have a respectable secondary lol our defense sucks. GMC and our line backers is all we got.

  18. Duke Says:


    JW can’t be both taking longer in the pocket and going to his co downs faster.
    It’s one or other. Lol………..
    DK needs to fired for trying to eliminate JW’s turnovers. Where in the blue he’ll does this chit make sense.

    Bucs fans are having a far worse season than the Bucs.

  19. Kobe Faker Says:

    Agreed bob

    New offenses are centered around heavy tightend production

    Amazingly thursday old fsu tightend nick oleary and his short alligator arms was getting more targets than our physical monster OJ

    new nfl offenses are schemed to go against the 2 cornerbacks who are the best pass coverage defenders of the team…

    The OCs want the slow linebackers in open space by using the tightend

  20. Alan Says:

    Seriously watch Evans he catches the ball and falls backwards on every play it’s like he doesn’t know he can run after the catch lol I want them to finish 2 and 14 and draft a bosa type defensive end and get corner and safety help In the second and third round. If we draft one offensive player before the 4th I’m giving up on this team. I’ve been a fan since 1989 and I feel like the product is unwatchable. I say this because I’m a die hard and love this team but I’m tired of watching bad football every Sunday lol

  21. Duke Says:

    Gruden booster,

    JW is not intelligent enough. What is the count up to? 20times cut and paste the exact same opinion. Why continue to embarrass yourself with such a fraudulent and racist take.

    Here’s a helper . Intelligence is a factor in the overall evaluation of a QB. It’s not the most important and it’s not been validated by playing the game. Ryan Fitzpatrick is intelligent, no argument, and He’s a back up. This is football not a mensa meet and greet. Cognitive speed and reaction speed are way more important than intelligence.

    If you think intelligence is more important let’s sign Stephen hawkings.
    He’ll be entertaining for a second which is a second more entertainment than we get now……so l…e..t…s..g…o

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    This is where stats are deceptive. According to the stats, Jameis and Jackson have not connected at all on deep passes.

    But that’s not entirely true. They did connect on one a week or so ago…it was just called back because of a penalty. Statistically, it never happened…but in reality it did.

    But…it has only happened once.

  23. Alan Says:

    I hear ya Duke I believe in Winston I’m just not sure the coaching staff and the defense can get the job done around him. Go bucs!

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I personally feel that Jameis has been trying too hard to connect with Jackson. Whether this is due to his coaches or not is unknown, but he seems to be ignoring our best WR in the process.

    Teams are now covering Jackson much more. Which means Evans should be open more. Wasn’t that the true goal?

  25. Ndog Says:

    The deep ball issue is the coaching and has new since Jameis got here. It’s the ” give em chance” crap that has messed Jameis up. When he just let’s it rip he’s accurate when he’s doing as coached and “givin them a chance” that’s when it is a high arching lob ball that is overthrown. I said this in year one just trust him and let it rip.Smh

  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    You sure are lucky I don’t run this website, because I would IP Ban you in an instant.

    First, Jameis is extremely smart. You clearly know nothing about him…unless you are purposely trolling him.

    Second, your name proves that you are the ignorant one. Gruden will not come back to Tampa…ever.

    Thirdly, you have a lot of nerve saying the last administration was not smart when the current administration is obviously so stupid.

    And finally…it doesn’t surprise me that both of your targets are black. It exposes you as a bigot.

  27. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Ndog Says
    “The deep ball issue is the coaching and has new since Jameis got here. It’s the ” give em chance” crap that has messed Jameis up. When he just let’s it rip he’s accurate when he’s doing as coached and “givin them a chance” that’s when it is a high arching lob ball that is overthrown. I said this in year one just trust him and let it rip.”

    Challenging him is how he will grow. If you allow him to only do what he is comfortable with, he will never reach his full potential.

    We, as fans, just need to grasp the meaning of ‘development’ and what it entails.

  28. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Wewantgruden writes as well as a 3rd grade special ed dunce, yet he’s here questioning Jameis’ intelligence.

  29. Alan Says:

    Let’s forget about the deep ball to Jackson for a minute and focus on how bad this defense is. Does anyone remember the last 3 and out?

  30. darin Says:

    Not hard to see why they were hooking up in training camp. Every team on the schedule is hooking up on this defense. If the offense could play their own defense in a game Im sure jameis and djax would hook up a bunch. Well if theres any week it will happen it will be this week. Looks like lattimore will be on evans. If they cant burn the aints corners then stop trying. This game could be a shootout. Also could be a blowout. What a mess this seasons been. I hope the next D coordinator is more aggressive. Also hope his last name isnt smith…..enough smiths already

  31. Alan Says:

    We don’t have a secondary and we can rush the passer…. We are playing against brees… hmm I wonder how that will work out?

  32. Defense Rules Says:

    @Kobe … “Jameis best friend is NOT the running game but the short passing game.” Kobe, I enjoy your comments, but only agree with you halfway on this one. No question that the Bucs need to use the short passing game more (I’ve said that many times myself). But the running game IS in fact a young QB’s best friend … IF it’s effective.

    Bucs have run on only 35% of their plays and passed on the remaining 65% of their plays thus far this year. In 2016 they rushed on 44% of their plays and passed on 56%. In 2015 they rushed on 46% of their plays and passed on only 54%. So this year their running the ball is WAY DOWN. Hmmm, how that working out for us? We’re doing worse as a T-E-A-M by running less and passing more (same RBs BTW).

    Did a quick analysis of run & pass %s for 3 pretty decent offensive teams: Saints, Pats and Chiefs.
    o Saints (2017): 44% run / 56% pass … (2016): 37% run / 63% pass. They appear to be doing better as a T-E-A-M running the ball more.
    o Pats (2017): 42% run / 58% pass … (2016): 47% run / 53% pass. Not bad for a Super Bowl winner.
    o Chiefs (2017): 44% run / 56% pass … (2016): 43% run / 57% pass. Pretty consistent balance, and the Chiefs’ record shows that it works for them.

    Rams have made a huge turnaround thus far this year. Were #32 offense in 2016 and they’re #2 offense thus far this year. How’d they do it you ask? This year they’re focusing more on the run (in 2016 they were 41% run & 59% pass … in 2017 they’re 49% run & 51% pass).

    Looks to me Kobe as if putting more of the emphasis on Jameis’ arm (65% passing this year vs around 55% previous 2 years) is backfiring. But hey, that B-A-L-A-N-C-E thingie is overrated anyways. Just ask the Saints, Pats and Chiefs.

  33. Bob in Valrico Says:

    There you go Kobe ,good point on the no. 2 corner who also should be a target for the other weapons on the team. Since Hump is hurt, no better time to get Godwin into the passing game. His speed and ability to fight for the ball should help
    on slants and crossing routes. I am not sure if it is Jameis or koetter and Montgen.
    who is failing to get him involved in our offense in a meaningful way. And I don’t mean
    one of those three yard passes. At least get the pass over linebackers head so
    and placed well so Receiver can catch the ball and try to protect himself.
    Also agree with defense on the run where Martin has done a servicable job up middle the the last two games. But New Orleans was very effective in our last game against the run Our running game issues are to outside
    Martin and Rogers have pretty much been gang tackled several Yards behind the line of scrimmage.
    Dump the wheel route to Sims and have him try a run outside or screen once in a while. Mix it up and get better blocking on these outside runs. Starting to wonder if we need a swing tackle on outside runs. This alignment was very effective in 2015.

  34. Kobe Faker Says:


    yes agreed, run plays are important but stats are deceiving

    koetter does his predicatable run run pass on 3rd, which is very difficult to move the chains against the waiting pass coverage defense

    those other teams mix the run plays up.

    kc , pats, and the rams have a short passing attack. they mixup the run

    They use the rb screens/slants/crosses and LOS passes as extension of the run play


    Those teams run in passing formations. Koetter runs 1st and 2nd down on running formations

    Those teams are UNPREDICTABLE when they run and not to a stacked box like Martin goes against on 1st and 2nd down

  35. Bird Says:


    Actually gruden will come back to coaching at some point and the probability it’s the bucs is high.

  36. unbelievable Says:

    Figured it out!

    wewantgruden = rod muncher

  37. briandorry55 Says:

    Exactly. We are throwing deep way too much. In dumb situations like 3rd and 4. I don’t care if you excel at it or not, it’s a lower percentage play. We need Jameis out of be pocket more and less designed fades.

  38. I-4 Bucs Says:

    No doubt Evens looks akward making the catch and immediately falling to the ground. Happens over and over. I blame Jameis for ball placement on his throws. Its like Evans has mentally realized the throws will not be accurate. It looks like an automatic physical response for Evens when he catches the ball.

  39. Wewantgruden Says:

    Defenses stack the box against the run when playing the Bucs, knowing that JamesisNOT will hit his receivers. Opposing teams also know that he is good for 2/3 turnover a game which will result in a lead. Opposing defenses then go into a preevent defense which allows the Buccaneers quarterback to rack up many yards that mean absolutely nothing, as the game is well in hand and bonehead doofus Jamisnot will throw another interception due to his inability to think clearly. This will again play out today my friends

  40. Wewantgruden Says:

    Duke and bonsai: enough of the reference of me being a racist. I myself am married to a beautiful lady of color and have two incredible daughters It would be helpful of you to add content to the site that reflects your views associated with The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and it’s players. Please stay on point. I myself have been a Buccaneers fan since 1978 and although my comments may offend some of the weaker people on this site they do Bring value and powerful insight

  41. Wewantgruden Says: