It’s Not The Road

November 16th, 2017

Consistency, not location.

The Bucs have yet to win a road game this year. In fact, in road games, they have been seal-clubbed more often than not.

In home games the Bucs defense has been outstanding, averaging 15.2 points per game allowed, second-best in the NFL. On the road it has been a horror show. The Bucs have allowed 33 points a game, just a hair below league-worst Indianapolis.

So what the hell is going on? Winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter said it has nothing to do with location.

It is “just inconsistent play,” Koetter said. “It has nothing to do with the road. We’ve had the same issues at home. We also won five games on the road last year. We know we can win on the road. We’ve got to prove it this year. We haven’t done that yet. Inconsistent football, whether you are at home or on the road, is going to get you beat.”

Bucs defensive coordinator Mike Smith all but said the same thing, only with a bit more sarcasm. When asked what the problem was on the road, Smith deadpanned his defense was giving up too many points.

Rim shot!

But for Smith, he thinks the road troubles quite likely would be cured by a better run defense which, in theory, would put an opposing offense into more third-and-long situations.

And as the Bucs demonstrated against the Jets, it’s easier to play defense when you know what the opponent is going to do.

12 Responses to “It’s Not The Road”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Many changes were made to our defense last week here in Tampa, and they worked well. Let’s hope the changes stay, because the Dolphins are beatable.
    However, it is going to take more then 15 points on offense to do it.

  2. Time4Change Says:

    hire hue jackson when he’s fired as the oc

  3. 813bucboi Says:

    damn right its not the road….its the coaches!!!….we’ll see soon enough….GO BUCS!!!

  4. Lamarcus Says:

    I liked how they utilize gmc in the 34 moving to DE instead of that bs in Buffalo.

    Ok I will defend gmc in that Bills game cuz gmc is no nose 34 tackle and spence is NO 34 defensive end. That was dumb

  5. Not there yet Says:

    Inconsistency is definitely the issue but if the coaches are a prime example of inconsistency how can they teach something they can’t do well either

  6. martinii Says:

    I agree, it’s not the road it’s the consistency. Playing in Miami is practically like playing in Ray Jay.

  7. LongSeason Says:

    Youu are damn right it isn’t the road. It’s the team and the coaching. BUCS SUCK and I’m tired of it. Nothing but excuses from these loser players.

  8. Buddy Says:

    There was just a big meeting at One Buc about a “significant “ player being in trouble. So who could it be?? Hahaha the dumpster fire of Dirk continues.

  9. Mr. Ed Says:

    Buddy, do you have a source on that?

  10. Mr. Ed Says:

    No source, Buddy. Nice. Make some other stuff up too.

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    I can’t believe we’re all still having this discussion: “Why are the Bucs doing so poorly on the road?” YGBSM … it’s simple: We’re beating the lousy teams & getting whooped by the better teams. What’s so difficult to understand there?

    On the road, all 4 of the teams we’ve played … and lost to … have better records than we do.
    o Vikings: Offense rank: 10 Defense rank: 5 Record: 7-2
    o Cards: Offense rank: 27 Defense rank: 24 Record: 4-5
    o Bills: Offense rank: 20 Defense rank: 15 Record: 5-4
    o Saints: Offense rank: 3 Defense rank: 5 Record: 7-2
    Those 4 teams are averaging a 15 offensive ranking and 12 defensive ranking and have a combined 23-13 WINNING record. Take out the Cards (lowest rankings) and the situation gets much worse.

    At home, Bucs have beaten 3 teams that we should have beaten, and lost to 2 teams folks expected us to lose to.
    o Bears: Offense rank: 28 Defense rank: 13 Record: 3-6
    o Giants: Offense rank: 28 Defense rank: 28 Record: 1-8
    o Pats: Offense rank: 4 Defense rank: 14 Record: 7-2
    o Panthers: Offense rank: 17 Defense rank: 3 Record: 7-3
    o Jets: Offense rank: 21 Defense rank: 16 Record: 4-6
    Those 5 teams are averaging a 20 offensive ranking and a 15 defensive ranking, with a combined losing record of 21-25. The 2 teams who’ve beaten us have a combined WINNING record of 14-5. The 3 teams we’ve beaten have a combined LOSING record of 8-20 , along with a terrible 26 offense ranking and 19 defense ranking.

    Reality check: The ‘inconsistent play’ rationale is undoubtedly true, but the greater reality is that the Bucs simply aren’t as talented as most of the teams we’ve lost to, and aren’t being coached up as well as those teams who’ve beaten us either. Smitty’s the only one telling it like it is: “defense was giving up too many points.” Now if Koetter would only add: “Offense isn’t scoring enough points.”

  12. buddy Says:

    @Mr Ed where are you today?? I guess you realize i know exactly what i was talking about and you’re clueless like the majority of people on this website. Who claim they know about what happens in that building. YOU obviously don’t!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL