Diving Into Jameis Case Realities, Fair & BS Koetter Scrutiny, Sunday Standouts, Film Fails, Looking Ahead & More

November 20th, 2017

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Today, Joe shares a 1-on-1 chat with DeSean Jackson, dives into yesterday’s game and the state of the franchise, and more. Thanks to all who keep taking the podcast to new heights every week.

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10 Responses to “Diving Into Jameis Case Realities, Fair & BS Koetter Scrutiny, Sunday Standouts, Film Fails, Looking Ahead & More”

  1. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    I appreciate the Bucs for what they are.

    A bad team with a scared Coach.

  2. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Let’s move past the he/said she said and guilty or innocent.

    How is a kid who came within a whisker of blowing the biggest opportunity of his life with multiple immature incidents and one horrible allegation. Why didn’t he learn.

    Why don’t players learn from PacMan Jones? PacMan didn’t do ALL of the stuff he’s accused of…but he was always in a place at a bad time with the wrong people and a shady situation.

    You don’t get to hang out drunk at 2AM with people like Darby after that close call. I just don’t get it. We’re talking millions and millions of dollars here.

    I blame not just Jameis but the ENTIRE FREAKING BUCS organization!!! Why didn’t they coach up Jameis off the field as well as on. Tell him of PacMan…public appearances and reputations….why didn’t they have babysitters for him since he is clearly immature. I just don’t get this. It should have been addressed on signing day and every day since then.

  3. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    BTW….the key will be PROOF positive of how many were in the car. It’s as simple as that. If incontroverible proof comes out that there were indeed three in the car then Jameis is fine and the girl loses all credibility. Both she and her attorney have gone all in on that ONE FACT. It is the determinant.

    If however incontrovertible proof comes out that Jameis was in the car by himself…it’s over for Jameis. Both sides have placed their entire arguments on whether there were three or one person in that car. Let’s hope we get ABSOLUTE proof of the number in that car.

  4. Dumb Tampa Fans Says:

    “You don’t get to hang out drunk at 2AM with people like Darby after that close call.”

    Since when has Darby become a bad guy? When was he arrested or harmed someone? How dare a 22 year old and his friends be out late at night?

    Who are you to expect these YOUNG men to live in the way you desire? GTFO of your high horse. The only reason everyone posting here has not been dragged through the mud on something is because we are not famous! We all have skeletons in our closet.

    A person seeking the truth would say thank god that there is a possible WITNESS to a crime where there is no physical evidence.

    I truly hope that the Bucs trade Jameis even if he is cleared. This is truly the dumbest, trashiest fan base in all of professional sports.

  5. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Offensive line is ineffective in the run game – pretending otherwise is disingenuous
    Never pretended otherwise, but’s not nearly as bad as is being portrayed. And it doesn’t take away from Martin bein a second-rate back. -Joe

  6. Bob Higginbotham Says:

    Great work Steve! You are the face of this podcast!

  7. Alanbucsfan Says:

    2 of Bucs guards and one of their tackles have graded poorly in the run game,
    In addition, there are several times OL is hesitant or running into each other.
    Not disagreeing that backs are making mistakes too, but you are only calling out Doug Martin. Coaching is responsible as well, yet I don’t see them being held accountable
    Joe does not take PFF grades on offensive linemen seriously, good or bad grades. Neither should anyone, really. –Joe

  8. D-Rome Says:

    Joe, not sure if you’ll see this comment but I was wondering: Would it be possible to buy a JoeBucsFan coffee mug like the one you have on your podcast cover art? I’m not sure if that’s something you actually own and sell or if that’s just the magic of Photoshop.

  9. Nick Says:

    In listening to your podcasts, I only have one comment to make about your opinion in the Chucky situation. For one thing, Im not a big Gruden fan

    Main thing is, I cant disagree more with your take on Gruden being a suspect choice because he walked away from what he loved at 45. That is simply not true. After Gruden was fired ESPN picked him up to do work for them while he was coach hunting. eventually he became very popular on MNF, but thats for a reason.

    Gruden didn’t LOVE coaching, he LOVES football, and he never left football, or coaching from what we’ve been told. Gruden has not changed his MO, he still prepares for games as if he is a coach, getting up 3 am sitting in front of computer in dark room tapping away at keyboard. He still does the mad research each week, only now instead of for a team, its for his job at MNF. This is why he is so prepared each week. So I disagree he gave up his love at 45, there is no reason to Question Grudens passion for football, everything he does is still football football. On a side note, if the Winston crotch grabbing is for real, this is a bad thing for Bucs fans. It means only a year after being drafted, this is what Jameis does to show the Bucs he was mature enough to be drafted. Not only should current GM be fired, but the Glazers are suspectingly close to being bad owners, making decisions to improve the Bucs fans optimism in the team, not really focusing on winning. I hope Im wrong.

    We’re splitting hairs here. Gruden said he loves coaching, loves football. But he actually was a boy wonder coach. We all know his history, and he claimed to love coaching more than anything. That’s where he said his passion lies. We all saw it. So for Joe, it’s very suspect that he stopped coaching a team for nine years. It makes you wonder just how much coaching is in his blood. It’s like a famous doctor who says he loves treating patients and saving lives, and then he stops practicing medicine and spends time being medical expert on FOX News — all while saying he loves coaching. Odd. –Joe

  10. chipbuc Says:

    I have a problem with this theory that it doesn’t matter if Winston is guilty or not, it’s weather or not the nfl does. So let me get this strait if Winston is innocent,which is the only thing that matters,the nfl can brand him a scum bag anyways? So because he’s in a car with 2 friends and one of them act up, Winston’s supposed to see this coming and be lumped in with the friends actions? It’s unbelievable how the political correct era is taking over.