Bucs Hunting Defensive Linemen?

November 4th, 2017

Who are the Bucs eyeballing?

This afternoon Clemson travels to North Carolina State in a huge ACC matchup. Playoff implications are on the line.

So why should Joe, other than for entertainment value, give a damn about this game? Because it seems a player from one of those schools could be in a Bucs uniform next year.

Often, especially for big games, a host team’s sports information department will release seating assignments for credentialed reporters and NFL scouts. Chase Goodhead of NFL.com got his mitts on a list of NFL scouts credentialed for today’s Clemson-North Carolina State game. While names are not listed, it does show what NFL teams will sent representatives. Of the seven teams with scouts at the gamee, only one team has two player personnel men there. That would be the Bucs.

Consider some of the players who will be in that game: defensive ends Bradley Chubb, Clelin Ferrell and Austin Bryant, all expected to be very high draft picks next year. Also, highly-respected defensive tackle Christian Wilkins will be on display.

Could it be the Bucs already have one of the aforementioned players locked in on their radar?

34 Responses to “Bucs Hunting Defensive Linemen?”

  1. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have much faith in lichts staff when it comes to d linemen

  2. LakeLand Says:

    Clemson DE, Austin Bryant maybe the best in college.

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    Trade GMC this offseasn for no less than a good 1st round and 3rd and really rebuild the D-line!!!!! Ayers and Baker are gone!!!!! Get the Ammunition to make a Good D-line for the long haul and not GMC’s last go around!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wesley Says:

    This season is too late, better off just tanking for a better pick.

  5. Pit Says:

    Get two of them. We need two of them.

  6. unbelievable Says:


    Any truth to the claim that time Bucs scouting department is only half the size of many of other teams? I thought the Glazers were done being cheap…

  7. Joeypoppems Says:

    Chubb or Ferrell early 1st. Hubbard or Arden Key early 2nd. Figure the rest of the draft out after that.

  8. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Every other team has one scout at this game, we have two.
    Looks to me like we need 2 of our scouts to do what one scout from the other teams do ?

  9. Joeypoppems Says:

    Im also excited to watch Nyheim Hines, RB for NCST. Got hurt early against Notre Dame so Im curious what the track star could do against a very good Clemson front four.

  10. Tattoodonny Says:

    NO ONE FROM CLEMSON PLEASE. WE’VE LEARNED OUR LESSON. Bradley Chubb in 1st Nick Chubb in 2nd round. Fix DE & RB for next decade! Only 1 DL from Clemson had any luck. Kid for Failcons had 1 good year, rest been sh*t. We took a bust b4 AP in Gains Adams then drafted a guy who when from top pick to 52nd pick.

  11. Tattoodonny Says:

    NO ONE FROM CLEMSON PLEASE. WE’VE LEARNED OUR LESSON. Bradley Chubb in 1st Nick Chubb in 2nd round. Fix DE & RB for next decade! Only 1 DL from Clemson had any luck. Kid for Failcons had 1 good year, rest been sh*t. We took a bust b4 AP in Gains Adams then drafted a guy who when from top pick to 52nd pick in D. Bowers. The latest from Clemson have do nothing with 1 yr exception in Atl. Chubb looks like a speed rusher with power to stop the run.

  12. Joe Says:

    Any truth to the claim that time Bucs scouting department is only half the size of many of other teams?

    Never heard that.

  13. Stav Says:

    This team is screwed. Everyone is assuming Robert Ayers and Swaggy Baker are gone next year. Clinton McDonald is a free agent. That leaves you with basically GMC (who will be 30), Will Gholston ($5.5 Million contract for a 2-down player) and Noah Spence (who we can’t count on to stay healthy). How are we going to not only replace all of these bodies, but upgrade the talent on the defensive line as well? There will be a bunch of nobodies on the free agent market, and you only have so many premium draft picks to make a splash in the draft. AND, if you utilize your resources to sure up the D-line, where does that leave you at cornerback once Brent Grimes leaves and you have a suspect Vernon Hargreaves to lead your secondary? How do you get a new running back? It’s not like this team is going to have a ton of cap space to sign free agents when they know Mike Evans is going to get probably $16 million a year, in 2 years Jameis will probably get $25-million a year, and then you still have to give big contracts to Kwon and Ali Marpet. Plus, there isn’t going to be any players in free agency who will be worth the money anyway. Also, I’m not in favor of trading away your best defensive player (GMC) because people question his leadership ability, but from a business/growth standpoint, it may be the best option. I don’t think he is going to be here if/when this team can consistently compete for/in the postseason. Try and get a high draft pick for him in the offseason and give yourself some cap relief and ammunition to make big moves in the draft. Or if you keep him, draft Bradley Chubb with your 1st pick and trade back up to get Christian Wilkins. Add another DE in free agency if one is available (Ziggy Ansah) and hope that can get you some pressure on opposing quarterbacks. At least that way you can mask potential issues in the secondary.

  14. Dano74 Says:

    I hate to say this but we need to trade GMC for a first rd pick. This DLine has has too many holes

  15. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs won’t be able to draft Bradley Chubb, he’s easily a top 5 pick. The Bucs will not get a Top-5 pick. The Bucs will not tank the season. These coaches and the GM job depends on a strong finish.

    Bottom Line

    No Bradley Chubb for the Bucs

  16. BigHogHaynes Says:

    This is the truth ….you may not like it and it will hurt some that don’t believe!!!! Get rid of The Back Stabber (GM) and we will rise!!! TAKE A KNEE …KEEP AMERICA FREE!!! HOUSTON THE PROBLEM REMAINS!!!

  17. Joeypoppems Says:

    Anybody who thinks they could trade GMC and get a 1st round pick are delusional…..

  18. Not there yet Says:

    To little too late I don’t think light will be the one making next year’s picks

  19. LakeLand Says:

    We seen what happen to Lovie, when he tanked for Jameis Winston. Even though they went from 2 wins to 6 wins. It still wasn’t enough to keep his job. If Dirk Koetter finish with 6-7 wins, he keeps his job. If he finish the season with a Top-5 pick. Then he will be fired, that’s how it go with the Glazers. 6-10 will give him a 15-17 career record. 4-12 will give him a 13-19 career record. 5-11 will give him a 14-18 record. Dirk is probably looking for a 7-9 finish, which will give him a 16-16 career record. I doubt if the Glazers fire him with a 500 record.

  20. LakeLand Says:

    Remember what Jason Licht said after they fired Lovie

    Tampa Bay tripled its win total in 2015 from two to six, but it also lost its last four games of the season. That was enough for general manager Jason Licht and the rest of the team’s brass to justify firing Smith, per Mike DiRocco of ESPN.com.

    “I think when you have eight wins in two years, three home wins in two years, I think [fans have] been patient enough,” Licht said during a Thursday afternoon news conference at the team’s headquarters. “It does take time, but I think while you’re building a good football team you can compete.”

    Bottom Line

    Tanking is the last thing on Koetter mind

  21. DB55 Says:

    Watching Bradley cub that dude too gangster for this squad. Is there another DE with a bigger smile and a nice guy demeanor? Must be a nice guy on the field that’s us the pretty nice pirates.

  22. unbelievable Says:

    lol @ the pretty nice pirates 😂

  23. Jub397 Says:

    All the while Channing ward wasting away on the PS.

  24. LakeLand Says:

    DB55, he’s a headcase. No doubt about that, he’s another Ndamukong Suh. Chubb do a lot of stupid things on the field.

  25. JimmyJack Says:

    Jeeez Lakeland……hahahaha This franchise is in a pretty bad place. Why must it be necessary to bring up two of the moments that were darker then the current.

    That gloating about tripling a win total which equaled to 4 games under .500?? Please don’t remind me……Losing a football game on purpose??? Remembering that life Ess enjoyable then getting strangled.

  26. Jim Says:

    “Pretty Nice Pirates” sounds like a bar that I wouldn’t go into.

  27. Lakeland Says:


    Dirk Koetter has to prove himself

    Tanking will only get him fired

  28. Lakeland Says:

    Bradley Chubb and Austin Bryant has played poorly in this game. It’s been all offense , no QB pressure.

  29. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah Lakeland……..I’m getting a kick out of these fans wanting us to tank the season. Unsure if all they are implying is to shut down Winston. I may tend to agree with them if we lay another egg tomorrow.

    But I wouldn’t really call that tanking, more like hedging your bets. I just can’t for the life of me figure out who would have any interest watching a team basically forfeit nine consecutive games. All I can think is that these are fringe fans that only watch when their team is in the playoffs but it’s just blatantly disrespectful to any fan who actually watches, let alone pay admission, with an actual caring interest every week, no matter what.

    And yes, I remember the infamous tank job vs Atlanta and I was pretty dang pissed off that they wasted my time that Sunday…….In retro spec I can see why they threw that game. I don’t watch much college ball and thought there was a bigtime difference between Winston and Mariota and was pleased we got Jamies but at the same time maybe there is a bit of karma at play here because there is no pride in quitting and that exactly how this current team plays……..with no pride.

    Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.

  30. JimmyJack Says:

    Oh and Joe, that picture is absolutely hilarious. So much comedy in one still frame………..That little UFO over her head, how she forgot to take the lens cover off of one eyepiece, the fact that our scouting dept is being represented by a 110 lb chick.

    The only thing that could make that picture more realistic is if she was staring the other way…..into the nothingness of the ocean. I just think that would complete the metaphor of how this franchise builds a team.

    Maybe that’s not what you were going for but that how I’m going to choose to see it.

  31. Joeypoppems Says:

    They wont tank purposely. They might be good enough to only win 5 games tho which will end up being a Top 10 pick anyway

  32. Buccobruce Says:

    What about Greg Hardy? Better than anything else they have!

  33. Getaclue Says:

    We already have the number 5 pick in the draft with 7 divisional games left all over .500 opponents

  34. passthebuc Says:

    On draft day we try to make a splash. The only problem is we end up drowning.