The Morning After

October 6th, 2017

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Joe is slumped in his home office leather chair staring at the wall, unable to sleep because a friggin’ kicker gave him acid reflux.

1. No, Nick Folk wasn’t the lone reason the Bucs lost to the defending Super Bowl champions last night, the Belicheats. America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, was initially atrocious going 13 of 25 for 109 yards after three quarters. That surely didn’t help. But there is just no excuse for a so-called professional kicker to keep vomiting on himself as futile Folk did last night. Just inexcusable. Folk, who ,was money with the Jets for years, has lost it in this black hole for kickers known as Tampa Bay. Remember Roberto Aguayo? Folks couldn’t wait to run the guy out of town, and for good reason. Yet he made 71 percent of his field goal attempts as a rookie. Folk? Dude is 6 of 11 this year. That’s 65 percent! And this guy is a veteran? By noon today, if Folk isn’t an unemployed veteran kicker, then Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht has some ‘splaining to do. No, the Bucs didn’t win last night. That hardly means the Bucs are out of a playoff run. If any fan would have been told that the Bucs would only have two losses after facing the Belicheats, they would have been content. There just is no way this team can bank on a choke artist of a kicker if it has serious goals of playing meaningful games in January. Hell, a freaking high school kid down the road at Jesuit can do just as well. Shoot, drag some Rowdies players in for tryouts if you have to. Keeping Folk around would be a direct signal to the locker room, the community and Bucs fans alike this team is not serious about a playoff run.

2. America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, last night time and again said after the game that he has to make a play for the Bucs to win. To be specific, with two seconds left, Jameis didn’t connect on a touchdown that would have given the Bucs the win. Jameis was direct in that no blame for the loss should be directed anywhere but at him. Joe won’t argue, but because he didn’t make the final play is a bit harsh. Jameis missed many opportunities early. At one point, Jameis missed a wide open DeSean Jackson in the first quarter along the left sideline because he was locked in on Mike Evans. Jackson threw his arms in the air as if he was saying, “WTF?” The defense was playing its heart out and forced the great Tom Brady into a few mistakes and set the Bucs up with short fields and golden opportunities to score. What did the offense and Jameis do? Not a damn thing for almost all of three quarters. Jameis has to play better than that for the Bucs to do anything this season. No, the Bucs wouldn’t have had a prayer if Jameis didn’t lead the team back. But the game is four quarters-long, not one.

3. If there is a pattern fans can point to through four games this season, is that the first quarter is a tell as how to the game will end. So far this season when the Bucs jump out to fast starts, they won. When the offense sputtered in the first half, the Bucs have lost. So if the offense plays as if it is hungover in the first half at Arizona next Sunday, you may want to load up on your antacids.

4. The 2017 draft showed up tonight, for the most part. No, O.J. Howard didn’t have his best night (two penalties). But man, did Justin Evans and Kendell Beckwith show up, the second and third round picks of Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht. Evans, making his first start, sure didn’t embarrass himself. He had an acrobatic pick of the great Brady but the Bucs offense wet the bed and couldn’t capitalize. Evans had nine tackles and two passes defended. And to do this as a rookie in his first start facing the Belicheats, that’s a helluva accomplishment. Joe thinks Evans made a big time statement to start next week at Arizona. And Beckwith, what a freaking steal of a pick in the third round. Dude is a monster. Beckwith had 14 tackles Thursday night! He’s playing like a three-year vet. When Lavonte David and Kwon Alexander return, try to convince Joe there is a better linebacker unit anywhere.

5. Vernon Hargreaves needs to pick it up. Joe thought Hargreaves, as a rookie last year, was on the cusp of being a strong corner. And he sure looked the part in underwear football and training camp. But Hargreaves has regressed. Either that, or he is simply out of place within a Mike Smith defense, which seems hard to believe because Smith usually crafts a defense to fit his talent, not the other way around.

Trinkets: Need a job? Apparently, there is a Facebook event set up to help assist the Bucs in locating a new kicker. … Joe was swarmed with folks on Twitter going mental because the Bucs were not running Doug Martin enough. Guys, he had three practices in the past month. Not only was he not in full football shape, one could see his timing was off trying to catch passes from Jameis. What was Koetter supposed to do, run him like Earl Campbell and have him get hurt and lost for the season? … Dang, Mike Evans had a quiet night. … Belicheat and Brady were smart (duh). It seems they didn’t even try to throw at Brent Grimes. … Charles Sims ran for a first down. This is like seeing Halley’s Comet. … Is there an Amber Alert for Peyton Barber? … Is Joe screwed up in the head (don’t answer that) or is Adam (Rudy!) Humphries beginning to remind folks of the Bucs’ version of Danny Amendola.

90 Responses to “The Morning After”

  1. Aristotle Says:

    New Morning. New Kicker. Can’t miss this many kicks if you want to be a playoff team

  2. C eh N eh D eh Says:

    Jameis was the biggest failure last night despite kicking issues…recurring accuracy isssues….makes you wonder if it will ever be corrected…he’s holding the team back…looks like everyone else is doing their job…

  3. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Licht really screwed this kicking situation up, connor barth was a good kicker, now this will be the season of a new kicker each week…cairo santos is out there but i think hurt….what is matt bryant doing these days?

  4. B Coburn Says:

    Was really surprised when I saw Humphries only had what 3 catches? I had to look cause it felt like hr had such a good game. On reflection even with his limited targets every catch wad a big 3rd down I think. Like what thr guy is doing. What’s sith Evans? Word is he is getting single coverage but his catches have been low. Just not targeting him enough? Heck I remember when Jameis used to be in trouble and he would come back with two guys draped on him and still make the catch. Oh and is it just me or does Jameis play looser when moving around a bit? Feel like he plays stiff til he has to improvise. Sometimes that bit of movement can give his targets a bit of space. Feel like maybe dirk should roll him out a bit early in the game a couple times just to loosen him up. Also gets better throwing lanes

  5. Jlbucs Says:

    Jameis did the same bs at fsu. Like the fire fighter arsonist trying to setup the game to be the 4Q hero. Just lazy and sloppy with the ball for 3Q.

    Time to start calling plays like its madden17. Go for it on 4th down until we can find a reliable kicker. Folk you!

  6. B Coburn Says:

    I think maybe when he moves around a bit his footwork improves. No more running head first though. A xouple times there I thought he would be injured

  7. '79Defense Says:

    Let’s keep all this kicker fun going and bring Aguayo back.

  8. Easy Denman Says:

    3rd down conversions have been our killer all year for both offense and defense. Cant expect to convert 3rd and 8 or 9 every time

  9. NJBucsFan Says:

    should have won…

    key TD drop by Brate

    Need Folk gone

    Winston needs to turn it on sooner. Calm down with the pre-game amp sessions

    Need Folk gone

  10. Greg Says:

    B Coburn, jameis is more accurate when he is on the run, thats for sure!

  11. Go for the face Says:

    To place a majority of the blame on the kicker and not Jameis – or the ghastly lack of execution on offense is a complete joke. They had, what, 170 yards through 3 quarters. They embarassed themselves yet again in front of a national audience. They belong in approximately zero relevant discussions. And yes, Deshaun Watson for example has already had a game that eclipses Winston’s career best game. The Bucs got EXACTLY what they deserved last night

  12. BucEmUp Says:

    Humphries is clearly the most clutch player on the team next to Brate. Why the hell he barley touched the ball last night is beyond me. Winston was erratic and Doug Martin hardly saw action in the fourth quarter. The kicker is the biggest problem. He is going to drag everyones moral through the dirt. There is no way possible that there isn’t someone really good out there who can kick a damn football that doesn’t have a nervous breakdown before he kicks

  13. lambchop Says:

    Coach K needs to improve his offensive play calling and practice situational plays more. Case in point, the last play of the game – why is OJ Howard going down the field on the last play of the game and BLOCKING? His instinct is to block when the all hands team is trying to get the miracle TD? That’s on the coaching staff. Let the man be selfish. A TE is a pass catcher 1st and a blocker 2nd. He is way under utilized. The fact that he’s a blocker 1st can really develop some sweet block-pass plays where he comes out of his block for a sneaky and dangerous catch.

    Second point, why did they wait till the last drive to get DJax in a slant? The timing is off between him and Winston on long balls. Just freaking use his speed in other ways! I don’t think Winston has adjusted to DJax’s height yet. Those are all catches if they were to ME13, Cam, OJ, Godwin, and even Hump. That’s the only logic that makes any damn sense. He’s just not used to the shorter stature of DJax. It will get there, but until then, use DJax in crossing routes, slants, etc.

  14. NFLNut Says:

    I see some nonsensical loons are out this morning … ignore them and let them live their miserable lives

  15. RayJameisStadium Says:

    The solution to the kicking game is already in place:

    Winston to DJax


    Once is working the offense will be unstoppable. Jameis must keep working on that chemistry to make the kicking game a obsolete.

  16. Jersey Buc Says:

    If you were to change the year date on these posts, you couldn’t tell 2006 from 2017. That’s a testament to the inability of this organization to put a quality product on the field. How does the entire AFC West have two really good edge rushers for each team, and the Bucs haven’t had one going on 13 years now? Yes, Folk has to go, but keep in mind he’s on a pace to attempt almost 50 field goals!!! So is the problem really Folk, or is it a deeper issue with this offense? Winston is in the same fraternity as Drew Bledsoe, Jay Cutler, Doug Williams…all the guys with arm strength, but not arm talent. Rodgers, Marino, Aikman, Fouts…there aren’t many guys who can throw it a mile, then loft a touch pass 25 yards on a dime. Winston is who he is. Start throwing the deep in, deep outs and slants. Stop it with the jump ball passes to Evans 20 times a game and use your entire receiving core. Three guys in Jackson, Humphries and Godwin…and not one slant or hook route run. What’s going on down there?

  17. Pickgrin Says:

    – We should have won that game. This one hurt. (And hurt our playoff chances significantly IMO). Need to go 8-4 the rest of the way to even have a chance at a ticket to the dance now.

    – Not much to say about the kicker – if Folk makes even ONE of his 3 misses – we win the game (assuming Folk could have hit a 37 yarder with 2 seconds left which is a hell of an assumption…)

    – Despite missing some key players – defense played well enough to win. Hold Tom Brady to 1 TD and 19 points and you have given your team a great chance to get the W.

    – Offense needed to score more than 1 TD in the 1st 3-3/4 quarters of play. 3rd down efficiency was atrocious.

    – Jameis Winston missed too many throws. Simple as that as the simpleton would say.

    – The play of rookies Beckwith and Justin Evans was a bright spot.

    – For the 2nd game in a row – Cam Brate’s best attribute (his hands) were once again not as reliable as we have come to expect. Brate made key plays but also left important ones on the field.

    – We are back to terrible timing on our penalties – even if the overall # was not a huge “problem” – the timing of the ones we were called for hurt us badly multiple times.

    – Doug Martin looks like he is ready to help this team win games.

    – We’re on to Arizona….

  18. LargoBuc Says:

    I was livid last night. My twitter feed during the game was NSFW. But here we are. We knew once the Dolphins game got moved that it was going to be an awkward start to the season, if not down right difficult. We’re 2-2. Lets just enjoy the “bye” week, dust ourselves off and get ready for the home stretch. We got Martin back with plenty of time to get in sync. We should get Kwon back as well as LVD soon after. All hands on deck guys. This defense is going to be ferocious and the offense should have balance. After a stressful four weeks i’m ready to move on to the next phase of the season. I’m ready for the 12 game stretch and I hope the team is too.

  19. Mike Johnson Says:

    Jameis is not quite ready for step everybody keeps talkin about. It was quite apparent last night. And I do hope Nick Folk is gone. 2 of those FG’s were chip shots. Embarrassing for a pro team on national TV. And Dirk Koetter has got to make better game adjustments IF..he is capable. All of the top tier coaches do them every gameday. He shares more than equal blame. Get healthy Bucs. You gotta fly into Glendale, AZ where they don’t lose at home often. They got a hellva fan base, smart coach, and that stadium is always loud..and full. And lets hear it for Tom Brady. What an accurate cool customer aye? He beat us little receiver named Almendola!

  20. Stud Says:

    Last year it was weapons for Winston. Whats the excuse this year for Winston’s poor play and inconsistency?

    Does he need 5 Pro Bowlers on the o-line, a 1st round RB? The 2002 Bucs defense?

    When it’s 3rd and short he needs to stop trying to throw 50 yard bombs, dude, you are just NOT GOOD AT THROWING DEEP!!! Keep the chains moving give your d a rest, sustain drives and get points you have other options open.

    Until jameis learns to go through his progressions he will be the 4th best qb in the South

  21. AlteredEgo Says:

    I have ZERO faith Jameis will ever grow into throwing a football accurately…it is painfully depressing to think the season still has so many games to go. I don’t care about stats and highlight plays most folks selectively hang their hopes on….it is all the little chain moving misfires each series his fails on letting down the 53 on the field and the whole of the coaching staff…..confidence decay

  22. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    For me another lesson from last night is how we have been approaching 3rd downs…..many (most) times Jameis goes downfield throwing low percentage passes……we need 4 yards and he throws 25……that must stop.
    Save the downfield for 1st or 2nd down.
    We should now know that if you want yards from Jackson….get him the ball on short passes.
    Go to the checkdowns more often, Jameis.

  23. NutterBuccer Says:

    I’m with you Lambchop, coach k has got for change up his offense. Tony Romo called it before the game, stating that we run a 1980s style offense and Bill B. Would know how to stop it just like he did back then when he coached def for the giants. I get we like our tight ends but we can put them out in the slot also. This offense always do well when in hurry up, always. Winston flourishes when he rolls out of the pocket and moves around, Coach k said on hard knocks Winston was a Rodgers not a brady, let’s stop making him be a statue and get him on the move where he was the best qb in the league to throw outside the pocket last year. I live in New England but have been a lifetime bucs fan, this was the first time I could say I was confident in getting a win against Brady and we should of had it. Also whats up with brate and all the dropped passes he cost us the game as well.

  24. FR Says:

    “NFL News”
    I agree 100%

    Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston has been too erratic with his accuracy this season to take the next step in his development. The Bucs’ offense got off to a slow start, punting on four of its first five possessions. Winston flat-out missed a number of open throws that short-circuited drives. His final numbers (334 yards on 46 attempts) don’t reflect the struggles he had for much of the night. He and his receivers often weren’t on the same page, including on the final throw to rookie tight end O.J. Howard.

  25. Go for the face Says:

    I see some non sensical FSU fans not wanting to accept reality, deflecting blame, with the weak limp wrist mentality of “well atleast he turned it on in the 4th quarter!” “ Well atleast we barely lost.” Soft.

  26. Pete Mitchell Says:

    My take away: obviously the kicking game needs to get fixed, maybe a new kicker, maybe a new holder, I don’t know but fix it.

    The play calling just seems choppy. There’s no flow to it, there’s no big picture goal in mind. The best play calling, from guys like Andy Reid, lives through the game. Thenplays called in the first quarter set up what happens in the third and fourth quarters. And usually there are distinct themes to the play calling throughout a game, sometimes it’s pounding the rock, sometimes it’s continually exploiting a match up, sometimes it’s running a fakes out of certain looks that force the defense to adjust and then if they don’t you actually run what you had previously faked. I just don’t see that out of Koetter this year. Two years ago he would purposefully set up play action with the run and carefully chose his spots for the play action pass, sometimes he would come out passing out of play action to open up the run. I just don’t see the same kind of whole game play calling that I did when he was a coordinator. Maybe he has too many other decisions to make on game days.

  27. The Buc Realist Says:

    It great to have your team go up against the Pats!!!! Because they are the best at coaching and playing against your biggest weaknesses!!!!!!!!!! THEY DARED JW3 TO THROW IT AND BEAT THEM!!!!!!!!! especially the deep ball!!!! They used the JW3 and DJ11 problem and dared them to hit the deep pass!!!!!!!!!!! On defense we saw them attack VH28 and used misdirection on the rookie LB!!!!!!

    Their is a lot to be positive about from last nights game!!!!!! Bring in a average kicker and JW3 starts hitting the deep ball and settles down, The Bucs would have won that game and many as the season unfolds!!!!!!

    The Defense was stellar considering all the starters out and rookies in!!!!!!! Coach Smitty proving why he is one of the best!!!!!!!!! The rookie LB is learning more and more of the playbook and adjustments each week!!!!!!! D-line came alive because they doubled GMC93 and NS57 all game long!!!!!!

    Offense, the run game looked good until the Pats sold out to defend then the Bucs could not pass their way to victory!!!! If DM22 plays like that the rest of the year!!!! Bucs will be in great position at the end of the year!!!!! WR’s were open!!!!!! Play calling was great!!! The QB just needed to read the progressions and be accurate!!!!! ( which will improve as the year goes on)

    Bottom line, Bucs have had a ton of distractions, starting from the reality TV show they did in training camp!!!! to the kicker melting down!!!!! and yet thru the tough part of the schedule the Bucs are .500!!!!!! I will take it at this point, with players coming back!!! and JW3 being a slow QB and gets better as the season goes on!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. ChiefInspectorClousseau Says:

    The Joe hate for Doug Martin is bordering on hilarious.

  29. Idahobucsfan1145543 Says:

    Winston is really holding this team back.

  30. EA Says:

    Folk can no longer be on the team, after he missed 2 kicks in the Giants game, he barely squeezed the game winner. Yesterday he was awful, there’s just no confidence that he will make any kick, just like our Buddy Berto was, and that affects the whole game plan.

    If this all we get from this high powered offense that we were all excited to see this season than we’re in big trouble.

    There’s plenty of blame to go around, there some very head scratching play calls and poor executions by America’s QB.
    Trying to throw to Charles Simms and Doug Martin early in the game in must convert third downs ? Really ? Out of all the weapons you chose to throw to running backs.
    Just another day after a loss as a buc fan, this hurts more than other losses because the offense who was hyped up to be one the best in the league just isn’t what we thought it would be.

    Looking back at the 5 game winning streak we had last year and the success that this team has had, defense was the one that kept us in games.
    After a very heartbreaking loss last night , listening to the Patriots fans screaming in my ear at the game I’ve lost confidence in Dirk and Jameis. I was simply expecting a much better performance from the offense.
    Dirk should take a page out of LA Rams book and be creative, maybe he needs to be a head coach and let someone else do the play calling, at this point it’s worth trying to change some things.
    Please don’t bring up anymore useless Winston stats guys, nobody gives a rats a$$ anymore, the only stats I care about at this point is W’s.

  31. Mike Johnson Says:

    Buc Realist? You are a loser!! There was a lot to be postive about? PLEASE! A loss is a loss. Basic math says the pats are the posiive and our Bucs are the negative. So don’t give me that pom-pom cheering BS. Winning is all that matters. I guess when Bruce Arians and the Arizona cardinals Chop us up, you’ll be dancing your little megaphone around sayin, we..almost won huh? You are what your record says you are. And right now? We are a 500 team. Ohhh, and they got new Buc cheerleading tryouts next spring. I’m sure you’ll be 1st in line.

  32. Hector Says:

    I blame the HC, the Pats were playing zone defense all night, and theY continued to try to throw intermediate to deep passes. HC didn’t adjust until the 4th quarter. Only slant of the game for the Bucs was thrown in the 4th quarter. That is totally unacceptable. Maybe one or two screen passes. The Pats were giving up everything underneath but nothing over the top yet the HC continued to try to put a square peg into a round hole.

  33. Bobby M. Says:

    Go reference Winston’s stats when he attempts 30 or more passes…’s not pretty or hopeful for fans that expect him to carry us. He’s becoming a very good game manager…with no turnovers we were still in the game but Winston needs stellar play from the defense and more emphasis on the run. He is who he’s always been….all those FSU comebacks occurred because he played from behind constantly…NFL is to tough to pull that off when you are inaccurate as he is.

  34. The Buc Realist Says:

    @mike johnson

    Sorry you cannot see or understand a football game beyond a win/loss or the score!!!!!!!!!! I am telling you that their are signs of why they will be successful moving forward!!!!! Their is lazy media and bad fans that just watch a play not work and they all scream its a bad play call!!! its bad coaching!!!!! Its so funny!!! keep drinking your beer and screaming at the “coaching” !!!! LOL!!!!!!!

    There are signs to be very excited about as the season moves on!!!!!!! There are things to be fixed and kickers to try out!!!! But it is very close!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. FR Says:

    If the Giants dont drop 2 INTs and the Patriots dont drop 2 INTs, Winstom would have thrown INTs in every game this season. Winston has issues and after 3 season they have not been fixed.

  36. Idahobucsfan1145543 Says:

    We need to bring in a new kicker and a qb that can compete for the starting job loser mentality is giving to many chances when winston isn’t really getting any better except at choking at least bring in some competition not Fitz

  37. Mike Johnson Says:

    You hit part of it Dead on there Hector. But patrons of this website treat Koetter like the president. He can do no wrong. Well, there were 3 other simple game adjustments Koetter failed to make. But you won’t hear the mainstays be critical of him. He;s like a God in tampa bay. Him, and Jameis.

  38. Mike Johnson Says:

    You’s a sad little man Buc Realist.

  39. AlteredEgo Says:

    The FSU comes came because of HUGE talent mismatches….Jamesi simply can not deliver a properly timed and delivered throw on thr run of the mill marching down the field plays…sure that make play calling look poor…but it is the QB burning a play here and play there….throwing the ball accurately is an innate ability at the NFL level….painful to watch and even more painful the read those not blaming Jameis and deflecting the blame elsewhere….we’ll know for sure my the end of the year and I hope Jameis stays healthy so we can get a good long look……of course I’d like to see Jameis succeed,but until I see the little things I am not gonna get suckered by do or die last minute heroics…

  40. David WC Says:

    They should have won that game despite the kicking issues. Horrific offensive game plan and even worse QB play. Not convinced that our QB is very intelligent. Great leader, a cannon for an arm, but has a knack for making horrendous decisions. Unless we want to blame the receivers, then maybe that’s part of it too.

    We got to witness a 40 year old QB, who should’ve been put out to pasture a few years ago, play the position with inteligence. Let’s just keep talking about how ELITE JW is.

  41. Volbuc2 Says:

    I think we need to realize that this team isn’t ready for big time YET, but every game they are improving. We are on the right track as long as they all keep getting better. Looking forward to the rest of the season, especially our div games. Go Bucs!!

  42. Defense Rules Says:

    Folks, stop blaming Jameis. He’s being asked to execute plays time-after-time that play to his weaknesses not his strengths. We had a great run game going last night (our OLine was doing fantastic last night … well, except for a couple of penalties) but Koetter barely used it. Minimum short passes (slants, etc) that could’ve gotten Jameis into rhythm. Continually going for FGs at max range when better (and more patient) play-calling could’ve gotten us TDs. Sorry, this one isn’t on Jameis. And it really isn’t on Folk either. It’s on our OC … Dirk Koetter. Too much ‘stuff’ on your plate right now Dirk. Wearing two hats is a lot harder than most people think.

  43. mark2001 Says:

    Let’s face it…if we said the Pats would have 19 points, we would have thought that was a W. Every other team has eaten up the Pat defense this year….but not ours. And it is on Jameis. Missing open receivers, overthrowing Jackson, trying to squeeze the ball in on some plays that should have been intercepted. Frankly, I’m starting to wonder if “America’s QB” will be a top rate QB….some poor decisions and poor throws….a bad mix that we shouldn’t be seeing at this time. I was encouraged by a couple plays where he didn’t throw it up for grabs, but he did have a couple that shouldn’t have been thrown under duress. Time to step it up Jameis…no excuses for not having a three hundred yard game, almost every game. And regarding Folk…bye-bye. And stop that Baker kicker psych-out crap. Coach K, you shouldn’t allow that…it is different having opposing fans and players trying to disrupt your kick…but your own team punking them? Crazy. And Dotson…you are the vet..and you call us an additional play with your 10 second illegal motion run off? Rookie mistake…get your head focused.

  44. David WC Says:

    It’s never Jameis. Until it becomes apparent that it is. Every week it’s not him. Keep giving him a pass.

  45. mike n Says:

    The kicker sucks but this game was decided when Jameis just couldn’t connect on easy passes. He finally got it going in the 4th but too late. He seemed jittery and was throwing high and or hard on all hs throws. Djax was wide open a few times and we had so many 3 and outs. God bless the D, they played great and knocked Brady around and got stops when needed. Holding them to 19 (really 16) will be the pats lowest output of the season. After the draft, I really didn’t like the Beckwith pick. I thought he would be out most of the year. Man was I wrong, kid is great.

  46. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I have said this from day one about Jameis

    – He looks lost out there many times during the game

    – His mechanics are screwy

    – He always sails the ball high

    He may never take that infamous “next step”

  47. mark2001 Says:

    D…please…Jameis didn’t play well…his throws weren’t there…he missed open guys…and overthrew Jackson on a throw guys like Rodgers don’t miss. His passes to Martin were catchable, but not just Martins fault…? We should have had thirty points. And Folk is terrible and needs to be out of here. But he should have only been trying one of those FG’s…at the end of the half, had the O gotten the job done. Our O sputtered…and we couldn’t make a third down conversion for the life of us…and that was mostly on Jameis’s passing. I like Jameis…but get real. And I’d bet he knows it.

  48. Capt.Tim Says:

    Everyone is missing the Elephant in the room

    – yes, Folk sucks. Play calling was bad. Brate dropped a couple( but they were tough catches! The one TD he made was incredible).

    But two factors that contributed to early struggles
    1) Winston struggled early, because he was trying to force the Ball to Desean Jackson, even though other players were open.
    Dont know if that was Jameis forcing the ball, or the Coaches determined to involve Jackson
    Either way, Jackson and Jameis dont have timing yet.
    Again, too bad Jackson didnt have time for the OTAs.

    2) everytime the Patriots had a 3rd and long, or 2nd and long- Brady went one place.
    We need to start either McClain or Smith at Hargreaves spot. Both are playing much better. Hargreaves is young, let him sit and regroup a game or two.
    Both Eli and Brady Successfully targeted Him everytime they needed big yardage.

    Both issues hurt us last night, and need to be addressed

  49. Destinjohnny Says:

    3 hits the deep ball we win by 21

  50. AlteredEgo Says:

    Jameis his Trent Dilfer with a great personality…scatter arm…if he can not innately throw a football accurately with the appropriate arch,touch,timing to the SPOT ….at this point in his life he’ll NEVER be any different….
    Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result

  51. grafikdetail Says:

    be glad when the media holds koetter to the same accountability standard they did with Smith LOL dude is smith all over again… same vanilla scheme with no adjustments & same stubbornness… the Lovie Smith offense

  52. David WC Says:

    His career completion % is below average. Last night it was below average. Last week it was below average. Last year it was barely average. But no he’s elite.

  53. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    From what we’ve seen so far from Jameis, this is how he is………

    get used to it……..a decade full of “near misses” and “oh, only he had made this play” or from him “I gotta play better”

    Noone questions this kids heart, personality, or leadership

    But you do have to because able to make smart decisions and most of all MAKE THE THROWS YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO MAKE

    …………….and jameis simply is not doing it.

  54. Eric Says:

    Belicheat makes a lot of QB’s look bad at times.

    Jameis is doing just fine. Not a finished product but amazing for this point in his career.

    #3 ranked QB in league in passing yards.

    1198yds 7tds 3ints

    And he has played one less game than the others ahead of him.

    Can he improve? Yes. Has he improved? Yes. Is the future bright? Absolutely. Most talented guy we have ever had at the position by far.

    Narrow loss to pats in a game where our kicker missed 3 is time to throw Jameis under the bus? No way.

  55. BenjaminBuc Says:

    Most NFL analysts agree the key to a solid offensive outing requires consistency in moving the chains and sustaining drives (even if some end in field goals, which yes, I understand apparently is not feasible for us) and then taking advantage of the three or four big play opportunities that present themselves each week. We did neither. The offensive efficiency, particularly on third downs, was terrible. There were in fact opportunities for big plays and Jameis missed them: Jackson deep for a touchdown, Jackson for 25+ on the sideline when he peeled back after Jameis rolled out to the right while staring at Evans the entire time (replay board at the stadium caught his eyes perfectly), and Simms getting behind the linebacker early down the left sideline. Those are game changing plays that have to be made by a third year quarterback.

    Koetter didn’t call his best game, but gave his players more than enough opportunities to make plays and win this game. And there is not a “chemistry” problem between Jameis and Jackson – Jackson is getting open for big plays every week and Jameis is flatout missing him. Look, I’m not giving up on Jameis. He has overall performed well through 36 games for a young quarterback on a growing team and has the ability in arm strength and mobility to be a franchise quarterback. But as Bucs fans we cannot be naive because we know we are tied to him as a franchise right now; he has to play better or the Bucs will not take the next step. They won’t be bad, but will live in that 8-8 or 9-7 area that generally doesn’t get into the playoffs.

    Other thoughts: That an experienced staff game planned to entirely avoid Grimes, even with Brady, tells you how good Grimes really is. Conte cannot cover, defend passes, or tackle. If all healthy, Ward, Evans and Tandy need to rotate as needed and keep Conte off the field. This offensive line is an outstanding pass blocking unit and did well last night in the run game. Finally, bring in a veteran kicker with a smooth motion who is consistent from 48 yards and in and deal with not having a long kicking game because right now we have neither.

  56. Syl Says:

    As bad as Jameis played the team was in a position to win, and if Folk had hit those fg’s I would think the narrative would be different. Jameis has to fix his long ball with Jackson. I think they have got in Jameis head about turnovers. I have never seen him checking the ball down especially on 3rd down. Koetter need to retire from calling plays. 4 games in and the team has been stagnant, and also the end of last year the team was not so great.

  57. JonBuc Says:

    I think I’d rather have MRSA show back up in the locker room than Folksie. He’s done, kaput and bad for morale. I wonder if Koetter told Ira “never a doubt” after this game.

  58. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I have to agree with a couple of other posters. A Fish stinks from the head down.
    This loss was on Dirk Koetter. Even the national media noticed it. Tony Romo hinted at it, and Steve Smith and his gang called our coaching out, after this loss.
    Still, it is only one game, and there was a lot of good too.
    Hargreaves scares me sometimes, in coverage, and is getting beat way too often, for such a high draft pick.
    On the plus side, tonight was the night that Jameis really discovered DJax!
    And Doug Martin was running all over them.

  59. slacker775 Says:

    It’s the curse of Lawrence Tynes. Schiano gave him MRSA and he cursed our kicking game. There is no other reasonable explanation.

  60. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    It’s not just that Folk missed three kicks. It’s worse. If he hits just 1 of those three then the Bucs are down 2 on that final play from the 20 and he gets a shot at another walk off win. So that’s a 4th kick he blew for us. Sayonara.

  61. Stud Says:

    This team will always be 7-9, 8-8 or 9-7 with Jameis until he learns to go through his progressions. He locks onto one receiver or throws to a predetermined read too often to consistently move an offense down field.

  62. Wausa Says:

    Jameis obviously did not play well until the 4th quarter.

    However, the extreme comments by fans are ridiculous.

    Jameis is becoming an outstanding QB, but he and Coach Koetter were confused by the zone New England was playing. I get it that the QB gets most of the blame and most of the credit when a team wins, but despite Jamies not playing his best he put the team in position to win but poor decisions by Coach Koetter and a kicker that cost the team 12 points(Bucs would have attempted a FG at the 19 if Folk would have made one of his earlier kicks). Additionally, Cam Brate dropped a perfectly thrown pass for a TD. The next play Jameis scores but Evan Smith gets called for a stupid penalty and then of course Folk misses an easy FG.

    Again, Jamies did not play his best but he put the team in position to win.

  63. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “Mike Johnson Says:
    October 6th, 2017 at 9:09 am
    You’s a sad little man Buc Realist.”

    Coming from the saddest of all men/ trolls. Mike Johnson pick a new team to follow please I’m so damn sick of reading your bullsh1t

    *please enable a blocking function Joe

  64. Seminole Bill Says:

    It wasn’t so long ago that the writers to this site were ready to throw Aguayo in the bay and make Folk the kicker. What those writers didn’t take into consideration was that Folk was released by the Jets….the Jets! What did you think you were getting in a kicker.

  65. Shane Says:

    Neither offense looked good on a short week. The kicker was the difference point blank. Koetter needs to help this offense succeeed because he’s not putting them in situations to win games. They were extremely predictable last night.

  66. D-Rome Says:

    Kyle Brindza, Roberto Aguayo, Nick Folk, and the inability to find an edge rusher. If the Bucs do worse than 10-6 the Bucs should consider moving on from Jason Licht. It’s too early to panic and there’s plenty of season left.

  67. DBS Says:

    There is always the function of your own. Lord and Master. Don’t Read his posts.

  68. Defense Rules Says:

    Wausa … ” Jamies did not play his best but he put the team in position to win.” Exactly. There’s not a Bucs’ fan in the world who doesn’t know that Jameis starts slow (just like he did last night). Well, make that everyone except Dirk Koetter. Tracked Bucs plays thru the 1st half last night & could tell ya after the 1st quarter we were gonna lose.

    Our first series, right after Evans’ INT (GRRREAT INT BTW), Jameis hit ME13 on an intermediate 11 yd completion right side … 1st down now. Then Jacquizz got nothing on a left side run (Pats strong side BTW), so 2 intermediate/deep passes followed (to Sims & ME13). Both were incomplete. PUNT.

    Our 2nd series was similar. 10 yd completion to ME13 (intermediate left) 1st down again. 7 yd run by Martin (right side … Pats weaker side BTW). No gain run by Martin (lucky to get back to LOS). Incomplete short pass to Martin on right side (bad throw on Jameis but potentially catchable). PUNT.

    Our 3rd series was more of the same. 1 yd run by Jaquizz (up the middle). Incomplete pass to DJax (Left side deep). Incomplete pass to Brate (intermediate to deep left side). PUNT.

    Thus the 1st quarter ends. Jameis threw 7 passes … all but 1 were intermediate or deep … and only 2 were complete (both to ME13 for 1st downs). And but one had Jameis taking a 7-step drop & throwing the ball at least 30 yds (probably farther) in the air it looked like. 4 rushes for 8 yds in the quarter … only 1 of which was effective (7 yd by Martin on Right side). 1 short pass (incomplete). All together, 8 yds rushing & 21 yds passing. Play-calling never gave Jameis a chance to get in rhythm; he was always being asked to fire the ball well downfield. Played right into Bill Belicheck’s hands. Made me wanna cry.

  69. Mike Johnson Says:

    Thank you Lord Cornelius for the compliment. I’ll..keep posting. Because I always tell the truth. Not..alternative facts as YOU..and many here want to hear. You are what your record says you are. Ruck up LC, and grab some wood, you got more losses comin!!!!!!!!!

  70. D-Rome Says:

    But patrons of this website treat Koetter like the president. He can do no wrong. Well, there were 3 other simple game adjustments Koetter failed to make. But you won’t hear the mainstays be critical of him. He;s like a God in tampa bay. Him, and Jameis.

    Man, you really said it. I agree with you on Koetter. Look guys, just because he had fun with the “Stick Carriers” at Training Camp doesn’t mean he should be free of criticism. Just because he’s not Lovie Smith doesn’t mean he should be free of criticism. I had to do a double take when someone in another thread said Jameis threw 46 times. That should never happen. Unless Jameis audible’d out of several run plays that’s all on Koetter. He’s not a teflon coach nor should he be treated like that.

  71. Wausa Says:

    Defense Rules:

    I am with you. The play calling and head coach decision making is not good.

    Early in the fourth quarter the Bucs are down by 9. The Bucs move the ball down the field and it’s 3 and 2. To me it’s an obvious passing down, but if you run it do something quick. The Bucs decide to run a slow developing play to the outside(similar to the play call against the Giants when it was 1st and goal at the half yard line) and of course it gets stuffed.

    Coach Koetter sends out Nick Folk. Obviously the right call is to send out the kicker to make it a one score game. However, everyone in the stadium and the millions watching the game knew Nick Folk was having mental issues with his kicks. Of course Folk misses the kick and puts the Bucs in a deeper hole.

    So considering the time in the game, the players the Bucs have, the score and kicker’s mental problems I think Coach Koetter made multiple errors on both of those downs which was one of several mistakes he made that cost the Bucs the game.

  72. Mike Johnson Says:

    Lord Cornelius, I’m from Tampa, born and raised in Temple terrace. Only left after yrs of not making what I thought I should in my field/ making 3x more here out west to support my family. I luv the Bucs. Was there in the stands for our very 1st game ever in the 70’s. But I refuse to sit back and paint..glittering pleasantries on bad play calling and sloppy play. Thats been our problem over the years. Evey GD yr, we..are supposedly improving with and impoved additions..with the same ole results. I WANT TO WIN..thats all I care about. Don’t tell me how nice the cook looks or how rough the ocean is, Bring the GD ship in with a victory weekly!! Cheerleading is for LOSERS!! Get the job done! I’m tired of people laughing at us nationally. Yes, they do laugh. So I’ll continue to be that voice of…discontent and Stop the excuses!..Sir. whether you like it or not.

  73. Brad Isherwood Says:

    Mouse Davis Run and shoot works….lot of history that way as teams from College to NFL
    Used the format.
    JW probably struggles as not becoming sure of himself vs the College QB.
    He has the skills,….the Coaching has to change to get JW into a game flow he can manage
    And build confidence.
    QB platoon for Run and Shoot gets you thru….
    Bucs have a good receiver squad that could be monster if something consistent could develop.
    Frustrating. …seems like Bucs always have some machina breakdown,…like cursed vehicle.
    Reduce the playbook, reps to receivers until they get blisters.
    Bucs coaching staff have to step it up

  74. The Buc Realist Says:

    @mike johnson

    The Bucs are 2-2, That is improvment!!!!!! Or do you not know simple math as well as football??????

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Defense Rules Says:

    Thinking about Bucs kickers … Seems we used to have a kicker named Matt Bryant who had a FGM % of 83% while he was here (lifetime average is higher at 86%). And oh ya, this year he’s 9-for-9 for the Falcons. Seems like we used to have a kicker named Connor Barth (before we drafted some rookie kicker?) who had a FGM % of 84% while he was here (same lifetime average). And as I remember, Bucs management didn’t think either was worth what they were asking or something like that.

    Reality is that the Bucs have let more good players go than probably any team in the NFL (well, maybe except Cleveland). That’s why we don’t have any depth at numerous positions. That’s why we don’t have a decent kicker. And oh ya, that’s why we continually have to overpay even average FAs.

  76. Wausa Says:

    Defense Rules

    I think the kicker problem is a combination of bad luck (Aguayo was the most accurate college kicker in history and Nick Folk has had a solid NFL career) and poor evaluation.

    Roberto was already showing some signs of regression during his last year of college and Folk was being outkicked in practice by Aguayo.
    The Bucs are going to need to do a much better job of evaluating this position as it has already cost them one game and almost two.

  77. PanthersSuck! Says:

    Guys played their hearts out last night. That goes for both teams.
    It wasn’t always the prettiest execution, but I don’t want to see fans coming down on any of these guys. We had a great team on the ropes last night and that’s something to be proud of.
    We have a lot to be excited about.

  78. Defense Rules Says:

    Realist, playing like they did last night our Bucs will be lucky to go 6-10 this year. Heck, we’ll be lucky to win a game in our division at this rate. Come to think of it, if not for our defense stepping up big-time in the 2nd half of last season, we probably would’ve gone 6-10 there also. We all know the classic definition of insanity, but Dirk Koetter keeps doing the same stuff over and over, and keeps getting the same results (Jameis starting slow, too many deep/intermediate passes, too little short stuff to get him into rhythm, etc, etc). We’ve got the weapons, and Jameis is more than capable of running this offense like a well-oiled machine. The problem is play-calling, not personnel. Last night absolutely boggled my mind. Why would anyone want to craft a game-plan that plays to Bill Belicheck’s strengths? But that’s exactly what happened.

  79. Bucs Sam Says:

    So when OJ Howard dropped to the Bucs everyone was like Alright!

    Now…. I wonder if the other teams all scouted him better. He seems confused by the speed of the NFL, struggles blocking and with his routes….

    I think he has more penalties than catches so far. That’s a bad sign.

  80. Tbbucs3 Says:

    We need to bring in a TALL and LEAN kicker. Those are the good ones. We never had any real issues with Connor Barth. Our kicking issues (especially from deep) are mainly because we’ve had short stubby kickers who overthink every kick the past 2 years. Nick folk does not look in shape out there.

    That loss that night is on Jason Licht. He dug a hole that didn’t need to be messed with.

  81. Owlykat Says:

    Agreed, Joe!!! Fire that loser Folk NOW. Then invite all available kickers to a competition under Game type conditions and hire the best one.
    If Howard had stopped and turned and caught the ball and then muscled it into the end zone over the light CBs he could have shown himself worth the first round pick. And stop those stupid and hurtful penalties.
    Got good running from our muscle hamster but his pass receiving was gosh awful.
    Jameis, get accurate and stop overthrowing deep passes!

  82. Bucamania Says:

    I’ve been a huge JW supporter since before the draft but he was terrible last night for 3 quarters of the game. He needed to step up and didn’t. Jameis looked confused, was rushing throws, and was erratic. Even his handoffs were sloppy. It was a terrible performance. Yes, he pulled it together in the 4th but it was too late then. I expect more from him. And Dirk’s playcalling sucked out loud. There was no rhythm at all to this offense beyond the one Dougie TD drive. And why did Dirk abandon the run again?

  83. Sunday74 Says:

    I agree with Lord Cornelius about this “Cry Baby” Mike Johnson.
    Coach Koetter did this and Jamies will never be great and I’m tired of people laughing at us. IE. You must have been laughed at A LOT in your earlier years man. It’s depressing to read your comments. Wah here and Wah there is all I ever read from you. We are all disappointed, but damn dude. Jamies is doing just fine in his 3rd year. And yes it is frustrating to watch him continually miss Jackson for easy touchdowns, but you obviously can’t see the forest for the trees. This team is gonna be good, mark my words. Jamies WILL improve!!!!
    There is a TON of upside to this team.
    Learn to let your frustrations go. Please for the love of God quit complaining!!

  84. lambchop Says:

    For anyone blaming Jameis over Folk has got to be delusional. Folk has just one stinkin job and that’s to make a friggin FG. Jameis has to do a whole heck of a lot more. I’m not making excuses for Jameis. He needs to get better and he will. But, Folk cost us the game. The offense is not always going to be clicking, but you have to hit those FGs in close games.

    Also, you can blame Cam Brate dropping a TD. We could have won with that as well.

    I didn’t expect a W and I am happy that there were some flashes on D. The fact that we shot ourselves in the foot and still had a chance to win is a positive to take forward. But, the play calling on offense was pedestrian. Every analyst had something to say about how simple and unimaginative it was. Sometimes too many options can be a bad thing.

  85. Mike Johnson Says:

    Buc Realist..2-2 is not an improvement. Man, you got low standards. 2-2 means you are 500. Even stevens. You are not winning or losing.Thats what 2-2 means. Don’t give that improvemnt stuff.. I bet you were a 500 student in school and life. This should be totally UNACCEPTABLE..Sir! That is, say you want to be a champion. You cannot let easy, winnable games get away from you like we did last night. The Pats gave us the game. We..refused to take it. And I watch Arizona because my daughter likes them. They play hard and physical. WE need all hands on deck in Arizona if we expect to win. Ohhh and GO BUCS!!!

  86. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Morning afyer analysis of the game and barely any mention of doug Martin exploding out of the backfield with every touch he got? What does the joes care about doug getting hurt? They don’t want him here anyways.

  87. Mike Johnson Says:

    Sorry Sunday74..won’t stop..can’t stop until we win. When we win? All I say is Jolly good show. When we lose? I’m like Rush Limbaugh and the Trumpeteer..combined. I will not, cannot, accept..mediocrity..yr after yr. Time and time again. Hell, I didn’t cheer for my own team when I played HS football. I just played hard and got a..Football Schlarship to college. I’m not a cheerleader. So if you don’t like my comments? Don’t read them! There, I solved your problem..not mine.

  88. Jimmy T Says:

    Hey Go for the Face- u r totally clueless. Obvious Jameis hater. Wow, what a take. Typical , rip Jameis, make no sense and offer no solution. It’s funny that for 3 quarters Koetter was calling plays and didn’t make ANY adjustments to the ZONE D the Pats were running. So all of a sudden things clicked in the 4th quarter? Could be that they were in hurry up and Jameis was calling the plays. Ok so he missed Djax by a foot, Joe Montana didn’t throw bombs, he hit Jerry Rice in stride for 25 or 30 and Rice did the rest. Knowing Jameis struggles with the BOMB why not run. That slant more to free up Djax. That’s coaching. We have a QB that LOVES football, will probably not miss many games and be around for 14 or 15 years. Remember Rogers has only been to one super bowl. Give Jameis a break Gator fans

  89. unbelievable Says:

    Doug Martin…. the lone consistent bright spot on offense, and Joe is still taking digs at him. Give it a rest already, you were wrong.

  90. FortMyersDave Says:

    The kicking game is the Bucs’ albtross. Joe, can you have someone do a “Vegas Inquiry” (I always liked that term from your chats with Duemig) on Folk. It seems like his missed kicks have led to the opponents covering against the Bucs (-2.5 fave vs NYG with a 2 point win and -4 dog vs NE that opened at -5.5 to -6 New England). Something tells me that the Folk misses last night cost a lot of “wise” guys some serious coin as it takes $$$$ to move a Vegas line 1.5 to 2 points hours before kickoff, especially against a team with a big NE following who idiotically bet with their heart not minds. Just kidding on the fix of course, but that guy has been a literal “game changer” on the field and with your betting tickets…. Vegas for one will be glad to see him unemployed as will all Buc fans except for the trolls who want the GM or Koetter fired before a Buc winning season…..