Very Simple Season Fix Ahead

October 22nd, 2017

Quick fix on the Bucs’ plate

UPDATED 2:02 a.m. Monday: While it may seem the football gods have been cruel to our Buccaneers, in fact, they’ve given them a great and timely gift.

Now sitting at 2-4 in the NFC South basement, the Bucs have been granted a very quick and easy fix to their predicament.

The Bucs now get to face the reeling 4-3 Panthers at home next Sunday, followed by a trip to New Orleans (4-2), winners of four in a row.

Joe’s not kidding here at all, not one shred. The Buccaneers don’t have to wait to scratch and claw back into the division race. They don’t have to scoreboard watch. It’s all right in front of them.

This kind of scheduling gift rarely comes along for a team in the Bucs’ position.

Beat Carolina and you’re out of the division cellar, then beat New Orleans and you’re at .500 and undefeated in division play. Atlanta (3-3), who lost to New England on Sunday, would be no more than a game ahead of you.

Yes, those football gods have teed it all up for the Bucs. It couldn’t be set up any better.

Now the Bucs just have to win two games. The offense at least has enough weapons to beat anyone. And there’s even a kicker who makes field goals in the house!

Win both games and total order is restored. Lose one and it’s 3-5 and the division basement at the halfway mark — in an NFC season where it might take 11 wins for a Wild Card berth.

What’s it going to be, Bucs?

157 Responses to “Very Simple Season Fix Ahead”

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    considering the bucs never have won a meaningful game with GMC as captain and the fact that GMC led defenses tend to come out flat and uninspired for must win games there simply is NO HOPE… this team is way to weak and way to accpeting of poor play and losing.

    Once again draft talk is more important than remaining games and it’s not even week 8…. it’s a buc life!!!

  2. Welcome Back Koetter Says:

    troll the trolls

  3. AlteredEgo Says:


  4. Billy Buc N Brazil Says:

    I’m with you guys!!! One never knows, we will just need to win a few shootouts!!! Go Bucs!!

  5. tmaxcon Says:


    you are my draft guy… get it started it’s all over now my man…. mentally weak defense can’t be fixed so get your player lists going my man.

  6. Lamarcus Says:

    How do I make donations to the site joe?
    Can u email me the details?
    Gladly! Will send tomorrow. –Joe

  7. jimmyjack Says:

    Anybody who actually believes McCoy is the leader here needs their heads examined…….including the coaches.

  8. DB55 Says:

    “I don’t like getting hit, I’d rather be an actor” – your future hof dt

    Next week he’ll be talking about “we just need to stay the course”

    Fun fact: Adrian Clayborn, Jon Casillas and Tim Wright all have more rings than gmc.

  9. Gobucs Says:

    This season is over.

    Just come to terms with it and you’ll feel better.

    Our defense is historically bad. Not gonna change soon.

    Teams will score at will.

    Season over. Moving on.

  10. LovieBall Says:

    A quick fix is to get rid of the cancer Gerald McCoy. I remember he got hurt for one play during the Patriots game and while he was out we got a big sack. While he was on the sideline playing with action figures and watching Game of Thrones we were actually able to get pressure.

  11. Welcome Back Koetter Says:

    I have a feeling that tmax is that girl at work that everyone avoids…constantly talking about how the company is being mismanaged and she has all the answers.

  12. SB Says:

    Thank God my Fantasy teams are All doing well because I was smart enought to only take Brate on my team. After 41 years of following this team Nothing surprises me anymore.

  13. SB Says:

    Time for the “TANK FOR BARKLEY” mantra!

  14. Lamarcus Says:

    Thanks joe

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    The trolls have made this site unbearable. They are so happy with a loss. I wish we could have some debate on what’s going right and what’s going wrong (mostly wrong), but every single post is just flooded with trollish remarks.

  16. Pryda...sec 147 Says:

    Lol gmc isn’t the reason we lost lol damn

  17. jimmyjack Says:

    LovieBall that is just a really dumb comment.

    Our Dline was destroying NEs line all game and put a ton of hits on Brady. To talk like the only impact they had that game was on that one play is freaking dumb and very freaking stupid

  18. Lamarcus Says:

    Gmc needs to take off that C on jersey or the cowardly lion needs a sharpie and write OURAGE next that C. To remind him what it takes to win

  19. tmaxcon Says:

    Welcome Back Koetter

    it would be awesome if you could combat my posts with lists of extraordinary plays your career losing DT has made…. However, since he has never made those types of plays you have to resort to childish BS which I do enjoy so thank you. Again, if GMC was so great and all these other mediocre players that you low standard fans fall in love with you would be able to shut me up with ON FIELD examples but you can’t because video proves other wise and the results further backup my claims. It’s all good though You keep supporting losers and I”ll keep laughing at you.

  20. tmaxcon Says:

    Hawaiian Buc

    just shut up and admit another defensive unit captain by the careeer loser gmc did not show up and did not do it’s job. it’s the story of his failed career and the reason he is the face of the basement years…

  21. Lamarcus Says:

    Hawaiian buc

    No we are PISSED OFF. Losing is infectious. Just ask GMC. He saw them come and saw them go.

    Gmc needs to go

  22. Lamarcus Says:

    Tmaxcon has me rolling. I’m laughing my ass off.

    Tmaxcon stop it lol. It’s funny yet soooooo true.

  23. denjoe Says:

    I’m not a McCoy hater but his comments after the game about nothing changing for them and the fans sulking p#ssed me off!

  24. SB Says:

    Lol…….Joe succeeded when he tried for stupid comments to help “clicks”
    More rank ignorance of how this website works, or most sports websites. Comments are only touched by a tiny (less than 1 percent) of Joe’s 20,000+ visits per day. Joe doesn’t write for comments and never has. Doing that is naive and counter to running a site people want to visit. But keep pretending you know how this business works. –Joe

  25. 813bucboi Says:

    Don’t Hide!!!!


    Tell us how at 2-4, and with all this talent we are right on schedule last in our division and this staff has us headed in the right direction!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!

  26. SB Says:

    This game was Won if not for Hump’s fumble 813

  27. SB Says:

    Even AFTER a few Non Calls

  28. SB Says:

    The calls were SO evident that Vegas was protecting the spread but we kept beating them. Hump helped Vegas there.

  29. Joeypoppems Says:

    So the quick fix is to just win the next 2 games? What is the reason to believe this team actually can do that tho? I agree with the logic 100% tho Joe.

  30. cmurda Says:

    I can’t shut the GMC haters up. GMC really didn’t show up today and he isn’t exactly instilling success with this D Line. I’m not really a GMC hater and I’ve defended the guy more than I care to admit but I also saw nothing out of that guy when it mattered.

  31. SB Says:

    Howdy Pops. Something is wrong with this team. Talent be damned.

  32. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Its sad that here we are again as bucs fans and it’s only week six with our season basically over and we’re talking about the draft again and coaches being on the hot seat………..simply pathetic!!!

  33. jimmyjack Says:

    GMC is just the scapegoat for fickle fans.

    Meanwhile Kwon was awful today along with Conte, Ayers, McClain, Ward, ect………. The funny thing is that anybody who understands how matchups dictates action in football understands McCoy was going to have a rough time making plays today.

    Nobody here is calling him a HOF excpt the screwballs. there is a lot of accountability to go around and nobody excpet these dreamers consider GMC the leader of this defense.

  34. SB Says:

    @cmurda………….GMC is not a number that always shows up on a numbers chart that you turn in to you clients. IF he has solid help around him you could SHOW your clients how MUCH he is a help to their investments. As it is he has no help so his intangibles are wasted.

  35. cmurda Says:

    GMC’s number didn’t get called so I have nothing to show my clients.

  36. tmaxcon Says:


    none of those other players you mentioned were 3rd over all picks and multi year team captains so nice try maybe next time you will make a valid point.

  37. Since76 Says:

    How does beating Carolina get this team out of last place? At best, it could get them tied for last place with Atlanta, if the Falcons lose tonight and next week. New Orleans and Carolina each have 4 wins. The Bucs would only have 3.

  38. denjoe Says:

    We knew it could be like this, when Jason didn’t address glaring needs!

  39. SB Says:

    That is what I am saying cmurda. Did anyone on Tampa’s D get called? Rarely. GMC is always part of the solution but he has no help..

  40. jimmyjack Says:

    Really dude?? Since when does draft status dictate how good of a player McCoy or anybody should be.

    #3 overalll means next to nothing guy……..How long have you been even following football? 2 years.

    #3 overall…..hahhahaaha……..that has to be the dumbest thing i never heard

  41. cmurda Says:

    I don’t disagree SB. I’m not throwing the towel in on Noah but he gets muscled to easily, Ayers had a sack but doesn’t play well consistently. It’s not GMC’s fault that those guys aren’t cutting it, but at the same time GMC was not disruptive today.

  42. jimmyjack Says:

    Spence is #57…….I think he knows where he should be lining up better then the coaches

  43. Mike Johnson Says:

    Man. its HARD being a Bucs fan.

  44. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    GMC is the only guy that put any pressure on Taylor. However, until we get pressure from the edges, it doesn’t matter if Sapp is playing in the middle. No one guy can make up for bad play of 3 other lineman. If there is one guy on the line for the offense to worry about, guess what’s going to happen? The offense is going to take him out of the game. Aside from the haters, watch the game. Watch McCoy in the backfield on a bunch of plays. It doesn’t matter because there are huge holes on both sides of him. GMC isn’t catching Lesean McCoy or Tyrod Taylor in open space. When the pressure only comes from the middle, that’s easy for the offense – especially with a mobile QB. But again, it doesn’t matter. All we are going to hear are the same trolls using the same ignorant facts. I used to love this site. Now I question why I even come on it.

  45. tmaxcon Says:


    are you stupid…. of course high first round picks have higher expectations than lower picks. if you can’t comprehend that man you got the gmc nuthugger syndrome bad

  46. SB Says:

    I get it cm. but GMC can’t do it all himself. If Noah, Ayers, and company aren’t holding up their end how can GMC do it being double and triple teamed? Not making excuses for HIM just saying that team Glazier Sux for not helping him out.

  47. tmaxcon Says:

    Hawaiian Buc

    don’t take your ball and go home but it’s undeniable your boy is just not getting it done.

  48. SB Says:

    Hey Tmax……if you have a son I feel sorry for him.

  49. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Here’s the thing I don’t understand – why are we even talking about McCoy? Why not talk about how our ends get no pressure? Why not talk about our safeties getting eaten up by play action? Why not talk about how our defense didn’t seem to realize that Tyrod Taylor can run? Why not talk about 2 costly plays by Donovan Smith? Why not talk about everybody’s favorite player Humphries with a fumble that cost us the game? Why not talk about these things? And if your reasoning is because he’s a captain or he’s the 3rd overall pick, just stop.

  50. cmurda Says:

    That Donovan whiff which led to strip sack was absolutely awful.

  51. jimmyjack Says:

    Yeah tmax, I agree about expectations. But those expectations are, what?, 10 years old.

    Why in the world are you still holding onto ancient expectations? Thats about as foolish as it gets.

    I can only speak for myself but I never saw any leadership qualities, or any ability to carry this team, from McCoys rookie year. I thought he was a good player but thats about it.

    So here you are calling me stupid when you are holding out hope that McCoy will grow into some kind of team leader when he has never shown the mettle.
    Grow up and smell the news bud

  52. SB Says:

    @cmurda. DS76 whiffed a couple times tonight that cost us.

  53. DB55 Says:

    used to love this site. Now I question why I even come on it.
    GTFOH no body want you here anyway with your brainless comments.

    It’s always everybody else’s fault! Over the last 8 yrs the only constant is gmc but it’s always everybody else’s fault.

    When you say that teams have to game plan for gmc you are right! The game plan is to run through his gap cuz he’ll never make the play. The last td lesean scored was right up the gut. 174 yards rushing and your daddy got a 1 first qrt tackle which was probably a stolen stat per usual. Just stfu already Hawaii you are completely clueless no matter how much your guests try to teach you about football. Ultimately you’re just a drunk brainless degenerate. Bye!

  54. Ed Says:

    Joe, you are being overly optimistic, considering the past 2 games, Bucs have given up over 30 points to the Bills and the Cardinals, neither to be confused with the Saints or Panthers. What evidence can anyone bring forward to have confidence the team can stop anyone?

    Given time Newton and Brees will put up points. The Bucs must be considered the worst defense in the league and have been beaten by HOF’ers named Taylor, Kennun and Palmer, who carved them up and walked off the field like they had been in a flag football game.

    Bucs have a lot to prove to us before we can be selling false hope.
    Nobody’s selling anything here. The Panthers are reeling, and the Bucs have played good football at home. Those are facts, not fiction. Go talk to a Panthers fan. Joe made it clear above, lose one of the next two and it’s full blown draft mode. Win and the Bucs are actually in very good position. Very simple. Nothing false. –Joe

  55. tmaxcon Says:


    I feel sorry for the parents who raise their children via the PC standard and Low Standards of today. the trophy for all mentally has turned this nation into a bunch of soft cry babies. but to answer your question, No i do not have a son. I am too selfish. I enjoy life full time, I don’t have time for a kid… Was never for me. personal choice.

  56. dooshlarue Says:


    Pretty sure Sapp would do a hell of a lot more than your dreamboy 93.
    Even if he didn’t, he’d light a fire under everybody’s ass for NOT getting it done.
    You used to be a smart guy on this site.

    What happened?

  57. DB55 Says:


    He lost his brain.

  58. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You are ruining this site. I’m dead serious. It’s one thing to do it after a win, but it’s another after a loss. All of us real Bucs fans are pissed off. We let another win slip away. However, you and your troll friends just keep on posting the same crap over and over again. The worst part is, you clearly enjoy it. You wanted us to lose. That makes you not only a terrible “fan”, but just an overall douche.I’ve been on this site pretty much from day one. I love arguing with fellow Bucs fans. I love to call them out on their posts, and I’ve had people call me out on mine. That’s great, and what makes this site so great. However, with you, you’re just garbage. It’s not a debate, it’s just the same nonsense over and over again. There’s no point, and you should be ashamed of yourself for ruining a fantastic site full of some of the best fans of any team in the NFL. All we hear is your hatred for one man, who just so happens to be one of our best players and the type of man off the field you can never be. I want to be mad about it, but really I just feel sorry for you. There must be a lot of pain in your life. However, it really sucks that you have ruined this site.

  59. tmaxcon Says:

    in all sincerity Hawaiian was one of my type 3 or 4 posters for a few years and then he must of hit his head. prayers for a speedy recovery

  60. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You are worse than Tmax. You have actually wished death on people. All over a game. You’re a sick individual. I’m not going to trade insults with you, because unlike you, I don’t wish death on you. I don’t even wish you a cold. It’s a game. Get over yourself.

  61. EA Says:

    Hawaiian buc what is your opinion about this ball club and Smith/Koetter so far ?
    Last year towards the second half the defense played really good, and we all thought they got it, it clicked, that’s it.
    With this team healthy for the most part and loaded on offense and the same squad on defense they have been very inconsistent.
    What your opinion be?
    What is there to be optimistic about?

  62. DB55 Says:

    Shut up you idiot. Click.

    Karma is a beach isn’t it. Counting down the days.

  63. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    People here shouldn’t insult each other

    It’s all fun until someone loses an eye

  64. bucs_365 Says:

    GMC haters are ludicrous. They expect that one man is going to lift a soft defense and turn it into a winning defense. Sorry, the years of losing defense are not his fault, at all. Don’t bother watching the D line play. Don’t bother knowing that other teams game plan around McCoy. Forget about the top sack numbers for DTs… Never mind the Pro Bowls or the top 100 player voting… Ignore all objective measures, because you have to have someone to hate. Foekin’ idiots.

  65. EA Says:

    Joe says the bucs have played good ball at home , haha I remember the last against new England, one of the most frustrating games I’ve been at.
    Bring back the “den if depression” slogan.

  66. mark2001 Says:

    2-4 currently, 11-5 required to make the playoffs…..Sure Joe… I think if we lose one of the next two, we have to win eight straight to have that record, and that is very unlikely looking at the schedule ahead. So yes, I think you are correct.

  67. jimmyjack Says:

    At least something came out of this comment section. I now know that some fans are still holding GMC to the expectation that came with him as a #3 draft choice. McCoy failing to live up to the 10 year old(rounded up) expectation is fueling all of the hate. At least now I can see where their hate comes from, however bizarre it may be.

    The funny thing is that they could have realized we didnt even get the top DT in that draft and that expectations could have been tempered………Keep dreaming on McCoy yall, and keep expecting. I can guarantee you that he will fall short of your expectations every time and you can keep on hating………Buuuuut, maybe you can for once see the reality of the situation. Reevaluate your expectations and move on to more important critisms. Dont worry about the hater in you……there is plenty of bullship to go around for this team…..aside from McCoy not being your unquestioned HOF and leader

  68. SB Says:

    Tmax…you are the Epitome of a troll. You are What is wrong with the world today. Not only do you spew ignorance but you do it with no control or significance. You are truly an individual that needs help but won’t seek it.

  69. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    There’s not much to be optimistic about. Number one, you just can’t win in the NFL without a pass rush. We have not only the worst edge rushers in the NFL, but they may be the worst in the history of the NFL. To have only 2 sacks 6 games in is beyond atrocious. I have no idea, but I would guess we have to be on pace for a record.

    I don’t know if we can turn it around. I don’t see how we can generate a pass rush. We don’t have the secondary to blitz a lot. I don’t really think it’s on the coaches. I don’t think we have the horses.

    Offensively, I think we have several problems. We can’t run the ball consistently. That’s very obvious, but we have a 23 year old QB who is forced to do everything through the air. That’s not a recipe for success. Doug is pretty good between the tackles, but we don’t have anyone that can bounce it to the outside and make a big play. Our OL isn’t doing them any favors, as they are often times demolished on run plays at the snap.

    I also think we push the ball down the field too much. I don’t think we make it easy enough on Jameis (I think we did a much better job of that today though). We are asking a 23 year old QB to throw down the field almost every play, against a defense that has no fear of the running game. The more you throw the ball down the field, the more likely bad things are going to happen. It’s kind of like in basketball, it’s really hard to win by only shooting 3’s (and we aren’t Golden State).

  70. SB Says:

    And Tmax……..I don’t believe it was a personal choice. I believe that you couldn’t find a female that would be willing to co-exist with you

  71. tmaxcon Says:


    spout all the stats you want fool…. when the bucs need their captain and star player to step up and make a statement she curls up like a fetus and pouts…. i fee so sorry for you low standard people.

  72. mark2001 Says:

    Further Joe…even if they win two of the next two, if 11-5 is the criteria, we need to win seven out of eight. So the chance is slim, but certainly better than eight straight, so I don’t know I would call it a quick and easy fix…unless you predict the Bucs to win the division with a 8-8 or 9-7. And I don’t know if the Falcons will fold that badly.

  73. tmaxcon Says:


    don’t assume personal info dude it’s below you…. i have been with the same girl for 22 years. not everyone’s dream is a white picket fence and a rugrat

  74. Bobby M. Says:

    GMC is solid…will make the Bucs Ring of Honor. I would trade him while he fetches top value, shift McDonald and Baker in as starters. The defense is screwed with or without McCoy…we’re awful on the line, awful in coverage, awful in the safety play. Try to get a solid LT (Joe Thomas or the Texans player holding out) so we can at least control the game with running and play action. D. Smith is the worst lineman we have and he’s the worst at protecting a QB that’s constantly under pressure and not that accurate.

    I would also unload Jackson, that experiment is making winston worse. Snag a CB or a semi productive DE if possible. We have two many studs to feed, sometimes it’s best to have solid role players. Frankly Jackson can’t possibly offer any thing on running plays to his side…he’s like 170 lbs…He’s like the shiny new driver in the bag that we insist on hitting even though our score is getting worse each rd.

  75. NFLNut Says:

    We’re 2-4 with wins coming later against the Jets and Packers and a possible split with a road game in Miami and a home game against the Lions … that would mean we’re 5-5 with all 6 conference games to play … that said, we’ll probably need to go 5-1 in conference games to have any shot at the division or the playoffs … it’s doubtful.

  76. jimmyjack Says:

    tmax…..its not low standards…….you are just dilusional to think GMC has any chance to become great.

    Hey…..your the only guy here whose calling him a star.

  77. SB Says:

    Well then you have her fooled VERY well Tmax, because YOU are a piece of work Sir

  78. GhostofSchiano Says:

    @Hawaiian buc @tmaxcon

    Blame Jason Licht, we should have signed Campbell not baker. Did wonders for the jags. SMH.

  79. Architek Says:

    I respect the perspective but truthfully the coaching and execution of the players on this team are what their records says they are.

  80. NFLNut Says:



    Would YOU rather the Bucs finish 9-7, miss the playoffs and retain Koetter and most of the staff and players … OR … would you rather than go 2-14, fire Koetter and the staff and make MAJOR changes to the coaching staff and defensive side of the ball and of course get a much higher draft pick?


  81. tmaxcon Says:

    gmc ring of honor for what spending the most years in the basement and hosting movie night. that’s pretty damn low standard for a ring of honor even by buc standards.

    gmc has ZERO trade value… maybe a 4th round pick tops… There have been hall of fame players with more gas left in the tank than the bum gmc that get traded for 5 and 6th round pick…. Video proves gmc does not produce when it matters you fanboys may make excuses for but no gm watching film is going to give anything higher than a 4th for that clown.

  82. SB Says:

    A sad reality is that we can’t trade Tmax. Not even for a 119th rounder.

  83. jimmyjack Says:

    LOL why is anybody even arguing Joe about the Bucs getting back into the division race if they win the next 2 games in a row??? It’s basic simple math. literally 1+1 and1-1.

    Now if your going to argue our legit chances of winning the next 2 thats a better story.

  84. SB Says:

    And he even claims he has a GF………….even if she has a bigger penis than he does.

  85. tmaxcon Says:


    you are correct sir I am a piece of work. I am a brutally honest prick who is sick and tired of the PC pansy arse low standard excuse makers. You either win or lose and GMC has done nothing but lead and contribute to the losing culture. send his sorry arse to dallas for 4th and watch these young bucs flourish. I guarantee that. and as you very well know I am rarely wrong glennon, gmc, dsmith, lovie etc.. etc… it’s a burden to see things so clearly while others grasp at meaningless points and excuses to justify their fanboy crushes.

  86. DB55 Says:

    Bobby M.

    Congrats my friend you get it. I agree 100%.

    Djax lazy af. That’s why he has the lowest completion percentage on the team.

    Gronk just dove for a ball that was slightly overthrown. What a concept.

    I rather have #12 play over Djax. Plus Mike getting less targets and that’s just dumb.

  87. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Campbell’s stats so far this year. Six games 8 sacks. That’s more than the entire Bucs defense. Damn you licht.

  88. passthebuc Says:

    IF*** if’s and buts were candy and nuts.

  89. Shane Says:

    If only we had a defense.

  90. LakeLand Says:

    What is GMC doing in this picture? It look like he is praying for rain. A rain delay? lol

  91. LakeLand Says:

    Calais Campbell has 10 sacks!

  92. tmaxcon Says:


    tell mommy it’s time for your meds night night little man

  93. SB Says:

    No Tmax. You are just a huge Tool. You are The Joke around here If you don;t get it then just keep it up. We all laugh at you daily. You are good entertainment for us. Keep up the good work Troll. We all appreciate you.

  94. tmaxcon Says:


    if it rains hard enough he gets more time in the cave with his dolls. no one appreciates a lightning delay like the face of the basement years.

  95. SB Says:

    LOL Tmax funny little man. Good night Troll

  96. Daniel Says:

    Can we put an end to the “it’ll take 11 wins to make the playoffs”? More than likely 3-3 would get you the last wild card spot after this week.

    Joe is right. 2-0 and they’re in it, but 0-2 and it’s draft talk time. Pretty simple.

    Those of you who continually rag on GMC should probably give up watching football.

  97. jimmyjack Says:

    tmax you really need to get real with McCoy. The dude was drafted a very long time ago and he is who he is.

    Was he drafted #3 and touted as being the next Sapp?……Yes……Of course anybody who thinks he lived up to that expectation is a moron……. So now he is what he is….a good player on a bad defense……which is what he has always been.

    There is no reason to expect him to hit some magical curve at 30+ and become a HOF overnight………but there also no reason to think we are better off without McCoy who is one of few good players we have on that side of the ball.

    If you want leadership you better look elsewhere, otherwise McCoy will let you down everytime. How long do you need for him to proove that?

    In the meantime why not we question our secondary who leaves entires halves of fields open on a weekly basis?

  98. tmaxcon Says:


    what’s a joke is you getting worked up enough to care and respond… little man if you take anything serious on a anonymous sports blog frequented by a bunch of knuckleheads you my friend need help. it’s ok i get your butt hurt your man guy sucks and has not come through and you are out of excuses. it’s ok…

  99. tmaxcon Says:


    take the c off him tell him to shut up and play his game and the expectations will be lowered and reasonable. gmc is the camera hound fool that puts himself out there nonstop thus the justification for the criticism when he does not do his job.

  100. NFLNut Says:


    Rather than slapping each other … answer my above question!


  101. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    Good Ol GMC aka “Mr Sotie” loves playing in his batcave with his batman dolls when it rains

    He loves comforting himself on the piles of money he lays on while laughing at his teammates who try harder than him but yet get paid a small fraction of his contract.

  102. Jimmy T Says:

    U don’t have to be 11-5 to make the playoffs. This offense is good enough to win. The problem is the defense, period. If the defense is t fixed to allowing 23 or less then the Bucs will be drafting in the top 10 and might not win another game. If they the D can improve somewhat and the offense keeps progressing, they finally found a way to get the ball to Djax and w OJ now defenses will have more weapons to deal with then this team could easily go on a streak and win 5 or 6 straight. The seasons not over but if they don’t win against the panthers and saints than yes it’s done. 2 straight would be great but 3 and 5 and u still have a chance. It ALL ABOUT THE DEFENSE!!!!

  103. Dlavid Says:

    Clinging to the last strand of hope . See what we are made of next week , though many conclusions have already been decided .

  104. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Wow Joe

    I think you should shut this thread own due to posters who are just personally attacking each other instead of talking about the bucs now

  105. jimmyjack Says:

    come on tmax………..You know that C on his jersey dont mean a dam thing when the ball is snapped.

    It’s a locker room respect thing….nothing more.

    Nobody except fans care who wears the C

  106. Wewantgruden Says:

    Fire the GM and head coach now. I just took a look at the 2016 draft when we took a kicker in the second round. Take a look at all the stud defensive players that the Bucs could of had and most certainly need. Then the previous year taking preacher boy as the first overall pick. JW’s post game pressers sound like a broken record…..we “gotta” get better. Well, I know enough dumb rednecks to know that when they use “gotta” it means they have already internally accepted that they cannot get any better.

  107. tmaxcon Says:


    that’s the problem the c means nothing. a true captain would take the responsibility serious and ensure he set a high bar high by not coming out flat and getting down when things don’t go their way. gmc is not a driven winner. i want my captains to be no excuse driven winners who demand the best out of each and every player every play that is a captain sir….

  108. Adam Buccaroo Says:

    Joe, love the site. How do I donate to you guys. Want to see you guys doing this for a long, long time. Seriously man, long time fan and reader of the site and can’t stress enough how substantial of a donation I’d like to make. Let’s put it this way if the bucs performed the way you guys do we’d win super bowls.

  109. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs will be house cleaning at season end, if they don’t get it together.

  110. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hawaiian- Im with you. We both have been here a long time.
    The trolls, with their many poster names- have taken over this site, to the point of ruining it.

    Same stupidity. Over and over again.
    I’m taking a break. Tired of having to skip over 20 comments- to read the ones by actual Buc fans.

    Im out
    Posted this once- but says it all
    Our Defensive Ends
    Robert Ayers- 1 sack , no QB hits
    Noah Spence- no sacks, No QB hits
    Will Gholsten- No Sacks, No QB hits

    Our Linebackers- no Sacks, No QB hits
    Our Defensive backs- no sacks, No QB hits

    The only person to hit the QB( other than Ayers sack)?
    Gerald McCoy- 2 QB hits, 6 QB pressures.

    Other Than McCoy- no one on the team has ANY PASS RUSH SKILLS!

    Until we get A DE that can rush the passer, we will continue to lose.

    Ive been saying it for years. So has others.
    Its still true. And its that simple

  111. tmaxcon Says:


    a person is not a troll when he sees the real problem with the team and you can not… you simply are wrong and disagree with most sane fans. that is the definition of a delusional low standard buc fan. the results are all that matters and gmc led defenses have produced some of the worst blowouts and embarrassing moments in LEAGUE HISTORY not just bucs history. at some point you will see the light and stop defending such a pathetic excuse of a captain. come out of your perfect little bubble and take a breath of fresh air. gmc has never and will never step up when it matters.

  112. Not there yet Says:

    They are losing badly and GMC says stay the course? If you are in the NFL but have a national championship I’d take that advise or anything he’s said because he’s lost his entire career at football it doesn’t affect him.

    Where I’m at with this defense right now is if our best players can’t give production let’s start trying to get compensation instead and rebuild the front line with young hungry players that have something to prove. Or get me coaches that demands excellence

  113. jimmyjack Says:

    tmax……..All I can say to you is to stop judging leaders based on the letter C on the jersey………..Geralds teammates know they need him playing hard and dont need the drama of ripping the C off his jersey, wheter you see that as right or wrong dont matter to the players who vote.

    Meanwhile Jason Licht brought in Ayers to add some fire to the D-Line and the guy has proven to be nothing but a pure stiff in the edgerush…….IMO he has no business playing outside, and neither does anybody else lining up there.

    The fact is McCoy is no leader for this line and everybody around him sucks when it comes to passrush………then the last 2 games they have gotten bulled over in the run attack as well.

    If your looking for any kind of hope from the Dline the only name you can even mention is McCoy, which I’ll admitt is pretty sad.

    This team has had no ability to build the trenches and until we doo we will never be a contender.

    Just face it bro……GMC may not be the HOF he was seen as from his rookie campaign but his team has done absolutely nothing to make up for that fact. The Bucs suck just like they always do, reguardless of if McCoy is a HOF

  114. NewTampaChris Says:

    Are you serious? The Bucs suck. They got boat-raced by an awful Cardinal team (shut out today) and today they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in a game they HAD to have. They are just good enough to get beat by anyone.

    They are, at best, a .500 team. The defense is awful…much worse than it should be with its personnel.

    This team is painful to watch.

  115. jimmyjack Says:

    point is……McCoy is the least of our problems……..and this team dropped the ball when they signed Djax and Baker(who?) which have done nothing to get the team where they need to be to contend

  116. jimmyjack Says:

    and they dropped the ball last year when they wasted money on grimes and ayers while our passrush continued to be an alltime worst

  117. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    when is confidence poll on jason licht and the fact that he is an incompetent GM?

  118. jimmyjack Says:

    and they dropped the ball when they drafted spence with no ability to put him in a position to succeed…..same with VHIII

  119. jimmyjack Says:

    Dusty…..I am a bit torn on Licht…..I think he has assembled talent decently. But his front office decisions look horrible right now…….My main wonder is what he thinks needs to be done to solve it.

  120. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    tmaxcon Says:
    October 22nd, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    a person is not a troll when he sees the real problem with the team and you can not… you simply are wrong and disagree with most sane fans. that is the definition of a delusional low standard buc fan. the results are all that matters and gmc led defenses have produced some of the worst blowouts and embarrassing moments in LEAGUE HISTORY not just bucs history. at some point you will see the light and stop defending such a pathetic excuse of a captain. come out of your perfect little bubble and take a breath of fresh air. gmc has never and will never step up when it matters.

    AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!!!!! PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take off your GMC blinders and come to the light

  121. 813bucboi Says:


    The game was won had the defense showed up today!!!!…they haven’t came close to scoring 30 points all year until today!!!!…that’s coaching!!!… same thing happened last week!!!…ARZ got such out today!!!..I bet the bills don’t come close to scoring 30 all season!!!…GO BUCS!!!

  122. pit Says:

    the only good thing about the BUCS is this website

  123. 813bucboi Says:


  124. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Knowing that Arizona got shut out……just tells you how sad and pathetic our Defense is…………..lead by none other than Gold GMC aka “Mr Softie”

  125. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Instead of signing Baker and Jackson SHOULD have went all in on Campbell…..damn you Licht

  126. Season Is Over Says:

    The division looks to be the only hope at this point.

  127. JohnBuc06 Says:

    The issue I see with this defense is that they have no resiliency. Every defense will have a bad play here or there, where they missed a tackle or have a coverage breakdown, etc., but the Bucs D seems to let one bad play in a drive blossom into a long sustained drive for a touchdown.

  128. SB Says:

    EVERY levelheaded commentor here Laughs at you Tmax
    If that is your Aim then you kick Azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Keep it up man. We look forward to your Humor.

  129. Michael Says:

    What is everyone complaining about football is about who gets the best draft pick. Bucs are looking like a top 5 team

  130. jimmyjack Says:

    John……I can hear you on all defenses having a breakdown from time to time…….heck we seen OJ take advantage of it happening to the Bills but if you disect that play it was well designed.

    Now fast forward to the major breakdown we had on that final TD drive when Foreman got wide open……The bills line up 3 wide to the left and hit the left sideline for 40 yards.

    How in the world does a defense look at 3 wide to one side and not have anybody cover that same sideline? Tell me how the F does that happen?

    Sorry dude thats just not professional football…….to say that that simply happens to any team is a freaking cop out bro…….That only happens to horrible defenses, bottom line.

    Mike Smith doenst know how to have his team prepared and the same thing happened last week. It isnt breakdowns with us its the norm

  131. Chyno Says:

    It’s quite sad when u think the fact that our schedule will be the reason we fix this season. The “simple fix” that we need is for the defense to stop someone. Secondary can’t cover someone with a picnic blanket, and our run defense has been as open as a Vegas prostitute. Fix the defense and we’ll be fine. For a defense that improved a lot in the second half of last year I expected us to be a lot better. Start Justin Evans at FS and TJ Ward at SS full time the next couple weeks and see if it helps. This defense needs some shaking up bad!

  132. The Armchair Athlete Says:

    @Tmax and @LaMarcus, we get it, you aren’t fans of GMC. Thanks for sharing on every single thread, over and over. You are correct, he didn’t have his best game today. He is getting 0 help from the guys around him as well – completely unfair to put the failures of our 11-man defense entirely on him. You’re entitled to your opinion, though I think the majority of us here can rest easy knowing you two aren’t making the personnel decisions for our team.

    That being said, I won’t question your fanhood – and I can appreciate that you give a s*** about the pewter and red. You guys are upset, and you have every right to be – but I would caution you from lighting the torches and marching down to 1 Buc Place just yet.

    As fans, we tend to live in the present. After every loss, the sky is falling and we feel we are destined for the basement. We call for players to be cut/traded and coaches to be fired. Let us remember it’s a very long season. We have yet to play a division game and there are still 10 games left to play.

    Is our defense playing terrible football? Why yes, yes it is – right now at least. We desparately need better play at out of our corners and defensive ends. However, we are one god awful kicking performance (Patriots) and a fumble (Bills) from being 4-2, in spite of the quality (or lack thereof) of our defense. We seem to have found a competent kicker, our 23 year old QB is finding his rythm, and our 1st round pick had his best game yet. We just got Kwon Alexander back, Lavonte David the week before. We are going to need every one of our guys, including GMC, who can be a game wrecker, to get this thing back on track.

    Like Joe said, these next two games will be critical in determining the success of our season. We are two games back in our division. We play each team in our division twice. Do the math fellas, we are not in dire straits just yet. Lets see how this thing plays out.

    Go Bucs!

  133. Broy34 Says:

    Hawaiian I am once again in your corner. I want more from McCoy but I’m not delusional to blame hurricane Harvey on him because he was the third pick. I’m just waiting patiently for one of the Joe’s to step in because this site is truly ruined. And Joe more people observe comments than you think. Tmax is lovie ball and tmax and db55 and lamarcus spew non stop garbage. It’s old man. I want to be able to come to this site and debate like Hawaiian said. It’s fine to have a negative opinion. It’s not fine to pollute the entire site with repitition that has no merit as well as insults. Its mind blowing ticme. And the fact you guys haven’t come close to ending it is disturbing. Prove you do not love the negativity

  134. Rob Says:

    This Buc team has already proven how pathetic they are across the board. To start out the season 2-4 is unforgiveable. Playoff teams don’t do that and sure don’t have fifty excuses like we beat ourselves, we just have to execute better next time, we need to prepare better, we need to play not one, not two, not three but four quarters. Are you fkking kidding me. Did he really say that? Holy crap this team thinks it’s fans are flat out stupid. You keep playing like that you bunch of losers and you will be playing in front of your families and no one else because you are destroying your true fan base by continued underperforming and excuses after loss after loss. If you don’t care enough to put a complete game together then screw you. I’m taking a knee on you and your piss poor performance. Losing is what you do best and we will see at least 10 losses this year and all the coaches will be fired and start this insane rebuilding process all over again. Go get the Patriots coach with the beard and start rebuilding this fractured franchise from the very start. I’m done watching this losing crap

  135. DB55 Says:

    It’s just truth man you guys just too slow too see it.

  136. Jeffbuc Says:

    I two have been sick of tmax and his same cancer 93 blah blah blah. Let’s just get rid of him because every player pre snap is thinking about him and not there livelihood. We lost today because are defensive coordinator can’t adapt and get the most out of the great linebackers he has. Are defensive is so set up to be a really good 3-4 defensive. Or even just a hybrid switch back and forth and actually for once confuse an average qb. and I would only wish that dirk will never ever call another halfback pitch especially to the short side of the field. I have never seen a team give up so many yards on horrible running plays. I can see there are 8 men in the box why are we still running it. Can we have a rule where if there are more then 7 in the box the qb can check into a pass more specifically a quick slant or a tight end quick in. And jameis I know you work your bit off everyday but could we please get a golf cart set to the speed of an average receiver and have someone drive it with a target on a fly pattern over and over while jameis tries to hit for his whole session of practice. Or maybe Jaimeis going agains this defensive really isn’t a practice for him and isn’t helping him. Maybe we can do a joint practice with USF. I bet we still wouldn’t get a sack or a deep ball. #winstondeepballaccuracy

  137. Captain Big Stick Says:

    This article sums up exactly how I feel…………thanks Joe(s)

  138. Captain Big Stick Says:

    The team took a step today on offense and I though Dirk called his best game today in a while.

  139. Matt87 Says:

    I missed something…when did we start judging dt’s on wins and losses? I thought that was a qb/head coach thing. I don’t remember hearing that during John Randle’s HOF induction. “And the man who was responsible for _ wins” the idiocy frightens me.

  140. RACER Says:


  141. BUC MAN Says:


  142. BUC MAN Says:


  143. SB Says:

    Great Job thinking you matter Tmax!!!!

  144. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Tmax right on…. show me a good loser and ill show u a loser and since 93 has been here what has done to change the losing culture? nothing and you add the incompetent GM who could not see the crap on defense nor evaluate draft talent you get this 7-9 team

  145. Fanalyzer34 Says:

    @theArmChairAthlete Thank you for making perfect sense on a senseless thread


  146. SOEbuc Says:

    Trade this entire defense except for the LBs and a couple others, get tons of picks and cap cash and remake this defense with nothing but top name FA and rookies.

  147. SOEbuc Says:

    ^After this entire coaching staff is let go^

  148. Eric Says:

    We can turn this around.

  149. MadMax Says:

    Stop joking Joe’s….you know its gonna be an embarrassing game next week….just saying

  150. Realbucfan Says:

    I love reading these threads. A few have obviously not played football even at a middle school level. Mccoy is a rare talent, a disruptor, a freak of size, strength and speed. But in football, expecially on defense 1 player is not why the TEAM is playing poorly. Football is the ultimate TEAM game, and when it’s not in sync it can get ugly. These guys could find it come sunday. We have not played a division game yet, so truthfully real season has not started yet. Ever hear of a winning streak? It will happen, and than all you wannabe crybaby non buc fans will shut up. Ya’ll are acting like children. We are 6 games into a 16 game schedule. Wow, some of u really amaze me with your ignorance and stupidity.

  151. richbucsfan Says:

    a divided locker room loses games

  152. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Eric Says:
    October 23rd, 2017 at 1:48 am
    We can turn this around.

    What you smoking on??????

    The season is over……no playoffs again

    I can’t see this team getting more than 8 wins……..

  153. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Soooooo glad I got Gamepass and stayed away from all things football till this morning so I could watch the game without knowing the score to start my week off with having my heart ripped out of my chest and showed to me like the god damn Temple of Doom. Waste of money, get fuct. I’m sure I’ll be back for more punishment… I’m insane. Thanks guys!!!

  154. LongSeason Says:

    Yeah. If all goes right it would help us get back into contention. One problem is if our defense shows up to the stadium. That would be disastrous. Brees and Cam would cut them up, gut them and then hang their carcasses along the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. We would have a better chance of winning if our defense doesn’t sow up. Maybe the Panthers and Saints would trip on the grass or turf. The No-Show Defense would be more effective than ghost defense.

  155. Matt Says:

    It’s official….JOE smokes crack!

  156. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    tmaxcon Says
    “Considering the bucs never have won a meaningful game with GMC as captain…”

    They’ve never won a meaningful game with you as a fan either. Or with David as a LB, or Jameis as QB, or Kwon as MLB, or Grimes as CB.

    Going by your standard, we could blame any member of this team.

  157. bojim Says:

    STFU. Every time someone says how much of a great chance we have to beat yada yada yada because of their offense/defence or QB or whatever, we still can’t can’t take advantage of it. Been my team since they were announced in 76′ and there were more downs than up. I really would like another SB run before I fuxking die.