Kwon Alexander Among Four Bucs Ruled Out For Sunday

October 13th, 2017

Hammy not ready


The officials Buccaneers-Cardinals injury report is out and it’s not nearly as pretty as Bucs fans hoped it would be.

While Kwon Alexander practiced all week on a limited basis — and told columnist Ira Kaufman he’d be ready to play Sunday — Kwon has officially been ruled out of Sunday’s game.

Joining Kwon in street clothes will be DE Ryan Russell (shoulder), DB/special teams Josh Robinson (concussion) and safety Keith Tandy (hip).

Lavonte David (ankle) is listed as questionable, but he was still “limited” in practice today, which is a bad sign for his Sunday chances. David has been out since getting injured in Minnesota. T.J. Ward is in the same boat. Robert Ayers and Ali Marpet are listed as questionable but were full participation today.

This week, winning head coach Dirk Koetter talked about Ayers’ improved health, so Joe expects Ayers and Marpet to start.

56 Responses to “Kwon Alexander Among Four Bucs Ruled Out For Sunday”

  1. Buc 4ever Says:

    Wow! Thought we were finally going to be healthy. We can’t take Arizona lightly. We need all hands on the ship. We can’t loose and fall another game behind Atlanta.

  2. ClodHopper Says:

    Kwon might be one of the best lbs in the the game but he is the worst source EVER!!

  3. Bucsfan951 Says:

    WOW… That’s all I can say

  4. SOEbuc Says:

    Damn. I was hoping to see both Kwon and LVD back on the field this week. Good thing is with Beckwith and Glanton we can afford to take these guys back slowly. Hopefully TJ will be looking good in his return.

  5. SOEbuc Says:

    TJ Ward and Justin Evans is something I’m waiting to see.

  6. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    It is what it is. I would rather them be fully healthy or close to it so that they don’t reinjured and have a setback.

    Still a bummer though. One of them being out would be better than both.

  7. CautiousOptimism Says:

    By the Doug Martin standard Kwon Alexander is not a good football player, right?

  8. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The Bucs NEED this win in order to keep pace in the NFC……

    Koetter and the offense needs to explode cause the defense is hurting….

  9. darin Says:

    That sucks. Someone else please force some turnovers. Go Bucs

  10. JonBuc Says:

    This game keeps getting more difficult…will be a tough one.

  11. Q Says:

    This is that bull spit… it’s starting to get old….you see these guys jumping and celebrating on the sideline yet they get ruled out…somwtimes when you are a captain of the team in your respected position you need to man the you know what up and play….i think a little Geraldine gets rubbed on players

  12. johnnybuc Says:

    maybe he’ll shut up about being “back” next time .. pretty sure he’s said that now 3 weeks straight

  13. Joe Says:

    By the Doug Martin standard Kwon Alexander is not a good football player, right?

    If Kwon had three horrible years out of five and was coming off the worst tackles-per-game season for middle linebackers, sure.

  14. go for the face30 Says:

    “not a serious injury.” FIVE WEEKS later..

    Meanwhile it’s hard to take anything Kwon says seriously. Not that he owes me or any fan a damn thing, but if you’re gonna say something – be factual. The bucs have not said much of anything in regards to the real severity of the injury as well. The whole situation is pretty gd annoying and weird.

  15. Joe Says:

    maybe he’ll shut up about being “back” next time .. pretty sure he’s said that now 3 weeks straight

    Pretty sure, too.

  16. sorryitriggeredyou Says:

    Just not my boys year this year. Rowdies got a home playoff game ya’ll and Lightning are playing really well. Not all is lost on the Tampa sports scene.

  17. unbelievable Says:

    So apparently Kwon is not a doctor.

  18. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Beckwith is my first quarter MVP. He could be my mid season MVP 4 weeks from now.

  19. Mike Johnson Says:

    Must Win game for us. Defense will be the key. Pass Rush.

  20. Nick2 Says:

    Hate to say it Joe but I have to agree on Kwan. If the guy cant stay on the field he may have superstar potential but it doesn’t do the Bucs any good in street clothes. Its seems like he is chronically off the field just like Doug Martin. Compare him to DBrooks who never missed a damn game or nearly so and you have no comparison.

  21. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    He wasn’t injured his rookie year, or really all year last year.

    So what u talking bout man?

  22. Supersam Says:

    Kwon even gonna play this year, I smell IR coming. Something’s up, did he tear the hamstring? Is he going to the clubs every night and breakdancing? What’s the deal.

  23. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Q Says
    “This is that bull spit… it’s starting to get old….you see these guys jumping and celebrating on the sideline yet they get ruled out…somwtimes when you are a captain of the team in your respected position you need to man the you know what up and play…”

    It is entirely possible the decision was taken out of his hands. He may have wished to play and risk it, but team staff could have said he couldn’t.

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    sorryitriggeredyou Says
    “Just not my boys year this year. Rowdies got a home playoff game ya’ll and Lightning are playing really well. Not all is lost on the Tampa sports scene.”

    We’re 2-2 and this game has not even been played yet…and you are already giving up???

  25. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Wow. I think you need to bone up on your Kwon history, buddy.

    Supersam Says
    “Kwon even gonna play this year, I smell IR coming.”

    Not gonna happen. I said when he injured it, he was going to be out for a month or more. Hamstrings just do not heal up in a couple of weeks. Kwon WANTS to play now…but the medical staff is probably stopping him so he doesn’t make things worse. Remember, he was going to come back sooner but re-injured himself by trying too hard.

  26. Steve in Mad Beach Says:

    Hamstrings are tricky! If you rush it, which I believe that they probably did for the season opener, you’re right back to square one. Hopefully they’re just being cautious in getting him back to 100%

    It’s time to get on Beckwiths back, and see how much ass ‘The Rhino’ can kick!

  27. LakeLand Says:

    A Hamstring injury isn’t easy to predict. It could be a few weeks, it could be a few months.

  28. Papa578 Says:

    Is he eligible for the “non season ending” IR designation? (Can’t remember the official terminology). Seems to be the solution to this week to week drama deal.

  29. LakeLand Says:

    Luke Kuechly is back in Concussion Protocol. Injuries are a part of the game, that’s why teams should build depth. Someone will pick up Navorro Bowman, and they will be getting a solid LB.

  30. Pryda...sec 147 Says:

    Doesn’t matter we have Jameis and we just need him to play better

  31. SB Says:

    Never rush a Hammy. Especially with a LB corp this Deep! Get well Kwon!

  32. Hail2dabucs Says:

    Hmm , no wonder we are not creating many turnovers.friggen offence better out score an over the hill Palmer and busted ass Peterson..getting tired of kwon saying he’s ready just to hear on Friday he’s ruled out..yeah , Kendell might be able to tackle but I don’t see turnovers ! We need kwon out there…jameis better get himself together and start winning or its another season down the crapper like the last 14 or so

  33. Bird Says:

    Kwon has missed to many games in his young career

    Hope lavonte is good to go cause beckwith is filthy

  34. Pickgrin Says:

    Meanwhile – these multi-week injuries to multiple valuable starters in the beginning of the year is KILLING our 53 man roster flexibility. Having to hold all these roster spots week after week after week for injured starters.

    Normally there is more flexibility to (for instance) bring a Joe Dirt up to the 53 when you have multiple injuries to a single position and let him get a taste – get a little playing time and chance to ball out on ST. Bullough is here for a reason – to get better and see how much he can improve. Its hard to improve much running with the scout team and getting such limited reps.

    But we can’t do that because there is no wiggle room with roster spots right now. We have injured starters that can’t go on IR because they WILL be back at some point this year and we NEED them at whatever point they can come back. And we also are protecting a some young players getting little or no playing time because the team and GM believe they are talented enough to likely be scooped up if they were released with an attempt to slide them onto the practice squad. Guys like 4th RB Barber, 4th TE Auclair and 4th OT Wester.

    No wiggle room. Sucks.

    Oh well – at least we HAVE some young undeveloped talent to try and protect. That in itself is a nice newer development for this franchise.

    Hope you heal soon 54 and 58.

  35. NFLNut Says:

    Buffalo worries me a lot, lot more than Arizona … get healthy Kwon and wreck Tyrod and the Bills!

  36. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    He played all 16 games last year. And wasn’t injured at all in his rookie year. Please.

    Besides, our back-up LB’ers are playing well. So why rush him back?

  37. DB55 Says:

    Do we have an MLB controversy?

  38. James Walker Says:

    This may be a very smart move. With Beckwith playing well the drop off in talent is not as significant as Kwon’s availability for the post season.

  39. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    Missing 4 crucial games his first year Bc he took roids…err I mean drank a monster…really let the team down and makes him not much different that Doug in that respect. Only good thing about that was we lost those 4 games and lovie got fired. I love the guy but he’s has 1 good year out of 3 and evenlast year wasn’t special even though he led the league in solo tackles.

  40. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    ^I seriously hope that you are Joking.

  41. Bird Says:


    Please. Really. Dude he missed games with a suspension. That’s almost 8. Total

    My bad though dude. Way to bash me. Your right smart guy.

  42. PriMech54 Says:

    Lmao. Did some dude in here really just suggest that a little “Geraldine” has rubbed off onto other players? Straight ignorant. GMac is always, ALWAYS playing through injuries, and playing well. Matter of fact, a lot of the time if he gets dinged up he’s literally back on the field the next play. Just shut the f@*$ up already.

    I don’t know why anyone is acting surprised here. Other than all these Buc fans in the forums are really just sensitive little fatalist nancy’s about everything, of course. It’s a hamstring tweak. It’s been a fragile process to come back from since the dawn of football. Kwon loves football, has felt like he’s been on the right track to come back for a couple games but it hasn’t happened. Most of this stuff is as simple as 2+2. We have nice LB depth, if you haven’t been paying attention. We’ll be fine. Just need to put Palmer on the turf a couple times and no doubt he’ll cough up the football.

  43. Bird Says:

    I think he is a stud. 8 games is a lot in 3 years

    Good post though

  44. Bird Says:

    Sorry 2 years and a quarter.

  45. Q Says:

    It’s all good though beckwith and glanton have done a great job filling in …we have the depth which is great

  46. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Folks are missing the point here. The Cards are not going to be in a good mood, they are in desparation mode, so they say (just like last year), and the media has been all over them all week about no run game, bad pass protection, no turnovers for the D, and an aging QB.

    You all do realize, right, they are playing the Bucs? The Bucs, who cure any ailment for any team. Just last week, they proved that NE’s D isn’t so bad as the rest of the world said the Bucs were going to blow them up, and win if they kept pace with Brady’s 30 points plus. How many times do we see teams get well against the Bucs? Yes, I worry about the Bills game even more.

    What can we expect Sunday? Start with kneel down by Evans who then goes out and gets smoked Xaveir Rhodes style at P. Peterson. Adrian Peterson shows the world he’s got lots of gas left in the tank, and Palmer is just fine. The Cards O line does a great job protecting old Carson (surpise…no pass rush for the Bucs). And they fix the turnover situation because Jameis throws two picks and someone puts one on the ground.

    But wait, the Bucs need to get revenge for last year’s debacle in Phoenix. Yup, just like they wanted revenge on Case Freakin’ Keenum.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve known these Bucs for 40 years. “Mrs. Gump, the Bucs are not like the other boys. They is different.”

    Hope I’m wrong. So my worries are not Kwon and Lavonte, it’s the healthy guys on the field I worry about.

  47. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    Roy as much as I hate it I have to agree with you.

  48. Jimmy T Says:

    Leave it to one person to throw Jameis under the bus in a KWON article. What do u all want? Jameis’s first year under Lovie this team STUNK yet Jameis was the ONLY reason the BUCS won 6 games. He was the main reason this team won 9 games last year. This year he has improved not turning the ball over, no fumbles and 3 picks and the picks were in ONE game in which he went 18-22 in the 2nd half. His completion % is much better yet now he is compared to Wentz! Do the BUcs compare in ANYway to the Eagles front seven? No way! Ok great Wentz throws a good long pass great but why do the fans in Tampa constantly wish for another Qb? It’s insanity! Has Jameis missed a game? I will never understand the fans in this town.

  49. ClodHopper Says:

    I saw nothing wrong with Roys comment. The opposite actually. I saw some cold hard truths. Best be prepared for the worst cuz none of us were prepared for Case freaking Keanum.

  50. Broy34 Says:

    Bonzai hes not even a fan. Giving up at 2-2 is laughable. Giving up 2-3 is laughable.

  51. CautiousOptimism Says:

    “Joe Says:
    October 13th, 2017 at 5:39 pm
    By the Doug Martin standard Kwon Alexander is not a good football player, right?

    If Kwon had three horrible years out of five and was coming off the worst tackles-per-game season for middle linebackers, sure.”

    Hah! So far his tackles per game are pretty shtty. Kinda reminds me of all the lousy yards Martin was racking up last year out with the same injury. Glad the consistency in judgement is sound and well appreciated!

  52. Capt.Tim Says:

    Keon feels ready to go, and says so
    Hes young, and dying to play.

    It aint up to Kwon.

    To play again, he has to get a release from the Medical/Training staff.
    He tells them hes ready.
    They do a range of motion test, straight sprints, and a change of direction drill.
    Any unnatural movements( limp, Stop during change of direction, signs of pain), and they hold him out.

    Once a player is hurt, his return isnt up to him or his Coach.
    Thank God.
    Players always think they are ready( unless you get a slacker).
    Coaches Never believe a player is hurt.

    Once in the bands of the Trainers/medical staff- they stay in their hands, until given a release.

    You’re welcome.

    Kwon is only guilty of youthful enthusiasm
    Not deliberate deception

  53. SOEbuc Says:

    Beckwith was ranked #3 LB about a week or two ago. They can take their time with Kwon to get back him back to full strength. Healthy Beckwith,Kwon, LVD will be sooo gross.

  54. FortMyersDave Says:

    Roy T Buford made the statement that is always nagging at long time Buc fans. It does seem like the Bucs are always the team that other teams get healthy against. This always seems to happen when the Bucs play St Louis and sure there are a couple of teams that the Bucs always seem to do well against certain teams like Detroit, Buffalo and Washington which always seem to play to the level of their opponents as well. Yet the Bucs seem to always do that as well against a lot of teams in the NFL who seemed ripe to beat and on the highway to 4-12 yet get a W against the Bucs. It is a negative loser mentality that has been ingrained through years of incompetence from the likes of teams anb coaches under Ray Perkins, Leeman Bennett, Sam Wyche, Rah, Schiano and the best for last: Lovie (lets blow a 27-3 lead to the Redskins) Smith…. Heck given coaches like those cats and owners like Hugh C it a wonder the Bucs still have a fan base albeit very pessimistic….

    I can get on the glass half empty pessimistic side of things as well but the difference between myself and Roy though is that he seems almost “hopeful” for a Buc loss and that Evans has an injury or an awful day and seems to wish that AP and Palmer have career days thiss Sunday. Could that happen? Sure it could but as a Buc fan I sure as heck would not be posting that on a board and would ponly expect to read such predictions from a visiting troll, not someone who claims to be a longtime fan! Buford, I think everyone gets that you are unhappy with NFL players taking a knee but not many true Buc fans would gleefully post about the Buc getting rolled every ****ing game and about selling your super expensive club seat season tickets to fans of the Giants, Pats, etc. to diminish the home field advantage as your way of protesting the players’ protest and then bragging about the profit you made. IMHO a better protest would be just to stay at home and leave the seats empty if the flag was your only issue. There a lot more pressing issues in American society then taking notice of who is doing what during the national anthem, I mean what is next Roy; ejecting fans who do not stand for the anthem or are in other ways disrespectful, and who decides what is disrespectful for that matter? You think the Bucs will lose and seem a bit giddy about the possibility? Well I guess you should be happy that you have the right to post such a “unique” opinion on this board, that is what free speech is all about man, not trying to muzzle those that we disagree with by force or intimidation…..

    For the record, yes the Bucs could lose and if this team was coached by Lovie or Schiano they probably would but I am hopeful that the boys somehow pull of the win and avoid the upset and keep all of Roy’s predictions of a big Card victory in his dreams…..

  55. BoJim Says:

    Maybe the Cards will see the injury report and take the Bucs too lightly. Hey. It’s possible, The Bucs do it all the time.

  56. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @ Jimmy T…who said “This year he has improved not turning the ball over, no fumbles and 3 picks and the picks were in ONE game in which he went 18-22 in the 2nd half. His completion % is much better yet now he is compared to Wentz!”

    I’m not throwing Jameis under the bus…yes, he’s why they won 9 games last year, agreed. He’s also part of why they lost 7 and missed the playoffs. Any QB has to wear the badge of the team’s record. And we don’t need Jameis to go 18-22 in second half desperation mode…he needs to come out like that. and lead his team to be on top by halftime–you know, like franchise QBs do. T7 TDs and 3 picks is average. Average QBs lead teams to 8-8, give or take.

    Again, this is the Bucs. They defy all logic quite often. You should note in my post I addressed a lot of things characteristic of the Bucs play in games like this. I like Jameis, glad he’s on our team. And right now, 2-2 is on par for 8-8, which a little worse than 9-7…which isn’t good enough…to keep fans in the seats or for Dirk and Jason to keep their jobs.

    They need to break the funk and win out West, go into BUF and win, and come home and beat the Panthers. But right now, they can’t get into the end zone.