Ira Talks Cushion, Explosive Plays, Koetter Decisions, Pass Rush Woes, Grading Jameis, Doug Martin Salary & Motivation, & More

October 3rd, 2017

The wild aftermath of the Bucs-Giants has Ira Kaufman firing away on various topics of the day with Joe. Tampa Bay’s only Pro Football Hall of Fame, as always, is a must-listen on the popular Ira Kaufman Podcast. Listen right here, or at iTunes, Google Play or The Ira Kaufman Podcast keeps you informed and entertained every Tuesday & Thursday — all year long. Dial in now by clicking or downloading above. It’s free and easy. Enjoy!

7 Responses to “Ira Talks Cushion, Explosive Plays, Koetter Decisions, Pass Rush Woes, Grading Jameis, Doug Martin Salary & Motivation, & More”

  1. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    From my seat, from my perspective Jameis played great, not perfect but great! (like the other 31 QB’s, not perfect)

    Just listen to Monken it is not all Jameis and DeSean wasn’t at OTA’s not a knock just a fact!

    Given time and game reps they’ll get it.

  2. WesTampaBuc Says:

    As far s DeSean goes the Bucs need to stop running straight lines & start going vertical. Jameis would probably be able to lead him better

  3. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    I think Ira needs to rewatch the game….JW threw some balls in some tight windows. And the throw to OJ was designed to be played like that, hence who executed the play. And Cam couldn’t have made those awesome plays if JW hadn’t delivered the ball, nor could any other receiver. And regardless…how about the balls they didn’t bring down and the catches sometimes the receivers couldn’t get their feet down in bound…or the the Refs saying no good. Jameis threw all those balls some difficult some not.
    And it was JW executing that drive to enable Folk to get the
    Field goal.

    Let’s not try to twist it…the proof is on tape! SMH..

  4. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Love the talk about the offense but the defense has some serious issues.

    If we do not pressure Brady in two nights we will get slaughtered. I don’t care if Jameis throws for 500 yards, give Brady time and he might just throw for 501 yards.

    When the schedule came out I saw these two games a mere five days apart and thought what a test. We passed part one (barely) and now a bigger test. Think of the confidence this team will have as it will have 9 days to prepare for it’s next game. But above all that…I HATE THE PATRIOTS

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Not meaning to nitpick but we left 12 points on the field….counting the missed try for 2….necessitated by the first missed xtra point.

    Also…..motivation is not an exact science…..individuals are motivated by different things to different degrees…

    Joe, you made that point when you stated Jameis would play for $10…..

    As far as Martin is concerned…’s not the money….but the fact that the Bucs left his deal alone….this should make him feel very grateful and that should create additional motivation… it necessary, who knows.

  6. mike10 Says:

    Love the podcast, but..

    I don’t want to hear that we “may need to re-analyze McCoy, bc no matter who we put with him on the DL, they don’t do anything.”

    I’ll be the first to admit, 93 is playing great now and was a warrior last week.

    But, I saw him getting tied up with the same double teams in years past. He’s vanished in 4th quarters and I never saw that great “first step.”

    … All different in 2017

  7. Bob Higginbotham Says:

    I am a great fan of The Ira Kaufman podcast! I listen to hear Ira and Steve do their seamless magic! They work really well together.
    Bob, your other comments have been read. We get it and have heard it before.–Joe