“I’m Not Making Any Plays And I’m Not Producing”

October 18th, 2017

Vernon Hargreaves Speaks

Vernon Hargreaves stood tall and confident in the Bucs’ locker room and addressed his struggles.

For those who have seen little of Hargreaves in coverage this year, it’s not the TV camera crew’s fault. They’re not tightening their focus, Hargreaves has just been allowing too much cushion.

Of course, Joe’s exaggerating the TV thing, but not the cushion. Oh, that cushion. Hargreaves isn’t the player he was last year and his aggression as fallen off and opponents are capitalizing. And his coaches have been calling the ugliness straight with media.

Today, Hargreaves said “definitely being more aggressive” is part of the solution. “At the end of the day I just got to make more plays. I got to make more plays. It’s plain and simple. It’s not rocket science.”

“I’m not making any plays and I’m not producing. This league is about production.”

Hargreaves said he’s brimming with confidence and he’s ready to step up.

Asked if the coaching staff has reached to him about his struggles individually, Hargreaves was adamant that didn’t happen.

“No. If you can’t see that you’re not playing well, I mean, then you’re in the wrong league. I mean if you can’t see,  what the problem is or what the film says, then you’re probably in the wrong profession,” Hargreaves said.

49 Responses to ““I’m Not Making Any Plays And I’m Not Producing””

  1. mike10 Says:

    This young kid can’t figure it out all alone.

    Am I the only one concerned that the coaches have yet to ‘reach out to him about his struggles?’

    ummmmmmmm wtf ?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mike10 Says:

    I think I’m going to be sick

  3. Easy Denman Says:

    He should be benched for atleast a game

  4. bucster Says:

    Jason Licht is the second coming of Mark Dominik

  5. DB55 Says:

    But Mike Smith just said he addressed it with every player in his pc about an hour ago. These dudes are playing mind tricks with the media.

  6. BucFanFromOH Says:

    I feel this actually points to another problem, coaching. If everyone watching can see he is struggling, why aren’t the coaches well idk…COACHING? Shouldn’t they be the first to talk to/advise him on how to fix his mistakes?

  7. Steve in Mad Beach Says:

    Alright………………………..glad to see that you’ve not lost your swagger Vernon, I mean why would you?

    Way to coach em up fellas!

  8. Rojas Says:

    No he said no coach has reached out to him about his struggles ?! hmm.

  9. Buc4lyfe79 Says:

    So Hargreaves “stood tall” (hows that when he’s barely 5″10, was he wearing boots or something?) and “confident” today…Real F’ing easy to be confident in a room with reporters, where’s all that “confidence” when he steps on the field? Real football players, real ballers, NEVER have a media session where there have to explain how and why they’re not getting it done at an individual level. We’ve seen Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, etc offer explanations as to why the team or their side of the ball didnt get it done, but i never saw or heard them have to offer up explanations for their individual bad play, thru multiple games. Never ever saw visual evidence of their play on the field “regress” either, unless they were well into their 30’s. Might as well trade this laughing hynenia away now before he puts more bad play on tape and you cant get anything for him, he will never be worthy of being #11 overall. #wastedpick.

  10. BucFanFromOH Says:


    Yikes! I hadn’t heard that yet. If the coach is saying he’s addressed it but VHIII is saying they didn’t, maybe VHIII just isn’t listening. Not good! I really hope he’s not so immature that he would ignore coaching and think he can just figure it out on his own.

  11. Dewey Selmon Says:

    If he had a pass rush the results would be different if he played press or 10 yards off. And where is the safety?

  12. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    jason licht is falling behind the rockstar, ppl on this site could have done a better job with the draft and FA than licht has done since he got here, step 1 do not let donald penn go

  13. John5 Says:

    I certainly hope that isn’t true about the coaches not talking with him individually. They should be going over the tape and calling out all of these missed soft tackles. Not to mention that “cushion” of space that he keeps leaving open for receivers. As if he’s playing safety. The QB can check down a short pass to a receiver and Hargreaves will try and close in on this massive gap, miss on his tackle, and now what would’ve been [maybe] a 5 yard gain, turns into a first down and more because the field is wide open. He’s playing scared.

  14. Drew Says:

    I still have torches, sickles, pitch forks and sticks left over from the PUKANEER days in the event we need to run some of these so called NFL Players, Coaches and GM out of town.

    Also note… I believe Licht had his pool drained in the off season and has a couple of head bruises from jumping in the empty pool after the 2 WINS.

  15. chargedcbh Says:


  16. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Again, even if HGV is a bust, Licht has still brought in more talent to this team than any GM in recent history. This is a player development issue and it lies on coaching

  17. Drew Says:


    Please attempt to communicate to Licht they need a Kicker who can play Defensive End. At a minimum a kick to a Tackles groin area should account for at least one sack a game.

  18. Mike Johnson Says:

    The train left Ocala and now heading towards Leesburg..gathering momentum and steam. Next stop Orlando. Its the..GRUDEN train!!

  19. DB55 Says:


    You may be able to watch the pc at Bucs dot com. It should be up now. I’m pretty sure he said the players were talked to but maybe I’m just hearing things. Idk I’m still dazed and confused from Sunday’s game. Lol.

  20. BucFanFromOH Says:


    Yea it’s on their site now. Just watched it, literally the first question Mike Smith was asked was about VHIII and he said, “We’re very concerned about his play and the other 10 guys out on the field. We’ve talked to him, talked to all of our players.” Clearly there is some loss of communication (on and off the field) between the coaches and the players. Sounds like VHIII needs to grow up and stop dancing when a WR (who beats him) drops a ball and start listening to what his coaches have to say!

  21. Bucamania Says:

    How are the coaches NOT in his ear EVERY STINKING DAY about how he’s playing right now? If they aren’t, this coaching staff is to blame for this and much more.

  22. DB55 Says:


    I thought that’s what I heard but wtf do I know?

    It’s a chitshow and it starts at the top. Truth be told the owners are more interested in the menu/ingredients in the buffet than the ingredients on the field. As long as they get the tv revenues they could care less about winning that’s what they have Man U for, their true passion soccer like the little beaches that they are.

  23. Dano74 Says:

    My thing is, the DLine gets no pass rush whatsoever so why is this kid giving receivers so much room!? Why hasn’t coach Smith fixed this problem? Every week the tv announcers are shocked to see how much cushion he gives receivers!

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    @VHIII … “I’m not making any plays and I’m not producing. This league is about production.” What did everyone expect him to say? VHIII knows full well that he’s not making plays & that it’s hurting the team. I’d also venture to say that his primary 2 position coaches … Secondary coach Jon Hoke & Defensive backs coach Brett Maxie (both with over 15 yrs each of NFL experience coaching) … have probably talked to him over & over til they’re blue in the face. Folks need to stop with this ‘It’s on Mike Smith & the coaches’ BS. VHIII is right: It’s all about production, and right now he’s the one not producing.

  25. ImJustHereForJameisNews Says:

    This isn’t on Licht, I’m tired of seeing people bash the GM over this. It comes down to lack of development, that’s coaching.

  26. DB55 Says:

    Someone mentioned the safety play and you’re right Chris Conte is never in the right position.

    And as far as coaching I’ve said the munchkin and bajakin are jokes they are in waaaaaaay over their heads. Go back to the loser college team and bring in CHUCKY as OC.

  27. 813bucboi Says:

    this points to coaching….

    last week smitty said the defense isn’t forcing VHG to play soft….
    VHG continued to play soft….
    now he’s saying he spoke to VHG and all the players…..
    VHG said otherwise….

    smitty probably just said hey guys we have to play better….and that’s it….

    no reason why Winston, VHG and others are regressing….that’s called development….that’s on coaching!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!

  28. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    WTF does he mean, the coaches haven’t reached out to him yet ?
    So, if the coaches haven’t talked to him about his bad play being unacceptable, no wonder we have the record we do.
    A Fish stinks, from the head down.

  29. SOEbuc Says:

    The coaches always see it. They talk to all these guys and are suppose be able to turn these guys into good players. That’s why they always say it’s their fault. Isn’t going well for Dirk and his crew right now.

  30. ATLBucsfan Says:

    “I’m Not Making Any Plays And I’m Not Producing”…and I’m not held accountable! Terrific.

  31. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Vernon “Marshmellow” Graves is full-of-poop!!!!!!

    …………….I can guarantee you the coaches have said something to him in one form or another….

  32. orlbucfan Says:

    Forget Chucky. The Gruden worship is beyond its expiration date. Can Mike Smith. I would love to be wrong. I’ll be following the action next Sunday in Buffalo or Toronto or where ever the Bills call home. Mebbe, just mebbe, the Bucs will be coached right and win one.

  33. cmurda Says:

    I still maintain that VH3 will get better. It’s very difficult to be in our secondary and not look bad with a terrible D Line in front of you. Smitty’s atrocious predictable defense doesn’t exactly help. With all of that said, VH3 has to be accountable for his play and he has not cut the mustard.

  34. Capt.Tim Says:

    Chris Conte spends his game, chasing after Hargreaves mistakes

    What are the coaches gonna teach Hargreaves? How to play CB?
    Coaches teach Schemes, Systems at this level.

    If they have to teach a man making 4 million dollars a year, how to play CB
    Then that 4 million is being wasted.
    This usnt Jr high ball.
    They might help a DB refine some points of his Technique.
    But by the Time you get to the NFL- you were a Superstar DB in college.

    You guys really think Mike Smith is telling Hargreaves how far to stay off his man, and how of a cushion to give.
    If he doesnt know that by now. He never will

  35. Capt.Tim Says:

    Like a Professional musician.
    You may run thru a few scales- to warm up, and stay up on the basics
    But when are getting paid big money,
    The producer isnt going to come in the studio, and show you how to hold your Guitar, and how to play a “C” chord.

    You dont get paid, if you dont know that

  36. Broy34 Says:

    Bench Conte play press man coverage, mix in blitzes, start throwing short routes getting jameis and desean in rhythm,screens to Doug and sims and boom 5-6 game win streak. Not rocket science. It’s actually simple adjustments one can make in freaking Madden.

  37. Broy34 Says:

    Delirious db55 other brilliant insight. Chucky as OC. A guy begged to head coach a dozen teams in 8 years will come back to Tampa to coordinate the offense. Oh the humor in these comment sections. It’s great

  38. Not there yet Says:

    I loved hard knocks this summer and seemed like a team playing loose, free and I thought they were on the ride but turns out they were on vacation. The young core of players are being infected by the gmc’s that are numb to the losing

    In the words of Mike Tyson “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” whatever plan Dirk cooked up this off-season didn’t include adversity, loafing or general lack of interest…. It seems this team really does read the paper clippings and thought they’d show up and teams would lay down and let them walk into the playoffs……. If they show fight and miss the playoffs but fight hard I’d happily admit I’m wrong… We’ve changed front office and coaching staff multiple times the only remaining factor is the losing but players mentality. I was worried about Dotson but he’s doing his thing. It’s the defense that should travel well

  39. Dave Says:

    1- those saying Licht sucks because of some bad picks are delusional. There always going to ge bad picks. Get over yourself if you think you could to better. Licht has done an awesome job.

    2- VH3 … I hope he gets it together. He is quick enough to get up and bump the WRs. Throw the timing off. Take away the outside and force them inside.
    The coaches NEED to be telling him and Grimes to do that sometimes, it’ll help the pass rush out.

    I understand some of you saying the coaches should not be teaching the basics and they should not have to, but when it’s necessary, they should. There are enough damn coaches on every team to do that.
    VH3 has the talent, he needs guidance.

  40. Jimmy Says:

    “Speak softly, AND CARRY A SMALL SACK!”

  41. ndog Says:

    Yeah he is confident that he still going to get paid and he is still going to run out there to get toasted. Heck I am confident in those things to.

  42. Drew Says:

    As Pablo would say “Grow some Bolas” and play.

  43. Raptor63 Says:

    VHIII needs a good game. I think ahhh hope he has got it. If he plays bad this week we will lose – they will be coming for him. Sometimes I just don’t get it. I thought he might be a half decent player. I hope that he turns it around. If not he needs the bench.

  44. Pistol Pete Says:

    I have seen this in business. When Managers stop coaching you they have given up. I am trying to read between the lines, but it feels as though Smith/Position Coach has given up coaching him.

  45. bucster Says:

    The Bucs are 16-31 with Jason Licht as GM. Quite a team he’s assembled.

  46. DB55 Says:


    There are worse ideas like bringing in two no-body coaches that are getting no results. But you should already know wtf do I know?

  47. Lamarcus Says:

    Not there yet

    Starting w djx. He was his plan but that experiment should buried

  48. firethecannons Says:

    grow sum bola”s–LOL!

    I am getting more cranked up again readin this website, ready to respike the remote!!!!!!!!!

    No doubt Ira’s beachchair is more effective as cornerback than VH3, it has a presence and holds it ground. Kid(vh3) needs to google up how to play cornerback–start with that that. Heh VH3–you have no reason to be confident–you do nothing but embarrass yourself and this team, get yourself coached up and volunteer for the bench until you are capable of playing and making a positive difference , stop being the avenue to the endzone.

  49. adam from ny Says:

    shave your head vernon!…lose the hair wrap or whatever the heck it is…new look, new attitude, regain focus my man and get with it…it’s now or never kiddo!…time to become a bad ass football player…

    also give ronde a call if necessary…

    he would say lose that hairdo as well…

    time to get wit the program or no fam…just ask jameis