How Bad Was It?

October 17th, 2017

Damning accusation.

Sunday after the curb-stomping in Phoenix, winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter, ever the straight-shooter, let out a classic blast of his team for the gutless showing by the defense in allowing a desperate team to rack up 31 points before the Bucs could respond.

“I obviously did a horrible job of getting these guys ready to play because that was the worst half of football I have ever seen in my life,” Koetter said.

So Joe started doing a bit of research on Koetter’s career. Joe didn’t go over every year in college and the pros, but let’s just say Koetter has been part of teams on the very wrong end of a lopsided loss.

First, as we all want to forget but cannot, there was the Tennessee-Ready game, Koetter’s first with the Bucs as offensive coordinator. Very putrid, right?

Then Joe started looking at Koetter’s college career, specifically when he was offensive coordinator in the then-Big Eight at Missouri, when Nebraska used to stomp through opponents. In his first year at Missouri, Koetter and the Tigers lost to Colorado by 48 and Nebraska by 47. In 1993, Koetter’s last year at Missouri, the Tigers were shut out by Texas A&M 73-0.

Later when Koetter was in the then-PAC 10 as head coach with Arizona State, he took major lumps regularly from Pete Carroll with USC and from Jeff Tedford with Cal. Big time losses.

So when Koetter said the sleepwalking by the Bucs against the Cardinals was the worst he has ever seen in his life, folks, just judging by a little bit of browsing of Koetter’s coaching history, Sunday’s face slap was appalling.

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  1. PRBucFan Says:

    I doubt he was even thinking about college ball.

    Would be stupid to even compare the two. Lopsided wins occur every Saturday and they decorate the score boards in college ball lol.

    It was horrendous and the worst half of football I have seen from any team in the NFL in a long time. The Bucs will be picking top 5 if they don’t straighten up quick.

  2. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    I really think it’s time to stop your winning head coach and America’s pro bowler quarterback BS let’s get real man we are the Browns south !!!!!!

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    How bad was it? The first half was so bad, that it looked like they filmed a reality tv show instead of practicing football this off-season!!!!!!!!

  4. firethecannons Says:

    Used to be the Jags were the Browns south. They have a potent defense now. Hope we load up defense next year. Trade players that are not working out for us–like maybe DJax?

  5. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Dirk is a straight-shooter? And a 72-0 loss is not his worst. This guy isn’t carrying a stick right now, but a big ole log of bs.
    Let’s stop kissing this guys butt because we like the way he speaks candid and brash until it really shows up on the field. You know what’s crisp and refreshing? Beer is, not coach K. Not now anyway
    Joe, are we just one game from dropping “winning” head coach?

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    Whether it was Dirk Koetter’s ‘worst loss’ ever is pretty much irrelevant … it was an ass-stomping any way you cut it. And yes, especially for the Bucs’ defense. But as you look back at the game & at the snap counts, it becomes obvious (to me at least) that the Cardinals’ game-plan, if properly executed, was the perfect way to defeat this Bucs team. And yes, Arizona executed their game-plan to perfection to capitalize on obvious Bucs’ weaknesses on defense. Their rushing (early-on especially) was very effective & their short passing game complimented it beautifully (Carson going 14-for-14 to start it off pretty much set the tone).

    Bucs were on the field for 65 defensive snaps (a very low number IMO for giving up as many points as they did). But the Bucs player rotation was abysmal, and several of those who played the most were bad fits against what the Cards were doing. We just didn’t have anyone better.

    DLine: GMC played 91% of the defensive snaps (WAY too high for him to be effective). Baker (51%) & McDonald (38%) together weren’t on the field as much as GMC. Ayers (72%) & Gholston (66%) got the majority of the DE snaps (neither setting the world on fire in terms of QB pressures), with Spence (49%) & Siliga (18%) not adding much. Our DEs got a total of 3 tackles (quite low).

    LBs: Beckwith (100%) played the whole game, and looked S-L-O-W trying to cover the short out-routes (saw way too many Cards running free with him the closest Buc). David (94%) didn’t look much faster to me (may have come back too soon?). Glanton (32%) & Bond (28%) got the rest of the LB snaps (and added 0 tackles). Our LBs got a total of 7 tackles (incredibly low IMO).

    CBs: This is a head-shaker … Grimes (97%) & VHIII (97%) not only played almost all the game, but got 12 tackles between them (never a good sign). With VHIII getting roasted pretty much all game long, would’ve expected McClain (49%) or Ryan Smith (0%) or Elliott (3%) to be tried outside, but apparently they weren’t.

    Safeties: The rookie Evans (91%) got most of the defensive snaps (and had 6 tackles), with Conte (57%) & Ward (55%) sharing the other safety slot it looks like (together they had 6 tackles).

    Never a good sign when your CBs (13 tackles) & your safeties (12 tackles) have significantly more tackles than your DLine (10 tackles) & your LBs (7 tackles). Also never a good sign when GMC plays over 70% or so of the defensive snaps. Fact is we didn’t match up very well at all against the Cards with the players we put on the field. Only so much a DC can do with personnel like we have. Gut feel is that we’ll see that very same game-plan over and over again this season, and probably won’t be able to stop it IF our opponents execute it as precisely as the Cards did.

  7. Bucn Enough Says:

    A local caller called one of the Buc post game shows and asked why are we not using Chris Godwin ( 3rd round draft choice ) this year much…the response by the talking head was that there are not enough balls to go around to all the “stars” on offense….he ( Chris Godwin ) will have to wait his turn..

    So…if that is the case, why the HELL did our GM draft another offensive “weapon” that we can’t get the ball to? We have / had so many other needs on this team and this GM continues to use high round draft choices as luxuries

    Kicker (2nd Round )
    Dancing Running Back ( turd Round )
    Head case TE ( 2nd Round )
    Corner that can’t cover ( 4th Round )
    Corner that cant Cover -Whiff ( 1st Round )

    instead of rounding out the team…no edge rush, no running back, no corners…

    GM is also part of the problem…

  8. Clw JB Says:

    we were sitting in the exact same spot last year record wise, D was shatting the bed every week, JW missing wide open receivers and we hit a 5 game run and almost make the cut…

    Short of that type of turnaround or better the staff better watch out, the Glazers aren’t exactly known for their patience…

    The draft pick giveaways and misses are starting to pile up as evidenced in our lack of depth on the Dline and secondary – what a few 2nd/3rd picks could be doing right now….

    The “Bad” playcalling the past several weeks, even when we won…hard to tell if it’s the play calling or if JW just keeps doing his own thing…missing reads…forcing throws…staring down receivers…

    Truly believe the reason Fitz played it out was for JW to watch a vet handle a nasty crowd on the road and take what the D gives you…at 24-0 with 3, 3 and outs, it was the right call to protect the kid and let him watch and hopefully learn to go thru the progressions 1,2,3 and deliver to the open man, on time and in a position where he can run after the catch…

    JW is 23 and Dirk is on the roller coaster with him right now…still hope alive the kid matures, settles down in the pocket and becomes the long-term stud we all think he is…

    Mike Smith and that D – can Qwan make that much difference? Beckwith got burned in between gaps by AP, he would literally just wait for Beck to commit to a gap and then slow foot to the other side…no one getting off blocks (even though the holding of GMAC on that TD run was ridiculously obvious, he had him by the waist with one arm just holding the shiznit out of him….ref looking right at it, no flag)

    Where is that beast Ayers from last year? Spence looks like a safety playing DE, dude, bulk up already, you get spun like a top every play, you had one almost play in like 50 snaps…

    Baker plays when he wants too..we already have one of those DT…if I see GMAC just stand up and lean on the double team again, I am going to puke…You have to TRY every play or get off the field…he plays hot and cold so much and our overall D reflects it, plain and simple

    Secondary argues more than my sisters…do they meet in the same room during the week? Sure doesn’t look like it…lost and confused should be their team room name…

    Love the Gators and thought VH was the real deal, he looks like a child amongst men out there…scared to tackle, 8 yds off every pattern, bad feet, no anticipation on breaks…he should just envision Vandy uniforms on everyone and get some of that mojo back he had in college…

    Feels got to vent, thanks Joe(s)!!

  9. Clodhopper Says:

    I think this whole “Godfather” thing and carry a big stick thing has gotten into his psyche. Not that hes got a big head over it. More like he thinks he has a reputation to uphold, or something. IDK I’m just an armature psychologist but I think that plus the expectations we all had, including him, is messing with his decision making.

    As far as the offense goes. Defense should be all on Mike Smiths shoulders.

  10. Rrsrq Says:

    This team can still turn it around, I’m not worried yet.

  11. Reach87 Says:

    @defenserules, great analysis. Many of the things you mention are fixable. I might try fewer snaps for McCoy on 2nd and long with some DL games, press man to the short side with blitzes on second and long (+7), and press man delayed a-gap blitzes on 3rd and long. Not alot, but more than we’ve seen. Some things coach smith should be looking at to be a bit more disruptive up front while keeping arguably our best defensive player fresher for the money downs. Lets hope we work it out and the Bills don’t play a great game (they get a vote). Go Bucs!

  12. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    I’m just glad we’re competitive

  13. Bird Says:

    He was at less talent level college team. You can’t compare colleges he got beat by. He meant pros.

    It was embarrassing. Couldn’t believe how early this team threw in the towel

  14. CroatiaBucs Says:

    Yes, it was a bad game, but it wasn’t all bad. Just as the local and national media overvalued the Bucs talent before the season which was asanine to me, (No good pass rushing DE’s, bad safetys, your best corner is 34 etc) now the same is happening after this loss, only opposite. Koetter said it well once, things are not as bad as they seem after losses and they’re not as good after wins. It’s usually somewhere in the middle. They played really well in the second half, like on both sides of the ball. That’s a positive. Yeah you can say it

  15. DallasBuc Says:

    But he’s the “godfather of stick carrier movement”.
    Play softly and carry your opponent’s big stick in your mouth

  16. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I like Dirk Koetter, but this has happened to him before. It is the reason he was fired from Atlanta.
    In a very important game, his offense went flat, laid down, and was shut out.

  17. LargoBuc Says:

    Could our offense possibly improve if Koetter were to delegate playcalling duties to Monken or someone on his staff? Of course Koetter can call plays but if this team is going to compete, it will require Koetters undivided attention for the time being.
    As for Mike Smith I heard last year was the first time he had called plays at this level. As the HC in Atlanta he always let his d coord call plays. In Jacksonville Jack Del Rio called the plays defensively. So it appears that Smitty is on a bit of a learning curve too.
    Im no coach but something about the make up of this team is flawed and the right balance needs to be found. And quickly before the Glazers loose patience.

  18. Bob in Valrico Says:

    When healthy,AP showed what a force he can be. Give him an 8 yard start
    and showed what a force he can be.He made our defense look bad as he has many others.
    That said our inability to move the ball effectively in the first half,gave Arizona too many opportunities to smoke us ion defense. Jameis has to be more efficient.
    Its starts on the first drive. We need high percentage plays.Hard to blame Koetter
    when plays are not executed properly. Running lanes need to be opened up, and Jameis has to be more accurrate. We have only scored three touchdowns in the 37 games Jameis has started.First drives of second half fall short too much.
    We have some good offensive minds as coaches.Its Time to huddle up and fix this.

  19. BucsFan90 Says:

    We need a west coast scheme to utilize all our weapons on offense. The Count me in with the folks sayin bring Gruden back. Its obvious Koetter isnt going to allow any significant changes to playcalling, he’s too stuck in the past with his air coryell mindset. Cant adapt or make adjustments on the fly either. No wonder he keeps doing the same thing over & over again and expects different results. That my friends is insanity

  20. Destinjohnny Says:

    You always have one game a year that the wheels fall of.
    Google nick SAban rat poison and it will mAke sense with current bucs

  21. LakeLand Says:

    The worst that Dirk Koetter has seen in the NFL, was during his final season with the Falcons. When the Falcons beat the spineless Bucs 56-14. They were leading them 56-0 before the Falcons went to their 3rd unit. Dirk was part of the winning team then, now he’s part of the Stench.

  22. ATrain Says:

    Ok an article on the coach

    I have seen one on Winston


    Oh Ya that’s right he was the article on We were Flat

    Coaches cannot make a lockerroom


  23. Jim Says:

    Waaaaaaa Waaaaaaa. Fire everyone! Sell the team! Waaaaaaaa. I dont wanna play no morez!

  24. Pierce Says:

    These guys play 16 games. Just 16 games and they can’t get amped for all of them? Especially coming off an 11 day rest when you should’ve won the last one. I like Koetter but that is horrible coaching.

  25. Lamarcus Says:

    Djax is not a fit in this offense. Cut the experience loose. It’s only making this offensemble stutter

  26. 813bucboi Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    October 17th, 2017 at 6:13 am
    How bad was it? The first half was so bad, that it looked like they filmed a reality tv show instead of practicing football this off-season!!!!!!!!

    HK is not distracting this team in week 6 on the regular season!!!!!!…HK didn’t distract the coaches from preparing this team!!!!!HK didn’t distract dirk from kicking a FG at the end of the first half!!!!!!HK didn’t distract dirk from his play calling!!!!!!HK didn’t force dirk to quit on his team!!!!!

    hold your coach accountable!!!!!stop making excuses!!!!!

    dirk is doing less with more talent than we’ve had in years!!!!!!that is unacceptable!!!!!!hold him accountable!!!!!!GO BUCS!!!!

  27. Syl Says:

    After firing Lovie a coach that went to the Superbowl with a horrible QB. Koetter was a desperate move, and to allow him to keep the play calling duties. It seems like these plays are drawn up in a playground. Just run deep. Put some underneath throws for Howard and Jackson. None of Jameis passes are in space. He has to throw passes with folks draped all over these guys. The best pass all year was the one with Howard being wide open, and the pass to Jackson in space against the Pats. Where has those plays been? Jameis comp rate will always be low because he is constantly trying to throw down the field which is not a high percentage pass. I never agreed with Koetter as coach, but I am rooting for him to turn it around. I just like my coaches to be coaches and not my o-coord.

  28. FortMyersDave Says:

    Syl: Lovie probably would have coached the 2016 Bucs to a 6-10 like season and probably would have the Bucs 0-5 in 2017 and fighting it out with the Browns and SF for the #1 overall pick. Take a look at how Lovie is doing up in Illini-land; the guy just lost to Rutgers at home. Lovie Smith had to go and in all fairness this loss to AZ on Sunday warrents the Glazers to put a little heat on Koetter as that loss was right up there with a couple of the more memorable Lovie choke jobs during hi run to 8-24 in Tampa… Could Koetter be a bad coach, definitely yes and I hope that he gets it turned around as well but you mentioning Lovie made me realize that as bad as it is in 2017, things were even worse in 2014, Lovie year 1 with both ’14 and ’17 starting with high expectations. Lovie went 2-14 in 2014, hopefully Koetter wins a few more than that. How many wins keeps him from getting canned? 6, 7 8????? If they lose a couple more in a row and are 2-5 in a couple of weeks that will be a question being thrown around on JBF and at One Buc Place.

  29. 813bucboi Says:

    FTMYERS SAYS….Syl: Lovie probably would have coached the 2016 Bucs to a 6-10 like season and probably would have the Bucs 0-5 in 2017 and fighting it out with the Browns and SF for the #1 overall pick.

    THATS TOTAL BS!!!!!….lovie had no where as near the amount of talent dirk has on offense or defense….we could easily be 1-4 right now….how can you say things were worse when we didn’t have the amount of talent we have now….only a fool would’ve thought we were a playoff team in 2014….

    watching dirk makes me wish we had lovie….at least lovie never abandoned the run….he never quit on his team….he managed the clock a lot better than dirk….jameis looked like a franchise qb under lovie….Winston has since regressed…..

    the truth is if kwon didn’t get hurt lovie would still be here….I doubt we lose the last 4 with him on the field….dirk and smitty are sure missing kwon as we speak….GO BUCS!!!!

  30. buddy Says:

    No joke Coach you did a horrible job of getting the team ready to play.

  31. mixxx31 Says:

    I really think this team as a whole is afraid of sustained success. We seem to have a let’s keep it close mentality. It is okay to be great, It is okay to beat a team by 40. It is okay to have 10 sacks a game, It is okay to have 500+ yards total offense. It is okay to shut out every opponent from here on out. I don’t need you keep me on the edge of my seat with attempt after attempt at come from behind victories. To any Buc player that reads joebucsfan, please know I have the utmost respect for you and your craft, and will never turn my back on the organization.

  32. Mike Johnson Says:

    Coach Koetter I luv you Butt…you admit you did not have the team ready to play. You admit its all your fault, You admit you must do a better job. Thanks for your honesty. But in the words of our President? You’re Fired!! Talk your staff with you.
    Next case on the docket.

  33. Syl Says:

    @FortMyersDave I am not saying Lovie was the greatest QB, but Koetter was better in the OC position. I like coaches that are not the player callers and they hire confident coordinators. The coach has to overlook the entire team, and not just one side. I just don’t understand why they hired Koetter so fast. It did not seem like there was a line to his door.

  34. Big Stinky Says:

    This whole team is overrated, from the head coach to JW3 to GMAC. They are ALL good some of the time but are ALL inconsistent. I’m starting to wonder if players are as good as we think they are. Last year we were down early because JW3 was throwing INT’s at the beginning of games. This year is mainly because of slow starts. Either way you are playing from behind too often and need to start faster. Stop deferring when you win the coin toss and have that “we are going to score early and often” mentality. If offense is supposed to be our strength, why do we put our defense on the field first? How many times do teams score on us on their opening drive? Quite a bit it seems. Whatever! This team is STILL a couple years away from being ANY good. There are too many needs for this team to compete on a regular basis. The 2 teams we have beaten so far this year were a combined 1-9 until last weekend, when they both found a way to win while we lost. Do ANY of you really think we are going to beat the Panthers, Falcons, or Saints? We MAY get lucky, the Falcons are playing ALMOST as bad as we are. Tired of giving up on the Bucs EVERY year before the season is halfway over. I still watch the games but without the optimism I normally have. Makes it easier to deal with the losses I guess. We’ll be lucky to be 8-8 this year from the looks of it. Definitely don’t expect to go on a 5-game winning streak again this year. Playoffs or Bust! Go YUCS!

  35. FortMyersDave Says:

    @Syl: yeah the Bucs probably panicked a bit when they thought Koetter was going to San Fran, thus the quick move to hire Koetter. It was a knee jerk reaction…. And you are right HCs who call the plays are like HCs who are also the GM, often it leads to big time conflicts…. I simply think that Lovie would have this team in even worse shape,, not a ringing endorsement of Dirk K but pointing out that Lovie is simply not a good coach.

    BucBoi, why the love for Lovie? No one said the Bucs playoffs in 2014, it was a bad team but a good coach could have won a few more games before Lovie started tanking for Winston. if you think Lovie is a good coach, great, go watch him go 0-8 in the Big 10. And you made intelligent point, Lovie could have kept his job, not over Kwon but if he simply beat the Redskins after building a 24 point lead, that loss was unacceptable and if he won it the Bucs could have been 7-5 at week 12 not 6-6. He might have survived the 4 game losing streak using the same excuse you just used; “Kwon’ but we will never know will we? I just think that Lovie would have got that team to 9-7 last season, no way, and again about Koetter; Sunday reminded me of a game coached by Lovie or Schiano, simple lack of preparation and poor game planning.