Good Times

October 22nd, 2017


If the Bucs are to turn their season around, and quickly, Bucs stud defensive tackle Gerald McCoy has an idea how and why that will happen.

And you can thank Doug Martin for it.

Appearing on “The Blitz” with co-hosts Mark Dominik and Bruce Murray, heard exclusively Friday on SiriusXM NFL Radio, GMC explained how great it is to have Martin back on the team after his three-game suspension. GMC also believes the more Martin gets the rock, the better it will be for the Bucs.

Mark Dominik: I know you have Doug Martin back. He has been through some struggles and some trials. What has it been like having him back in the locker room and do you think he will have a bigger role, maybe?

Gerald McCoy: Doug is just a ball of ball of energy. He is always smiling. He loves to have a good time. He talks more than people think he does but he loves to have a good time. Doug is a huge competitor. And he brings it day in and day out in practice. He has one speed. You never know if he tired or fatigued or whatever it may be because he only knows one speed. He always finishes his runs in practice. I don’t know what the offensive gameplan is but if he does get his touches, he will make the most of them. That’s just what Doug does.

It sure would be nice to hand the ball to Martin 20 times a game. But first, GMC and his defense need to show up on the road and not cough up early touchdowns. None of this nonsense about not being ready to play. Keep the opposing quarterback from completing his first 13 passes and don’t roll over for 32-year old running backs as if they’re Jim Brown in his prime.

3 Responses to “Good Times”

  1. dooshlarue Says:

    DM likes to have a good time?
    Who knew……

  2. Pickgrin Says:

    Doug Martin gets 100+ yds from scrimmage = Bucs win!

  3. Captain Big Stick Says:

    Dear Doug, thanks for being a bright spot on this team. Please inspire Vernon “Creamed Cauliflower” Hargreaves to cover somebody today, heck maybe he can make a tackle in run defense.. that would be swell!! Maybe you can let VHII (downgraded from III) touch your energy ball?