Fourth-Fastest Sack

October 7th, 2017

New NFL data

Have the Bucs found a new blitz weapon?

The NFL is filled with elite athletes at defensive end and linebacker. There is no shortage whatsoever.

So Joe was a bit surprised to see Bucs backup linebacker Adarius Glanton (starting because of injury) ranked tied for fourth in one of the new NextGen stats produced by the NFL. Joe is intrigued by this data because it doesn’t come from people or the trained lemurs working for Pro Football Fraud.

NextGen stats are gleaned from computer chips in footballs and in players’ gear.

Glanton’s sack of Tom Brady on Thursday? It was the tied for the fourth-fastest sack recorded in the NFL this season. It took 2.51 seconds from the time the ball was sacked til Tom Brady was leveled. Glanton did get a one-step head start as a blitzer. But it was still very impressive. He from inside, around the left edge and into Brady.

You can watch the video in the game highlights linked here. (While you’re watching, also look at the outrageous hold O.J. Howard got away with on Doug Martin run to the one-foot line. It’s something out of pro wrestling.)

Great stuff from Glanton.

Interesting. The guy with the other fourth-fastest sack, Jags DE Yannick Ngakoue, a 2016 third-round pick, is the guy Joe was hollering about drafting instead of Roberto Aguayo. Ngakoue also has the fastest overall sack this season and he led rookies in sacks last year.

Noah Spence’s lone sack this year, against the Bears, ranks as the 18th fastest in the league this season.

17 Responses to “Fourth-Fastest Sack”

  1. holymoly13 Says:

    We need a lot more than that one.

  2. Easy Denman Says:

    Lol it’s only one sack

  3. Destinjohnny Says:

    Spence should get 4 sacks this year

  4. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Sacks are useless when your secondary gives the receivers a 10 yard cushion and it’s 2nd and 23 and the offense can pick up 18 on the throw. I’m looking at you VH3.

  5. nate123456 Says:

    and hes a backup great

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    Love those game highlights Joe. Well, except for the FG kicking that is. They could leave those out & it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

    @Joe … “Jags DE Yannick Ngakoue, a 2016 third-round pick, is the guy Joe was hollering about drafting instead of Roberto Aguayo. Ngakoue also has the fastest overall sack this season and he led rookies in sacks last year.” If it makes you feel any better, Jason Licht & Dirk Koetter don’t listen to me either.

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Glanton has been playing lights out this year.
    We have a surplus of great linebackers
    Only 2 are on the field all of the time.
    Strongside only plays about 46% of the snaps.
    Is Beckwith and Glanton gonna be sitting on the bench most of the game?

    My idea?
    Trade David for a DE
    Start Kwon and Beckwith. Glanton starts at Strongside, subs the other two spots
    Cameron Lynch and Devonte Bond are back ups
    Meybe bring up Joe Dirt.

    We have more great Lbers than we can get on the field, and not Enough DEs.
    Hate to see Ryan Russell out 2-4 weeks. That guy has some potential

  8. AlteredEgo Says:

    Under Schaino LaVonte David racked up sacks too….

  9. Conte Piscateli Says:

    @capt Tim

    In season traders are rare and usually ineffective. To me it seems we are deep at LB and without talent at DE. We have a bunch of DE/DT, it seems like our roster would be better served playing 3-4. That would require moving Spence to OLB and situational DE. Unfortunately, that kind of system change is also very unlikely mid season.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    Awesome. Pretty small sample size but cool.

    Glanton may well be playing his way into a nice FA contract offer and starting “guarantee” from some other team next year.

    The Bucs have 4 starting quality LBers and only 2 (sometimes 3) spots available on any given play. And one of those 4 already makes a TON a of $ for a LB. Can’t pay them all. Kwon’s big contract is right around the corner. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out over the next 2-3 years at LB. It would be easy to say – “well in 2 years, LD 54 will be the odd man out because he’s expensive and getting older” – but LD might just make that assumption a very tough one to swallow if he keeps playing like he has been in his last 10 or so games (going back to mid last year when he really turned it on and started making a bunch of plays again).

    Beckwith looks like the real deal through 4 games – and that chit is exciting for the 107th pick in the draft (Well done Jason Licht!)

    What are we gonna do with all these good LBers? Its a nice “problem” to have for now.

  11. BucEmUp Says:

    Bucsfan951 I’ve been saying this for years. They give the QB t much time b y default with the soft coverage. I don’t understand why they refuse to press the corner and throw off the timing but at this point I’m sick of asking and wondering. Guess it will always be this way in Tampa.

  12. LongSeason Says:

    We are going to be feast of famine on pass rush and sacks this year. I think mostly famine. Our defensive linemen and linebackers need to can their mouth pieces with the fangs and teeth. Instead they need them to look like pacifiers.

  13. firethecannons Says:

    next season draft defensive ends and cornerback(vh3 is a bust)

  14. Destinjohnny Says:

    I have a really radical idea….
    Why don’t we….. Draft a defensive end….
    Yes i know it’s a radical idea but it’s been done before

  15. LakeLand Says:

    Adarius Glanton is the best LB to come out of Lakeland since Ray Lewis. He should have started last season instead of Daryl Smith. He’s a fast LB also, capable of running a sub 4.5

  16. Dave Says:

    Irrelevant stat. Unless him or Spence are terrorizing quarterbacks nonstop throughout the game like von Miller, then that speed means nothing

  17. Midnightstroker1 Says:

    We lost the effing game!!! Who gives a rats azz