Cardinals 38, Buccaneers 33

October 15th, 2017

Unfortunately, this five-point road loss feels like a heck of a lot more than just a rough day, one in which your franchise quarterback busted up his shoulder early in the game.

If feels like an indictment of the franchise from top to bottom.

In many ways that’s far too harsh, but that’s absolutely how it feels. So Joe will go with that this evening.

Start with general manager Jason Licht. A bad edge rush for the fourth consecutive season is on him.

And Joe begged and begged and begged for Licht to at least bring in Adrian Peterson for a workout and a deep look this spring. What would the harm have been to look closely and consider signing him? It didn’t happen, despite the powerful endorsement of Peterson from America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, after Jameis worked out with Peterson this offseason. Clearly, the Bucs didn’t think Peterson was worthy of a look, and he proved them wrong today and personally clobbered the Bucs.

As for Dirk Koetter, his team wasn’t ready to play. To be down 31-0 and 24-0 at halftime is inexcusable. The defense knew exactly what was coming from the Cardinals, a second-rate team, and couldn’t stop it early, couldn’t even come close to stopping it.

Koetter’s first-quarter decision to punt on 4th-and-4 at the Cardinals 39 yard line down 14-0 was a head-scratcher. It’s a dome and your new kicker has that kind of range. Then very late in the first half, Koetter passed on a 4th-and-goal field goal — with Ryan Fitzpatrick filling in at quarterback. And then there’s the two-point attempts in the second half versus the extra points. Stop taking points off the damn board!

Major props to the Bucs for their fight to make this an exciting football game, with massive kudos to Fitzpatrick, but that’s sort of weak-minded thinking.

Every Bucs fans was expecting an improved season by Tampa Bay. So far, it ain’t happening.

The Bucs are now stuck alone in last place in the NFC South.

131 Responses to “Cardinals 38, Buccaneers 33”

  1. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Honorable defeat

  2. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Thanks Fitz for showing us what Winston CANNOT DO

  3. Roy T. Buford Says:

    No surprises from me, except to say they did worse than I thought. And I didn’t think it could be worse than MIN this year or LA last year or ARI last year. But the Bucs fooled me again. And boy, they make that Cards team look great! Got problems? Play the Bucs and get well.

  4. NJBucsFan Says:

    Why did we pay Mike Smith all that money?

  5. Idahobucsfan1145543 Says:

    Trade winston while he still has value please

  6. Born again Bucs fan Says:

    Play calling and proper game planning is killig this team. I’ve always been a fan of Keotter but I’m questioning his ability as a play caller and a coach.

  7. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Make no mistakes folks. This was a blowout. Bucs fans should be embarassed, but not as embarassed as the Bucs coaches, followed by the Bucs players. And Jason? Start looking at how the housing market is doing.

  8. Kalind Says:

    Nope. Defense needs a gut. Trades need to happen after the season. Start w Hargreaves. Get a 7th round pick in the 2056 offseason. That’s all that guy is worth. And someone please please please
    Make the Conte thing end.

  9. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Yes NFL

    Play the bucs and make all your aging veterans look great! !!

  10. Jman Says:

    Start Fitz and trade for Jimmy G

  11. unbelievable Says:

    Only a fool thinks today’s loss is on Winston.

    Carry on fools!

  12. Bilbo baggins Says:

    We are going to win.. next week

  13. Ocala Says:

    Idiotic to say Trade Winston
    fire the coaches makes a lot more sense
    They were unprepared and horrible with clock management

  14. NFLNut Says:



    782-1,305 (59.9%) for 9,475 yds, 63 TDs, 40 INTs & a 19-22 W/L record

    Note: Edge James averaged 2,200+ rush/rec yards and 18 TDs in Mannings 2nd and 3rd year and Marvin Harrison was the best receiver in the NFL

    756-1,266 (59.7%) for 9,391 yards, 57 TDs, 36 INTs & a 18-23 W/L record

    By the way, in Peyton’s 5th season he would “regress”, throw 23 picks and the Colts would go just 6-10 and idiotic short-term view fans would be calling him a bust, a loser, etc., etc., … this is all to say that you nutcase fans need to take the LONG-TERM view on Jameis and not demand perfection week to week.

    Peyton, Marino, Favre, Tarkenton, Fouts, Jim Kelly, and Steve Young, SEVEN of the greatest HALL of FAME QBs in NFL history combined to play ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN (114) years in the league … and yet won just FOUR (4) SuperBowl rings as starting QBs … that’s 1 ring for every 28.5 years played.

    Likewise there are still franchises (Lions, Browns, Falcons, etc) that have NEVER won a single SuperBowl.

    All this is to say … R-E-L-A-X and E-N-J-O-Y Jameis’ career rather than acting like mental patients who need to be confined to a padded room every Sunday afternoon.


  15. orlbucfan Says:

    Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith, this loss is on both of you 2!! There’s a da$$$ good reason why the dixie chicks ejected you 2 aholes!! You better call it right next Sunday!!

  16. daveman Says:

    I saw an early edition of the Publix weekly discount ad. 2 pounds of crabs legs and get Jameis Winston free.

  17. D-Rome Says:

    Earlier this week I was laughed at for suggesting they would be major changes if the Bucs don’t win 10 games this season. Does this team as it’s constructed look like a playoff team to you? There are no more excuses anymore this is the fifth game. They are currently the worst team in the division. Do you guys still think the status quo is going to be okay at the end of the season? You’d better believe either Dirk koetter or Jason Licht is going to get fired if the Bucs end up 9-7 or worse.

    How is it so many other teams can turn it around quickly yet the Bucs continue to regress? I hope the mouth breathers around here are as hard on Dirk Koetter as they were on Lovie Smith. He deserves that much. The team was woefully unprepared. That’s on coaching!

  18. Jeffrey Yoemans Says:

    Fitz should be our starting QB.

  19. T in Orlando Says:

    I hate to say it, but as long as Koetter is calling plays AND is HC, this team will not meet its potential on offense. Also, the Glazers must not be too happy with that investment in Mike Smith right now.

  20. dexterOHMAN Says:


  21. Nprbuc Says:

    Sad Sad Sad. 0 points against the juggernaut Cardinals in the first half. Unacceptable for a professional football team. Weapons? Cap guns.

  22. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    Let the controversy begin…Fitz looked better than Winston tonight. Winston IS MY QB make no mistake. But damn

  23. 941bucsfan Says:

    Fitztragic got the Prevent defense treatment for the whole 4th qtr. Just stop it lol. Dude threw a pick on the 1 yard line.
    Wake up. The guy was yanked off the bench and played pretty damn well considering his skills and the situation. This game certainly wasn’t on him. –Joe

  24. JonBuc Says:

    Maybe Card GM Scotty Kiem will re-hire ol’ Licht’s Out as a scout.

  25. Aaron May Says:

    I’m so tired of struggling players, offense or defense, or teams in general getting right against the Bucs.

  26. denjoe Says:

    Who should we get for GM?

  27. NFLNut Says:


    In other news, the Packers season just ENDED today it seems, the Raiders (sexy pre-season SB pick) just dropped to 2-4 and Derek Carr (sexy pre-season MVP pick) is now on pace for a whopping 2,772 passing yards for the season, while the Falcons dropped to 3-2 and reigning MVP Matt Ryan is on pace for 19 TDs and 19 picks on the season (even the Bucs are on pace to throw 32 TDs … 19 for Atlanta seems insanely low).

    The Bucs defense looks like garbage but at 2-3 with all six division games remaining, their is no reason to panic.


  28. BaldBuc Says:

    And the band plays on…
    September kick in the balls…Check. October kick in the balls… Check. Let’s start division games. Weeee…

  29. NJBucsFan Says:

    This is not on Winston. Wouldn’t be in him if he played all game. This is the fact that we overvalued Mike Smith as a D Coordinator. His scheme (not sure there is even a scheme) is piss poor. If VHIII is giving too much cushion. That’s on the coach….get him coached up or put him on the bench.

  30. mark2001 Says:

    Don’t kid yourselves folks… the entire organization carries this on their shoulders……could have had AP, let Martin walk, and signed someone other than Baker. And maybe drafted a pass rusher rather than a headcase kicker. So now we see the results… a team on track for 8-8 at best. Very sad…very disappointing….plenty of blame to go around.

  31. Tbbucs3 Says:

    The Bucs have the most “In the moment” football fans. Only react to whats right in front of them.

    The amount of Fitzpatrick should start chatter on here is laughable. FItz did good today but much of that comeback was the defense. Not to mention Fitz threw a terrible pick 6 that put us in a hole.

  32. Defense Rules Says:

    Sorry, but this loss is all on the coaching. Defensively, no excuse for letting the Cards jump out to a 24-0 halftime lead primarily because of Peterson’s rushing & Palmer’s short/intermediate passing. That was abysmal, as was VHIII’s play throughout the game (he’s showing zero confidence right now, and is getting picked on over & over). Offensively the Bucs’ game-plan was totally predictable in the 1st half, and Arizona capitalized. Not to mention that leaving 5-8 points on the field was the ultimate difference in the game once Fitzpatrick started running the offense. This loss is all on coaching.

  33. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I know there are a ton of stupid fans out there. However, I really didn’t think there was anybody stupid enough to actually believe we should bench Jameis Winston. To all those who even THOUGHT that, you are not worthy of being able to post your opinions on any football site. I’m embarrassed for you, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  34. R.O. Says:

    Djax11 hurt? Was barely on the field 2nd half.

  35. 941bucsfan Says:

    Never said the game was on him joe lol. RELAX. Im talking to the people who said he looked better than Jameis.. Lets not pretend like the cardinals didnt go from playing cover 2 man and cover 3 man to playing a cover 4 prevent defense for damn near the whole 4th qtr.

  36. stpetebucsfan Says:

    It’s a real kick in the gut…no doubt about it. 2-3…our division is looking good…

    I surely would not place this entire game on any player…it was a disgusting team effort or lack of effort in the first half. But we are ready to see #3 blossom!!!!

    It’s obviously gonna take a lot of patience this year.

    Funny about luck and breaks….folks were screaming for Dalvin or Mixon or a stud RB…some were interested in AP but most made fun of his age and wear and tear.

    So if we took Dalvin he’d be out…if we signed AP…who knows what would have happened. It’s all a big crap shoot!

  37. ndog Says:

    You people are amazing. You do realize the Fitz threw two picks one basically a pick six and we lost by 5. If that was Jameis you would be saying he lost the game. It is clear you have an agenda and were never going to like him no matter what he did or does.

  38. JonBuc Says:

    AP won’t break 100 yards again this season. What a weird game…just like last year’s bed shatting in Phoenix. Going on 15 years of football futility.

  39. Eric Says:

    Sure am glad we ran Chucky out of town so we could all enjoy this good football for the last ten years.

    The disturbing thing is while the game was being contested it looked like our team wanted nothing to do with it. No fight.

    The prevent rally in second half was irrelevant.


  40. EA Says:

    No it isn’t too harsh to call it as it is Joe, cards GM blasts his team for lack of effort and they show up to play.
    It’s about time the media starts calling it as it is and stop sugar coating this BS, this game was never close, Azs receivers were wide open the first half before they started taking their foot off the gas.
    It’s unacceptable for the lack of effort and the Amunt of talent they supposedly have.

  41. Toe to Leather Says:

    Yep….attention now begins focusing on Licht, Koetter and Smith if they have the ability to “get it done”. We have enough quality players. We are beginning to look like underachievers.

  42. NJBucsFan Says:

    @Joe. Your defense of Fitzpatrick is laughable. He’s a longtime starter in the league and is a professional. Anyone should expect him to come off the bench and play. He was facing a prevent D in the second half. He threw 2 bad INTs and fumbled a snap on a two point conversion. Time to take off the pewter coated shades. Donavan Smith sucks…Fitz put up garbage stats…Martin is not as bad as you think.

  43. dmatt Says:

    we need to do away with soft coverage on defense. How do we continue to give qbs all day to throw with no pass rush. I have doubts about koetter n Mike Smith. What happened to weapons for Winston? The refs called a bad game cause their offense got away several times with holding Mccoy.

  44. NFLNut Says:

    JOE … take it easy on 941bucsfan … he’s probably just sick of all the Winston-haters which is understandable.

    As for Fitz … I agreed he played well, a lot better than I would expect, though he did indeed get the prevent treatment … regardless, while I think it would have been better for us to get blanked 38-0 and realize we have tons of work to do, than to almost eek out a victory we didn’t deserve which could instill a false sense of confidence, I do think this game was at least great for Fitz’s confidence, so if Jameis ever goes out again, he will have the confidence he can put some points on the board … that’s about the only “silver lining” from this sad game though.

  45. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Here we go again……..


    We all saw what happened after Fitz came in………..didn’t you?????

    What we saw was no fluke with Fitz……

    He came off the bench and nearly did the impossible

    So STOP DEFENDING winston………….it’s getting old

  46. Cwis Says:

    Yeah, let’s trade Winston. Love seeing picks on our own one yard line. Let’s be real people. Sure jameis needs a better deep ball, but besides that you can’t really just the guys chops too much. How old is he? 23? I think he will figure it out. I’m most disappointed on the play calling (both offense and defense). Been watching the same defense for four years now besides a 6 game stretch last year were they balled out. I find it crazy we don’t but our best corner on the opposing teams number one. Hargreaves is not playing well at all and hasn’t to this point in his career. He needs a reality check and to be benched. Let’s take a page from everyone else’s playbook and take away their strength, but that makes too much sense. Instead let’s keep doing the same defense we’ve been doing for four years now. It seems to be working… no creativity on either side of the ball. Piss poor effort by our coaches. Good spirit by the players to make it a game.

  47. Joel Says:

    Overreact much? Peterson will go back to being a non factor next game. And Winston isn’t hurt bad. Coaches pulled him because they quit 24-0.

    Bench Haegreaves. UF trash.

  48. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You people have no understanding of football. You couldn’t see how Arizona took their foot off the gas in the second half? You couldn’t see how Arizona went to bend but don’t break mode on defense? Are you freaking blind? More importantly, did you not see the 2 terrible interceptions that Fitz threw? Seriously people, just stop it. I just can’t believe this is really happening. You should all start watching the Bachelor or Oprah and join their message boards.

  49. Warrenfb12 Says:

    The two main issues here are 1. What is the deal with this team and their lethargic starts? Is it bad play scripting? Not seeing what they were expecting? I just don’t get it. And 2. This defense. At no point have I bought into them. The coverage has been consistently god awful. Including against the bears. I’m not sure how much more of VH3 I can take.

  50. darin Says:

    The head coach quit on them. Terrible decisions too. Never seen a coach so bad before. Maybe he is a coordinator lifer. Wow dirk. The punt like u said joe..then not challenging bakers fumble recovery before half, when it was clear and he was down by contact at that point, before the scrum started. Then not kicking fg down by 24 and getting ball to start second half. He thpught they were out of it. Hello dirk your team scored 27 in the 4th quarter, in spite of you. Why sign a kicker at all? Dammm ive never seen worse coaching, any teams, not just the bucs. Hard to have hope after that mess. Was that a 3 hour anxiety attack dirk? Brain fog? Writers block?? the plays and let someone else manage the game!!!

  51. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Just like last year, 2-3. Only the difference is this team has gotten blown out twice and is getting worse week to week.

  52. Eric Says:

    Lets examine the obvious, our supposed franchise quarterback has been exposed for what he is and when he is finally knocked out of the game our offense came to life. Sure Fitz wasn’t perfect, then again who is coming off the bench for the first time but he made our team competitive. We finally ngot to see what our offense looks like with a competent passer. What a difference when the ball is placed correctly and guys don’t have to jump 5 feet in the air to tip a pass. Face it people Fitzpatrick did in one game what Winston couldn’t do in three seasons, throw accurate footballs ! Keep Winston on the bench where he belongs. Stop blaming Koetter, Evans, Jackson, Martin, Licht ,pass rush…basially everyone but the main problem- Jameis Winston. Fitz deserves to start, let Winston lead the cheerleaders.

  53. NFLNut Says:

    ^ Oh you mean, he ALMOST did what Jameis actually did two weeks ago against the Giants? Give it up man … Fitz played well and I think everyone is happy he didn’t come in and throw 4 picks instead of just 2 … but he’s a backup, that’s it and his whole career except for one year with the Jets speaks to that … JW is a generational talent.

  54. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Not that you are even worth arguing with, but what the hell. How many points did the defense give up with Fitz playing? Oh yeah, 14. Both of which were off of his INT’s. Have you never seen Fitz play before? First time? It’s what he does. You really are just trying to troll right? Please tell me so.

  55. Eric Says:

    Just imagine if Fitz got all the first team reps, we’d be 4-1. FSU faithful need to accept the truth, Jameis is a BUST!

  56. Rojas Says:

    A lot of delusional Bucs fans here lol, thinking this game is on Jameis Winston. All of a sudden Fitz is an amazing QB for going against a “ Prevent “ Defense. This game is on the coaching staff on both sides of the ball.

  57. Idahobucsfan1145543 Says:

    Im not saying start Fitz but winston could get us a good de or a cb I mean really we just saw what a crappy qb can do with the offense we have jw13 couldn’t even get to the red zone wake up

  58. Dirty Bucs Says:

    NFLnut…stop with the RELAX. Jameis is NO Peyton Manning, and he never will be. To mention him in the same breath is just absurd. You’re making yourself look silly.

    Jameis is better than Fitz, but it’s not by a wide margin. We have an average to below average starter, and a backup caliber backup…that’s all there is to it. Jameis is going to have to show me he can come out and lead a team from the beginning of a game, all the way to the end of the game. He hasn’t done it. I want him to, I really do. I just feel Jameis is really over-rated by many. There are at least 6-7 other QBs that have come into the league in the last 3-4 years I would rather have.

  59. Matt B Says:

    Spot on analysis, Joe, except I don’t think even Peterson would have had much of day in a Bucs uniform given the lack of running lanes our overrated offensive line creates. But otherwise, you summed up my feelings exactly.

  60. ATrain Says:

    Wait I have Heard Trade Winston
    Fire the GM
    Fire the Coaches
    Conte sucks



    Joe try this article
    GMC the GHOST In Arizona

  61. orlbucfan Says:

    Get real, true Bucs fans!! This one was the fault of the coaches. Smith and DK blew it! They have one week to get their shat together. Pat Murray is finally a competent kicker. One small consolation. How do you fix coaching?????

  62. Roy T. Buford Says:

    And here’s one. Why does DJax just wait for passes to drop into his soft hands? Third pick I’ve seen where he holds his hands out, oblivious to what’s around him, and his opponent goes in front of him and gets the all. He and Evans are two of the whiniest little girls I’ve every seen, as well. Another beatdown.

  63. NFLNut Says:


    If JW isn’t “good enough” for some fans, than neither is any QB other than Brady, Rodgers and Brees as JW is vastly outplaying the reigning MVP and 2015 MVP as well as most of the “young” QBs like Carr, Mariota, Stafford, etc.

    You people are dolts … if all Bucs fans were like you I’d actually want Jameis to get the Shaq treatment, aka get run out of town by idiotic Floridians who then get to watch him turn into an all-time great and win three rings outside the state of Florida … but thankfully, there are some fans who actually have a functioning brain and recognize that JW is the best QB the franchise has ever had and are enjoying the ride and taking a long-term view of things …


  64. Jman Says:

    lol start Fitz so you can tank the season low enough to trade for Jimmy G

  65. 813bucboi Says:

    When are the coaching 101 mistakes going to stop?…Dirk is doing less with more talent!!!!this was yet another blowout under Dirk…

    Where you at @realist?….GO BUCS!!!

  66. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You sir, are the dumbest person in the world. Congratulations.

  67. ATrain Says:

    Ok we didn’t we Double Fitz????

  68. darin Says:

    Yeah anyone who thinks this is on winston is nucking futs. Mike smith was terrible, dirk koetter was all time terrible. Even kenny freakin albert couldnt believe some lf his decisions. What a disaster dirk. He should be ashamed after that. The team had a chance if not for his stupidty. Oh well its over now, thank goodness

  69. Cwis Says:

    I’m not saying jameis is perfect. Far from it. He’s young though and our play calls don’t make the game easy for him. Jameis isn’t Tom Brady. He needs someone in his ear and a coach he helps him get into A grove. The other young QBs who are out their killing it aren’t being asked to do the same amount as Jameis is. Again, not saying he’s going to be a great QB. I just think if our coaches helped him manage a game better, we’d be better.

  70. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Hawaiian Buc and NFLNut

    ……and why don’t both of you go down to ONE BUC and tell Koetter and his staff how to fix the offense since you guys know football so well and while you’re at, throw some STATS in their faces…

    YOU GUYS are unbelievable and live in a world of denial.

    See-ing is believing, Fitz played his ASS off…….but all you scream is Prevent Defense…….that’s all you saw?????


  71. Rayjay1122 Says:

    5-11 team if there are even 3 winnable games on the schedule. These Bucs may not win another game this season unless something drastic happens. Nice that we fought to the end, we just are not a good football team yet again unfortunately.

  72. NFLNut Says:

    DirtyBucs … I can’t argue with stupid … and you’re being stupid.

    Coming into the game JW was 3rd in the league in passing yards per game, 7th in yards per attempt, was on pace for 28 TDs and 12 picks … while the reiging MVP is on pace for 19 TDs and 19 picks and the previous MVP is on pace for 24 TDs and 22 picks … like I said above, if JW isn’t “good enough” for you, the ONLY QBs you would be happy with are Brady, Rodgers and Brees … three of the greatest to ever play … JW is 23 years old … grow up dude.

  73. denjoe Says:

    The press will ask koetter cup cake questions.

  74. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I don’t have to, because they aren’t benching Winston. You are embarrassing yourself, but I hope you keep it up. No one with any brain agrees with you.

    Fitz is a backup for a reason. He’s a good backup and we’re lucky to have him, but there’s a reason he’s not a starter. He’s not ever going to start as a result of Winston being benched, and he’s never going to start another NFL game without the starter getting benched. Write that down, take a picture, and learn from someone who’s not that smart, but a helluva lot smarter than you.

  75. NFLNut Says:


    Jameis led a SUCCESSFUL comeback against the Giants and played perfect football in the clutch on the last two drives.

    Had JW done what Fitz did today, you and all the other transparent and idiotic trolls would have complained about his two picks and said he wracked up garbage stats … you’re a Jameis-hater and rather pathetic … give it a rest.

  76. BucsFanInNC Says:

    TheBucsAnthem Says:
    October 15th, 2017 at 7:25 pm
    Here we go again……..


    We all saw what happened after Fitz came in………..didn’t you?????

    What we saw was no fluke with Fitz……

    He came off the bench and nearly did the impossible

    So STOP DEFENDING winston………….it’s getting old

    Yeah we saw 14-0 go to 31-0. Saw all the Fitz magic we need to see.

  77. darin Says:

    Exactly man. Thats what sucks so bad. Dirk isnt gona figure out how to manage a game by next week. N smittys d seems to be the take whst u want d. Terrible coaching, im outa words n almost hope. Sucks

  78. Cwis Says:

    This one is on the coaches. Anyone thinking jameis is at fault needs to go to bed lol. If Koetter wouldn’t have panicked and went for it on 4th down and 2 every TD the game would have been tied at 38. Amazing job in the 2nd half by the Bucs. Terrible coaching in the first half coming off 10 days rest.

  79. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “5-11 team if there are even 3 winnable games on the schedule. These Bucs may not win another game this season unless something drastic happens. Nice that we fought to the end, we just are not a good football team yet again unfortunately.”


    The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!! What was our record this time last year? You were probably saying the exact same thing. Everyone, take a chill pill for a little while. Put the alcohol down and relax.

  80. NFLNut Says:


    The numbers don’t lie regarding Jameis v. Manning.

    Their stats AND wins are almost identical through 37 games yet Jameis is a year younger.

    Peyton Manning threw ONE HUNDRED PICKS in his first 5 years … when he was 26 years old (which will be Jameis’ 6th year) Peyton threw TWENTY-THREE picks and the Colts won just 6 games …

    YOU are a Jameis-hater and basically a buffoon but you have the freedom to be such, so, carry on …

  81. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I agree that this is not Winston’s fault solely however as the starting QB, he is partially to blame for the offense struggling. He definitely wouldn’t have completed the bomb to ME13 and that is not hating but is based on what he had shown consistently. Yes Winston may not be incredibly accurate but he is still our best option. Too early to pull the plug. Tired of the merry go round of QB’s and coaches. If we do not make the playoffs next season then perhaps something may have to be changed.

  82. MIKE Says:


  83. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    Totally agree with the sensible, knowledgeable, posters…
    Ndog they amaze me too, and it evident what there agenda is…nothing
    against Fitz I personally am glad we have him…what I don’t like is the double standard and hypocrisy…Jameis picks make everyone go mad, although both QB’s in this game threw picks.

    There was adjustment made when by the time Fitz took over. I am going on record here the books is going to turn it up and I am glad we have 2 QB’s that can get it done.

    Remember they game planned gor Jameis not Fitz…duh their are some brilliant posters on this blog!

  84. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    ……my eyes hurt from all of your ALL CAPS Mike 🙁

  85. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Yes sir blog commander General Hawaiian Sir. How dare original Bucs fans being upset yet again. We should just accept the mediocre to pathetic football like you…. I guess.

  86. cgmaster Says:

    I would say I’m surprised at the stupidity of some of the posters on here like Anthem, but it doesn’t surprise me any more. You all like to bitch and say all of Jameis’ yardage comes in garbage time. Fitz comes in and gets the definition of garbage yards and you all crown him. He also throws two picks, one on the goal line that you would roast Jameis for. Some bucs fans are straight pathetic.

  87. denjoe Says:

    Maybe put in fitz in first half and jameis in the second?LoL

  88. NFLNut Says:


    If Rodgers is DONE FOR THE SEASON … there is no reason the Bucs can’t compete for the NFC title … there is no great team in the NFC … Seattle has major flaws, as does Carolina, the Lions/Vikings (whoever wins that division if the Packers are done), etc. The Eagles have a great record but they are not a great team.

    Right now, the Eagles are maybe the best team in the NFC and the Chiefs are maybe the best team in the AFC … but neither are great teams. The Chiefs got absolutely worked today by the Steelers who seem to own them.

    If I had to bet I’d still bet $$$ on the Pats to win it all … and they’ve looked like garbage all year. This year is wide-open and until we lose a HOME DIVISION GAME I feel we are “in it” at least.


  89. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Yes sir blog commander General Hawaiian Sir. How dare original Bucs fans being upset yet again. We should just accept the mediocre to pathetic football like you…. I guess.”


    Did I say you shouldn’t be upset? Learn to read!!!! But there’s a big difference between being pissed off and a complete moron. I’m the first, you clearly are the second.

  90. NFLNut Says:


    Welcome to the “logical fans club” 🙂

  91. The Anomaly Says:

    This team is an 8-8 team

    Horrific effort

  92. Jim Says:

    And the most delusional comment award goes to: “Not to mention Fitz threw a terrible pick 6 that put us in a hole.” Yes, someone actually said that right here…

  93. orlbucfan Says:

    How do you fix coaching? In all my years (and plenty) of being a Bucs junkie, this one is stymie-ing me big time!! This team should be 4-1. Why ain’t it? These 2 DK/MS have one week to get their collective sh#t together. It sure ain’t the players! And for once, I’m not raising holy h#ll about the refs tho they sucked today. AS USUAL!!

  94. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Actually, why even bash each other. Most of us are real fans with a few trolls sprinkled in. If you are a frustrated, upset, embarrassed, satisfied, patient or happy fan, we all have the right to our feelings about the team. Why can’t we just express our feelings in peace without being policed up or attacked.

  95. LakeLand Says:

    the Bucs lose by 5 and Dirk Koetter leaves 6 points on the field.

  96. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “And the most delusional comment award goes to: “Not to mention Fitz threw a terrible pick 6 that put us in a hole.” Yes, someone actually said that right here…”


    That’s a terribly delusional comment. However, it doesn’t even rate in the top 20 today.

  97. NFLNut Says:



    You know how Twitter has the “verified” checkmark thing? Perhaps you could have a little icon that pops up next to posters names.

    JW-haters and other obvious trolls could have a little troll emoji pop up next to their name and obvious real fans and sensible posters could have the Bucs logo or a pair of glasses or whatever pop up next to their name.

    I feel bad for all the serious posters on here that have to wade through all the idiotic and obviously trolling posts … and it’d be nice to be able to skim through a thread and quickly reading only and all the credible posts.


  98. LakeLand Says:

    Why go for two, when you can kick the PAT and make it a 11 point game? You miss it, now you need two TDs.

  99. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “This team should be 4-1.”


    Almost every team in the NFL can say that. Atlanta could very easily be 1-4. It’s hard to win in the NFL. If anyone should know that, it’s Bucs fans. The other team gets paid too. The Cardinals beat our butts today. The score says otherwise, but we all know who the better team was today. They had our number, just like last year. We have slowly become a good team at home and a poor team on the road.

  100. denjoe Says:

    It was never an issue the cards had it under control and were playing not to lose we got our buts kicked again.

  101. Rayjay1122 Says:

    You know nothing about any of us but are somehow qualified to label us or in this case me? Isn’t that defamation of character? Just mind your business and you will be fine.

  102. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Why go for two, when you can kick the PAT and make it a 11 point game? You miss it, now you need two TDs.”


    I agree and wish we would have just kicked it, but that’s a tiny bit of failed logic. At some point we would have had to have made a 2 point conversion. However, the problem with that is that we chased points so early, we shouldn’t have even had to to begin with.

  103. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Why don’t they start games with no huddle and the 12 plays in a quicker tempo. Why do they try these ridiculous dangerous passes to ME13? Jameis sucks on the deep ball, and they always get rolling on shorter passes to Hump and Brate…get the clue on that, coaches. Stop trying to make Jameis this guy that can hit speedy WRs in stride. He doesn’t have the accuracy. Do Smith and Koetter still think they are coaching Matt Ryan? Build game plans, and call plays to the strengths of your players. And have the D show up for the game. I could swear they didn’t find the airport until halftime.

  104. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “You know nothing about any of us but are somehow qualified to label us or in this case me? ”


    By reading your comments, I know plenty about you.

  105. mark2001 Says:

    Fitz is the backup…period. Is Jameis that guy that can lead us to the promised land? I don’t know. But let’s be honest….the D handed us the Bears game, and other than that, our Offense has been a big disappointment. That usually starts with the QB. Let’s just hope he grows out of his inconsistency and tendency to lock onto guys and miss open receivers.

    The D absolutely needs pass rushing DE’s. No question. And another starting corner, along with a developmental guy behind Grimes.

    BTW…remember…those games we had to win in the second half of last years, we didn’t… Dallas and NO. Sure, we beat Carolina…a team with nothing to win and a draft spot to lose. So maybe some of what we saw the second half of last year was an illusion, just as Fitz’s second half stats this game were.

  106. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Why don’t they start games with no huddle and the 12 plays in a quicker tempo.”


    Not saying I disagree with you, but what could happen is this: You get the ball for the first time down 7-0. The crowd is fired up and loud. You come out in hurry up and go 3 and out. Now the defense has had only a minute of rest and has to go back out on the field. They have no time to look at the stupid Surface tablet. They have not time to make any adjustments. Then they come down and score again, and you are down 14-0, and there is still 10 minutes to go in the first quarter. So on and so on.

    Now clearly today that happened anyway, but aside from New England (who we are not), no team has really been that successful running that style of offense in the NFL. It’s just not a recipe for success. In the NFL, time of possession is so important, as your defense needs to be rested.

  107. B Coburn Says:

    Yeah Peterson got yardage but was he playing that good or is that just how putrid this defense is? Hard to judge him when facing our d

  108. orlbucfan Says:

    Hawaiian Buc Says:
    October 15th, 2017 at 7:56 pm
    “This team should be 4-1.”
    Yes, it should be 4-1. That’s the quality of the players on this team. I assume you live in Hawaii so whatever. I live in Orlando so have been a little closer to the action than you. The coaches are blowing it. I hope it ends after today. Both Koetter and Smith have to review game film with their players. The players deserve better. Hopefully, we will see it next Sunday in Buffalo/Toronto where ever the Bills play now,

  109. mark2001 Says:

    Orando…great players make even average coaches look like geniuses. Poor and inconsistent players make good coaches look bad. The reality of our situation is likely somewhere in between.

  110. LakeLand Says:

    Well it isn’t all bad, every team in the NFC South outside of the Saints lost this week.

  111. Couch Fan Says:

    Its comical that anyone would want Fitz to start. Let him start from the beginning of a game and you will be begging for Jameis to back before halftime. Ridiculous.

  112. mark2001 Says:

    Sorry Orlando…bum finger sometimes misses a key. Almost lost it once, and glad it works as good as it does.

  113. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Rayjay1122

    Don’t mind “Hawaiian Buc”, he’s just a jerk and always attacks other posters…..he thinks his opinion is #1 and he is a football. He’s weak-minded by always calling other posters names and always trying to belittle their posts….

    I think Joe should look at Hawaiian Buc because he’s always attacking other people’s posts and opinions in a very negative manor.

  114. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I live in Tampa. I’m a season ticket holder. I go to a ton of training camp practices. So no, you aren’t closer to it than me.

    Every team has quality players. Arizona has one of the premier corners in the game. They have plenty of talent. Don’t kid yourself.

  115. Matts17 Says:

    Absolutely some of this is on Winston. His D is garbage and he has zero response until he got hurt. Poor reads and inaccurate throws. Par for the course. By the way, to be labeled a franchise QB you have to actually play like one and win something. Winston has done NEITHER!

    Just sayin….

  116. LakeLand Says:

    The NFC South is up for grabs. There is no clear front runner, this division isn’t that strong this season.

  117. Rayjay1122 Says:

    You know Hawaiian, an Army Commander once gave some good advice. I should never argue with an idiot since an idiot will drag you to their level and then will beat you with experience. I guess that can apply to arguing with a genius as well. No more arguing from me. Now go ahead and send your hateful rebuttal and that will just be the end of it.

  118. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Poor baby, you can’t handle? I only attack people who make stupid comments i.e. Bench Jameis and start Fitz. Anyone who says that should be banned.

  119. Cutlass Says:

    We have a JV coaching staff & Winston has had happy feet all year. We basically have the same problems since koetter took over. He is not a good coach & I strongly question his play calling. I don’t know who said it but koetter gets cupcake questions from the media. Life-long bucs fan too, I’m tired of vh3, I regret our first round pick this year. We don’t even use the guy properly. I’m done with this coaching staff & front office

  120. orlbucfan Says:


    I live in Tampa. I’m a season ticket holder. I go to a ton of training camp practices. So no, you aren’t closer to it than me.

    Every team has quality players. Arizona has one of the premier corners in the game. They have plenty of talent. Don’t kid yourself.
    I’m not kidding myself or anyone else. You know as well as I do that the talent now on this offense alone is at the quality level Dungy’s defenses were. You really live in Tampa? I envy you cos I wish I did, but NOT on a barrier island! So, why is DK not calling the gameplans to open this offense up?

  121. Owlykat Says:

    Had our egotistical GM signed Petersen to an 8 million contract like the Saints did we would be in the first place in our Division right now even despite the stupid kickers Licht stuck us with til our present one and his failure to get better linemen on both sides of our ball; his allegiance to our incompetent LT and not picking another pass rusher in the draft. Joe sees how bad our GM is and Licht will need to pay the price if we don’t make the playoffs this year.

  122. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Yes, the offense is extremely talented. On paper. This is also their first year together as presently constructed. If Jameis were a 10 year vet, I’d be a little more worried. I think it just takes time. I don’t want to hear that as I’m sure you don’t, but it’s just reality. Yes there are teams that don’t require time to have things click, but there are also teams that do. Every situation is different. The pieces are definitely there, but for whatever reason we just can’t seem to get into a rhythm. In some ways, I think it’s a bit of a struggle because Jameis went from basically only having Evans and Brate to all of a sudden having players everywhere, including a jet in Desean. Maybe he’s trying to spread the ball around too much. Maybe the playcalling is bad. More than likely it’s a combination of several different things. However, as of right now, I’m not if full panic mode. I will be if we are 10 games in and not showing improvement, but until then I’m going to be patient. I do not want to blow this thing up. We’ve been there, done that. It hasn’t been working. I want to give this staff and players some time. Let’s try something different.

  123. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I don’t even want to pretend to know more than Dirk. He’s been around the game for a really long time, and just by listening to him, he really seems like he knows what he’s doing. Know the product on the field hasn’t always shown that, but I’m not in a position to pin that on Koetter. That being said, I do wish we would have more easy throws. It seems like Jameis is always chucking the ball down the field. While that’s explosive and entertaining as hell, it’s also going to lead to a lot of bad plays. It’s kind of like doing nothing but shooting 3’s in a basketball game. Even Golden State gets some easy shots. I would love to see us dink and dunk a little more (I never thought I’d type those words as a Bucs fan), and then eventually open it up when the defense is off balance. But again, I’m no OC, so I could be completely wrong.

  124. jimmyjack Says:

    I see a team that is completely unprepared week in and out. Coaching absolutely has to come to the forefront when there players look lost on the field. The list of mistakes made on the field is enormous just from this game alone…………..

    -Winston–missing open targets deep down field. He seems to make these plays more often in the 4th……..I’m starting to blame gameplanning here and not allowing your QB to get into a game rythm(he is obvisously cold at the start of every game)

    -Martin–Another easy pass dropped. 2nd week in a row we continue to throw to this guy and he has no hands……Coaching has no reason to run this guy across the middle, especially on a critical play.

    Brate–Guy runs the wrong way on a toss play…….This guy has been here long enough to know his playbook.

    OJ–He cuts off his route and then walks out of bounds mid-play……..This guy needs a ton more practice. Coaching mistake to even have him on the field, IMO(especially on critical plays).

    Simms–No ability to get open from the slot…….Coaching mistake to ever have him run routes from there.

    Defense–Sorry I just cracked my keyboard in disgust.

  125. jimmyjack Says:

    How can you say that Dirk seems to know what hes doing? Thats comical to me.

    I would nearly wager that half of Winstons yards come after plays breakdown. Not from design in the slightest…….Oh but Dirk has a run game…..What run game?

  126. jimmyjack Says:

    Dirk get a great reciever with Jackson and has turned him into a stiff most games.

  127. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Man you guys are extremely negative. Our team played great the second half and never gave up.

  128. jimmyjack Says:

    hahaha Bucfan7423………..The Bucs got there asses kicked today and got blown out.

    Anybody that viewed that game and uses great as an adjetive to decribe the Bucs in any way from that game needs there head examined.

    losses are always negative no matter how you wanna spin it….But atleast we have hope(BUCSBALL)

  129. Mr Ed Says:

    It’s time to recognize the truth. The Glazer sons did something old man Malcolm would have never done when they fired Gruden after consecutive winning seasons with the geriatric squad.

    This team is toast, and always will be. Soft, unprepared, undisciplined, poorly coached, poorly managed.

    You get what you deserve, Glazer lads.

  130. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Jimmy, losing by 5 points is not a blow out

  131. Wes Says:

    No offense…. But to anyone who thinks we need to move on from Winston and use Fitz, you’re retarded. Don’t forget Fitz threw an interception on the 1 yard line. And yes, it was on fitz. Who delivered the ball late.