10 Bucs-Related Nuggets Out Of Sunday’s Games

October 9th, 2017

Revival continues

Your Buccaneers didn’t play this weekend, but Joe found plenty of Bucs-related stuff on the field and in the broadcast booth.

1) Cam Newton is completing passes at a 68.3 percent clip this season, and he was phenomenal again in Detroit like he was in New England last Sunday. Carolina is 4-1 with three road wins and three wins against teams with winning records. The Bucs have yet to face a team with a winning record.

2) Joe caught a chunk of the Rams-Seahawks game on radio, and to Joe’s surprise, former Rams head coach John Robinson, now 82 years old, was the color analyst. Man, what a wealth of insight he was. Wow! Of course, Joe shook his head hearing what a Michael Bennett fan Robinson is. Robinson dropped a stat that Bennett has 16.5 sacks in his last 18 road games. Joe’s not sure whether that was before or after Bennett’s sack yesterday in Seattle’s win against Los Angeles.

3) Injuries are a massive part of the NFL. They always have been, and that was again on display yesterday. J.J. Watt and Odell Beckham, Jr. broke bones and have lost their seasons. It was Dalvin Cook blowing his knee out last week. And Chiefs wide receiver Chris Conley’s horrific calf/Achilles injury was there for all to see on Sunday Night Football. Of course, there were other serious injuries, too. This is why Joe shrugs off Tampa Bay fans who fear the Bucs won’t be able to re-sign all their young players. The odds of all the Bucs’ young studs staying healthy and worthy of a fat new contract are slim. That’s just football.

4) Arizona (2-3), the Bucs’ next opponent, got embarrassed by the Eagles (4-1). It was the Cardinals’ third double-digit loss of the season. Their two wins were field-goal victories against the lowly Niners and Colts. This is simply a Cardinals team the Bucs absolutely must beat on Sunday. The way the NFC is rolling this season, it may take 11 wins to make the playoffs.

5) Speaking of the Eagles, prepare yourself for the inevitable national chatter that Carson Wentz is better than America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston. Eagles running back LeGarrette Blount, the ex-Buc, continues to hammer away. Blount is averaging a whopping 5.8 yards per carry on 56 rushes this season.

6) Manbeast Jaguars defensive tackle Calais Campbell, the guy Dirk Koetter said the Bucs didn’t have tens of millions lying around to pay in free agency this offseason, has six sacks in five games. The Bucs’ entire team has four sacks. One could argue the Bucs couldn’t afford not to pay Campbell. Regular listeners of the Ira Kaufman Podcast know Joe only made one big bet in Vegas this offseason — on the Jaguars to win six or more games. The 3-2 Jaguars are just so darn loaded with defensive talent, Joe was convinced they would be the rare case where monster defense and a run game is enough to overcome a talented but bad quarterback.

7) Sackless former Bucs defensive end George Johnson was cut by Tampa Bay late this preseason. Today, he made a couple of plays for the Lions (no sack, though). This interesting story out of Detroit a couple of weeks essentially is about how the Lions thought Johnson was too fat on the Bucs roster but told him they’d sign him if he shed weight in a hurry. Why didn’t the Bucs think he was too fat? Or did they?

8) Austin Seferian-Jackwagon, in three games for the Jets since returning from his suspension following his Tampa arrest, has 15 catches and a touchdown — with Josh McCown throwing him the football for the 3-2 Jets. Joe is in disbelief. Good for ASJ. Let’s see if he can last more than nine games this season, his career high for one year.

9)  Marcus Mariota missed his sixth career game today. Jameis hasn’t missed one.

10) Every Bucs fan remembers how Chucky pounded rookie running back Cadillac Williams into the ground with 88 carries for 434 yards in his first three games of 2005, all Bucs victories. But Cadillac was garbage for the next four games (45 carries for 82 yards) and he only had three big games the rest ’05. Chiefs rookie running back Kareem Hunt seems just fine with his heavy workload through five games. He had another huge game Sunday night for the undefeated Chiefs and has 97 carries for 609 yards and four touchdowns this season, including lots of work in the passing game. Kansas City appears to have made the trade of the draft, moving up to get Hunt in the third round. The Bucs are in that conversation with their trade-up to grab rookie LB Kendell Beckwith with the final pick of Round 3.

34 Responses to “10 Bucs-Related Nuggets Out Of Sunday’s Games”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Its too bad Blount burned his bridge here so badly. Would love for the team to have resigned him this offseason. Loved to watch him hurdle players!!

    But he really screwed up here.

    Wonder if Watts is done. He cant stay on the field anymore.

    I dont care about comparisions. Jameis is a fantastic young franchise QB- and Im so glad we have him

    (Sigh) if only we had a DE . . . And another CB across from Grimes!!
    Gotta start Smith. See if a lil time not starting lets Hargreaves get his game together. I wish he could.
    But Smith is much better right now

  2. LocalJoker Says:

    Great observations Joes! Had similar thoughts as I watched all the games today.

  3. godzilla13 Says:

    @Arizona, @Buffalo, then back home to face Carolina. Big next three games. I believe we can win the next two games and even beat Carolina at home. After last years blow out in Arizona, this game will set the tone for the rest of the season with a victory. The Eagles Wentz was 70% accurate for 304 yards and 4 TD’s. The Cardinals running game was not great with only 34 yards rushing. The Bucs just need to get Martin going, stop those quick slants from Palmer and hopefully get some help from the kicking game. Winston will have a big game and the defense will get some turnovers.

  4. SCBucsFan Says:

    If we can’t utterly destroy the Cardinals, we might as well write this season off. Especially if we get everyone back from injuries, which is possible.

  5. ME13 Says:

    Just remember when the bandwagon fans are crying about Jamis !!! It’s not what he hasn’t done yet !!! It’s what he has already done!!! He has changed the standard of Bucs football ( Culture) as some like to say !!! That’s the hardest part Turning the ship the lil mis fires here an a few drops there An to come come down to 3 secs to beat the champs !!! Which will be in the playoffs for the record!!! Look at the Browns that was us before JW3 walked into One Buc place !!! The poor ole Browns are 2-30 for there last 32 games

  6. ME13 Says:

    The Bucs are a for real football team !! Be proud of our team guys !! Light yrs will get the kicking fixed an we going to have a chance in every game we play !!! Them days of the Lay down roll over play dead Bucs are gone !! !! Can we improve in a lot of places Yes !! Do teams have to sweat us Yes !! Can we win Yes !! Can we make a Folk goaled No 😂

  7. ME13 Says:

    You cant spell JW3 without the W !! An W is the letter we looking for !! Get off 3 an let’s got put it to CP3 this Sunday an get the W !! Go Bucs

  8. Roy T. Buford Says:

    “4) Arizona (2-3), the Bucs’ next opponent, got embarrassed by the Eagles (4-1). It was the Cardinals’ third double-digit loss of the season. Their two wins were field-goal victories against the lowly Niners and Colts. This is simply a Cardinals team the Bucs absolutely beat on Sunday. The way the NFC is rolling this season, it may take 11 wins to make the playoffs.”

    Think Joe means “must beat” on Sunday. To that, I have to invoke the history of teams always getting well against the Bucs. In fact, when the Bucs went to ARI last year, the tenor was that it was a must win for the Cards, who lost at home in their opener and there was speculation their season was on the line. And it was Game freakin’ 2. The Cards are not going to be in a good mood. I just hope the Bucs remember how badly they got embarassed there last year and fix it.

  9. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Here is another nugget. The Bills, who impressively beat the Falcons in their house a week ago, fell to the trainwreck Bengals yesterday. As the Bucs have to fly out to ARI next week across three time zones…and back, the Bills are in their bye week, with plenty of time to prep for the Bucs mentally and physically. I can’t help but think the ARI trip will mean the Bucs play extra hard to erase last year’s debacle out there, but it will seem to them like a quick-turn for BUF, who has a suprisingly strong D. That is going to be a game the Bucs D is going to have to excel in…can’t be giving the Bills struggling O any clout.

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    After the Pats game, I’m not nearly as optimistic about the Bucs season as I was, even if we get Lavonte, Kwon & TJ all back this week. The Cardinals game should be the most winnable, but the Cards won’t be any pushover in their house (I still remember the whooping they put on us last year). Buffalo has an outstanding defense this year (allowing less than 15 pts/game) & Carolina’s offense has started to click (their defense is pretty decent this year too which is largely why they’re 4-1).

    Bucs on the other hand appear to be treading water at 2-2. Our defense has done a good job IMO of compensating for little pass rush and mediocre secondary play. Our offense very simply isn’t getting the job done & must either improve significantly … and quickly … or we’re in serious trouble. Was really expecting to see us fly high this year offensively, but so far it’s been nothing to crow about.

  11. Guzzie Says:

    ASJ is a former Buc, of course he’s going to do well somewhere else just like Blount, Talib, Bennett, Penn etc, non story, it’s expected lol

  12. BucsQcCity Says:

    Michael Ghost Johnson had 2 sacks yesterday. Fun stuff

  13. JP4 Says:

    Holy crap, Joes! Michael Bennett has been gone for…what, going on 4.5 seasons, now? Let it go, man, let it go!

  14. JP4 Says:

    …aaaand, right now, at least…Carson Wentz IS better than ‘America’s’ QB! America also…shhhh!…DIDN’T win the Vietnam war. But, reality takes on whatever shape you want if you squeeze it hard enough.

  15. Buc believer Says:

    Campbell has four sacks compared to the batman loving im going to help you upbwhen and if I hit you how is your momma doing daisy picking lollipop sucking DT we have. Interesting.

  16. ClodHopper Says:

    Wentz is indeed better than jameis. It’s not even close right now.

    Josh Mcoun needs to realize if he’s starting, he has one job. Get the first pick in the draft. He’s so bad he’s even fcking that up!!

  17. BucTrooper Says:

    This entire article is about Buccaneers who left the team and got good someplace else! That isinaccurate. –Joe What is it about this franchise that makes great players average and average players crap?

  18. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs has 6 of their next 8 games on the road

  19. Stud Says:

    1- Panthers look to be the division winner as they are rolling on both sides of the ball and don’t even have Greg Olsen

    2-Dominik’s biggest gaffe was letting Bennett walk, not biggest draft mistake those are too many to list here

    3-That’s why it’s important to draft good players and not reach for need.

    4 & 5-Jameis can prove he’s progressing by putting up similar stats to Wentz then. Eagles and Bucs both added weapons for their young QB’s one is excelling at ball distribution and the other is not going through his
    progressions and forcing the ball into double coverage consistently. I honestly didn’t think Wentz would be doing better with his new weapons than Winston would

    6-Weren’t 4 of Campbell’s sacks in one game? Stats can be a bit deceiving at times

    8-Oh great another ex Buc doing better in another uniform

    9-Glad the Bucs didn’t draft him as the best ability is availability

  20. LakeLand Says:

    My predictions for the NFC South

    1st. Carolina Panthers 12-4

    2nd. Atlanta Falcons 11-5

    3rd. New Orleans Saints 8-8

    4th. Tampa Bay Bucs 7-9

  21. LakeLand Says:

    A 37 year old Julius Peppers has 5.5 sacks for the Panthers.

    A 33 year Elvis Dumervil has 3.5 sacks for the 49ers in 2 games

    Tampa Bay Bucs entire defense 4.0 sacks

  22. Kalind Says:

    Wentz is playing well. But he has a Defence, he has played chumps and has a decent team that can ru the ball around him.

    Lets get a little further into the year before we say who is better. (Wentz seems to make better decisions though under duress)

  23. R.O. Says:

    I watched most of the Jags v Steelers yesterday. Their D is legit.

  24. mike10 Says:

    Is Campbell better than McCoy?

  25. Brandon Says:

    ME13 Says:
    October 9th, 2017 at 5:53 am
    You cant spell JW3 without the W !! An W is the letter we looking for !! Get off 3 an let’s got put it to CP3 this Sunday an get the W !! Go Bucs


    That’s pretty dumb. You don’t spell “JW3”, you just say it. If you were trying to be funny or witty with Jameis being a winner you should’ve said you can’t spell or say “Winston” without WIN….but I’m not into corny stuff like that so I’ll let you have it.

  26. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Carolina beat San Fran (not a playoff team), Detroit (not a playoff team), a struggling Patriots team that should have lost to the Texans and Buccs, and lost to the Saints (who will likely be in last place in the division).

  27. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs beat an 0-5 team and a 1-3 team.

  28. orlbucfan Says:

    Bucs should be 3-1 right now. The kicker blew it. That’s a fact. That is factoring in the offense having a stinking 3 quarters and DK looking like a second year HC. The kicking headache has to be fixed–period! Don’t know how as just a lowly fan. I am disappointed in the offense. They and DK are better than this!! Jags definitely are for real. They played Steelers and BenR into the ground yesterday–in Pittsburgh.

  29. Lord Cornelius Says:

    All interesting indeed. NFL changes it’s overall picture week to week so much.

    NO ONE thought the Bucs vs Pats would be low scoring… so that’s what happened of course lol.

  30. pick6 Says:

    mike smith’s apparent preferred defensive style with this group (off coverage, lots of zone, and throwing in some blitzes when at full strength) will work reasonably well vs arizona, i feel. they’re not a threat to gash the bucs with the run and not inclined to go to the short stuff when they can’t hit the big play

  31. Destinjohnny Says:

    Gm’s have more to do with wins and loses than coaches

  32. NFLNut Says:

    I LOVE CARSON WENTZ … but he’s not quite on Jameis level … he plays a lot like Jameis and they have the same sort of skill-set, but he absolutely fell apart over the second half of last season and he’s quite a bit older than Jameis despite playing a year less. He’s much, much better than Dak, Goff or Deshaun imho though

  33. NFLNut Says:

    SAM DARNOLD, is another guy that is cut from the same cloth as Jameis & Wentz … to me, those three guys could be the QB kings in the future. They’re all like Roethlisberger mixed with Favre clones and I’m high on all three of them … however Darnold could end up on the Browns or Jets and have his career wasted which would be a shame

  34. NFLNut Says:

    Is it just me or should the Giants TANK this season and try to get Darnold, Allen or Rosen? I even think they should trade Eli for the highest pick they can get … maybe to a team like the Jaguars as if they just had an above-average QB instead of Bortles they could have a legit shot at winning the AFC with that nasty defense and ground game