“Arizona Can’t Protect At All”

October 15th, 2017

Takes veiled shots from former NFL QB.

If Phil Simms is correct, we will find out today just how miserable the edge rush of the Bucs is (what edge rush?).

The Super Bowl-winning quarterback, on his weekly appearance with the one and only Chris “Mad Dog” Russo Friday, heard exclusively on SiriusXM Radio, doesn’t sound like much of a fan of Cardinals coach Bruce Arians.  Simms had quality sarcastic blasts that aimed in Arians’ direction.

“Arizona can’t protect at all, I mean, my gosh!” Simms said. “I guess there is a rule in Arizona that you cannot chip or help out tackles. We leave them one-on-one and we let Carson Palmer take big hits. … I have no faith in what Arizona is doing.”

Of course, with what the Bucs masquerade as edge rushers (what edge rush?), Joe suspects Cardinals tackles being left on an island will do just fine until proven otherwise.

Simms, like Joe, seems scared the Bucs are vulnerable to the long ball.

“Tampa’s defense, you know, they can stop the run,” Simms said. “They give up a lot of passes.”

However, Simms is waving Old Glory proudly as he sees America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, lighting up the desert sky (under a roof, of course).

“Overall, Tampa, their passing game, is the kind of passing game that matches up against Arizona’s defense — down the field,” Simms said. “Arizona does not have a great pass rush. Jameis Winston should have a good game and a big game against Arizona’s defense.”

Joe has to wonder though, how much different, minus Calais Campbell, is Arizona’s defense from last year? The Cardinals made Jameis look like Kevin Hogan last season. Patrick Peterson and “Honey Badger,” Tyrann Mathieu are both healthy, no?

2 Responses to ““Arizona Can’t Protect At All””

  1. LakeLand Says:

    They have pretty much the same O-Line from last season. Except for OG Alex Boone, he should have upgraded the line. They did a good job last season with protection. Carson Palmer was sacked only once and had a 125 passing rate, in a 40-7 win.

  2. Mike Johnson Says:

    Arizona can’t protect? I can’t tell. End of 1st quarter and they are shallacking us 21-zip. Pityful performance. I see people in the srands stright up laughing at us.
    EMBARRASING!! Same ole Bucs people..(S-O-B-S). Where is our God? Coach Koetter.