America Gives Back

October 14th, 2017

Role model.

Pretty cool video here of how NFL players give back to the community.

We’ve heard a lot of bad crap and noise and junk of late in the NFL. Joe doesn’t have to go into detail. We all know what that is.

Lost in this nonsense is how many NFL players make a positive impact on the community. Clinton McDonald paying for food trucks to help those impacted by Hurricane Irma and provide residents with a warm meal is above and beyond helping out. Payton Barber, too, started a campaign to help Hurricane Irma victims.

And in a recent CBS Sports video, a camera crew tags along with America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, and his family as Jameis talks about being a role model for his little brother. The CBS crew follows Jameis to an event where he and McDonald honor local veterans.

“Being selfless to serve this country is the best,” Jameis tells the vets.

You can enjoy the video below.

49 Responses to “America Gives Back”

  1. SB Says:

    While many players consistently disrespect Veterans, Jameis honors them. This I like.

  2. SB Says:

    What in the above statement could have possibly tripped moderation?

  3. Buc_The_World Says:

    How many times do the players have to say they are not disrespecting veterans before it gets through to some of you guys thick skulls. There are just as many veterans who support the players as the ones who don’t. The very reason Colin started kneeling is because he consulted with veterans to come up with a more acceptable way to protest that would not upset the military. Funny how you guys always s leave that fact out. This is why this issue won’t go away because you guys keep harping on disrespect but ignoring the the reason why they are doing it. Funny how you guys only care about veteran’s when it come to your sports, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day, but many veterans come home and can’t get jobs or decent healthcare when they get out, or they die and their families have to struggle because the government and all you veteran “supporters” out there haven’t lifted finger to help them. Yet you can on platforms like this and beat your chest using veterans as a mascot to further your agenda to silence those who speak against inequality that also affect veterans. You hypocrites disgust me!

  4. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Careful there buddy. If you start making too much sense, you will be attacked relentlessly. My favorite is the people that run to the concession stand during the anthem to grab nachos – which just so happen to be the same people that are complaining the loudest about the players not standing for the anthem.

  5. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    He make me proud to be a Buccaneers fan !

  6. SB Says:

    Hey Buc………..I don’t care what comes out of their mouth. That flag and that anthem has ZERO to do with cops. That Flag and Anthem are for Veterans that fight and die for US! I fought and buried good friends for the right for the players to protest. However this is the wrong venue COMPLETELY.

  7. SB Says:

    Hypocrite???? How the F?

  8. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Meanwhile, that sob side-show Bob troop grave pi$$$er Colin Kaepernick has recently given nearly $1,000,000 of his money to various charities.

  9. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Colin Kaepernick is an idiot. Nothing above about his pig cop socks or his Fidel Castro shirt?

  10. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Omg, socks and a t-shirt!!! Lock the thug up!

  11. Issic Haggins Says:

    Quit trying to tell people that respect and honor the flag as much or more than there own mothers and Grandmothers that it’s not about the flag !!!

    It’s clear people feel different and nobody has the right to alter that history , feeling and respect and anyone that does shouldn’t be speaking or representing anything as they are doing what they speaking or attempting to represent !!! Anyone telling someone it’s not about the flag , simply doesn’t respect the people that feel it is ……… BTW they are costing the future players billions ;as public displeasure with pampered and entitled athletes that really don’t live a normal life from a very young age until they retire is not a Short Memory . Ask Baseball !! Many Many of us don’t know what it is like to be the opposite gender or skin of another color ,,,,,,

    However it is the Athlete that is more guilty than any as from the time they are 7 years old they are coddled, pampered, babied,shown favoritism and simply don’t really have any idea of a civilian ordinary life. So MR Athlete ,self scout before your pampered entitled ass ruins your own career and the others that may follow . The Ticket to enter the stadium is to watch the game not hear or watch displays about personnel or political beliefs .

    I guess according to the Athlete we can do just about anything because for lots of true Americans the Flag is The Ultimate Representation ; and I’m being told by the Athlete that it’s not about that , it doesn’t matter, your taking it wrong !!!

    Suggestion to all Athletes get out in the community and increase graduation rates , decrease government assistance, increase college participation , decrease disability as a way of life , decrease drugs in the community and I assure your problems will subside and the Cry to ,(get more )way of life that is killing the American Community’s will decrease in infecting our Children !!! Make a Difference !!! Mr Athlete please spend time in the Police ride along programs and don’t speak until you do !! Please do this both sides need your help !!!

  12. webster Says:

    Pigs are dirty cops idiot. The very thing colin is protesting. All cops are not pigs idiot but if the shoe fits. Did idiots know that colin has law enforcement in his family? No because idiots love to be idiots. Do idiots know that colin mother was white and adopted by white parents? No because idiots love to be idiots and call him a racist. Castro?????? But its okay for the buffoon in chief to constantly praise putin and i quote “America is not innocent.” You fake patriotic idiots disgust me. Funny one idiot says that the flag has zero to do about cops. Idiots, that flag has everything to do about 100% of the entire American population which the cops are a part of. Why do you idiots see 50 stars on the flag? That represent the states and not fallen soldiers. Thats why idiots complain because they do not even know who that flag represent. Its not only for military. It represents the teachers, firemen, doctors, bankers, cops, chefs, mechanics, garbage men, software developers, students, and yes the nfl kneeling athlete etc. Get over yourself fake patriotic fans.

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    There IS actually military vets that are pissed off at what the players they’re are doing. Like millions of them….. to pretend otherwise makes one look DUMB..

    But keep bringing up about the vet that told Kap to do it…as if that guy outweighs millions of other vets against it all.

    There IS a reason people are pissed off about it. If the other side can’t see why then this is never going to end. To me they’ve already made their point. It’s kind of out there now as to what they were getting at. Okay so now what? Keep kneeling? For what? What good does it do to kneel now or in week 16? It won’t do ANY good imo. It only piss vets and others alike off even more…. lose – lose imo.

    That’s just me though….

  14. Buc1987 Says:

    Note to self…wear your glasses when posting if not proofread.

  15. Buc1987 Says:

    I actually THINK the NFL has heard the complaints FROM military vets.

    The NFL explained their stance, which basically came down to an FU to any vet opposed to what the players are doing.

    Anyone else see it that way as well?

  16. Rob in Land O Lakes Says:

    I am a voracious reader and occasional poster here at JBF. I am a criminal prosecutor and a Bucs and Lightning season ticket holder. Obviously, I work with a great deal of cops, 99% of whom are outstanding citizens. When ME13 and DJ11 decided to kneel for the anthem, my understanding was that it was not a military protest, but to bring awareness of the perceived disparate treatment of african americans by law enforcement. Ok,consider me aware. I’m not upset about this. I’ve always believed that reasonable people can have differing opinions. I decided to attempt to do something about this.

    I tweeted to DeSean Jackson, Mike Evans and the Bucs Twitter account that I would be willing to take vacation time to set up a meeting for either or both guys with the police chief or sheriff of their choosing to give them a forum to discuss this matter and work toward a solution. While I understand that this is a busy time of year, I also know most of these guys have people monitoring their Twitter account. So far I’ve heard nothing. If they choose to address this problem in a different way, so be it. Tweet it out and I’ll leave it alone. While I may be wrong, I don’t expect to hear anything. Because bitching about a problem is easy and working toward a solution is hard.

    Webster, I’m sorry you feel that way about law enforcement. I’ll make you the same offer. If you are local, let me know who you want to meet with in law enforcement and I’ll do everything in my power to make it happen and give you a forum to change things. You can reach out to me and verify what I’ve said on Twitter @DRobLewis.

  17. webster Says:

    @ 87

    And there are millions of vets and active duty that support the kneeling. To think otherwise makes you look foolish.

  18. webster Says:

    @ rob

    Thank you for trying to bring about advancement in our country. I applaud you sir. Fyi…i too have law enforcement in my family. My cousin ran for sheriff in his county in georgia a couple years ago (and lost sadly). Nothing made me happier than sitting in his undercover car as a kid and him turning on the sirens. We all played cops and robbers growing up. I was young and innocent and i held “all” cops in high regard. As i got older, i realized not “all” cops deserve my respect. While i applaud your efforts, i will respectfully decline your offer. Taking me on a ride along with an upstanding cop will not change the fact that there are dirty cops. Google kkk chief deputy cop in fruitfield. He is in our very state. Google kkk correctional officers plot to kill black inmate. Google kkk cop period. My point is cops like these absolutely will pull citizens over or kill just because of skin color. Whats even more unfortunate, there are many cops who will do the same thing due to preconcieved sterotypes. Lets fix that first and then i will ride along and revert back to my child hood when i would love to play cops and robbers and hear my cousin’s sirens.

  19. SB Says:

    webster Says:
    October 14th, 2017 at 1:26 pm
    @ 87

    And there are millions of vets and active duty that support the kneeling. To think otherwise makes you look foolish.
    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY and I mean EVERY one of my friends that I served with take offense to the kneeling. SHOW me ANY evidence that you have on “Millions of Vets supporting it” Please. Jeeeesh some of you people have Zero idea what it is to put your life on the line so others may live.

  20. webster Says:


    You are clueless. Understand there is a huge world outside of your “circle” of friends. Google #vetsforkap and watch the results. Even on jbf boards you have vets saying they are ok with the players kneeling. On wdae 620 vets call up and say they have no problem with kneeling. My circle of friends and family members who have served and still serve have no problem with it. You are the problem. You only hear what you want to hear and refuse to see and hear what others are saying. You are the problem.

  21. Rob in Land O Lakes Says:


    Thank you for a thoughtful response. I have no time or patience for dirty cops and I have prosecuted a handful. My point is not necessarily ride alongs, but getting both citizens to view law enforcement differently and in the law enforcement trainings that I currently do, getting cops to appreciate that many citizens look at them in a different prism than they perceive and to tailor their response to certain calls differently.

  22. webster Says:

    @ sb

    Google dale hansen news anchor/military vet and his comments on kneeling. Again there is a big world outside of your “circle” of friends. Get a clue

  23. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    The thing I don’t understand is why do you care so much whether or not a 20-something year old man stands or doesn’t stand? Who really cares? Why do you care any more about them than you do the guy who runs to the bathroom during the anthem? How is he hurting you? Are you that sensitive where you will let something like that bother you? Of all the terrible things happening in this country and in this world, whether or not a guy stands for the national anthem at a football game is waaaaayyyyy down on my list of concerns. If it makes you hate him, then so be it. Last I checked, that athlete isn’t trying to be your friend anyway, so what does it matter? Go ahead and hate the guy, but can you just do it quietly? I’m trying to watch a football game, and really don’t want to deal with butt hurt people worrying about the political stance of people they will never meet.

  24. SB Says:

    Webster I am far from clueless. I fought for the right for not only the PLayers to have their right to protest but also for MY OWN RIGHT to speak freely. I have ZERO problem with the players “protesting” I have and ALWAYS will have a problem with the venue in which they are using. Millionaires being lazy while disrespecting the Flag that I have had to hand to widows will NEVER EVER sit right with me. It is spitting in my face. If you want to bring notice to your cause GET OUT IN THE COMMUNITY. Quit taking a knee while you are At Work.

  25. SB Says:

    Obviously you haven’t given Years of your life in service of this country Hawaiian. Obviously you have never watched your best friend die in your arms while he was doing the same thing. Fighting for this country so that a 20 something year old can have the right to make Multi million dollar deals playing a game.

  26. Buc1987 Says:

    Can any of you clowns show me a poll where it shows americans support the kneeling? I can’t find not ONE. Most show it drastically the other way….most americans are by far against what they’re doing.

    You supporters are in the minority and with good reason. Ignorance I guess.

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I have not served in the military. However, one of my best friends is still in the military (Army). He actually stands when the anthem comes on and he’s watching a game at home. I’ve had family serve in the military. I’ve lived my entire life in high military populations, and had many many friends serve. The ones I speak to about the kneeling are really pretty impartial about it. Every single person in the military I have spoken to (which has been quite a bit) has said it is their right to kneel. None of them are boycotting the NFL. If anything, they fought so that people have the right to kneel, and not get killed for doing so as they would in some countries.

    You can have the argument that it is not the right place. In fact, I would totally agree with you on that. However, it still doesn’t matter. Whether or not a 23 year old man stands has no relevance to my life, nor their lives. When you join the military, you don’t serve so that all people can be great patriots. You serve because YOU are a great patriot. Why worry so much about the actions of a few (literally at least 95% of the people in the NFL are standing)? If you are serving our country, I would hope you have bigger things on your mind.

  28. webster Says:

    Sb you are clueless. The amount of money they make is irrelevant. And your service does not outweigh the millions of men and women who have served and support kap. Good day sir.

  29. webster Says:


    Thats because you only watch fox news. There are plenty of polls that show differently. Again close your ears and eyes to those who do not hold your views. That lets you sleep well at night.

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You very well may be right (although I think it would vary greatly depending on the demographics of the people you poll). Most of the people I know either are against the kneeling, or just plain don’t care. However, it would be equally hard to find a poll of Americans that actually think Trump is doing a good job, but he’s still President. You don’t have to like the kneeling for the anthem. I don’t think that’s the goal of a protest. You don’t have to like the President. I have no idea what his goals are except to divide the people and make moronic comment after moronic comment. It doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Football isn’t going anywhere, and neither is Trump.

    If you hate the kneeling so much, then don’t watch football. Period. Put your money where your mouth is. Believe me, if enough people do that, the man will put an end to the kneeling real quick. But a huge percentage of the people that are upset are fake patriots that just like to complain. They aren’t going anywhere.

  31. SB Says:

    I get what you are saying Hawaiian. We are almost saying the same thing. I Totally agree that it is their right to kneel. That is what I fought for. Why is it so wrong for me to Disagree with their Venue? I get free speech too don’t I? I am being called names for my view Right here on this site.
    Webster I have lost some respect for you in your myopia. I have every right to be offended by the protests and if you can’t see that then I feel sorry for you.

  32. webster Says:

    @ sb

    You are not wrong for disagreeing for the venue they chose to protest. You have that right as a citizen and vet (thanks for your service). You become wrong when you call these unpatriotic. They are very much patriotic and i can guarantee many of those players have family members who have served just like you have and i am sure they have consulted them on their thoughts about kneeling.

  33. SB Says:

    How in the phu can you square your neck right to say that their protests are “Patriotic”????????????????????????????????????????????
    If YOU want to help your country be better then GO OUT AND RISK YOURSELF!
    Go out in to the “hoods” where 58% of the violent crimes are committed by 20% of the population and Tell them to STOP perpetuating the situation. Kneeling while you make Millions a year is Stupid!. Giving a million when that is what you would have had to pay in taxes is nothing. GO TO WORK after “Work” if you want to make a difference!!!!!! You people have no clue what “sacrifice” means. I do!

  34. webster Says:


    You are clueless. This country was founded off of protest. Google american revolutionary war. Clueless indeed

  35. SB Says:

    I am going out to sight my rifle for hunting season.
    Later guys.

  36. SB Says:

    Actually I am surprised that you can spell clueless Webster.
    Ignorance is your middle name.

  37. grafikdetail Says:

    too many whiny snowflakes here for me

  38. The Buc Realist Says:

    It is hard to take their “anthem protest” seriously when some could not even be bothered when it came time to vote!!!!!!! And they have a huge platform, being NFL stars to get ” their message out” or “display their dislikes” in so many ways!!!!! Why not have 4 players that pull up on game day with local cops and have a huge petition signing and impromptu town hall meetings before games in the parking lot???? So many ways that they can help and bring attention to issues!!!!!! But they will tell you that this is their “right” even though they are at work!!!!!!! And that we should not be offended while they disrespect an American Iconic symbol and tell us it is not about “disrespect” !!!! Then don’t Use the Anthem and Flag to protest then!!!!!!

    And their are many who are offended and think they are disrespectful!!! So many that the league is having an emergency meeting because so many find it offensive!!!!!!!! Reports of earnings have some drops of 20% for the next CBA!!!!!! Can’t wait to see the King Roger Goodell ” move forward” on this issue!!!!!!!!!!

  39. webster Says:

    Btw…the “hoods” has nothing to do with rogue cops or racial injustices. Google the black nurse along with another black patron who was kicked out of victoria secret because another black lady was caught stealing. Im sure you have been in an establishment where a white person was caught stealing and you were not asked to leave as well. Now imagine that mentality with cops. You can keep your eyes closed if you want because that lets you sleep better as for me and the nfl i will use my patriotism and point out the wrongs of this country.

  40. webster Says:

    @ sb and 87

    Google marcus jeter and watch the 3 minute and 51 seconds about this black man’s encounter with the police. Now imagine if he were your white son, brother or friend. This type of incident happens all the times with minorites. These kneelers are very much patriotic and i applaud them. I can give a f@(k how well you sleep.

  41. Issic Haggins Says:


    The problem is realizing where problems start and where we are and heading as a country and society.

    To have that type of disrespect, lack of understanding and the attitude towards paying ticket holders, the country and those that have died for it ( that’s right they gave their life so people can play football) , the sponsors , the league that has a contract NOT condoning and dis tolerance for such displays etc etc etc. .

    Well Well Well if your that person then you are the problem with our country . You are the problem leading to more unemployment, drugs,theft,disability ,people on Medicare that are in their thirties , hatred, disrespect of others . Police used to investigate stolen bikes and now you have 30 shot per weekend in Chicago and That’s the problem !!! The attitude, the pride , the expectations, the crying to receive , the extended rights to protect criminals , it all stems from an attitude and way of life !!! That’s Why Hawaiian and obviously your ok with the direction of our country !!! Think about it !!!

  42. webster Says:

    Jbf, you can keep my last 2 comments in moderation for over an hour if you like but it will not change the truth

  43. Jimmy T Says:

    U know what Webster u don’t even know why u don’t like our President. That’s what amazes me. For 8 years race relations where at an all time low but because the media throws out garbage about our president u disrespect him. What did the PREVIOUS President do to improve things? When some of the police shootings of African Americans were caught on video Trump totally was against the actions of the police , he did NOT put his head in the sand for 8 years and allow the murder rate in CHicago to be beyond disturbing. I never disrespected any president, u might want to respect the office and also watch something other than CNN

  44. James Walker Says:

    No one disrespects vets except those morons picketing funerals. People need to stop confusing non-participation in jingoistic rituals with respect for those who serve. BIG difference.

  45. webster Says:

    @webster — Joe, not you, is responsible for every world written on this website. When you write something that is half fiction (keyword half) and malicious content blasting someone, Joe can’t allow it.–Joe

  46. webster Says:

    Jimmy t

    Obama was the reason social injustices was brought to the forefront. Show me one instance where trump stood with the shot black man by rogue cops? He took out a full page ad lobbying for the death penalty of 4 minorities for killing a white women. When dna cleared them, not once did he apologize. Jbf moderated me previously so i will try and clean this up. Race relations was crap prior to obama. This country had 43 white presidents. To say the first and only black president killed race relations lets me know you did not like seeing a black man in office or you were just blind to what was going on around you. Btw.. there are many reasons i do not like the buffoon in chief. He is a draft dodger, allegedlly sexually assault women, he has admitted to walking in a dressing room of teen pagent contestant when they were naked, he did not rent to blacks and was sued for it. His father was in the kkk. He does not pay taxes which is documented, he loves putin ie putin is a great leader, he rips off contractors who he has not paid so they have sued him, and he had trump university. I could go on.

  47. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Issic Haggins,

    So because I don’t care if a young man stands or kneels, I am the problem? Huh?They are not politicians. They are not world leaders. They are athletes. They have a right to an opinion, and to express their opinion. I’ve already said I don’t agree with the method, but it doesn’t bother me even 1% that they are doing it. Why would it? It’s peaceful, not disruptive, and legal. So what’s really the problem?

    It is painfully obvious the people who are upset do not believe in their cause. If they were kneeling for veteran’s rights, everyone would be cheering for them. If they were kneeling to protest something you believe in, you would call them brave. You don’t have to believe in their cause. You don’t have to even respect them for doing it. However, no matter what you say, they are within their right. But again, they are practically kids. Stop putting so much weight in their beliefs if they don’t line up with yours. We are allowed to be different in this country. The real problem with this country is that people refuse to accept that.

  48. Buc1987 Says:

    webster…it’s NOT that hard to find a poll and post it. Taking the “Fox News” way out is old and lame. Like Obama days old…

    Hey did hear that Obama did this?

    Answer : “No way where’d you hear that Fox News.”

    That was THEE go to response. Not that he actually did it, but that no other news org reported it so it must be a lie. Think Fox would be up to their eyeballs in lawsuits by now with all these lies they tell all the time.

    The media coddled Obama and Fox reported everything. It too CNN 4 days after Fox to report about Benghazi. That’s how much the press protected that guy.

    So it’s old. Post a poll backing up your claim that “millions of vets” support the kneeling. You’re wrong and you have no way out of it.

  49. Issic Haggins Says:

    They are 100 percent not with in any right !!! It is a 100 percent violation of t.Here employment contract , 100 percent , not even a discussion !!! There is no absolutely no right , the right is for public protest and I support that!!!