VIDEO: Gerald McCoy Apologizes For Referring To President As “Retarded”

September 27th, 2017

It’s all right here captured by Rock Riley (@RealRockRiley). McCoy told reporters today in the locker room that he wanted to make a statement. And here’s what was weighing on McCoy’s mind.

Gerald McCoy apology from Rock Riley on Vimeo.

70 Responses to “VIDEO: Gerald McCoy Apologizes For Referring To President As “Retarded””

  1. Dewey Selmon Says:

    He should be apologizing to retards for comparing them to Trump.

  2. Rod Munch Says:

    While I disagree with McCoy resorting to name calling, I do like that over the last year plus the words black and retard are making a comeback. I voted for Trump, mind you a lifelong Democrat who was on Larry King Live on CNN in 2009 and 2010 weekly defending Obama saying he was doing a great job, anywho I voted for Trump not so much because I believe in his policies (mostly left garbage like being anti-free trade, pro-government ran healthcare, increasing taxes on “the rich”) but because I saw Trump as the perfect person to help kill political correctness, one of the biggest evils this nation has ever faced. So to get people like McCoy throwing around the word retarded, LOL! I love it. I disagree with you McCoy, but I’ll fight for your right to call anyone retarded. Just don’t get mad when people respond by calling you names as well, that’s how it works. When everyone is free to say what they want you actually know how people feel – and then at that point you can have honest and real conversations.

    Thanks Trump, you’re making America great again.

  3. MIKE Says:


  4. Roy T. Buford Says:

    He said he didn’t have a right to say that. Yes, in fact he did. It wasn’t a good thing to say, but he does have the right. What he didn’t have a right to do was invite people to One Buc to talk to him and not honor it. These guys’ heads are all over the place. His buddy Mike Evans is also saying he’s 50/50 on whether he’ll kneel or not Sunday. So my West Club tickets are up for sale. I’ll return to Bucs games when they start acting like respectable Americans, including the ownership…who supports the kneel downs.

  5. AlteredEgo Says:

    How about you #93 apologize about feeling disrespected for disrespecting the American flag and this great country which you enjoy to the fullest ….and while you are at it Mr Team Leader….why don’t you offer a statement exactly what you are so extremely upset about…. because I have not heard the expressed clearly….I’ll stop

  6. GhostofSchiano Says:


    I pay hard earned money to come watch you play a game.
    As the recipient of those dollars I am at liberty to criticize your performance.
    If your skin is that thin you have two choices.

    1) Toughen up

    2) Find another vocation

    Good Luck

  7. GhostofSchiano Says:


  8. Tom Edrington Says:

    Did he apologize for trying to lure fans to the front gate at One Buc Place for his so called “sit down” with them, knowing full well that they would never be permitted past the guard.

  9. Chris Says:

    I out right do not like Rod Munch a human. He’s a reason, along with others why I find it hard coming back to this site. Protest the damn players not standing for the flag, which untll Kapernick was caught by tv, none of you even realize what players did during the anthem. I’ve watched sports for 40 years, watched World Series, All Star games, etc, where players were goofing off during the anthem. Nothing said for all those years, but protest what one race deals strongly about, and here come the Joe Patriots up in arms. I got one can’t stand being on a site where an idiot like Rod can think it’s laughable to be ok with words that degenerate a portion of people that can’t defend themselves, the mentally handicapped. Come on up to NC. and use that word around my son and we’ll see what kind of tough guy you are,

  10. mark2001 Says:

    It is a far stretch to say he is retarded. However, President Trump does have some mental issues. He is a narcissistic pathological liar. If you don’t believe me, ust look at the characteristics of a Narcissist. Trump checks off every box. And regarding the pathological liar part, you know he continually lies, might look that up pathological liar, and compare it to his behavior…. Check, check, check, check, check, maybe, check, check….11 or 12 out of 13.

  11. Ryan Says:

    This is a step in the RIGHT DIRECTION. Just purchased your jersey McCoy. Now lets:
    1) Take politics out of football and focus on who you are playing that week.
    3) Make him BETTER and our team BETTER by finally nabbing talented EDGE RUSHERS.

  12. DWE Says:

    No country is perfect, because the people who make up countries are not perfect. But I believe we live in the best. We have faults but disrespecting the country as a whole is not going to solve the problem. Players need to find another avenue to state there protest. Leave politics out of football!!!!

  13. DWE Says:

    Their protest

  14. Rod Munch Says:

    Chris. I never ever bring up politics unless it’s related to the story. For example the people trying to hijack the game thread on Sunday to make it all about politics – I was one of the few that stayed on subject. This story however is about politics – thus my comment that basically says we need more speech, not less, and I support McCoy saying whatever he wants, so long as he supports people saying whatever they want in response. You see kiddo that’s how things work – and if you have a problem with that then I suggest you go find and old tire and a boat oar and paddle your way south to Cuba where you’ll feel more at home with your fellow leftist. LOL! Funny thing though in your communist paradise try not standing for the flag, or not showing up at government manidated rallies – or calling Castro various names, let me know how that goes kiddo.

  15. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Serious question for those offended by the protests

    Why is kneeling for the anthem disrespecting the troops, but deporting DREAMers who are serving and discharging trans troops not disrespectful to the troops? Like, isn’t ruining the lives of the troops a bigger disrespect than some NFL players taking a knee?

  16. Mike Johnson Says:

    Apologize? For what/? He should have included ignorant as well.

  17. LakeLandBuc Says:

    He’s not too retarded, he was able to avoid the Vietnam War. The fools that voted for him are retarded. Not one of his family member has ever served this country.

  18. bucs_365 Says:

    Should never apologize for insulting the fascist a55clown president. He deserves it.

  19. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Here’s a solution for the offended, but not in game attendance — turn off the F-ing TV until the kick off!! Protests are not occurring during the game, but before the game. Do you stand attention at home with beer and chips in hand! NO!!! Can you flip a channel for a minute? YES!!!
    I’m sure many of you watch boxing or MMA, do your precious hearts cry when there’s no anthem played before fight night? NO!!!
    Why the need for anthem in the first place? I bet half the offended don’t even know the lyrics. They are also the biggest offenders of “PC Culture”. Well guess what, you’re the precious snowflake, not the patriot.
    Sports and politics have existed since the age of Olympics; stop your moaning, grow a pair, and learn to live with American reality.

  20. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    And if your in attendenace, keep your eyes in the flag like you expect everyone else to do. Problem solved for the weak

  21. bucster Says:

    I voted Trump just to see all the liberals get their granny panties in a wad and almost a year after the election it is still good entertainment. Carry on liberals, carry on pissing your pants at the very mention of Donald. #MAGA

  22. Eric Says:

    football players are obviously the proper purveyors of social justice.

  23. Sweezy4Sheezy Says:

    McCoy’s feelings get hurt as easy as his body parts , I see…

  24. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    Ditto Howtospellrhonde!

    That really get’s me how people try to pretend they are so patriotic, but will not give a assistance to the down and out. Talk is cheap but those players donate their time and money to the military. My spouse spent 20 years in the AF and everyone don’t put their hand over their heart, some stand at attention, they don’t jump out of their cars they halt and give reverence.

    Talk is cheap so while the people in glass houses is throwing stones…they have not given more support to the troops than athletes and a lot of those athletes parents are veterans. It amazes me how people who have not sacrificed or served in the military themselves, like our president or his two sons. Pretend to be so patriotic!

  25. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    @ Eric

    Exactly! Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens, Arthur Ashe, Billy Jean King, Muhammad Ali, and Kareem Abdul-Jabar never made a difference in their respected sport.

  26. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    @ N4J&dB

    Yep. They whine they don’t like politics mixed with their sports! Well, guess what folks, the Fing national anthem is political!!!! Let’s get rid of the damn thing in general, it was only put into sports as war propaganda in the first place. If you don’t like the politics, then just watch the Fing sport!

  27. Roy T. Buford Says:

    All the NFL Commissioner and owners need to do is encourage all in their organizations, including the players, to comply with Title 36, Section 301 of the U.S. Code (of laws), that basically says those present *should* face the flag and stand at attention with their right hands over their hearts…also says if applicable, they should remove their headress and hold it on their left shoulder so their hand is over their heart. If the players don’t comply, at least the NFL and owners had the common decency to encourage compliance with the law. Of course, the law also covers for military in uniform and not in uniform should do. If the Bucs came out with such a statment like that, I’d be back in it, and would just harass the players who disrespect the anthem…

  28. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Also, the irony of the offended claiming they are done with the NFL can’t help but tell the world on multiple NFL football forums for days on end. You know it’s total bs – they eat it up and love it like an opiate. Move along already.

  29. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    @ Roy

    How about the president and Congress make US Code apply to beer cups, napkins, placemats, t-shirts, underwear, bumper stickers, and dildos, too.

  30. Roy T. Buford Says:

    What is really uncanny is the ignorance of those who disrespect our national anthem claim to do so for the purpose of “social justice” which is about the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges in society. None of those clowns kneeling, sitting, or armlocking seem to be having any trouble in those areas, and there is nothing in the anthem, the U.S. flag code, pledge of allegiance, or any U.S. law that counters “social justice,” so those clowns should instead use their free time supporting their causes.

  31. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    I see old glory tattooed all over military personal, too. Disgraceful

  32. Cobraboy Says:

    I want politics and social justice out of my football 100%, period.

    I pay for the GAME, not political opinions, not social justice warrior grievances regardless how righteous.

    I enjoy football for a respite from life’s travails and turmoil.

    I am therefore boycotting the NFL and any sponsor thereof until ownership please a mea culpa and the current crap is thrown in the dumpster.

    I will not watch an NFL game this weekend for the first time in over 50 years. I have never missed a Bucs game, in person if in town or on TV for away games since moving back to Tampa in ’87. I have subscribed to Game Pass for 10 years since moving to the DR.

    I have tried to cancel my Game Pss subscription to no avail. I do have four friends who were able to cancel their Direct TV NFL package.

    PC has been creeping into the NFL for years and these recent actions pretty much were the killshot through my heart.

    Blogs like JBF and others are fine, since they do not pay royalties to the NFL…they don’t use any official logos or images.

    Player protesters have their right to expression, and so do I and millions of others.

    Anybody catch Rooney’s desperate, feckless plea to Steeler fans today after the dumpster fire in Pittsburg? Villanueva’s “apology” reminded me of one of those force apologies by captured American soldiers in Viet Nam. I looked to see if he was eye blinking Morse Code…

    Anybody catch the recent RRG survey of 2000 people regarding the protests?No? let me offer the Cliff Notes version:
    -51% are watching less NFL football now that the past
    -69% say it’s because of the protests
    -64% say players should be more respectful for the anthem
    -50% say the protests make them less likely to watch the NFL in the future.

    The survey:

    Those numbers are called a PR nightmare.

    The NFL has allowed politics and social injected into the game to kill the goose who laid the golden eggs. The NFL has lost its mystique to millions of fans and I doubt will ever be the same.

    IMO, Roger Goodell should be fired. He has presided over this disaster.

  33. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    @ Roy

    They seem to have your attention and most of America. Civil disobedience is patriotism whether you like it or not.

  34. Cobraboy Says:

    No, the national anthem is NOT “political.”

    It is the representation of a government and its people, not political parties or positions.

  35. Dlavid Says:

    93 , you are a real man ! Regardless of what side anyone takes on the issue it is obvious Gerald feels remorse and repented for his actions at his own accord . You inspire me to be more Christ like brother McCoy !

  36. Cobraboy Says:

    @HowToSpellRhonde: No, civil disobedience is NOT “patriotism.”

    Patriotism is love and devotion to one’s country to the extent one is willing to die for her.

    Civil disobedience is bitching about a perceived grievance.

  37. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    @ Cobraboy

    Nonsense. You need to look at history from another perspective

  38. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @SpellRhonde…civil disobedience is civil disobedience…a form of protest. That is not patriotism.

    Have our attention? The attention they are getting is not shedding light on their causes…only their ignorance and disrespect for their country.

  39. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Trump is Pavlov; we are the dogs.

  40. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    @ Cobra

    All that MLK bridge walking was perceived grievance? Rosa Parks sitting on a bus perceived?

    Get a gripe, you are oblivious to political history

  41. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Maybe we should segregate water fountains and counter stools for the oblivious perceivers like you, Cobra. Perhaps withhold voting rights from the person that bore you into this world?
    Newsflash for today in history – I suppose you think Saudi women that just earned the right to drive did so by baking extra yummy cakes and scrubbing toilets extra shiny.
    Nope, nothing good comes from civil disobeidience

  42. LakeLandBuc Says:

    These poor, ignorant fools just don’t get it. Trump wouldn’t piss on them if they was on fire. He look down on the lower class, all of family members look down on them. He don’t have any respect for them, and why should he? Donald Trump has been trying to destroy the NFL, since his days as owner of the New Jersey Generals. He has had a beef with the NFL, because they refuse to grant him a franchise. I really feel sorry for the ignorant and misinformed. They are a mere pawn in Trump chess game.

  43. Mikadeemas Says:

    The stupidest part of all this is that they NEVER used to show the anthem before regular games. It was only before playoffs and Super Bowl by celebrities. Stirring up crap, possibly(sarcasm), yeah thanks media!! I personally think it’s ironic to say Trump’s comments are divisive when the whole ” standing up” by kneeling is absolutely divisive. But some don’t

  44. Mikadeemas Says:

    Got cut off. Some people just don’t get it. We all need to unite against REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS. THEY DON’T have any of us in their best interest. Sorry for the rant JBF.

  45. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Protest is patriotic, it’s how America was founded. Stand for your rights…a phrase I just coined. Yep, we are on the same page. These sobs need to stand to protest. The Constitution never said anything about it.

  46. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @SpellRhonde…Like the protesting players, and being just as ignorant, you are taking issues that have nothing to do with the kneeldowns and trying to connect them. Last I checked, civil rights law was passed, and fail to comprehend that the national anthem has nothing to do with social justice. Mike Evans and DJax disrespected the anthem because they didn’t like what Trump said…or so they say that’s why (even though Evans didn’t bother to vote)…but schmucks around the league like Michael Bennett were already pulling their stuff long before Trump said a thing. Yeah, Mike Bennett, the guy holding his “black power” fist over Brian Hoyer…another misguided action. Last year, Kap stated “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color” even though he wore a Castro T and as I stated above, nothing in the national anthem or pledge of allegiance or any law comes to “oppressing” anyone.

  47. Cobraboy Says:

    @HowToSpell: You do not know your history.

    Name me one PRIVATE in which MLK protested. Rosa Parks was on a PUBLIC bus. PUBLIC.

    Even if I agree with the *reason* for the protests, I do NOT want them where I pay good money for entertainment.

    To say that if one does not want protests at an NFL game they are a segregationist is logically absurd and patently false.


    Sometimes I wish ignorance was painful so idiots could feel it.

    Besides, alienating and pi$$ing off the very people you want to seduce for sympathy to your cause is a terrible PR move, brimmed full of “fail.”

  48. Me? Says:

    Rod Munch is the perfect name for a guy like Rod Munch. He’s wasting valuable oxygen the rest of us could be using. Not only does he not know a damn thing about football, but he’s a raging jackass too. Best of luck man, Lord knows you need it

  49. Cobraboy Says:

    Protest in a private venue without the expressed permission of the proprietor is trespassing and subject to prosecution.

    That is NOT “patriotism” unless you’re speaking New Speak from Orwell’s 1984.

    And since the proprietors (the NFL and venue lessors) gave consent then consumers can make a conscious decision to not patronize those venues.

    Capitalism and consumer choice also have made America great.

    If the players protest, they will do so without a dime from me and millions.

  50. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Private and “permitted” Nobody is forcing you to pay a dime. Kiss off to a public park and watch the squirrels eat nuts if you can’t change a channel or keep your eyes on the flag like you’re “supposed” to do.
    You said Civil disobedience was just “b!t@hing”, now you’re changing the subject to private and public property rights? Weak argument.

  51. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Everything in this country is about Capitalism. Race and Patriotism and all that other bull has absolutely nothing to do with nothing. But some people are too stupid to understand this. Everything in this country is based on your capital or lack of capital.The stock markets are at all-time highs, but how many Americans are actual invested in stocks? The 400 richest people in America has more wealth than the lowest 60% of Americans. 400 people has more wealth than 160 million Americans. People are living off credit and living from check to check. Most don’t have adequate health insurance, most don’t have a decent bank account. Yet they can find time to whine and cry about millionaires in this country. Politics in America has no colors, politics in America has no race. One thing that Politicians have in common, is that they all have wealth. And one thing that average Americans has in common is that they lack wealth. It don’t matter to me, if they stand, sit, fall or don’t even play the game of football at all. My life will go on, and I will continue to strive for a piece of the American pie.

  52. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    @ Cobra

    You’ll be missed until a new butt finds your seat at a game or busy sports bar.

  53. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Like our president said, people are just tuning in for the pre-game activities. Not that ratings were up or anything.

    Guys, I’ll be selling Hillsborough High Marching Band t-shirts, along with Aaron Carter flag seat mats to the thousands in attendance for the pre-game show. I’ll be running a raffle for an all access pass to witness the grounds crew prep the field. You’ll also get to help set up the stage for the national anthem. Posters are still in production, you’ll hane to wait.

  54. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Please make sure not to exit with your beers in hand if two star receivers decide to take a knee.

  55. Cobraboy Says:

    @HowTo: you didn’t read that survey, did you>

    NFL is in a bad position, and most likely going to decline even more.

    Ticket sales league-wide are down. TV viewership is off 11% from last year and likely to drop more. Interest is down. The real problem will be when season tix are renewed. I have 5 friends with a total of 14 tickets that will not renew next year and are trying to minimize the damage and dump their remaining tickets.

    Good luck with your righteous cause.

  56. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Make America Great Again….America has never been great for the majority of Americans. The way these Politicians brainwash the average Americans.

  57. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    @ Cobra

    Thanks for the well wishes, but I never stated a cause.

  58. TheShaz Says:

    And to McCoy’s comment – I say “BS!”

    The fan reaction to last weeks absurdity in the NFL I think woke some people up. If this continues the deck of cards that prop up the NFL and its owners and players will crumble down.

    Broadcast rights is where the NFL makes its money, not ticket sales and merchandise.

    TV viewership has declined and in the last 4 year or so it has really fallen.

    Why? The networks have injected politics into their coverage of the NFL. ESPN has become “TMZ SPORTS” and is more of a political show than a network that covers sports. The pre game, halftime and post games shows, its all political, the talking heads during the game have gone political.

    It used to be that no matter how heavy the vitriol got with politics, you could turn to sports to still be able to bring people together. Didn’t matter if you are a Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative. We could all watch our local team and be united. Cheer when they won, moan and complain when they lost.

    We were united.

    This is what the NFL, the TV networks have lost.

    Keep politics out of the game.

  59. Rod Munch Says:

    LOL! Me?… That’s it buddy, let it out… see how much better you feel now? Let the rage go…. let it go… you all relaxed now, are you able to make it through the day without shaking in anger from being a victim of everything now? Great! As you boy Corky said, Life Goes On!

    God bless.

  60. Rod Munch Says:

    On a different note back in 2000 (I think) I went to a home game versus the Packers and everyone stands for the anthem as only a real piece of trash would not. Anywho I’m in an aisle seat and some d-bag Packers fan, during the pledge tries to walk past me to his seat. That’s a huge no-no, when the anthem starts you stop where you are, take off your hat if you have one, and show some respect, then you’re free to do whatever when the pledge ends. So anywho this dolt is wearing a hat, ignoring the anthem and trying to walk past me and I just step forward so he can’t get by and make him stand there until it’s over. Then once it’s over I said next time show some respect and knock his hat off his head.

    I seem to recall knocking the hats off people’s heads during the anthem was something that happened quite a bit. Is that just my imagination or do others seem to remember this? I don’t recall what I did above really being all that out of place at the time – in particular when dealing with Packers fans.

    Anywho I thought I’d share my story, I’m sure it will trigger some of you leftist that hate America, but then again that’s why I shared it. LOL!

  61. Cobraboy Says:

    @The Shaz: the TV contract covers the basic costs for an NFL team. It’s the stadium revenue that is where NFL owner make the majority of their bread.

    That’s why new stadiums with large numbers of premium seats is so important: every dollar there goes to the team owner and is not split with any other team or the league.

    Now, if TV revenue drops, and stadium ticket sales slump, then there is a problem.

    Keep in mind the CBA says a % of total revenue goes to the players and is the salary cap. If revenues fall, so does the cap and the players make less $$$.

    I’m not sure the players and NFLPA have thought this through.

  62. Skipper Says:

    Rod, you are the typical right wing lunatic. Trump is making America great? No meaningful legislation passed, our Country is an embarrassment around the world, he is dividing our Country.
    How proud you are.

  63. AlteredEgo Says:

    I still have not heard exactly what these players are protesting…..what is “social injustice” ?…..what is that …give a few examples and then how in the world the dumb jock lemmings taking a knee at the singing of our national anthem will make ANY Freak’n difference correcting whatever imaginary social injustice they offer as example…

  64. S Bono Says:

    He never called Trump retarded; he said that what he said was retarded.

    For those saying “I don’t know what they’re even protesting”: it’s because you don’t want to know what it’s about. You don’t want to see the issue and would rather claim that there really is nothing to protest. It’s been stated several times. The only confusion should be this weekend’s protests compared to Kaepernick’s which, in my opinion, had different reasons behind them.

  65. AlteredEgo Says:

    SBono….usually the reason for a protest is perfectly clear and understood….not something as vague and general as “social injustice”…
    The entire reason this started is based on a false narrative. BLM started from what has now been proven false. Facts don’t seem to matter to these guys kneeling. The ignorance is appalling.

  66. joestang Says:

    Spoken like a true liberal that he is. Make outrageous comments then say they were taken out of context. He meant what he said, he should put as much effort into his work then always running to a mike. Far from best player on Bucs. How many sacks does he have? Keep running your mouth you will be playing to an empty stadium.

  67. Cobraboy Says:

    Respect for McCoy: Care Level 0

  68. Rod Munch Says:

    Skipper – you think the country is only great if the government makes it great. LOL! Typical leftwing nutjob. It’s OK though, I’ll pray for you.

  69. Rod Munch Says:

    AlteredEgo – Yeah, they really don’t actually know what they’re protesting or why it makes a difference, etc, I think they’re mostly a bunch of low IQ dolts who just jump on whatever is trending on Twitter. Not so much McCoy, but talking about most of the d-bags around the league, they seem like absolutely clueless followers who want to make a difference. What that difference is, they have no idea nor if you gave them a 1000 chances could they explain anything close to a coherent thought. This is the result of taking kids who play with balls for a living, who are passed through school because they’re good at playing with a ball, they spent 24/7 training for playing with a ball, then you give them millions of dollars and a spotlight – this is the level of intellect you get in return. Mix it with a bunch of words hurt cupcakes and tah dah, you have today.

  70. Vico Says:

    You Americans can be very funny about some stuff…