Same Ol’ Glennon

September 10th, 2017

Not good enough — again.

Mike Glennon’s Bears came to play against the Falcons this afternoon with a very physical presence and an electric rookie running back not named Jeremy McNichols. But they just couldn’t escape their quarterback’s limitations.

Glennon is awesome if you don’t want to embarrass yourself, desire a 5-11 record and enjoy watching 10-plus-yard sacks.

So Glennon basically brought his A-game today against the reigning NFC champs.

Yes, Joe watched every snap and while Glennon has wide receiver talent that resembles him throwing to Tiquan Underwood in Tampa Bay back in 2013, it’s still painfully obvious Glennon is missing all the elements of a special quarterback.

Glennon checked his way down to 26 completions on 40 attempts for 213 yards, against a Falcons defense that finally realized he wasn’t going to throw long. Glennon ate four sacks for 37 total yards, and the game ended with him sacked looking for a winning touchdown.

The Bears rushed for 125 yards on just 19 carries, and the Bears defense was strong but had two major breakdowns that totaled over 120 yards. But in all, they put the game in Glennon’s hands and he was somewhere south of special, as expected.

The Bucs simply can’t lose on Sunday to Glennon under any circumstances.

Bears blogger and SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio producer Bill Zimmerman said it best after the game on Twitter: “I think Mike Glennon played about as well as he can possibly play today. And THAT is the problem with Mike Glennon.”

54 Responses to “Same Ol’ Glennon”

  1. JonBuc Says:

    Exactly the phrase I texted to someone. Very Kyle Orton-like.

  2. Wesley Says:

    He looked solid imo, lot of dropped balls too.

  3. Buc50 Says:

    He looked like he did when he was the starter here. I’m happy for him that he got his payday but also glad that we weren’t the ones to pay him.

  4. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    He was not great, but he did enough to win, this loss is on 2 dropped td passes on last drive

  5. tmaxcon Says:

    Wesley bringing jokes today. Clearly you are not being serious or solid has different meaning than I remember

    Glennon is the easiest qb in NFL to sack I eagerly await Joe’s excuses for when mccoy and friends don’t lay a hand on him. Bears oline probably considers bucs dline a bye week.

  6. Howard Cosell Says:

    O-line looked terrible too.
    That siad Glennon is the kind of QB who needs a decent O-line.

    Occasionally, when he has time, Glennon reminds Howard of Brady a little bit. Not saying Glennon is as good as Brady but they have similar body language.

  7. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Shoot, I thought I was on a Bucs website. Sorry. I’ll be going now.

  8. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Glennon was pulling a story book drive together for the win and the drops lost them the game. Sacked on 4th down… was tough to watch. Felt sorry for Mike. Those dropped passes killed them.

    He’s still pretty much a checkdown QB…. he takes what u give him. He’ll make some plays against the Bucs. Hopefully it’s just checkdown and nothing big.

  9. darin Says:

    Exactly. Those balls gota be caught. Of course glennon isnt special but he did enough to win that game. Gota cath the ball. He does gota throw the ball on 4th down but it shouldnt have gotten there. Name of the game is to win, he had em there. Its too bad cuz the bucs should be a half game up on the falcons. Bummer. Bears look ok. The bucs should beat them tho, but ya never know. Im puttin my money on the bucs. Go Bucs

  10. MattSpy05 Says:

    Difference between qbs, Ryan escaped and found his TE for a touchdown. Glennon can’t ad-lib, his timing needs to be perfect or he’ll check down. Winston can ad-lib when the pressure comes, guys like Mariotta run, Glennonchecknit down or take a sack, the greats keep their eyes down the field and Jameis does that.

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    winners win and losers make excuses for their failed heros.

  12. MadMax Says:

    I still love MG8…..those dropped passes by his receivers cost them…..and of course his final stand….sh!t whose stone hands do you throw to!? but he had the rb checkdown he didnt see in time on that last play….is what it is.

    Sh!t receivers! And I hope they stay that way next week!!! We need this win to start.

    Go long Coach K, their db’s suck!!!

  13. MadMax Says:

    tmax….the epitome of looking for a reason and an excuse…..but carry on joebucsfan $hitstain!

  14. Couch Fan Says:

    There are very few “special QBs” in the league. Glennon is not special but he very capable. Saying he wasnt good enough is beyond idiotic. But I’ve come to expect nothing less from the Joes.

  15. darin Says:

    Nobody here is calling Glennon great. He had the game won had they caught 2 balls that hit their hands. N im no glennon backer. Gota catch tbat ball. It matters more to me that atlanta didnt lose, as it should to all bucs fans. Those dropped balls could be difference in winning division for the bucs. Long time away tho. Go Bucs

  16. Not there yet Says:

    I’m not a fan of Glennon but considering he played falcons I wanted him to get the win. There are 32 teams and less than half have a special quarterback. That loss want on Glennon, someone who knows our defense very well. The receivers dropping balls on that last drive lost that game

  17. Zwak Says:

    Looked better than Cutler!

  18. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Watched the game, thought he looked decent. Definitely captain checkdown. Really wish he was still our back up over Fitzpatrick.

  19. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Same darin. I rooted for glennon when he was on the bucs. But elated when we got winston. Watching the bears game tho, not a great qb,but he did his job as a game manager plus some. Engineered a game winning drive minus the drops. Good on you glennon. Never will be elite but i wish you the best (except next week(

  20. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Expecting Glennon to be suddenly be great after being a backup for what three seasons. That’s like expecting Jameis to stop throwing picks. Both are absurd.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    No need to pick on Glennon…he is a Bear now

  22. BearsFan34 Says:

    Leno got blown up on the last play. He didn’t get the sack against him, but he got bull rushed back into Glennon so he couldn’t step into a throw. That also caused him to pull the ball down and get sacked.

    The only people in love with Leno seems to be the Bears front office.

  23. Buccaneer Bill Says:

    I don’t think the loss was because of Glennon. On the final drive, he got them close enough to win. His last three passes were catchable. He doesn’t have the skill set to roll out and threaten the run, he’s completely dependent on his receivers catching the ball.

    The Bears aren’t that talented in my opinion, but they played the Falcons close. Pressure Glennon next Sunday and we win; fail to rush him, and we’re looking at a very close game. I think he is that good, or as was once said about Steve Deberg, “just good enough to lose.”

  24. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Gotta get the pass rush and blitzes going next week. Glennon will not run away.

  25. James Walker Says:

    We better watch out for that Bear’s RB. He is a monster.

  26. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Don’t forget: same ol’ McCown, too! He gets paid $125K per start. How do ex-Bucs QBs, who didn’t play well in Tampa, get these contracts? I suppose their new teams expect to get the next Steve Young or Doug Williams. Talk about proprioception!

  27. Rob Says:

    I picked the Falcons in my survivor league.

    Thanks Mike!

  28. Dave5928 Says:

    Glennon did everything that was asked of him. They forced him to hand the ball off over and over again. He put the freakin’ ball in the hands of receivers that repeatedly dropped the ball. Unless he is also catching his own passes, it is hard to blame Glennon for the rotten receivers play. I thought he did a very good job – especially as the first time he’s been the actual starting QB.

  29. Jonny 2.2 Says:

    This is no different from when Winston lost us games multiple times when it came down to the last drive. I am no Glennon fan and a big Winston fan, but the childishness of Joes is embarrassing.

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If you want to pick on an x-Buc….pick on Michael Bennett……I don’t give a rat’s a$$ how many sacks he gets…if he sits during the National Anthem…he sucks.

    (and that is about as explicit as TBBF gets)

  31. MadMax Says:

    With you on that one Tbbf!!

  32. NOSBOS Says:

    Can’t argue wit you TBBF..

  33. Nathan Ellerbee Says:

    Another rb we passed on for Justin Evans. I telling you that pick is going to haunt us. Man I hope I’m wrong.

  34. SB Says:

    Hey Joe. Can you hire TBBF and pay Tmax to be our Pinata? Never mind you don’t have to pay Tmax. WE got this one.

  35. NOSBOS Says:

    You people funny man,it’s like every draft you look for a one particular player to ragg on. Justin Evans this year’s. Young man has the attributes to be really good(when he’s ready). Lucky for us he doesn’ thave to play right away. Licht brought in a 3x pro bowl safety to place him under his wing. Young man has plenty range,speed for days size length and a natural tenacity. Memo to you nit-wits you can’t post fast and free until you know what the hell you doing. “Another rb we could’ve drafted” like Licht and his team is suppose to see every d@$! player in the ncaa.

  36. NOSBOS Says:

    When did we become so good that prospects drafted by the Bucs are required to be plug & play first day??? Please someone fill me inn.

  37. NOSBOS Says:

    The man’s words were “this team will be built in the mode of”… Screw the patriots. But you got what he was saying. Emphasis on “built”.

  38. NOSBOS Says:

    I’ve paid attention all day. I’ve watched these teams y’all praise on this site. I’ve come away unimpressed.

  39. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Can you imagine if we didn’t “get rid of Bennett for no dgood resdon” and he was still a Buc? How fortunate we are…

  40. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Jack Burton Mercer Says
    “Shoot, I thought I was on a Bucs website. Sorry. I’ll be going now.”

    The Team we play next week vs our toughest division rival???? How was the game not important to the Bucs???

    That said, I found it so boring I went back to watching hurricane coverage.

  41. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Pardon me but I am drunk in Ponte Vedra

  42. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    And I mean really drunk!!!

  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “TBBF is truly $hitfaced…Pablo has never seen him like this.”

  44. Rod Munch Says:

    I’ve only seen highlights but didn’t he have two game winning passes dropped?

  45. MadMax Says:

    lol Tbbf…..i was too, passed out around 11…. litle bit of a headache now. And i was just down the road from there 2 weeks ago in ormond beach for a week. Its getting hit pretty good right now, hope youre safe. great reason to get $htfaced tho lol.

  46. Bucsfan4life Says:

    Idk what game joe was watching but the one I was watching I seen 2 tds dropped on the game winning drive. Not a glennon fan just would rather call it like it is. Those both were easy catches on perfectly thrown balls and both dropped. Should’ve never made it to 4th down for the sack to happen

  47. celly Says:

    it’s so funny to see people arguing that Glennon “did enough to win”…

    Yet these SAME people argued that when Freeman was QB, he didn’t do enough to win… in games where we HAD THE LEAD AND THE DEFENSE GAVE UP A WINNING TD.

    The fact of the matter is, Glennon had plenty of opportunities during the game to play better. He didn’t. As i’m watching the game with Falcon’s fans, i kept saying, “there goes Captain Checkdown. Watch this, bet he checks it down. Chances are this pass doesn’t go further than 7 yards in the air”.

    Those that say, “Glennon just needs a good o-line to succeed”. News flash, any QB should be able to succeed with a good o-line. The ones that make it in the league are the ones that are able to succeed despite that.

  48. D-Rome Says:

    Why is it when Glennon checks down he’s called Captain Checkdown yet when Jameis does it, it’s called taking what’s there?

    Regardless, you are right Joe. The Bucs better be Chicago ready.

  49. Bojim Says:

    Team game. Just sayin.

  50. KYBUCFAN Says:

    Are you people serious!?! Did you not hear the story about him damn near having to plea for his life because police singled him out of a crown??? He sucks for protesting against racism and discrimination??? Tell you what F*ck this country and everything it stands for until i represents what All Americans stand for.. Now how ya like that!?! SMMFH…

  51. mike malarkey Says:

    So we not going to mention the 2 dropped TD’s on the last drive? ok..

  52. Gerald McRuud Says:

    his WR dropped two game winning TD against the defending NFC champs. We all wish jameis gave us a 2 minute drive that strong against Dallas last December

  53. Bradinator Says:

    With the lousy O-line and avg to below avg WRs the Bears got, who could win with them? He did his job, didn’t hurt them, and almost pulled off a big upset vs the defending NFC champs. You want to point fingers in the Bear’s loss, just watch that play a no name TE took to the house. No one in sight on coverage and a safety that couldn’t even make it look like he was going to tackle the guy. Their HC is the King of boring run first, dink and dunk offense. John Fox is an offense killer. BTW, after watching pre-season, who here doesn’t want Glennon back?

  54. Gerald McRuud Says:

    Chris conte makes that tackle on hooper!