Mike Smith Calls “Gamewrecker”

September 13th, 2017

The Bears rookie opened Mike Smith’s eyes.

Bears rookie running back Tarik Cohen doesn’t just look exceptionally quick because he plays alongside Mike Glennon, the electric fourth-round pick stood out Sunday against what likely is the NFL’s fastest defense.

Cohen was the Bears’ breakout star in their six-point loss to the Falcons. Cohen rushed five times for 66 yards and caught eight balls for 47 yards and a touchdown in Chicago’s Week 1 loss. He also flashed in the return game with three punt returns totaling 45 yards.

At One Buc Palace today, Bucs defensive coordinator Mike Smith paid Cohen the ultimate compliment.

“They obviously wanted to get that rookie the ball as much as possible. And by the way, you know, he’s a gamewrecker,” Smith said. “He’s a guy that can really scoot. He’s got great speed. He’s not very tall. He going to create matchup issues for our linebackers. They want to give him the ball. I think he was targeted 12 times and I think he had eight catches. He had two explosive runs, [on] one he circled the defense and looking at it, you would have thought they had it leveraged. So he’s a talented guy.”

Joe really isn’t concerned a great deal about Cohen. Why? The Bucs have film on him now (something the Bears don’t have on the Bucs) and the Bucs should be completely keyed on the run game and short game and daring Mike Glennon to throw deep.

13 Responses to “Mike Smith Calls “Gamewrecker””

  1. Bucamania Says:

    Kwon is gonna lay that 180 pound dude out! Come across the middle Tarik. I dare you.

  2. Bear 4 Ever Says:

    Bears will most likely be introducing another weapon against Bucs – Taquan Mizzell. He is not called Smoke for nothing.

    Keep an eye on him besides Jordan Howard and Tarik cohen.

  3. SOEbuc Says:

    Just cus this rookie had a good week one don’t you dare take your eyes off Jordan Howard for one second, which I doubt Smitty will do.

  4. Brandon Says:

    Bear 4 Ever-

    Are you effing kidding? Undrafted Smoke Mizzell from UVA… I spent four years watching him never live up to his nickname at UVA… the guy has got great hands for a RB, he’s fairly quick, but there is NOTHING to be worried about… unless you’re a Bears fan and this guy sees the field. He’s just not good. If he was, the Ravens wouldn’t have cut his little butt. He’s small, he’s not fast, he doesn’t play physical. There is ZERO to be worried about. You’ve just outted yourself as an idiot. Taquan Mizzell is sorry.

  5. Broy34 Says:

    Brandon- this guy is a bears fan just commenting all over about the bears weapons and stuff making no comment about the bucs. Ultimate troll

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    Looking at the boxscore for the CHI-ATL game, sorry but I just don’t see Tarik Cohen as a huge threat. He handled the ball 13 times (5 runs & 8 catches) & had 1 run of 46 yds (big play – Yes), another run of 15 yds (all of his runs looked to be around the ends by the way), plus 1 catch for 19 yds. The rest were meh.

    Hero for the game IMO was Atlanta’s Austin Hooper. Caught 2 passes (out of 2 thrown to him BTW) … 1 deep for 88 yds (and a TD) & the other short for 40 yds. Not too shabby.

    Mike Glennon’s passing wasn’t too shabby either (26-for-40 for 213 yds), and he was sacked 4 times. What was interesting (to me) is that he threw only ONE deep pass all game (to Cohen & it didn’t connect). Of his 39 other (short) passes, Glennon was exceptional over the middle (9-for-9) and short right (10-for-12) but quite poor to short left (7-for-18). Looks to me like if the Bucs defense keys on ‘stuffing the short stuff’ AND can stop Jordan Howard (he concerns me more than Cohen) then we should be OK. Oh and BTW, Atlanta only threw deep THREE times all game, and connected on 2 … for 106 yds. So Bears secondary, say hello to DJax & ME13 for me … followed by ‘Bye Bye’.

  7. Lord Cornelius Says:

    40 passes for 213 yards is shabby imo. That’s basically 5 yards per attempt when NFL average is closer to 7 (or at least 280+ yards with that many attempts). Winston was at 7.2 last year despite having the worst YAC% help in the the NFL.

    Still he didn’t play that bad – i agree with that

  8. webster Says:

    I hope the buc players and coaches do not have the same attitude as some of you posters. The bucs have done nothing for them to take any player or team lightly. They better bring it or they will leave the stadium embarrassed ie den of depression.

  9. Wausa Says:

    I watched the entire Bears Falcons game.

    Bears defense played well but they are very limited on offense.
    Defensively it looks like the best way to attack them is over the middle routes to OJ Howard, Cam Brate and Mike Evans.

  10. 813bucboi Says:

    @wausa….I agree…their front 7 is really good but their secondary is the weak link….they don’t have any one who can stick DJAX or ME….brate and howard should be a huge factor too…GO BUCS!!!!

  11. GhostofSchiano Says:

    So this will be a huge test for our new Offensive line. I hope Koetter and Warhop have this thing fine tuned and ready to go.

    On another note, after seeing Callias Campbell play Sunday I can only imagine if we had signed him…..WOW!

    Also, thankful we passed on Adrian Peterson.

  12. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Wausa Says:

    September 13th, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    I watched the entire Bears Falcons game.

    Bears defense played well but they are very limited on offense.
    Defensively it looks like the best way to attack them is over the middle routes to OJ Howard, Cam Brate and Mike Evans.


  13. stpetebucsfan Says:

    The one long run was as much of a horrid play by the Falcon’s #50 made…or should I say didn’t make. He had backside contain and simply overran the play…he was the last point of defense and he HAD to at least slow Cohen or better still force him to turn back up field.

    By giving up his contain as quickly as a Times Sq hooker gives it up he totally hosed the Falcons on that play.