“Is He Being Used Properly?”

September 29th, 2017

Former NFLer questions targets.

We all know how much winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter loves explosive plays.

A quick refresher: Koetter considers explosive plays to be a pass play of at least 16-yards and a run play of at least 12 yards.

Thus far through two games one of the best receivers in the NFL, Mike Evans, has three catches for explosive plays (to the best of Joe’s research). His longest catch of the season is 18 yards.

Former NFL offensive lineman and current NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger does a fantastic job of breaking down film and putting the plays on Twitter of various games he is researching. Baldinger highlighted how the Bucs were able to get Evans a favorable matchup against the Bears, which resulted in his 18-yard catch.

But Baldinger had an interesting question. “Is he being used properly?” Baldinger seems to think Evans should be getting more long-ball targets.

Now America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, likes to say he doesn’t discriminate. If you want the ball, get open. If Evans has but three catches through two games that are explosive, is Koetter turning Evans into more of a possession receiver or is Jameis locking in too much on speedy DeSean Jackson?

25 Responses to ““Is He Being Used Properly?””

  1. JameisDungy Says:

    Lets hope Jameis and the WRs have cooler heads this week. Giants haven’t given up 200 yards passing in one game this year.

    Don’t force it, but also don’t get too upset that the offense isn’t dynamic enough. Giants are really good in terms of pass defense.

  2. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Yeah this is a game we need to play a bit conservative; as the Giants pass D really is one of the best. Really need our D to step up and make the Giants beat themselves and not us

  3. Wausa Says:

    I don’t think that’s a bad idea to have him run more deep routes. The Bucs have much better depth at receiver now so Godwin could spell him a play or two if a connection isn’t made on a deep route.

  4. USMC-BUC Says:

    probably not the best week to push the ball down teh field for the sake of doing it. Giants have one of the best secondary’s in football. and Jameis has been scattershotting most pass attempts past 15 yards.

  5. destinjohnny Says:

    I dont think they ever got in a rythym in camp.
    Plus, our right and left tackles not being that good dont allow 3 time to do work.

  6. RayJameisStadium Says:

    We actually need to have a steady dose of first downs to keep their defense under the heat. We need to wear them down. Rodgers and Barber should split carries.

    This is a perfect game to have Howard and Brate with a combined 70 receiving yards. We should keep the Giants guessing what we are going to do by using Howard more in the passing game.

    Play action should be the dagger with DJax and Evans.

  7. BlogTalkFootball Says:

    Time to pound the rock and run at them as much as humanly possible. Giants have a bad pass defense and it will be worth it to take advantage of their shortcomings as much as possible. Give ‘Quizz and Barber the ball and I am sure we will see one of them break for a 10+ yard run. The trick is to make them take a lot of punishment early and often. Give the defense a chance to rest, last week they were o the field way too long.

  8. The Buc Realist Says:

    As the picture of what happened late into the night at the team hotel last Saturday comes more into focus, it is no wonder of what we all saw on Sunday’s game!!!!!!! Joe, have you heard anymore about the effort to reach out to VJ83 to come to the locker room to talk to the boys!!!!! As one source stated, the team that was focused and healthy won the game, and it was in that order!!!!!!!!!!! For this team to win this Sunday, they will have to put everything behind them!!!!!! And all the real fans hope that will not come back to haunt this season, was the statement ” we have had 1 distraction too many” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. AlteredEgo Says:

    ME & DeJ……are NOT getting their completions placed where they can do the greatest damage….YAC….and ME is probably scared sheetless he’ll blow out a knee contorting trying to bring in a high-wide-behind-low ball

  10. Lamarcus Says:

    Look more of possesion receiver to me

  11. AlteredEgo Says:

    It only looks like that because of ball placement….catch…no YAC….and if you don’t think DeJ is not mumbling on the bench to ME about poorly placed and timed balls you are fooling yourself….@ least DeJ has it in the bank….ME is still hoping to be healthy enough to sign his next BIG contract….

  12. Supersam Says:

    I have noticed in all the sound effects and extra footage on buccaneers.com Jackson is in Winstons ear almost every play to “get him the ball” I wonder if that’s effecting Winston subconsciously.

  13. NFLNut Says:

    I’ve wondered the same thing … whenever I see a deep ball to Rudy I cringe and wonder why Mike wasn’t running that route instead … however we now have two other bonafide “deep threats” in D-Jax and Godwin so I don’t worry as much

  14. SOEbuc Says:

    Koetter saying he likes explosive plays does nothing but put pressure on players, especially Jameis trying to force the ball. Long yardage plays are cool and help get down field,and we will get some, but we need to run whatever play is needed to get points and get the W.

  15. unbelievable Says:

    Into single coverage? Yes.

    Double or triple coverage? Not this week.

  16. darin Says:

    I dont care if its to Evans, Jackson, Hump or Godwin but lets take a deep shot early this week. At least one. If it doesnt hit at least it should soften up the underneath, maybe even open up a running lane. It sure did wonders for the vikes last week. That early bomb to thielen pretty much had the bucs D on its heels all day. Cmon Dirk I believe. Let it rip. Go Bucs

  17. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Joe, will you ask Koetter about getting Evans deep shots??

  18. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Wait, what happened at the team hotel last week? Did I miss something?

  19. 813bucboi Says:


    if what your saying is true, then I hope licht trades djax for a DE….jameis needs a de that can get after the qb more than a diva wr….we still would have plenty of weapons without him….GO BUCS!!!

  20. 813bucboi Says:


    if that trus licht should try to target…

    Robert Quinn
    ziggy ansuh(I think that’s how you spell it)
    willie young
    Michael bennett

    somebody that can help this defense….GO BUCS!!!!

  21. Bob in Valrico Says:

    This started last year,Mike Evans was used more as a move the chains
    poseession reciever ala Keyshawn Johnson.His yards per catch average decreased about 2 yards a reception.Another thing that effects the average is Evans often has to come back to Jameis to save the play.But when I look back at the last panther game in 2015 where Evans had four receptions for 99 yards,its cleart
    either the play design has changed or we need better blocking for these plays to develope.

  22. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Just Give Me The Damn Ball!

    Keyshawn Johnson

  23. BuccoDav Says:

    I think it is hard to know if another receiver is open when you continually lock in on one receiver.
    I thought Jameis was making progress in game 1 with scanning the field but he definitely regressed in game 2.

  24. Buc68 Says:

    I think we need to sling the rock in the first quarter, specifically on first down. NY will be sitting on run. Jameis was completing 70% of his passes against a great pass D. He got into trouble trying to make some big plays against a great defense because we were down and had to have big plays . Besides our D being terrible the other reason were down was we continued run on first down for no gain the first quarter. Throw on first down in the first quarter please dear lord!! Then bring Charles Simms in on 3rd and 1, I kid!

  25. lambchop Says:

    @The Buc Realist , I think your sources are off base. There is an article on tampabay.com that both ME and DJax sat next to each other and were discussing (animatedly) Trump’s rally in Alabama where he made the SOB comments about NFL protestors. Also, the team meeting late into Saturday night at the team hotel was about Trump’s comments, how to handle it as a team, and about kneeling during the anthem at the Vikes game. ME and Djax both knelt together side by side.

    If there’s animosity between the two, it’s really just Djax jostling for more balls via Winston and not directly to ME. DJax knows ME is the #1, he just wants the long ball – precisely why they brought him here for. But, the dude shoulda showed up at OTAs to get in sync with Winston. They’re trying to get in sync live in game which is a total disaster.