Hurricane-Cooled Ticket Sales

September 14th, 2017

Fresh data and a generous offer from Team Glazer

It’s pretty stunning how the effects of Hurricane Irma have kicked the excitement for Sunday’s Bucs-Bears game in the gut.

Buccaneers chief operating officer Brian Ford told Peter King of the Sports Illustrated Podcast Network this week that the Bucs would be making sure families of local “first responders” working Sunday’s game would be able to attend as fans. That’s a wonderful and generous gesture by Team Glazer — and one that looks very easy on paper.

Why? Plenty of good seats are available. Nearly entire sections of the upper deck are unsold, per listings this morning.

And Joe has been watching ticket prices drop on the secondary market for a full week. Already, tickets for Sunday are significantly under face value on major sites, including (where you can use your JoeBucsFan code for $10 off).

Joe can only attribute this loss of buzz to the hurricane fallout and loads of people still suffering without power and dealing with lost income — and increased expenses — related to the storm.

Hopefully, this mess has a greater effect on the inevitable 10,000 Bears fans that would have been attending under normal circumstances.

41 Responses to “Hurricane-Cooled Ticket Sales”

  1. meh Says:

    I have no power and thousands in damages. I love my Bucs, but life just happened for the whole state.

  2. meh Says:

    (I posted from work)

  3. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’m in touch with my neighbors and Allendale is still without power. We have relatives who rode out the storm at our place…two are still there…cold showers…stifling humidity and heat…they’re really not very happy as you can imagine. Since Duke Power bought out FPL our service has never been the same.

    People are starting to get peoed and I can tell you football is the farthest thing from their minds. The football nuts will have to go to the sports bars that have power to even have a chance to see the Bucs on TV.

    They’re projected time of power return is by midnight Friday but nobody has seen a Duke Power truck anywhere near the neighborhood and I feel they are losing faith. One neighbor checked the Duke site and it showed only one house without power when the entire neighborhood for blocks is without power.

    They are NOT happy!!!!

  4. Ben the Ga Buc Says:

    I can’t imagine what some of y’all are going through with this storm. Best wishes to all of you and I hope things get better for all of you.

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    StPete, you & I have both been around long enough to know ‘what might have been’ in terms of the damage Hurricane Irma MIGHT have caused in this particular area had it tracked differently. We’re blessed here in our subdivision in Valrico in that we have power, but about a mile from us the Alafia River is cresting about 10′ ABOVE flood stage and hundreds have been driven out of their homes. No power sucks admittedly, but in comparison to what so many others have undergone in Florida and elsewhere it’s just a temporary inconvenience as you well know I’m sure. What is heartening is to see so many folks stepping up to the plate to help.

  6. Matt Says:

    I got hit hard in Fort myers over the weekend. I’ll still be there on Sunday raising some hell! A win is a must this weekend.

  7. Wausa Says:

    Great to hear that Matt!

  8. Buc1987 Says:

    I bolted.

    Having TWO special needs kids. One of which HAS to have power for her ipad or she screams for hours and hours on end. Loud enough to break glass.

    Having no plan I set out for Bama on Saturday morning. No hotels available in site from the bottom of Bama to the top of Bama. Stayed in a mom and pop 50 feet from RR tracks in a little town called Atmore. Stayed up all night cause train went by every hour blasting it’s horn right by my room. Searched hotels all over Alabama. Found nothing available. Decided to head further west. Landed in Mobile and found a room. 6 different rooms had peeps from the Bay area and 3 of them were from my town.

    What I’m trying to say is LOTS of peeps got the hell out and they certainly ain’t going to a game as soon as they got back. I drove back yesterday and the traffic jams were STILL crazy. Tried to drive back the day before and was told there was a 12 hour wait to get through Pensacola. Stayed another night.

    If someone gave me 50 yrd line seats for free I ain’t going.

  9. Smokeymountainbucsfan Says:

    What is there like 15 or 20 thousand tix left? Give em’ away! Yeah give em’ away. People effected by Irma would love something given to them right now. What better way to attract new fans. I know the Glazers donated $1mil already for Irma relief. I’ll be watching here in Gatlinburg. Flight was cancelled,and yes we gave our tickets away! All 4 of them. Go Bucs

  10. I'm a Tandy Man Bucs Fan Says:

    Hey the Glazers are such great people and their gesture of getting people out of the Tampa area with securing those Private Jets for his people speaks volumes of their character . Just this one game why don’t he allow people to put their hardships behind them for one day and allow people into the stadium for free. Think that would unify the people of Tampa even more and show just how generous and thoughtful the whole Bucs organization is!!!! Just a thought!!!! God bless those people that were affected and hope soon they can get back to some sense of normalcy!!!!

  11. TampaTown Says:

    Maybe there will be fewer Bears fans to deal with. People may think of being without power as an “inconvenience” which it is for about 48 hours. After that, it’s more about storing and preparing food. Not to mention trying to sleep when you’re sweating. We got really lucky where I live in Carrollwood but we got hammered by Hurricane Charley, knocked out power for a week and it’s no joke. So sorry for everyone still suffering. I know a Bucs game is not a priority to those still dealing with all the effects from Irma, but let’s hope for a win to lift everyone’s spirits.

  12. The Real Malloy Says:

    Im so tired of people bitching about power. That hurricane could have decimated the bay area, killing scores of people. We got lucky.

    Toughen up, could be way worse.

  13. PistolPete Says:

    We came down Monday from Atlanta to assist my sister in Valrico. She was lucky, never lost power.
    North Georgia a totally different story. We lost power there Monday afternoon and the ETA for restoration is Sunday night, so we will be tossing two fridge and freezers full when we return. Nothing is open there, schools are closed, it’s unreal.
    On a positive note for us, going to head over and catch the game, life long fan but moved away and have never been to a game at Ray Jay. Any suggestions would be great, just 2 of us. Looks like a lot of tickets on TM on visitors side….guessing sunlight is the primary reason? Also parking options?

  14. Ptwalk Says:

    “I’m tired of people bitching about power”, said the man that has power.

  15. DBS Says:

    Electric companies from all over are working and assisting to get the power back on. Just because the truck is not on your block does not mean that is where the problem is! Quit Bitching. People are working as hard as they can.

  16. mark2001 Says:

    Melloy…. If you don’t have power for 4/5/6 days, and are still restocking the necessities of life, cleaning up a mess, connecting with families, and reconnecting with their jobs, football has to take a backseat for a short period anyway. Why is the lack of ticket purchases surprising? And not to be cruel, but anyone that would expect people to cast those thinks needed to live like a first world citizen for football, are missing the boat.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    When I was headed out of state…I saw about 60 to 75 power trucks headed in from other states. They were pretty much the only traffic going east bound on I-10 last Sat.

    You’ll get power. My uncle was able to call some number and have a generator delivered for FREE. He was without power for 3 days. Just got it back on last night. Hang in there!

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Stick Carriers are an ultimate fail if this game is not filled out. First game of the season. First Home Game.

    The Hurricane is long gone. I understand some people are without power, but come on…

    Color me disappointed.

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Buc1987 Says
    “Having TWO special needs kids. One of which HAS to have power for her ipad or she screams for hours and hours on end. Loud enough to break glass.”

    I also had a Special Needs child to raise. He’s 21 now and able to mostly care for himself with very little supervision. But I know your plight. Alone time with the wife goes mostly out the window.

  20. pick6 Says:

    free tix, heavily discounted adult beverages, and that stadium will drown out any bears fans in attendance

  21. unbelievable Says:

    The people who have power telling those who do not to just suck it up is pretty damn ironic.

    Beyond the millions who still don’t have power, gas is also scarce and the supermarkets are still closed in South Florida because they have no food stocked. On top of that, the water supply has been damaged, so all water must be boiled. Plus there is sewage that is coming up in the streets of low lying and flooded areas.

    But hey it could always be worse, so just suck it up ya pansies.

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    That’s a fair statement. I DO have power, so perhaps I am taking things a bit better than others.

    It actually would be cool to have Joe rent a bus to the game this week, if he can get one and gas it up. Might make it easier on some folks.

    That said, this is a test for the Stick Carriers.

  23. Mike Johnson Says:

    People who have never gone thru particular adversities just shrug them off until it affeacts..Them. Then its..Me/ Why Me? oh my god!! Football is not on the minds of many floridians right now and justifiably so. Glazers should just fill the stands this Sunday. Call it appreciation day. And they will get a whole lotta mileage out of this publicity stunt..a whole lot.

  24. TheShaz Says:

    Simple – Bucs win, and win again.

    People will come in droves just to get their mind off their worries.

  25. Roy T. Buford Says:

    In town Bears fans are all that will be there, and last time this year, this game was long sold out. Enthusiasm is CHI is lower this year, so I think this will be a BUCS crowd. The Bucs usually do well to move their unsold tix. Brian Ford is a master of getting that done. I would not be surprised if season ticket holders get an “offer” for free tix to give to friends and family. I am betting the walk up crowd will be good too. My heart is out to all those affected. I gave my generator and two AC units out to others who need it, and hope all are doing the same. Saddest is those who lost all… We indeed would have been WAY worse off as an area if this had been CAT 2 or higher skirting St Pete. Katrina like damage, and the Bucs would have been playing somewhere else all year.

  26. Pit Says:

    So basically the websites have been lying till now where they showed the stadium almost sold out.

  27. thespiritof76 Says:

    @ stpetebucsfan:

    Duke energy sucks and has a LOUSY reputation. Areas here in the Orlando area that have Duke energy are nearly ALL still w/o power while FPL areas are slowly, but surely getting power back up.

    Why is Duke allowed to be incompetent like this ?

    IMO, the State should not allow Duke to be able to handle such an important type of infrastructure. Also IMO, FPL should be allowed to take over all of these Duke energy areas that they have not been fulfilling their obligations on.

  28. thespiritof76 Says:

    One other thing here folks: Do NOT expect a large contingent of fans traveling from Orlando/Daytona/Titusville/, etc… to come over.

    Orlando and the I-4 corridor, especially the northern Orlando suburbs all the way up to Jacksonville itself were hit BAD.

    IMO, this was the worst storm to hit Central Florida/Orlando area since Donna in 1960.

  29. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Totally agree about our good fortune. We ran into a friend at dinner up here last night. Her Florida home is in Ormond Beach and under two feet of water. She is 79 and is not sure what remains of the rest of her life.

    My point was not so much to beotch about Duke Power or the lack of power compared to what so many others have gone through…but rather to compare it to a football game. We were without power for three days after both Hurricanes Jeanne and Ivan in the same year…fortunately one was at work over a holiday week…no biggie…the other at our house more challenging. But we were able at least to go to our gym and get a good shower and enjoy some AC.

    I’m sick for folks like the lady we chatted with last night…she had trouble holding back the tears…and of course the folks in the Keys have lost everything.

    Just sayin’ after four days without power and no real word on when it will return the Bucs-Bears is not really relevant to many folks.

  30. thespiritof76 Says:

    @ Buc1987:

    Something else I just thought about: GAS (or the lack thereof).

    There is very little to no gas throughout most of Central Florida. How the heck could I ever drive from Deltona to Tampa and back when I can’t get any petrol ?

  31. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Sad to say, we live in a Trendy, Bandwagon Fan Town.
    Once the Bucs start to win steady again, seats will fill up, and not until then.

    LOL, Perhaps the so called ” Mike Glennon Mob ” will show up ?

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    So what’s Duke doing? Sitting around smoking cigs and drinking beer? I think not. What if the trucks I saw never came in from other states. We’re talking 2 weeks out without them.

    Next time invest in a generator or leave the state like I did. I’m not rich by any means, but I found the means.

    Irma and The Weather Channel didn’t scare me. Having no power and a never ending autistic meltdown did. So much I drove 9 hours away to actually FIND a hotel.

    Cheer us up a lil Bucs. Punch the Bears in the mouth.

  33. orlbucfan Says:

    We had no structural damage here in downtown O-ville. Power just got restored about 2 hours ago. We’re with OUC. I’m lucky as Charley’s eye went over us 13 years ago. Structural damage, power out for close to 2 weeks. Charley hit in the middle of August so it WAS. HOT. We’ve got a lot of areas with flood and sewage problems. Glazer boys had any brains they’d raffle off remaining tickets for charity. Plenty of Folks are hurting and could use the help. Listening to Bucs radio Sunday. Go Bucs!!

  34. BucEmUp Says:

    I love football and love my Bucs, but watching a football game of a bunch of crybaby overpaid entitled athletes takes a backseat to getting my family’s and I life back together. On top of that I cannot afford season tickets, so if I’m going to choose my games wisely it sure as hell aint gonna be DA BEARS

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Mike Johnson Says
    “People who have never gone thru particular adversities just shrug them off until it affeacts..Them. Then its..Me/ Why Me? oh my god!!”

    In my case I have been through 14 Hurricanes now, and rode out each one. But I think smart when choosing places to live.

    1. Choose higher elevations, including for the entry and roads in the area. I have moved once in the last 20 years, and both had good elevation (at least 9 feet above sea level). Most shelters during this storm had lower elevations.

    2. Choose a place with excellent drainage. Same thing for me in this case. I knew flooding would not be an issue where I live.

    3. Be on the same power grid as a public service. In my case, both locations have been on the same grid as a hospital, so even if power went out, it would be among the first restored.

    4. Solid building. The first place I lived in during the last 20 years was more luck. We were the top floor and every other building in the complex had roof damage during storms but ours. Where I live now is the bottom of three floors, so we are good there.

    5. Be at least a mile from the ocean to avoid storm surge.

  36. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    thespiritof76 Says
    “Something else I just thought about: GAS (or the lack thereof).

    There is very little to no gas throughout most of Central Florida. How the heck could I ever drive from Deltona to Tampa and back when I can’t get any petrol?”

    My truck that gets 10 miles per gallon uses a half tank to go there and back the same distance. And there is plenty of gas in the town I live in. In fact, most of the Tampa stations have gas now…and if not yet, will have by Friday.

  37. Mike Johnson Says:

    Buc Bonzai..You’s a cold hearted SOB!!!
    Many people..especailly really poor people unlike maybe you or not have an option of chosing ground where they live or fight (just ask the confederacy in the civil war!!) They just stand and try to hold on SIR!! You my dear sir are a gultless, thougtless, inconsiderate…rodent in the bowel of Tampa Bay…SIR!!!
    My apologises If you are offended. But life..exist on all levels. There are many in this society who ask not for a handout..But a hand up!!!

  38. Marc Says:

    Glazers should consider giving away free tickets to Bucs fans for this one… it would be a VERY classy move that would gain national interest.

    I have been a season ticket holder since 2010 (122, row N, seats 13+14). I would hold no resentment of the Glazers gave away free seats.

  39. Joe Says:

    Glazers should consider giving away free tickets to Bucs fans for this one… it would be a VERY classy move that would gain national interest.

    Bucs are giving tickets to first responders to attend Sunday’s game and have already donated $1 million to the Red Cross for Hurricane Irma relief.

  40. Marc Says:

    “Bucs are giving tickets to first responders to attend Sunday’s game and have already donated $1 million to the Red Cross for Hurricane Irma relief.”

    That’s a start, but they should really give away enough tickets to fill the stadium….. they could give the first responders the best available tickets.

  41. mark2001 Says:

    1987…the deal regarding a generator is that it has to be a natural gas whole house, or you are only saving your foodstuffs with an occasional table lamp. My gas one would use 5 gal about every eight hours of fuel…. so you are forever running to the gas station…if they have gas. And the current isn’t stable enough for many devices…burned out an LCD screen on a microwave that way. But natural gas Generac for a few grand…great idea.