Herm Edwards: Bucs Are Very Vulnerable

September 15th, 2017

Former Bucs assistant coach Herm Edwards has a plan for the Bears

Could the Buccaneers really lose to the Bears on Sunday?

Have you seen Chicago’s receivers? Have you seen their quarterback?

Former Bucs assistant coach and Jets and Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards sees Tampa Bay as a very vulnerable team. The long layoff of the Buccaneers’ first-team players is very significant and should be the top concern of Dirk Koetter.

“If I’m Chicago, I know what I’m doing. As soon as I make my first first down on offense, I’m going no huddle. And I’m going to wear them cats out,” Edwards said on ESPN Chicago. “I am going to exhaust them. I’m gonna try to exhaust that defense, so by the middle of the third quarter, they’re spent. They’re spent.

“Now I got a chance to do what I need to do. You can close the game out running it or do what I got to do. But I’m going to wear that defense down. Because of none of these guys are in shape. And when you’re not in shape on defense, you fatigue. When you’re not in shape on offense, you’re careless with the ball.”

Tom Waddle, the former Bears receiver and current Chicago radio host agreed with Edwards and noted the Bears, by virtue of playing a real game, have answered many questions within their team. But the Bucs have not, Waddle said, and that’s a disadvantage.

However, Waddle then laughed and said the Bucs are far more talented than the Bears and he is concerned the Bears will simply be “overwhelmed” by the Bucs’ roster of studs.

45 Responses to “Herm Edwards: Bucs Are Very Vulnerable”

  1. Ben the Ga Buc Says:

    I predict a slow start by the Bucs, but we’ll shake off the rust by the 2nd or 3rd quarter and will win this game.

  2. Baz Says:

    “Roster of Studs”
    Great band name!

  3. Bear 4 Ever Says:

    Indeed they are. Herm is right.

    Kyle Long is back at LG this week. Bears interior OL one of the best in the league
    LG Kyle Long – C Cody Whitehair – RG Josh Sitton.

    They will run the ball out of heavy packages. 2 TE sets, 3 TE sets and they will deploy their FB too. The goal will be to wear down the Bucs by third quarter. Then Jordan Howard will be a load to stop.

  4. stu Says:

    rust, out of football shape, adrenaline let down in 2nd half ,Florida heat=closer game than it should be

  5. D-Rome Says:

    If the defense allow Glennon to throw for 250+ yards the Bucs will lose. They can’t allow Glennon to have a good game.

  6. Mike Johnson Says:

    Interesting analogy by ole Herm. But I do think the Bucs will find a way to win. It probably won’t be by much. But if you are the Bucs, you take it anyway you can get it. I just think our coaches got Glennon down pat.

  7. SB Says:

    Not in Shape??? Not in Shape???? WTF does he have to base this on???? Healthiest roster in the NFL right now. Now rust can be a factor but Out of Shape????? Herm has officially lost his flippin mind.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I totally disagree…..the Bucs are healthy and because they are healthy they have great depth….especially on defense….GMC, Ayers, McDonald, Baker, Spence, Gholston, Smith & Co. upfront…
    And a great crew of speedy LBs…..LVD, Beckwith & Kwon (out of shape?)…

    How about the secondary…..they aren’t going to be worn out except from blitzing…..

    I see our offense keeping them from getting the ball enough to wear us out.

    Not going to happen!!!

  9. 813bucboi Says:

    herm is right….that would be a nice game plan and one im sure fox is interested in deploying but tom waddle hit the nail on the head….by the middle of the 3rd quarter of superior talent will prevail….GO BUCS!!!!

  10. RayJameisStadium Says:

    Chicago playing in 90 degree weather. Can that be a factor? No huddle?!?! Lol

  11. 813bucboi Says:

    Their is a difference being being in shape and being in gameday shape….we aren’t in gameday shape yet by the 3rd quarter we’ll be clicking on all cylinders….GO BUCS!!!

  12. Bear 4 Ever Says:

    >>SB Says:
    September 15th, 2017 at 10:28 am>>

    There is a difference between healthy/injury free and NFL game shape.

    Bucs will be playing after one month! This is real challenge. No joke.

    You cannot simulate NFL game conditioning in a gym. They will feel every crunching hit. There is no way around it.

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    SB…lol I laugh at anyone saying Herm is right. His words looked like a lot of jibberish nonsense with nothing concrete to hang his hat on. He knows the Bucs are “out of shape”???? How does he know this? Sounds like a lot of made up nonsense to get his point across of what he’d do to a tired team.

    But yah…he’s got a point….wtf?

  14. mark2001 Says:

    We CANNOT lose this game….this is the worst team in the NFC North…. and would put us behind the eight ball for the rest of the season.

  15. '74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Herm also predicted the Bucs to win the superbowl during the chase for Jameis year. I’m glad he said this, because he’s normally wrong.

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    Bear 4 Ever….your team is garbage.

  17. Pawel Says:

    I want to see the Bucs spank the bears and score at least 40 pts, when was the last time we score over 40 pts, CMON LETS GO BUCS!

  18. RayJameisStadium Says:

    Bear 4 ever. Who is your starting QB for game 3???
    You will be thinking hard about that one come Sunday night.

  19. SB Says:

    Hey Bear. So the Bears have played One flipping game so they are in SO much better “Gameday shape” huh? Outside of your young RBs 87 is right. Your team is garbage. Good luck brother.

  20. Smokeymountainbucsfan Says:

    Lol Herm Edwards, go no huddle and wear them cats out. Dude we got lean,young fast Cheetahs on this D. Guess you can’t blame Herm cause I’d let them pay me and say whatever the writers tell me to say to. Funny though

  21. TrollSlayer Says:

    i like herm but sometimes hes a blowhard and likes to rile people up just to rile people up and usually comes off as a nutjob— i respectfully disagree with him these are PROFESSIONAL players its their job to be ready no matter what im sure they are all anxious to take the field

  22. AceofAerospace Says:

    Herm is still butt hurt after he predicted the Bucs to win the super bowl in Lovie’s first season. Then the Bucs had the “audacity” to fire that chump. I put no credence in anything he says about the Bucs. There is no excuse to lose this game. None. Period. Lose this one and you’re the same old Bucs. The Bucs win and win big.

  23. Buc1987 Says:

    The Bucs gave at least 1 2017 game film of the Bears to work with. The Bears have none.

    Besides judging from what I saw in pre-season the Bucs could have used more time to get ready for the real season. Perhaps no week 1 helped.

  24. Buc1987 Says:


  25. shouldhavedraftedeifert Says:

    Easy game for Bucs to lose and I’m ok with that. 3 weeks no hitting, stress from the storm evacuations, hard knocks distractions, prospect of 16 weeks straight no bye… etc… if they win it will say a lot about the character of this team.

  26. J mone sec 147 Says:

    lol Jameis is gonna blow up the bears 300+ yards 3+ TDs … come at me

  27. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    “Out of shape”? No possible way.

  28. Wausa Says:

    Was going to say the same thing as you did ’74 Bucs fan

  29. Buc4lyfe79 Says:

    Seeing Ira put in print that the Bears oline was a strength was laughable, now i see posters following suit. Ill say it again, a great tail back can make even the most mediocre line look good. Bears do not have “one of the best interior olines” lmao….My family is based out of Chicago, have been since the 1920’s, in all that time, the Bears Have Never had a good oline. Not for Gayle Sayers, Not for Walter Payton, Not for Brad Muster aka the first Mike Alstott, Never. And still dont now i dont care who Kyle Longs daddy is. If the Bucs defense falters it will be because of one thing. They werent professional enough to keep themselves in shape, Period.

  30. Blake Johnson Says:

    Calling it now. Desean Jackson is going to catch 2 50+ yard bombs for touchdowns this Sunday.

    And Mike Smith is going to serve up a heaping helping of blitzing linebackers and safeties. Opi will turn beat red, and be the same ol’ statue he’s been his whole career.

    This team will not be able to handle us.

    Bucs win 31-17

  31. SOFIERCE Says:

    Anyone noticed any worn out teams in week one? Me neither! They talk like the Bucs came out of retirement… please.

    Bucs 27 : Bears 13

  32. Bucamania Says:

    Come on. The Bears are no challenge, That roster is garbage.

    I predict the Bucs will shake off the rust in the first quarter and then roll the lowly Bears to an easy win.

  33. Mark Says:

    We are 4-16 over the last 5 season thru the first 4 games of the season. We are notorious for our slowness starts. The Bears looked good last week. John Fox no going to have them ready. I know preseason I know predictive but we may be little underprepared. I think the Bucs have better talent player for player but as a team we need a few weeks to gel. I think Bears win this one. It’ll be close though.

  34. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I would expect this game to be about the same as last years game. We might have some early rust from the rest and new weapons to incorporate, but we’ve improved this offseason and the Bears got worse. 27-13 Bucs.

  35. Eric Says:

    One week off and they are “rusty”.


    Yet crying about lack of week off later.

    Tough, close game, as the teams are not that far off talent wise. This is the NFL.

  36. Buc1987 Says:

    Mark Says:
    September 15th, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    “We are 4-16 over the last 5 season thru the first 4 games of the season.”

    Different coaches, different rosters…Dude please!

  37. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’m not sure if it scientifically makes sense to assume you get in better shape as the season wears on. If anything it’s the opposite. Look at our team on the short week after the Raiders game vs our team coming off a bye and not playing for 2 weeks. We had WAY more energy off the bye.

    How the f*ck do you gain endurance during a season lol? You have no time to train because you’re in the grind. You gain your endurance and ability to play a full season / full games by preparation in the offseason.

    This really makes no sense at all and we’re all dumber for having entertained the notion of it.

  38. Rod Munch Says:

    Herm is 100% correct – think of this, Winston hasn’t been in a game with Evans and Jackson since August 17th, that is exactly one month from Sunday’s game. Grimes hasn’t played in a game for 5 weeks and the Bucs backup at corner is still Ryan Smith, who is awful and could single handedly make the Bears WRs look good if he sees any playing time.

    The only game the Bucs played in which they had their starts was that Jacksonville game – that’s it, a bunch of players were out the next week against Cleveland. Again, that Jacksonville game was a month ago. Coming off this week with players flying all over the country and having the practice schedule messed up I don’t know why anyone would think they come out looking fantastic and ready to go – I fully expect them to not look that great early on. I think the Bucs do pull it out in the end, but that it’s really ugly. I hope I’m wrong and the Bucs look great and they can step right off the practice field and into an NFL game without missing a beat – but history tells us that rarely happens.

  39. Rod Munch Says:

    Lord Cornelius – Every player will tell you there is a difference between being in good shape and being in playing shape. I think when people say game shape it’s more about pacing and just being able to control yourself. You can be a great endurance runner but if you go out and run as fast as you can you can be out of breath and curled up in a ball after like 3 mins – yet you’re in good enough shape to run for 3 hours straight at a slower pace. So in NFL language it’s the same deal – you can be in great shape workout wise, but you must learn pacing or you’ll blow yourself up too quick. As the season goes on and playing becomes routine you just naturally pace yourself better and I think that’s where endurance comes from.

  40. johnnybuc Says:

    slow start but similar result as last years game…. over by 3rd quarter i’m expecting to see glennon on the ground a whole lot on sunday

  41. Smokeymountainbucsfan Says:

    Jeez the whole freaking league hadn’t played in 8mths. Damn, they are pros! There is millions of truck drivers, and guys slinging hammers right now! But on Sunday’s there’s only handful of men that can do what they do. They are gifted, just a truck driver is at what he does. The rust will slide off in warmups if there are any. Cause it’s gonna be hotter than hell at kickoff ~GO BUCS~

  42. Rod Munch Says:

    Smokeymountainbucsfan – As for the heat it’s going to be around 92 at kickoff BUT it’s a wind out of the north, which should mean that the humidity is lower than normal. It will be hot but it shouldn’t be that strangle the life out of opposing teams humidity we’d hope for in September. But to counter that it should be a cloudless sky – or close to it, so again it will be hot, but just not muggy. That is the current forecast – we’ll see if it changes.

  43. Jeffbuc Says:

    So because the bears played for 3 hours a week ago they are in shape. And the what does he think the guys did on there bye week. Just sit around eating potato chips and drinking Mountain Dew. Yeah they have just been sitting around and the only conditioning they get is on game day. There is a reason he is not coaching anymore. Stupidest thing I have heard in a while.

  44. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    That take of Herm’s is really really stupid. So the Bucs didn’t have to play last week and that means they are out of shape? How about this Herm, they didn’t have to play last week so they will be fresh and not fatigued from a long grinding game last week. I never watch ESPN anymore and it is because of stupid sh1t like that. Jesus, hard to believe that man was a head coach at one time.

  45. FortMyersDave Says:

    Herm neglects to point out that it could be Chicago that wilts in RJS with a heat index over 100…. The Bears have no tape on the Bucs and the Buc pretty much know that the Bears O is limited by their QB Glennon. I sense that a lot of people think the Bucs could lose and yes anything is possible but from a talent point of view the Bucs are by far superior. Last year the Bears were actually favored at RJS as they upet the Vikings the week before the Bucs game and the Bucs were 3-5 coming off a bad loss at home to the ATL yet the Bucs steam rolled them. Unless the Buc are -3 or4 on the turnover battle they should win. I suspect the Bucs will not win by 26 this week but they should get the job done on adrenaline, emotion, superior talent and a couple of key plays. Bucs 23 Bears 16.