Can’t Blame Aguayo

September 12th, 2017

Lazy target.

Sometimes Joe thinks this is too easy.

Yeah, kicker Roberto Aguayo is gone. Finished. Kaput. Out the door. Still, in a piece by follicly-challenged Billy Barnwell, uber-spreadsheeter of BSPN, he believes the Bucs can make a run at the playoffs this year not so much for what the Bucs added but what the Bucs subtracted.

That would be Aguayo.

It’s entirely possible that league-worst kicking from Roberto Aguayo cost them a playoff spot last season, and regression toward the mean should take care of that problem.

You know, even though Aguayo stunk, Joe isn’t so sure Aguayo cost the Bucs the playoffs. But he’s an easy target. Joe has to be fair here.

Sure, Aguayo stunk against the Rams. But Keith Tandy and America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, cost the Bucs seven points each. Tandy got clowned by Tavon Austin for a touchdown and Jameis had a wide open Vincent Jackson targeted near the goal line in the final drive and he missed him.

It wasn’t Aguayo who got called for an ugly defensive holding penalty in overtime that kept a Raiders drive alive in a game the Bucs gave away.

In fact, Aguayo, one could argue, won games for the Bucs at Carolina and at Kansas City.

Did Aguayo cost the Bucs a playoff berth when the offense went into hiding in the fourth quarter in losses at Dallas and at New Orleans? No.

Sure, the Bucs should be better with Nick Folk. He’s more reliable. But there was a reason Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht went out and got DeSean Jackson and O.J. Howard and Chris Godwin. It was because the offense cost the Bucs more so than Aguayo.

15 Responses to “Can’t Blame Aguayo”

  1. '79Defense Says:

    I totally agree. Really too bad he couldn’t get it together in the end. –Can’t believe how well the Raiders replacement kicker for Jankikowski did in his very first game. His first ever attempt was 52 yards (9 yards longer than Aguayo’s year long best). And he made two of those.

  2. Not buying it Says:

    Sorry Joe if Aguayo makes the field goal that he missed against the rams, then we would have only needed a field goal for the win. At the end of the rams game, even though Jameis did miss Vincent Jackson in the end zone, we were at the five yard line when time expired. Aguayo clearly cost us the playoffs last year.

  3. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Not buying it Says
    “Sorry Joe if Aguayo makes the field goal that he missed against the rams…”

    At the same time, there was at least one game where he single-handedly won for us, so that balanced the scales.

  4. Dlavid Says:

    Bottom line , our kicker makes the kicks he should have made and we are in the playoffs . You minimize the kicking position Joe , by comparing it to field of play objectionable calls/penalties that are all a part of the game . Kicking 67% is atrocious and the FG’s being missed mostly should have been automatic .

  5. ARGH_M8E Says:


    Wake up and smell the cup, Joe!!!!! Coffee that is☕️

  6. Nutterbuccer Says:

    Next topic

    Damn dalvin cook sure looked good last night, would of looked much better lining up behind Winston. It was only one game but I sure hope oj Howard and Justin evans turn out to be good because many of us epnt be able to live that down. It was almlst hard watching him play for Minnesota as a miles fan. It jist seemed right to habe him line up behind Winston again.

  7. Bucsfanman Says:

    First, I hope everyone weathered the storm with little damage.

    Aguayo’s kicking was ONE issue. There were many issues that kept us out of the playoffs. To be fair, Jameis’ turnovers cost us as many games if not more, so, there’s that.
    It’s sad to see the guy fail like this. He’s probably a good guy. I wish him well.

  8. darin Says:

    Exactly. Cant argue that fact. Of course Aguayo didnt cost them any games single handedly. Its the ultimate team sport. But as a kicker you gota make kicks. Every kicker in the league can be credited with winning a few games a year it seems. Not every one can be the same with losing them tho. 71 percent is terrible. We couldnt go to the dang bathroom during extra points without worrying about a missed kick for cryin out loud. Not to mention the couple guys we should have had, had he not been taken. If we had a league averave kicker the playoffs could have been made, or maybe not. Never know. What we do know is the guy couldnt handle the pressure. He fell apart. Plus he just didnt look comfortable. His form looked terrible too. Kicked the ground before the ball half the time. Folk should be a big upgrade. If not, sign another kicker, dont draft one before round 6. Go Bucs

  9. David Galloway Says:

    Aguayo didnt win any games for us. The game game winner he hit in Carolina? We were only in that situation because of the two makeabke kicks Aguayo missed during that game. You don’t get credit for putting out a fire you started. And there were plenty of points Aguayo left on the field that can easily change the course of the game. (Oakland is the first game to come to mind)

  10. mike n Says:

    If we use those 2 picks for a safety then we don’t go safety in this years 2nd and draft Hunt or trade up a few spots and grab Cook. That stupid pick cost us last year, this year and on

  11. Mike Johnson Says:

    Everybody Loves…a scapegoat..a sacrificial lamb..enter Roberto! Real football guys know Roberto was not the cause of us not making the playoffs last season. The Tampa Bay Bucs were the reason. We had opportunities galore, Missed tackles, pass interceptions and incompletions..and oh yeah the big one… 7 Teams we played were better than us!! Chance to change it all this season starting Sunday..or not? No hiding, No Coulda/Woulda/ excuses..Get her done!!!

  12. Bucsdobe Says:

    I’m with you, Bucsfanman! So nice to read your post!

  13. Bobby M. Says:

    I believe there is some mental negativity that occurred every time Aguayo stepped on the field and missed. Football is a game of sustaining momentum….Aguayo missed extra points, FGs….that’s a kick to the gut in close games when its happening over and over and over. It also changes the play calling on when to go for it, punt or attemtp the FG. Aguayo sucked and the team would have been better last year without him.

  14. Still not buying it Says:

    I’ve never heard of a game single handedly won by any kicker, ever. That’s hysterical. Especially when said kicker has never made a kick over 50 yards. He doesn’t deserve credit for making gimmes. He wasn’t the only reason we didn’t make the playoffs last year, but he was certainly one of the main reasons.

  15. Dr.Killpatient Says:

    Hey, at least Aguayo sports that awesome vampire mouth guard. It has clearly intimidated the uprights.