Building The Bucs

September 13th, 2017

Reversing trend.

An interesting deep dive into roster-building and the Bucs.

There is a website out there called run by a fellow named Jason Martinez, who has a breakdown of how each NFL team was built (MLB and NHL teams, too). It is generally thought that teams with the most homegrown talent (drafted and rookie free agents who the team developed) are the best.

It seems as though in the NFC South, the Bucs lag behind their division foes in this regards.

It may also explain why the other three NFC South teams have had success in the postseason in the post-Chucky era, and the Bucs have missed the playoffs in the same timeframe.

Per Martinez, the Bucs had 28 homegrown players on the roster when the final-53 was set last week. That’s last in the NFC South but not by much. The Bucs trail the Dixie Chicks (31), the Saints (30) and the Stinking Panthers (29).

The true disparity is in drafting, specifically the first round. The Stinking Panthers have 12 players on their roster that were selected by the team in the first round. Atlanta and New Orleans both have 10. The Bucs? Try six! That’s pathetic. Only the Bills and Seahawks have fewer homegrown first round picks on their rosters.

But AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht is bucking that trend, slowly but surely. Thus, Licht’s three first round picks are significant contributors: Mike Evans, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, and Vernon Hargreaves. It’s a very safe bet O.J. Howard will join that group as well.

So that leaves only two Bucs first round picks prior to Licht coming on board on the roster. That would be Gerald McCoy and Doug Martin, who is serving the three-game balance of his four-game suspension to start the season.

10 Responses to “Building The Bucs”

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    Fascinating website Joe. What’s equally interesting to me is the disparity between the number of players on each team who were drafted in Rnds 1-3. Atlanta (26), Carolina (26) & New Orleans (28) are all pretty much the same (might have something to do with the NFC South being so competitive?). The Bucs (21) are quite a ways back in terms of top rnds talent. That does however put us above the Bears (17) & pretty much tied with the Jaguars (21) & Titans (20) … both up-and-coming teams just like us IMO. Also ties us with the Packers (21) & not that far behind the Patriots (23) in terms of Rnd 1-3 picks. We’re getting there.

  2. Bucs Guy Says:

    Should be rounds 1 and 3 for the Bucs instead of 1-3 as the team can’t seem to get a 2nd pick right (ASJ, Aguyo, etc)

  3. Kalind Says:

    I dunno, the second round hasn’t been terrible. Smith, Marpet, David, Spence….

  4. Ndog Says:

    Kalind don’t forget this year’s 2nd round gem Justin Evans aka Mr. Invisible.

  5. mark2001 Says:

    Ndog…way to early to evaluate the quality of the Evans pick. But then, after all, if you want to point out a poor 2nd round pick, Roberto is close in the rear view mirror.

  6. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    To be fair, those teams go back beyond the time when Licht came to Tampa. Not really fair.

    We all know Dominick sucked at drafting.

  7. Kenny Says:

    Well I think he hit with Noah Spence in the 2nd

  8. Bucamania Says:

    That’s a reflection of the previous regimes. Dominick and GruAllen had horrendous drafts.

  9. Pit Says:

    Justin Evans might be a bust but we should give him the benefit of doubt for at least 1 season.

  10. LongSeason Says:

    You have to have successful drafts and good at picking the right free agents. To do that you have to know talent, your system and how the player will work in your system. Then your coaches must be able to coach. You do all that then your team may be successful. I say may because then there is luck in not getting injured and snake bit on plays where you have perfect coverage is beaten by the perfect throw every time.