The ScuttleBucs: Vanilla August, Embracing Doug Martin’s Return, Weapons Realities, Who Jameis Is, Joe Joins, And More

August 30th, 2017

It’s here! The first full episode of The ScuttleBucs Podcast is on. Enjoy it right here every Wednesday afternoon on JoeBucsFan,com, hosted by Jeff Cameron and Tom Lang, powerhouse personalities and lifelong Bucs fans at ESPN Tallahassee, 97.9 FM.

The ScuttleBucs are also on Google Play and will be firing on iTunes in a matter of hours. It also will rebroadcast Sundays on ESPN Tallahassee from 11 a.m. to noon.

Listen or download above. Read more about The ScuttleBucs below.

Of course, many of you know Cameron, namesake of “The Jeff Cameron Show.” Joe has been a guest with Cameron many times and Cameron is a personal friend of Jameis Winston.

Cameron is a St. Petersburg native, a proud Lakewood High graduate and a diehard Bucs fan since he was a little guy running through Tampa Stadium in the late 70’s. Jeff is a 20-year radio host in Tallahassee talking Florida State and national sports on a daily basis — weekdays 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on ESPN Tallahassee 97.9 FM since 2012. Jeff has reported/opined for ESPN SportsCenter, ESPN Radio’s flagship show Mike & Mike, on SiriusXM and he appears on local shows from Seattle to Miami. He thanks the football gods daily that the Lovie Smith era is over and misses the days of Lee Roy Selmon and Doug Williams.

Tom Lang, a Clearwater and Palm Harbor native, graduated Clearwater Central Catholic in 2005. He started working in sports in the fall of 2004, covering Friday nights on the high school beat for the St. Petersburg Times. After moving up to the state capital, Tom worked the Florida State sports beat for the Rivals and 24/7 sport networks. He has an eight-year relationship with “The Jeff Cameron Show” as a producer, being promoted to Executive Producer in 2012. He is also the Operations Manager of ESPN Tallahassee. Tom still smiles at the memory of dejected Eagles fans leaving their beloved Vet as NFC Bridesmaids all those years ago, and he’s Brad Johnson’s biggest fan. Seriously.

9 Responses to “The ScuttleBucs: Vanilla August, Embracing Doug Martin’s Return, Weapons Realities, Who Jameis Is, Joe Joins, And More”

  1. DB55 Says:


    You miss spelled espn.

  2. JAB83 Says:

    The Irony of JoeBucsFan doing ESPN is. I almost got banned and now my comments never get posted live (so that I can chat with others) because I “accused” the Joe’s for sounding like ESPN and wanting to work for/with ESPN.

    This will be the first time I actually listen to you guys do ESPN on here.
    I think its BS that WDAEat a Dic kicked yall off the air for calling people out on the real….

    And I Miss YOU GUYS on my drives home from work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  3. Pocket Cast Listener Says:

    Hey Joe, I listed to all your other podcasts using Pocket Cast and this one is not on there. When can it be available to listen to?
    Just give it a little time. Thanks for listening. –Joe

  4. JAB83 Says:

    Awesome first 5 mins… Calling out Ronde for the not so insightful work he does…

    No problem here… Its True… And will never happen in Tampa market…

    Not sure I like the phone interview but its better than nothing!!!!

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    Uh oh, speaking of embracing Doug Martin… that’s is going to trigger Joe…

  6. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    This was great. I listen to podcasts all day at work, and the more Bucs talk, the better. JBF is taking over because they realize what the fan base wants: REAL BUCS FANS reporting on the team. I can’t stand the local media pretending to care if the team wins or not. I want objectivity, but I also want passion. I want to listen to media that feels the same way I do after a game, win or lose. Local media personalities just don’t give a $hit.

  7. Fritz50 Says:


    Not sure if it’s just my phone, but the iTunes link keeps reporting ‘invalid addres’ when I try to use it. It worked for the other podcasts but not this one. I can still play from yer site, but I’d like to download it, if I miss it here. Know what I mean.


  8. Joe Says:


    Don’t have an iPhone but do have iTunes on the desktop PC. It’s working on that platform.

  9. Joe Says:


    Texted someone who has iTunes on their iPhone. They were able to access ScuttleBucs on their phone. If it was a iTunes issue, Joe’s guessing more folks would have commented about this. Appreciate the heads-up.