No Protest, No Punked Episode

August 18th, 2017

Resting legs.

Protesting the national anthem seems to be a fad spreading like a virus throughout the NFL. And before tonight’s game at Jacksonville, Joe wondered if any Bucs player would jump in the fray.

Remember last year Mike Evans did not stand for the anthem at a home game and the Tampa Bay community nearly melted down? Evans – Joe guesses he was counseled by Bucs brass, reaching the very top of One Buc Palace – called off his protest amid the protest.

So as the band and flag bearers and others assumed the position on the field at the Gator Bowl last night before kickoff, flags unfurled. Joe got out his binoculars, and sure enough there were two Buccaneers sitting on the bench. Defensive tackles Sealver Siliga and Stevie T. The rest of the Bucs stood on the sidelines.

Oh, no.  A double-protest?

Mere seconds before the national anthem began playing, it was if Siliga and Steve T. were punking people. Both got up, stood straight up, and covered their hearts with their right hands.


So Joe caught up with Stevie T after the game. Joe wanted to know, did they think about protesting and change their minds? Were they trying to troll fans? What?

Steve T laughed. It was neither. Stevie T said protesting never even crossed his mind, thus, he wasn’t trying to pull a fast one on fans either.

Instead, Stevie T said it was just good ol’ fashioned common sense.

“I was trying to save my legs for as long as I could,” Steve T said. That’s why he said he and Siliga waited until the last moment to stand.

It was as harmless and innocent as that.

67 Responses to “No Protest, No Punked Episode”

  1. Owlykat Says:

    Thank Goodness! We don’t need distractions.

  2. teacherman777 Says:

    In other news,

    anybody see that video from Ohio where that white cop totally jumps and beats that defenseless black dude? And sucker punches while he is down? And then his dirty buddies show up and arrest his girlfriend?

    Oh yea…

    there’s nothing to protest…

    Its not like we have Klan members on police forces all over America…

    And its not like we have KKK morons spewing satanic hatred in Charlottesville.

    Everything is going great in the Ol’ USA.

    Just keep eating (chemical crap), buying (while going in debt), watching TV, scrolling the Facebook wall,and watching porno people…

    America is Utopia… No need to protest or complain…

  3. unbelievable Says:

    Well if / when anyone does kneel, all the snowflakes in Tampa will surely be melting again.

  4. grafikdetail Says:


  5. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    That was a good trolling, no protesting planned and sacked ( no pun there)…just resting till last minute…God, I love my team!


  6. lurker Says:

    joe is trolling… with the binoculars.

    so what if someone kneels? it is their right.

    god sure hasn’t shed his grace anywhere.

  7. Joe Says:

    so what if someone kneels? it is their right.

    Doesn’t mean it’s not a story.

  8. lurker Says:

    lol, true

    mountains outta molehills, though

  9. Smoky Mountain Buc Fan Says:

    Remember the days when fads was PAC Man Atari Rubik’s Cubes Until people change it doesn’t matter who does the protesting and what they’re protesting. By the way in my opinion Colin lost his job cause he sucked after the NFC championship when the Hawks busted the 49ers in the mouth and not the protesting or his fro. He would’ve sucked just as bad as Bortles if not more tonight. So much negativity in the media, internet, now in sports? It’s like the media wants better ratings. Newspapers wanna sell more papers, funny thing is I haven’t read the paper in years. Get my news online… Had no idea who Tom Jones even was! In sports? Really? A few millionaires sitting down during the National Anthem is gonna change what? I work for a major sponsor of all sports and we have played a major role in many Super Bowls but I would never protest while I was at work. I’m paid well but nothing compared to the ones sitting down or refusing to go to the whitehouse! Why? Cause I know I could get fired! Those sitting down know they can’t get fired. They wouldn’t risk 10 million a year if it meant them being fired (cut) , no man would…

  10. TampaTown Says:

    Do whatever you want on your own time. But when you’re a player on the field, any field, you’re on the clock. So now it’s my time. When I buy a ticket or tune in to a football game I don’t give s $hit what your politics are. It’s the one place everyone can get away from all that. And what does protesting the National Anthem have to do with anything? You don’t like it here? Leave. Don’t let the door hit ya. Nobody is keeping you here. Why do you think everyone needs to know your politics? It’s a selfish attempt to draw attention. Look at me! I matter! Why is your opinion more important than mine? OPINION cannot be wrong, but players sitting down, and some posters here, think they have to tell others that they are wrong yet somehow they themselves are not. Ironic, isn’t it? Just play football, talk football or STFU

  11. Maze Says:

    Looked like Martin sure had fresh legs

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    John Lynch had an excellent comment on the dumb fruits around the NFL protesting.

    “We had a great deal the other day where we had four chairs up here, and there was Steve Young and Jerry Rice,” Lynch said. “And they talked about ‘The 49er Way.’ And I always thought that’s one of the great things about this league. As a matter of fact, I think it’s a great beacon for the rest of culture, in terms of the way it should be. You strive for a common goal, and you have unity.

    “And I think this game brings people together. So I think personally when I see that, I think that’s divisive. And I understand guys see things and they’re not happy. They have that right. And I think we’ll always respect people’s rights. That doesn’t mean I believe that. I believe this game should be celebrated for what it is. I think [it’s] a tremendous unifier for our country and for the way things should be.”

    Lynch cited how former Niners coach Bill Walsh, whom Lynch played for at Stanford, would talk about football as a cultural melting pot that can bring players together from all backgrounds.

    “You take guys from all over the country, different socioeconomic backgrounds, racial backgrounds, and you have friends for life,” Lynch said, mentioning his former teammate Warren Sapp was in town visiting the Niners on Wednesday. “Those types of stories I think get lost in something like this. But they’ve got their reasons [for the protests], and we’ll always be respectful of those.”

  13. NFLNut Says:

    BTW, I couldn’t care less if a player stands or kneels … I don’t care one way or the other as it has nothing to do with football or being a good or bad person or anything … it just makes no difference to me.

    I believe EVERYONE should be allowed to think and say whatever they want and that includes people I vehemently disagree with and think are despicable …

  14. danr Says:

    Keep in mind the anthem isn’t d9ne for fun or tradition… It’s a paid for recruiting advertisement. You have the right to free speech, but an owner has a right to be passed if your antics upstage his commercial.

  15. Cash Says:

    If only people cared as much about the reasons why one might protest by not honoring a song with racist traditions… It’s way past time to just remove the song from the game anyway, it serves no purpose other than tradition, just like separate but equal was a tradition for years that people at the time never imagined life without, history shows we progressed by doing the right thing.

  16. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Joe: and to a few others here player has ever protested the National Anthem or the American flag…they protest by (kneeling or setting) while the Anthem playes under a proudly flying flag…I enjoyed the game but Colin could make either team I saw play last nite! Go BUCS …continue to build a wall…but not in Mexico!!!

  17. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Nut

    You couldn’t care less, but you demeen a religion in the process. Hypocrisy much?

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    lurker Says
    “so what if someone kneels? it is their right.”

    It’s their right to play elsewhere too. I don’t care how good a player is…if he can’t stand to honor the soldiers who died for us, he doesn’t deserve to live in the USA, much less make millions here (unless disabled or something).

    Same goes for non-players.

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Hypocrisy = Jumping all over Colin’s case back when he refused to stand, but suddenly saying it is alright now that we have a horrible backup quarterback situation.

    Come on, guys. Stick to your guns.

    If the Bucs sign Colin, I might have my own protest. And rightfully so. The guy needs to spend a year out of the NFL just to be taught a lesson. And the Bucs do not need the NFL Fan backlash that would result from such a signing.

    This is the year we finally earn national respect. Let’s not screw it up by signing that lazy bum.

  20. The Buc Realist Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai is right!!!!!! If we cannot stand together for the anthem, then what will we ever “stand” together on??? Too many people there are things that are bigger than us that we show respect for, whether its the anthem, church, The Flag and symbols of what our best selves together should be!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. webster Says:

    “Snowflakes” can keep trying to deflect but kneeling has nothing to do with soldiers and it has been stated many times. You can try and use alternative facts all you want but it was an ex soldier who met with kap and told him to kneel and not sit which is considered not disrepectful. Many many active duty and vets have said kap has every right to do what he and others are doing and they are not offended. Its all the non vets spewing the nonsense that its disrespectful. Teacherman mentioned the ohio incident and crickets followed. Unfortunately everybody is not treated the same and therefore you will continue to see these men exercise their rights like it or not. Deal with it.

  22. webster Says:

    You want them to stop kneeling? Then join in the fight to end racism and stop acting like $hit don’t stink.

  23. Big Marlon B Says:

    as soon as i started reading, i assumed it was them just “saving their legs”. these guys weigh as much as a Sherman tank….2 less minutes of those joints supporting that kind of weight can’t be a bad thing lol

  24. NFLNut Says:

    It’s not the Bucs that should sign Colin Kaepernick, it’s the Jaguars … Bortles looks like hot garbage and Chad Henne is an old also-ran with no mobility to escape the pressure that playing behind such a bad offensive line brings.

    I think a Kaepernick led Jaguars team could win that sorry AFC South division!

    I’m not really a fan of Kap the football player but have no issue with his protest and simply think he’d probably be a far better QB for the Jags than Bortles is … heck, I think TeBow might be better for the Jags than Bortles … he may not throw well but he can lead like a superstar and play smart football with few mistakes (unlike Bortles).

    I actually feel sorry for the Jags … they are loaded with talent on both sides of the ball but their QB, the guy who is supposed to be the “face of their franchise” seems like a bust of a pick …

  25. 813bucboi Says:


    @TEACHERMAN says….Its not like we have Klan members on police forces all over America

    the incident below happened on 08/15/2017:

    LAKE CITY, Fla. — Two former Florida prison guards who were members of the Ku Klux Klan have been convicted of plotting to kill a black inmate after his release.
    A Columbia County jury found David Elliot Moran, 49, and Charles Thomas Newcomb, 45, guilty of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office said Tuesday.

    and “we’re” suppose to believe “they” want to protect and serve….BS….

    whats your response to that?…..KAEP is bringing awareness to this type of situation….what have you done to improve things?….NOTHING…but your sure ready to make things worse….GO BUCS!!!!

  26. NFLNut Says:


    If truth and facts demean something, the problem is with that something, not with the truth and facts and what I said was the 100% verifiable truth … deal with it!

  27. unbelievable Says:

    Webster nailed it. All these people who have a problem with it just can’t stand to admit that the issues exist. Pretty pathetic.

  28. Bucsfanman Says:

    Incidentally NFLNut, I agree with your Bortles take.

  29. The Buc Realist Says:


    That is why commie keapernick will never wear a Bucs Jersey!!!! This is now a “Team” A “Family” and that is how they will win in the NFL!!!!!!! And commie kaepernick is anything but those things!!!!! He is a mediocre Qb that runs!!!!! He is a distraction to a team, He is a coach killer and Gm killer in the NFL These days!!!!!!!

    You think John Lynch is the new GM by chance????? You don’t think he bamboozled him off the roster!!!! Now the 49ers are talking about the 49er way!!!!! About no bigger than the team!!!!!!! thousands may support, but millions will as Buc Bonzai said “our own protest”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! commie kaepernick has 3 wins that last 2 seasons!!!!!!! He is not bringing anything to the table!!!!!!!

    And it is not a “black balled”!!!!!!!! He is not a “Buccaneer Man” and not good enough to play on this fine team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 813bucboi Says:

    If the Bucs sign Colin, I might have my own protest. And rightfully so. The guy needs to spend a year out of the NFL just to be taught a lesson

    so being “BLACK BALLED” is OK…..

    no one would fear your protest…..obviously, you haven’t been paying attention to the movement….

    THOUSANDS would show up and support the signing of KAEP….don’t underestimate the movement…or enemy in your case…

    If we cannot stand together for the anthem, then what will we ever “stand” together on???


  31. 813bucboi Says:

    @realist…every team can claim family until they aint winning…..have you seen the movement….MILLIONS have shown support….MILLIONS WILL BE AT NFL HEADQUATERS in new York on 8/23/17…..I doubt people like you and bonsai will try to protest against it…..

    regarding the 9ers, that team and organization was a mess before lynch got their….he(KAEP) had no defense(the top talents retired or left in FA)…no weapons(v.davis, crabtree,gore) and no HC to work with…..

    but yeah the reason why they sucked is because he decided to protest….RIGHT….

    he’s better than fitz and that’s not even up for debate… honest…the only reason why he aint in the league is because you people like you and bonzai….

    with that said, the great news is, he’ll get his chance this year….qbs will fall/fail and you’ll have to live with “THE MOVEMENT”….GO BUCS!!!!

  32. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Nut

    I think it’s a fact you’re insecure of your own religion and the way you deal with it is with smear. It’s simple denial that you’re not so different than those you often defile. The Bible never condemned slavery, deal with that.

  33. NFLNut Says:


    Let me throw this out there just to see what others on both side of the Kaepernick issue think.

    Let’s say Riely Bullough makes this team and at some point, due to injuries to others, ends up starting and turning into a stud … and then reveals that he is in fact a “white supremacist” and believes all confederate monuments should stay, that the white race and culture are superior, whatever.

    What would happen? He would be demonized to no end by the press, probably be suspended by the Bucs if not the NFL and never get a job again.

    Now … on the flip side, let’s say Kwon Alexander turns into a superstar (he already is in my book) and comes out and says he joined The Nation of Ixxxslam and believes their teaching that the entire white race are devils created by a scientist named Yakub on the Greek isle of Patmos (btw this is exactly what this group believes!).

    What would happen? My best guess is NOTHING .. the media would either be silent on the topic or brush it off.

    What I am saying is that I DO NOT CARE what anyone says or believes, no matter how insane … their words and thoughts should not bar them from working in the USA!

    BTW, Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. was signed by the New York Knicks, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Clippers and OKC Thunder between the 2012-13 and 2015-16 NBA seasons … and he believed the exactly insanity I referenced above about white people all being devils created by the scientist Yakub … Muhammad Ali also believed this nonsense for a time as have many other pop culture figures …


  34. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Nut

    Pathetic comparison. You’re so insecure its cowardly.

  35. NFLNut Says:

    BKNY … your response to my facts is to personally attack me as usual … grow up.

    BTW, even if what you said about me were true, which it isn’t, such would not refute the 100% verifiable truthful statements I made above.

  36. NFLNut Says:

    BKNY … you just exposed yourself as the anti-white racist you are!

    You say it’s a pathetic comparison to compare some random white guy who happens to believe white culture is superior and that certain pieces of metal or stone should be left in place to some random black guy who literally believes that ALL white people are literal devils?

    You are a racist, period!

  37. KYBUCFAN Says:

    I am really truly and deeply sad to say i am a BUC fan today… But not because of the team it is because of some of you fans!! So just because a person is paid millions of dollars which no one is forcing anyone to pay such high prices then that negates a persons right to protest something!?! So it must be ok in the mind of some of you that innocent black people are being targeted and murdered all across this ‘great’ country!?! Cause that’s how i take it when you complain about a black millionaire that protest the funky a$$ american flag and racist a$$ national anthem. Just because you may not know the rest of the anthem or care to acknowledge what it really says I do and as a black male there is no honor in america for my kind yet so why not speak out about injustice no matter what your annual income is??????

  38. NFLNut Says:

    Can you imagine how Joe Namath or Mickey Mantle or Gordie Howe would be viewed today by the press if at one time during their careers they literally believed that ALL black people were literal devils the way Muhammad Ali at one point during his career not only literally believed that ALL white people were devils but actually joined the organization that promoted such insanity and racism?

    Namath, Mantle and Howe would either be completely demonized by the media or they would be forgotten and ignored yet Ali is constantly referred to as “the greatest” and put atop the list of all-time great black athletes, etc …

    Now, again, I PERSONALLY DON’T CARE what people THINK/SAY and I have no problem with Ali thinking such insanity … I’m just pointing out the obvious hypocrisy and insanity that exists in modern times.

  39. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Nut

    You ignored my fact about your sacred book and slavery.

    You also believe half of civilization and its prior existence will be/has been condemned to H E double hockey sticks. What makes you so different?

    I’m a racist! That’s a special. Show your insecure cowardice even more.

    I call you a coward, you call me a racist. Insecure little scared beta afraid of world religions. Pathetic

  40. NFLNut Says:

    KYBucFan … don’t be sad … people will think what they think.

    There are blacks who think whites are literally devils, Arabs who think Hebrews should be wiped off the face of the earth, whites who hate blacks, blacks who hate whites, south Koreans who hate north Koreans, americans who hate Russians, etc., etc., etc., … it’s all stupid but people can be stupid if they want to.

    I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul but if tomorrow Tom Brady says he thinks Jesus was a devil and is burning in hell and he hates Christianity, I certainly wouldn’t flip out on him personally or send him hate mail, let alone demand that he be barred from the NFL and never play again … people should be able to think and say whatever they want …

  41. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Nut

    I’m sorry you feel the need to tear down other religions to feel better about your own. All that spite and disillusionment must make you proud.

    You must feel so much better now calling me a racist, too.

  42. NFLNut Says:

    BKNY … you called me a coward rather than refute a single thing I said because you know what I said was 100% true and can’t be refuted.

    I called you a racist because your own comments show you to be racist. You said it was a pathetic example to compare a white supremacistwho believes white culture is superior to a Nation member who literally believes that ALL white people are literal devils … you, with your own words proved you are a racist, period … deal with it.

  43. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Nut

    And speaking of comparisons. There’s zero relevance to Joe’s post and I$lam. Yet your yellow belly, as usual, chimes in with hateful rhetoric towards another religion.
    That’s a fact. Same as the fact that you are insecure and lack esteem.

  44. NFLNut Says:

    BKNY … as for your other comments.

    #1 I didn’t need to deal with your statement on the Bible as it was a true statement. The Bible acknowledges slavery existed and outlined specific rules for how slave owners were to treat their slaves, when such slaves were to be freed, etc. I’m not you and I don’t pretend truth isn’t truth or try to cover up issues with insults … I have no problem with the what the Bible says about slavery … none.

    #2 Don’t pretend you know me or my beliefs … people being condemned happens every day be it to hell or to a jail or to a life of poverty or whatever … so what.

    As to your most recent comment above … what I said about Muhammad was 100% true and what I said about THE NATION is 100%v true … deal with it.

  45. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    And you believe that ALL musli ms will burn in he ll because you have all the answers in the world. You’ve met God and he gave you all the answers. Gfy

  46. NFLNut Says:

    BKNY … I wasn’t replying to Joe’s post, I was replying to other forum members post … the flavor of the day is to demand people disavow and condemn former slave owners and racists … Muhammad was a slave owner and various athletes and pop culture celebs still to this day believe ALL whites are literal devils … those are facts, even if you don’t like them … deal with it.

  47. NFLNut Says:

    Ah, you end your last post to me with the lovely “gfy” … so classy.

    Sir, every single time you and I have had a debate on this website, you have shown yourself to be an agry, hate-filled person who has no truth to stand on. I literally feel sorry for you and the only reason I even reply to you is because other sensible readers will see my replies and consider them.

    Again, don’t pretend to know me or my beliefs … I would never claim that ALL musli ms will “burn in hell” as many Muslims convert and love Jesus, others have never even heard of Jesus, others have been told nothing but lies about Jesus, etc., … only God Himself can judge a person’s soul and decide where they do when they die, not me.

  48. NFLNut Says:

    On the above note, I will end for the day as my lovely wife of 20+ years (who was my high school sweetheart) and I have a nice day planned in town and she is begging me to “get off the silly computer”, hahaha.

    Have a great day all … and for your own sake … be sensible and filled with love instead of hypocritical, nonsensical and filled with anger and hatred.


  49. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    You call me a hate-filled racist, i tell you to gfy. If you think that’s on the level of calling you insecure, you have no boundaries of reason or ration.

    And the truth is the Bible never condemns slavery. There’s even instructions on how a slave is to be treated, and it isn’t pretty. Do you not find any of your words ironic?

    I’m sorry you still feel the need to tear other people down to feel better about yourself. That’s you, Nut, always reflected in your posts. You come onto a football site and bash Is lam, constantly. Today you compare a religion to white supremacy. You tear other people down different from you. That’s your JBF gibe.
    Heed your own words.

  50. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Have a nice day NFLNut…be careful out there!! BANNON is out …there is a crack in the wall …it will soon be over!!!continue to build a wall…but not in Mexico!!!! Go BUCS !!!

  51. The Buc Realist Says:

    I think Mr BigHogHaynes and I can agree on one thing!!!!! That we will be there to defend if they try to take down the Great, Iconic of the past “Colonel Sanders”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I asked Mr. BigHoghaynes on his opinion and support, his reply was ” I love me some honey and bizcuits!!!!”

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. teacherman777 Says:


    I was being sarcastic bro!

    There are klan members on EVERY police force in the South!

    Klan members are no different than jihadi terrorists.

    We should use drones and take out klan terrorists on American soil.

    Jihadis threaten american citizens and so do Klan members.

    Klan members are terrorists!

  53. unbelievable Says:

    As usual, nflnut is conflating truth with his own brainwashed opinions, and being completely dishonest by comparing 2 totally different things.

    Then again, that’s what you do when your argument holds no merit.

  54. Rod Munch Says:

    LOL! The dolts thinking the Bucs would have anything to do with that piece of trash pro-cop killer Colin – that piece of garbage will never play in the NFL again because he’s a cancer. If the fruits in San Fran chase him away what makes you think anyone else in the rest of the nation would want anything to do with this glory hole engineer? This dolt can go cry to his white parents (he was such garbage his black parents abandoned him – good call by them) and say how racist and unfair everything is from his walled up multi-million dollar home protected by police. He’s garbage, he’s not playing again.

  55. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Rod

    You can make your point about Kaep without the homophobic garbage. Are you afraid of something like, Nut?

  56. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Rod Munch

    Given your name, I mean surprised you need to g@y bash to make a point about Kaep.

  57. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    I’ve got a friend named Dong Chew you might want to hook up with, though his English is a little rough around the edges.

  58. webster Says:

    Pro cop killer? I guess you missed the part where he stated he had family members who were cops. I get it. Bash the man who wants to hold rogue cops accountable.

  59. TampaTown Says:

    Funny the liberal Democrats had no problem with Democratic Senator Robert Byrd who was actually IN THE KLU KLUX KLAN.

  60. lurker Says:

    “What I am saying is that I DO NOT CARE what anyone says or believes, no matter how insane”

    like virgin births, rising from the dead, and omnipotent gods.

    or xeno, thetans, or lrh scribbles are helpful

  61. lurker Says:


  62. NFLNut Says:

    I see no one could refute a single thing I said … debating is easy when one has truth and facts on one’s side …

  63. lurker Says:

    any god is not truth and fact, by the way

  64. NFLNut Says:

    ^ You obviously haven’t researched Biblical Christianity …

    However, I was referring to my 100% verifiable truthful statements about Muhammmad, The Nation and the like.

  65. lurker Says:

    the old white man council Bible?

    Lol, one of those Jesus is God and all other religions are wrong.
    Sounds just like a jihai or extremist to me.
    More wars and violence in the name of a God… No thank you.

  66. NFLNut Says:

    ^ Like I said, you obviously haven’t researched Biblical Christianity …

  67. webster Says:

    I love how republicans use alternative facts. Yes byrd was in the klan when he was 20 years old. He spent the rest of his life attoining for that mistake and working with minorities etc. At his death, the naacp praised him for his work post his mistake as a klan member. Alternative facts wont speak on that.