Jameis Not Most Inaccurate QB

August 24th, 2017

Gnarly numbers.

Bucs fans kvetch about America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, being inaccurate.

Well, per the research of Scott Kacsmar of FootballOutsiders.com, Jameis is Drew Brees compared to one of his teammates.

Kacsmar, typing for BSPN, dug into data on Jameis’ backup, Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has positively garish numbers when dissecting accuracy.

Now a backup to Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay, one could argue that Fitzpatrick has been the worst quarterback of his era to start 100-plus games. The Harvard gunslinger flung a league-high 46 go routes last season for the Jets, but his general inaccuracy was a big problem in addition to having the league’s highest interception rate (4.2 percent).

How inaccurate is Fitz? Well, Kacsmar suggests there is but one other quarterback collecting a check in the NFL who is more inaccurate, and that is pouty Cam Newton.

From what Joe has seen of Fitz as an NFL quarterback, his best attribute is running the ball. Or solving a Rubik’s Cube.

Hey, at least when Fitz is running the ball, it’s kinda tricky to throw an interception.

Pray for Jameis’ safety and well-being.

22 Responses to “Jameis Not Most Inaccurate QB”

  1. gilhealy Says:

    Anybody else you guys want to beat up? Who’s left? What a fanbase.

  2. Joe Says:


    This is hardly a hit piece. What is inaccurate about this?

    If all you want is cheerleading powderpuff stories, Buccaneers.com is your site.

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    “Kacsmar suggests there is but one other quarterback collecting a check in the NFL who is more inaccurate (than Fitzpatrick)”. Tell me again why Fitz is a better backup QB than Ryan Griffin (when he’s not injured of course)? Oh ya, Griffin hasn’t started any NFL games, that’s right. Much better to go with the proven (albeit highly inaccurate) Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  4. gilhealy Says:

    No Joe, it’s a hit piece. The guy’s been in the league 13 yrs. for a reason. The Jets sucked across the board last year. You don’t know how the receivers played, or didn’t play. It baffles me how much negative crap gets thrown around at the home team by the home town news. Constant pessimism. Say it to his face next time you interview him and see if counters your synopsis. Or, counters your second hand synopsis.

  5. BaldBuc Says:

    Wow Gil. Did you wake up with those guns blazing? Joe has more positive stuff on here than most Bucs sites. Ever read the Tribune? They are negative at best, criminal libelists at worst. Go chear for your local highschool team and reminisce about how you didn’t fLIck the prom queen.

  6. R.O. Says:

    Isn’t that why backups are backups? Thanks for stating the obvious. Much appreach!!!

  7. Parnell's Dickinson Says:

    There’s some truth to gilhealy’s complaint. You can’t judge Fitz (on a HORRIBLE Jets team last year) or Cam, for that matter (hurt most of the season) based on last season alone. Here are their stats for 2015:

    Newton: 59.8% CP; 3,837 yds; 35 TD/10 INT; 99.4 rating
    Fitzpatrick: 59.6%; 3,905 yds; 31/15; 88.0

    Neither is as good as their 2015 stats or as bad as last year’s. Smart people know how to tell the difference between anecdotes and evidence, signal and noise (if more people did, Al Gore would not have an audience for his insane rantings, but I digress).

    Bottom line: great back-up for the Bucs, but I am glad he’s not our starter.

  8. Mo_Downs Says:

    So Kap is not an option for the Bucs but Fitz is getting a check..??

    Oh, BROTHER..!!

    Imagine Kap running with the 2nd team WR’s and RB/TE’s for the Bucs.
    Roll-out options and QB options can drive a defense crazy.

    Just, Wow..!!

  9. Lamarcus Says:

    Fitz is done. I’m soooooo worried about backup more than rb or any other position paying dm 5 to 6 mil nulls the fact that fitz is a 7 million dollar man. OMG then Joes point to dm as in issue.

    Smh. We done fell off man. We don’t know what to talk about anymore

  10. Philip Says:

    Isnt Fitz supposed to be very football smart? I was thinking the main reason he was brought in, was to help Jameis.o

  11. buc15 Says:

    I agree with Gil about the fan base. A lot of so called fans seem to be constantly looking for ways to trash the home team. Hopefully the culture change will translate to the fan base as well.

  12. The Buc Realist Says:

    Not to worried about the backup QB right now, No more than if any of our top players got injured and their backup had to play!!!! Of course their is a drop off!!!!! But I have full confidence that Head Coach Koetter would put R Fitz in better positions to be successful, just like he has done with every QB that he has coached!!!!!!! And Phillip is right!!!! Fitz main job is to help JW3 behind the scenes to be the best he can be!!!!!!! And you don’t think he has some intel from the old division that he played in???????

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Mike Johnson Says:

    Not really. Buc fans, especially those who have been around forever..are just tired of the hype..the buildup..yr after yr…and then the letdown of losing..no playoffs. So forgive a lot of us who have been on the mountaintop drive with you only to..be let down..time and time again. I don’t beleive any of the hype. I beleive in what my eyes see. And my eyes see Jameis needs to complete more drives. He’s good. But not good enough yet to quite get us there. I’ll remain cautiously optimistic until I see us win more. Does not mean you are not a Buc fan. Just means you..call’em like you see’em!

  14. Joe Says:


    To suggest this is a hit piece is to say Kacsmar’s data is inaccurate. For a guy who makes a living crunching numbers, that’s a pretty severe statement to make that the guy is cooking numbers.

    As far as longevity, Josh McCown has been in the league 15 years. Does that all of a sudden make him a good quarterback?

  15. Pickgrin Says:

    I thought the Fitz signing was a great one. Have seen him play well in the past at times when surrounded by some talent and it was pretty easy to assume that last year made him look bad because – well the Jets are the Jets.

    But honestly – Fitzpatrick has not looked very good in TC or Preseason games.

    If Winston starts every game, then we are obviously much better off with Fitz on the team to help Jameis prepare in the QB room each week. But if the backup QB needed to play – I think at this point I would be more comfortable seeing Ryan Griffin play over Fitz in games that count. Fitz has been an interception machine ever since he got here….

  16. 813bucboi Says:

    @MO….I agree….GO BUCS!!!!

  17. The Buc Realist Says:

    @MO & 813bucbeachboi

    Why do you want a QB that cannot run Head Coach Koetter’s offense!!!! while commie kaep can run, he will make the rest of the offense worst!!!!!!!! Its like we said 2 days ago……….OMG its a “Realist Repost”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Buc Realist Says:
    August 22nd, 2017 at 2:41 pm
    Look, we want commie Kapernick in the league, Just not on “our” team!!!!!!! Its better for the league to have an Antagonist to root against!!! Its fun!!!!! The simple fact is that he is not that good of a QB, but should be considered the “Iron Sheik” of the NFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Fitz on the field and his stats are key, and not always so rosy but are one part of being a backup QB. As a whole, he’s better than most backups out there any day. Yeah, I like Derek Anderson and Garropolo and Schaub, but they’re not available. It’s TBT that is the lib poop show, as the Tribune is defunct, bought out by the TBT and it’s only taken another trip to the pits. Buccaneers.com is powderpuff, but as least it’s professional. Personally, I take in all media sources to build my own picture, the official/professional stuff to bad pro stuff like TBT and BSPN, and the “all the rest” stuff for entertainment value only, from WDAE (not professional, never has been), PewterReport, JoeBucsFan, to even Deadspin. Whether the other stuff is legit is in the eye of the beholder.

  19. Bucsfanman Says:

    The guy is a serviceable back-up. What more do you want?!
    Let me put it like this: Would you rather have Glennon? Fitz is a competitor and even with last year’s atrocity, he’s better than Josh McCown, Blake Bortles, and a handful of other “starters”.

  20. Buc you Says:

    This was very funny and inaccurate. Thanks. –Joe

  21. Rod Munch Says:

    I think Fitz would be OK for a game or two — if the weather is perfect and we’re playing some bad defenses. I rewatched that INT throw after seeing Hard Knocks and Fitz saying if he threw it inside he had Goodwin open – and sure enough that is the case, he didn’t go to Harvard for nothing. The issue is he properly read the defense and knew where to put the ball but couldn’t get it there. QBs get old very quickly and the arm is the first thing to go – and Fitz never had a big arm (although it was better than most think). If Fitz had to play Dirk just goes ultra conservative, calls a lot of screens and I think they could get through a very short stretch. Meanwhile if Jameis say missed 6 games – the season is over. There is a reason the Bucs were willing to give Glennon $8-mil/year – backup QBs aren’t easy to find. As for Griffin I know they said he’s been having a good camp, but he hasn’t done anything in the NFL yet, so he’s a complete wildcard in my mind.

    Anyone that went to camp how is Griffin’s arm?

  22. K_bassuka Says:

    The main reason why the Jets were horrible it was because the garbage QB play (led by fitzgarbage). Some of you need to take them rainbow colored glasses off.