Inside Jameis’ Leadership

August 23rd, 2017

Great scene in Hard Knocks last night when America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, doesn’t like what he sees from the Buccaneers’ second-team offense.

It was during practice last week against the Jaguars, and it reminded Joe a lot of last year, when Jameis ripped Austin Seferian-Jackwagon a new on that same Jacksonville practice field while ASJ was running with the second team.

Last night’s scene showed running back Peyton Barber taking a handoff from Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Barber is quickly hit in the backfield by Jags DE Dante Fowler, Jr. In fact, Fowler nearly rips Barber’s head off and tackles him, in part, by the helmet.

Jameis didn’t like the looks of Barber’s effort and jumped all over him seconds after the play.

“Hey Peyton, don’t go in that hole on that soft sh!t no more,” Jameis said. “No. No. Listen to me. Bring the noise, man. It’s another team. Look me in my eye. Bring the noise. [Gotta] win. You can’t take it easy on nobody.”

Joe wonders if Jameis would say the same thing after he watched film of the play, but that doesn’t matter. The message was sent — and powerfully sent.

In the next scene, camp meat quarterback Sefo Liufau tries to advise Jameis that something isn’t worth him getting worked up at practice. Jameis fires back that it is worth it because everything is “win or lose” on the field.

“This is practice. This is competition, every rep,” Jameis barks.

Great look inside Jameis. Joe stood and saluted the flag.

12 Responses to “Inside Jameis’ Leadership”

  1. Lamarcus Says:

    Omg. What a scene. Idk if any other team has player like Winston. No team.

  2. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    I think it clicked with Peyton..look how well he is playing now..

  3. Buc4Lyfe79 Says:

    #3 is everything anti-participation trophy. That’s what used to be the popular mindset in this country. That’s the mindset that saw 16-18 yr olds storm mine laiden beaches to defeat imperial japan and nazi germany. If something is worthy of ur time, effort, & energy whether practice or in real time, you give it ur all…Strive to be the best or die like the rest.

  4. webster Says:

    @ larmarcus

    Plenty of teams has had a player like winston. Jordan comes to mind. He hit kerr because of practice. Magic had a player cut because their practice habits were not up to snuff. Sapp never missed practice and hated keyshawn because he would skip otas. I could go on, but my point is the greats enjoy/conduct practice and take it seriously as if its the game.

    @ joe

    I have given jameis much grief about that play he made but no one can ever question his effort. That is what he was pointing out to barber. Another great clip was right before that one. He told the team just to ball and play fast. If you make a mistake, dont look to blame anybody and ask and say what you call?..just finish (paraphrasing). That tells me he is showing and saying just get the most out of every rep and as a result, you will get better as you go. In other cant get better bringing that soft sh!t.

  5. Capt.Tim Says:


    After that Post- I joined Joe in standing and saluting the Flag!
    Winston gives me faith in the younger generation!

    We should thank the Lord for Jameis every day! Men like him dont come around very often!

  6. RayJameisStadium Says:

    Earning It!!!!!

    This is our Franchise QB. WOW!!!!

    And we get to see the background story!!!!


    The road to Minnesota in 2018 already started Bucs fans!!

  7. Ep41482 Says:

    That’s awesome!! Gave me chills

  8. Say What? Says:

    One of my favorite aspects of last night’s show was the fact that Jameis told Barber to “look me in my eye” when he was correcting Barber after the play. Then, later in the show, the camera is situated behind Koetter as Koetter dresses down the team for a shoddy practice. While the rest of the team is hanging its head, there is Jameis, standing directly in front of Koetter, staring intently into the eyes of Koetter, absorbing the criticism. In the former scene, Jameis leads by his voice, in the latter scene, Jameis leads by example. Absolutely amazing stuff.

    I have to admit that I was one of the people who thought three years ago that drafting Jameis over Marriota was going to haunt this franchise for a decade. I had generally understood Jameis’ leadership qualities while at FSU, and was impressed by those qualities while following him during his first two years with the Bucs. But the inside look that Hard Knocks has given the fans into the true extent and depth of Jameis’ natural leadership abilities has taken my belief in Jameis to an entirely different level.

    The bottom line is that I was wrong about Jameis two years ago, and I am glad he is the quarterback of my favorite team. I truly believe that the guy is a born winner on the football, not to mention a rare leader of men. Hard Knocks has made it obvious to the country that his teammates will jump through a wall for him, and Jameis is bringing his teammates to his level of preparation. One of the most coachable players I have ever seen as well.

  9. Alaskabuc Says:

    Another great example of his leadership was when Koetter had the team gathered and was chewing ass, half the team was staring off into space or mentally checked out like it wasn’t applicable to them and there was Jamies, eyes locked on the coach absorbing every bit of criticism and taking it to heart.

  10. stpetebucsfan Says:

    A couple reasons for the success of this team’s leadership…#3 and DK.

    #3 gets “paying attention”. I used to go over that phrase a lot with our staff.
    Think about what it’s saying. You only have so much attention…at some times you need to spend it…to PAY it out. And #3 gets that and one of the reasons he is so successful is that he practices what he preaches! After the scene with Peyton there was a scene with DK lecturing the team. Right up front was #3 and his eyes were GLUED to DK’s. #3 knows how to PAY attention.

    And the scenes with DK ripping Kwon…don’t look at me like that…and then on the sideline with #3….DK ripped the two leaders of this team without hesitation, fear or favoratism…that gives him the authority to rip anybody on this team.
    DK does not play favorites and his expectations are the same for everybody. I think that’s why he’s a player’s coach…no favoritism shown..he treats them all the same.

  11. Pickgrin Says:

    That’s My QUARTERBACK!

    All Hail the Messiah!

  12. billy Says:

    I was actually looking to see if anyone else noticed JW”s leadership skills are lacking when I found this article. It just seems to me there are lots of obvious scenes that actually make him look bad.
    1) Notice how on two different occasions when he’s being all rah rah rah, only 1 person responds? Not a good sign.
    2) He jumped on a guy for getting hit in the backfield on a bad/busted play that wasn’t the RB’s fault. Then overtalks him while speaking down at him.
    3) “I got your back.” Doesn’t sound like “We’re in this together.” It sounds like “I’m better than you so if you screw up, I”ll be there to clean it up.” But that’s just my take and of course I could be way off.
    4) When he’s doing the kid camp he says something like, “See, even if you throw 4tds and your team loses you got to take the blame,” to a 10 year old. That’s not leadership, that’s fake leadership.
    5) The qb tries to talk to JW, obviously in response to something JW said earlier and then jumps on him instead of listening to him. And once again, spoke like he’s won 4 SB’s and raised kids talking at and down to the guy.
    So, with all that said, am I the only one taking it this way?