August 21st, 2017


When is the last time anyone said the Bucs were “fun” to watch?

They sure are now. Joe is still buzzing from watching that bomb Jameis threw yesterday to DeSean Jackson, and then watching Jackson, after he crossed the goal line, alley-oop the ball to Mike Evans who slammed the ball over the crossbar.

Fun stuff. Like Magic Johnson’s Lakers. Joe almost hopes those dudes do that in a real game this year. It would be worth the 15-yard penalty.

Count Adam Schein among those who think the Bucs are fun. The popular national sports radio and TV host watched the Bucs beat the Jags the other night and is as convinced as ever the Bucs are going to do damage the fall.

It’s all in the video below as seen on his weeknight CBS Sports Network show, “Time to Schein.”

Now Joe is getting way, way ahead of himself here, but if the Bucs are in the division title race come December when they travel to Green Bay, that game very likely could be flexed to Sunday Night Football. The Packers are a major TV draw, and if the Bucs are lighting up the scoreboard, what more compelling TV does one need? Aaron Rodgers vs. the pinball machine Bucs offense?

NBC — which is in absolute love with NFC East teams — currently has the Eagles-Seahawks game scheduled for the same day as the Bucs-Packers. If the Eagles are stinking out loud, there’s a slight chance that Bucs-Packers game could be flexed. Of course, a lot depends on the records of the teams involved. The Giants-Raiders game is also a flex candidate on that same date.

Props to @8one3 for bringing this to Joe’s attention.

11 Responses to “Fun!”

  1. holymoly13 Says:

    Eagles always suck out loud !

  2. Canadabucsfan Says:

    Any way it can be uploaded that I can see in Canada? Says its not available by uploader in my Country. lol

  3. Wausa Says:

    Even if we both are leading our division I’d rather our guys play in 30 degree weather at 1:00PM than 10 degree weather at 8:30.

  4. SOEbuc Says:

    Wausa Yeah I was just thinking that. I’m thinking that would be an even more rock hard ball than 1 o’clock.

  5. Lamarcus Says:

    Fun? How about fn exicting. I’m still elated by 2 preseason games from what I saw. And the bucs make it look easy. I see a Lotta games going primetime

  6. NFLNut Says:

    I think wise fans have been having fun ever since Jameis was drafted as they knew they had a future HOF’er on their hands and the journey is exciting!

  7. Rod Munch Says:

    The last time the Bucs were fun to watch was opening day 2003 when they shutout the Eagles to open up that new dump of a stadium.

    The Bucs were great in 2003 right up until that Dungy homecoming game when Dungy outcoached Gruden (which is what happens when Dungy meets Gruden). With that said the Bucs defense collapsed in that game because of one injury – Brain Kelly got injured and the Bucs had ZERO depth at corner. Manning spent the rest of the game throwing where Brian Kelly would have been. The prior summer the Bucs let Dexter Jackson go (the good one) which really they had to let happen because he was SuperBowl MVP and had an inflated salary, but that caused a domino effect where you had Dwight Smith, probably the best 3rd corner in the league move to safety and then the Bucs went cheap on backup corners. Once Kelly was injured it opened up the flood gates on the defense and it never recovered that year – that mixed with Gruden being very mediocre like always on offense and then throwing a hissy fit and sending Keyshawn home meant the Bucs were doomed.

    So to answer the question the last time the team was fun, really really fun to watch, was opening night 2003. Sure, it was a defensive team, but it was a defensive team with huge swagger that talked trash and backed it up.

  8. Canadianbucsfan Says:

    It happens with some of the videos here. I normally try and find it elsewhere

  9. Brandon Says:

    Rod, wasn’t it Tim Wansley that got scorched over and over in that game? I think he got cut a few weeks later.

  10. Buddy Says:

    12-8 football is fun?? Not so much

  11. Holy Facepalm Says:

    Rod, your history is incorrect. Gruden schooled Dungy when he was with the Raiders in December of 1999. 45-0 and it wasn’t even that close. Keep spinning the truth.