Complete Game For Peyton Barber

August 18th, 2017

Yeah, it was the second half of a preseason game, but running back Peyton Barber sure looked the part last night. 

Joe’s going to call it a complete game.

The 23-year-old, second-year man out of Auburn checked all the boxes: feet, vision, patience, power and pass protection. And he looked great on special teams.

That’s not just Joe assessing.

Joe knows there’s a buzz about Barber this afternoon at One Buc Palace. And that’s nothing new. Barber answered the bell last year as an undrafted rookie in the limited times the Bucs called his number.

Joe remembers humble general manager Jason Licht waving off props on the Buccaneers Radio Network last year for finding a gem on the street in Barber. Licht reminded host Gene Deckerhoff that Barber was a 1,000-yard rusher at Auburn, so he certainly was no hidden prize.

But in reality, Barber might be just that. His line last night was nine carries for 42 yards. His longest run was 13 yards.

Joe was impressed by the overall maturity. Barber’s game didn’t fit in with the future beer truck drivers and grad students on the field in the second half. But that also means he was power running behind the Bucs’ second-team offensive line.

It’ll be interesting to see if Barber gets more of a meaningful look in preseason Game 3.

29 Responses to “Complete Game For Peyton Barber”

  1. Cometowin2 Says:

    I haven’t been over the top on Peyton Barber in the past. His bigger size then the other RBs and his better play is getting me to come around.

  2. shouldhavedraftedeifert Says:

    I’m a huge Barber homer. He’s a perfect compliment to The Hamster. He’s old school running back. I thought McSnoop ran really well with pop last night. Not a ton of yards but he hit the holes, against his instincts for sure. This is a battle that will be heating up for sure next few games BARBER VS. McSNOOP!

  3. BucEmUp Says:

    I never realized barber was 225. Im a big back kinda guy I think they keep 4 rbs and gis size is an asset Barber Martin and who else?

  4. Wausa Says:

    I liked the way he ran better than any of the other backs last night.

    If he does that again next week his 2nd start of his NFL career may be on opening day.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We won’t have to make a decision on keeping 5 running backs until week 4 because Martin won’t count against the 53man roster. We have kept 5 before….in 2013 we had Martin, Hillis, James, Leonard and Lorig….and in 2014 we had Martin, James, Sims, Rainey & Lane.

    That does include a FB…..but I think it’s a good idea to keep all our RBs until we are certain on Martin……putting Barber or McNichols on the PS would be a huge gamble.

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    Barber looked like a starting caliber RB last Night. Hope he gets time with the first unit next week!
    The Rookie looked good too, like his Recieving skills out of the back field.
    Sims turned in a good nights work, also.

    Looks like we have some talent and Depth at RB.

  7. The Buc Realist Says:


    I was considering that the fact of the possibility that it could be Jacquizz Rodgers as the odd man out!!!!!! His contract is not huge!!!!!!

    Most likely will the decision on week 4 will be decided by an injury though!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  8. SCBucsFan Says:

    He sure looked better then the McWeapon

  9. Wausa Says:

    I agree @Tampabaybucfan.
    Barber or McNichols would be claimed before either made it to the PS.
    I’m not so sure Barber shouldn’t be the starter until Martin comes back actually.

  10. Lord Cornelius Says:

    It’d be nice to have a power back who always pushes for positive yards. I think that would compliment our play action about as good as anything

  11. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    He did look good against their 2nd and 3rd string. He looked significantly better than McNichols at least.

  12. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Would be wise to keep him around. If you can ball you can ball, don’t matter what the numbers are assigned to certain players. Whack@$$ fanbase.

  13. biff barker Says:

    I see now McNichols on IR right about week 3.

    Agree. More Barber with the ones.

  14. bucsfaninchina Says:

    Barber > Quizz all day

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Way too early to be giving up on McNichols……and yes, they were going against their backups….but our RBs had backups blocking for them….sort of evens out….
    Also, I think it became quite obvious that we were running and killing clock later in the game…..still don’t like that plan….almost lost.

  16. Mo_Downs Says:

    I would remind all my fellow fans that the JJ’s are a team hardly worth our time to gloat over barely beating. Props to Barber for being a man among a fairly PP defense.

    I’m still waiting for a successful TD run on 1st and goal at the 4.
    So, I will STFU and wait for our HC/GM to firgure out who can play on goal-to-go. Sooner or later you’ve got to get TD’s rushing in the red zone.

    I hope we have a quality RT, somewhere.

    Good Practice game last night against some no-clue scrubs.
    D played well, ATC.

    Go Bucs…..!!!!

  17. darin Says:

    I hope we see quiz or barber in with the starters next game. Dougies not gona be there at least first 3 weeks. Am i only one surprised he is getting the starts now? Lets see what the others can do since we will come show time. Go bucs

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    I’m thinking McNick is going to end up on the practice squad at this point – he hasn’t done anything in game 1 and game 2 – although in fairness his blocking has been quite bad and the plays have been very simple. I don’t know if he’s had trouble picking up the playbook or not, but he hasn’t been getting into the games until late, which is normally not a very good sign. You know the team is going to keep Rogers and Sims (well I’d assume they’re keeping Sims, would be dumb not to), so with Martin out until week 4 and not taking up a roster spot I’m guessing Barber will be on the team opening day. Depending on our TE/FB setup and who we keep and how many we keep and what happens with special teams we might end up with 4 RB’s meaning Barber would stay on once Martin is activated.

    Also note to Dirk… Sims is NOT a three down back, stop using him like one. Being a 3rd down specialist is a good thing in 2017, not a knock. Running Sims up the middle of the field on 1st down is the best way to make him completely uneffective. Not every player needs to play every snap.

  19. Buc Fan in NC Says:

    Of all the rb’s, Jaquizz is the most expendable. Barber and McNichols will not make it to the practice squad. They will be snatched up. Cut Quizz once Martin returns

  20. Casual Observer Says:

    I like Barber. Keep him.

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    Still way too early to be making any valid assessments of RBs. Bucs seem to have a good problem. Martin’s doing quite well it seems, as is Charles Sims. Barber & McNichols have excellent potential, but need some refining. Jacquizz is pretty much a known commodity … probably won’t light up the NFL but at the same time he’s been a steady performer (which is likely why Koetter likes him). No decisions really needed until after Game 3 (September 24th) … over a month away.

  22. gotbbucs Says:

    I’m confused as to why they are giving Martin so much work with the ones right now? If they’re auditioning him for a possible trade then I might understand it, but if they’re meaning to keep him after his suspension then they sure as hell better be giving the other guys way more 1st team reps in the 3rd preseason game.

    I like Barber alot, I’ve been saying it all offseason. Don’t sleep on him. I would really like to see him behind the 1st string O-line.

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    Buc Fan in NC – You way overvalue Barber, he hasn’t shown anything yet in the NFL and would easily make it to the practice squad, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a future, but until he really shows something the team is in no danger of losing him.

    McNichols might get picked up by someone but so far he hasn’t shown anything, although as I said earlier, in fairness he hasn’t had good blocking and the play calling has been extremely basic. However the fact he’s not even playing until the 4th quarter after all the other RBs and guys I’ve never heard of – that’s not a good sign. If he’s slow picking up the playbook and shows nothing in the preseason, he’s very much in danger of being cut. The kid is a 5th round pick, they get cut all the time. I thought he was supposed to be a decent to good returner, the Bucs should use him there a bit and see what he can do – but if he’s been slow to pickup the playbook it’s likely they don’t want him doing anything else yet.

  24. gilhealy Says:

    We weren’t killing clock late. We were giving carries to the guys we have to make decisions on. There is no game plan. It’s see what these cats got. And what they don’t. Trying out different things till the whistle blows.

  25. Lee Says:

    I won’t be surprised when Barber gets most of the ops Weeks 1-3, along with Rodgers. Sims will ride the pine and Mc will be inactive.

  26. TampaTown Says:

    I’d like to see him in goal line situations with the 1’s. Great performance in Jacksonville, he deserves a bump up for a look in game three. I’d also love to see Joe Dirt get a few snaps with the 2’s.

  27. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Yo Realist, hit me with a narcissistic repost once again!

  28. jim Says:

    Here’s an out of box thought Sims is 5th running back and 5th/6th receiver … don’t know if he has had any special teams.

  29. C. Alaka Says:

    Barber was very much improved last game & overall so far this year. I would actually start him over Rodgers @ this point once the regular season starts. He looks more of a sudden runner then everybody not named Martin