“As Far As Doing Too Much, I Just Want To Have A Good Understanding Of How Much Is Doing Too Much”

August 9th, 2017

Aaron Rodgers got an important role in the Bucs’ premiere on Hard Knocks.

Damn, the debut of Hard Knocks tonight sure offered a few awesome windows into the mind and passion of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Joe particularly loved Jameis’ hunger to deeply understand what coaches want from him this season.

That was evident during the scene in which Jameis and winning head coach Dirk Koetter are chatting about goals following Day 3 of training camp.

Jameis talks about needing to be more aware in practice — not games — of the down and distance.

And then Jameis wanted deep clarification on where he needs to draw the line on his decision-making.

“As far as doing too much, I just want to have a good understanding of how much is doing too much,” Jameis told Koetter.

Koetter praised the question and explained why Jameis needs to start playing like Aaron Rodgers immediately.

“We have a good defense now. So maybe we gotta cut our risk a little bit,” Koetter said. “Your M.O. in your career was you’ve always been a risk-taker, even if it got you in trouble early in a game. Either you’ve been good enough or your team’s been good enough to bail you out of it. And now we have a good team here, by far the best team you’ve had since you’ve been in the NFL. And you are a guy that’s able to win a game. But also, we don’t need you to lose a game for us. You’re the only guy that can really lose a game for us, because no one else touches the ball enough.

“So there’s a fine line there. And you’re a great competitor, but we’ve got to get some patience in there. Now we need you to be a great quarterback. You play a different style quarterback than Tom Brady. You play a closer style to Aaron Rodgers. … Now it’s time, even though they’ve got years on you, you’ve got to play like that. Because shoot, that’s just the way this league is. They don’t care if you’re 23 or 39. To get the respect you want and to go where our team wants more than anything.”

No pressure, Jameis. Just start playing like Aaron Rodgers immediately. And while you do that, stay calm and protect the football better.

Joe loves the expectation level Koetter is putting on Jameis’ shoulders. Jameis can handle it and, frankly, Jameis needs to hear it. He’s the kind of player who thrives on being expected to play Hall of Fame football.

14 Responses to ““As Far As Doing Too Much, I Just Want To Have A Good Understanding Of How Much Is Doing Too Much””

  1. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Not only can Jameis handle the pressure.. He WANTS IT!!

  2. Gencoimports Says:

    I’d love to see Jameis start calling for snaps generating free plays whenever he sees defenses getting into two many men on the field penalties. No one has pulled that off the way Rodgers has,

  3. Kstoges Says:

    joe dirk was trying to tell jameis to play more like Brady instead of Rodgers bc he was saying he wants him to cut risks and he was saying jameis doesn’t play like Brady he plays like Rodgers

  4. OneBucPerson Says:

    Jameis really needs to ease his aggressiveness on the field just a tad, if the main receivers are covered then either scramble or take the checkdown, and if all passing options are locked down then know when to either throw the ball away or take a sack.

  5. Lamarcus Says:

    He could be better than Rogers

  6. Ndog Says:

    That pick that got Dirk so fired up was on Stick Carrier day and when I saw it live I shook my head as it was the exact same dumb decision he made in NO last year from our own two. I really hoped we were past those kinds of throws. Picks are going to happen but that was horrible all the way around. When Jameis stops making those decisions he will be elite no doubt!!!!!! The insight in the huddle was great as you could tell from his words he was throwing that ball no matter what which is the problem. Trust me been there done that. You cant predetermine a throw and that is exactly what he did.

  7. Ndog Says:

    Joe please do not post my email as that was in error on my part. Thank you.

    [Don’t see any e-mail posted. — Joe]

  8. Ndog Says:

    Or for that matter my full name. Thanks again.

  9. Ndog Says:

    Sorry it came up weird with full name instead of ndog. My phone freaked on me.

  10. Pick6 Says:

    @Kstoges i think you misinterpreted that a bit. Brady is a guy who has figured out where he’s going to throw the ball more or less before the snap. Rodgers is a guy who has an idea of where he wants to put the ball but will hold the ball to see if a bigger play opens up. His mobility and arm strength make that possible…guys like brady and brees are point guards – get the ball to the guy who will get the yards ASAP – and would be killed on the field of play holding the ball every play like a rodgers or big ben does. besides, without elite arm strength they probably won’t have the payoff of heaving a cross body throw 45 yards in the air for a big completion after a bit of scrambling to extend the play

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Been thinking since training camp began that maybe we’re making mountains out of molehills. In 2015 Jameis was just a rookie with 2 yrs of college QB time under him, a new OC & coming to a team that’d been 2-14 the year before. He didn’t come to the best situation, but he did very, very well, especially for a rookie. We improved by 4 wins, despite a defense that ranked #26 in pts allowed.

    In 2016 he had the typical sophomore ups-and-downs, but more ups than downs. The running game was circumspect & his receivers often had difficulty getting open. Yet despite that Jameis actually put up better QB numbers in 2016 than he did the year before (more TDs; higher completion %), and we improved by 3 more wins, thanks also to a defense that improved to a #15 ranking under a new DC.

    When I look at how Coach Koetter’s quote above begins (“We have a good defense now. So maybe we gotta cut our risk a little bit”) I think I get a picture of what 2017 will look like for our Bucs. We’ve strengthened our OLine (hopefully), we’ve added several fantastic weapons for Jameis to throw to, he’s more experienced, and just as importantly we’re creating a defense that should be able to minimize opponents’ scoring AND give our offense better starting field positions. All we need to make the playoffs … and do well there … is for Jameis to be the great QB that he has the talent & desire to be. And he will be.

  12. RayJameisStadium Says:

    Spot on pick6!

    Man, are we lucky or what?!?!?

    We will get to watch Koetter and Winston grow right before our eyes!!!!

    Imagine the next 10 years of watching their relationship take off. The Lombardis are coming our way!

    Good Night Brady and Company. lol

  13. stpetebucsfan Says:


    joe dirk was trying to tell jameis to play more like Brady instead of Rodgers

    Sorry but I gotta agree with Pick6…AGAIN..lol.

    I think DK was saying exactly what he meant. Brady is a statue of a QB who is operating an offense set up with his skill set in mind…dink and dunk..and quick passes because Brady simply does not have the athleticism to stretch plays like #3 or Rodgers. That’s not to diminish Brady…he’s a great QB…it’s simply to point out there is more than one way to win.

    #3’s game is far more like Rodgers because he has the skill set to pull it off…if he had Rodgers speed #3 would be even scarier…but he is a slippery guy who can avoid tackles. His running and scrambling have been under appreciated because he’s not fast…but #3 is great at extending plays.

    I think #3 is right on schedule. It’s a very fine line between when to give up…what is forcing a pass and what is threading a needle.

    IMHO…#3 does compare to GB QB’s….right now he’s like Favre…feast or famine…but realize Favre has an SB and is HOF…I think DK wants him to be more like Rodgers…also has an SB and will be HOF.

  14. unbelievable Says:

    “You’re the only guy that can really lose a game for us, because no one else touches the ball enough”

    Real recognize real.

    As for Brady or Rodgers, I’d compare him more to Big Ben then anyone else.